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  1. ok, so when the cache drive was disconnected, I started to reinstall, that stuff got put on the array. I reconnected the cache drive that has all the good configs on it. I just didn't want the array stuff overwriting the cache drive stuff in case it was not correct. Not a big deal tho.
  2. from the ssd cache that was disconnected by accident.
  3. new diags predator-diagnostics-20200730-1645.zip
  4. I just meant I don't want what I just installed, that went to the array, to overwrite the old good stuff on the cache.
  5. OK, well I feel like a tool. 2 drives got disconnected after a CPU fan change and one of them was my 2tb ssd for cache. 😒 Will all the changes I just did for apps that are on array move over to cache now? Don't really want that, but I guess it should be ok.
  6. I had set that some time ago and don't recall why ATM.
  7. tl;dr Check for physically disconnected drives. As the title suggest, I lost all my docker after a restart. My appdata was empty. I had a backup and restored it, and started to reinstall apps, but they are all coming up as if brand new. sonarr, radarr, plex all have to be set up again. I have attached my diagnostics. I didn't reboot after the restore cause I know I will lose diagnostics. What is the problem? predator-diagnostics-20200730-1603.zip
  8. well i am at the end of my rope. Had to try something. So that's it? I can't do anything?
  9. So after another rebuild I am still having the issues. These errors were carried over from another computer before I updated the drives. My parity 2 has the same issue as Disk 9. predator-diagnostics-20200509-1159.zip
  10. OK, so I can't change cables since this is an Isilon X400 (Supermicro 847 sort of). I tried moving the disk to a new location and removed and added back the Drive 9. Will have to wait 18 hours again though for rebuild. Probably should have left it and just changed slots.
  11. Will give it try. Can you do me a favour though and remove the URL's from your post? Thanks again. I know they are in the diagnostics file, but rather they not be indexed. Those are from pulseway. Thought I removed them.
  12. Not sure what is going on, but my Disk 9 keeps getting set back to disabled state. It was pre-cleared fine. data-build was fine. I tried to reset disk stats, but it doesn't work as it just gives a javascript error that usbdisks is not defined. I don't have any. I have attached my diagnostics. predator-diagnostics-20200508-1101.zip
  13. Just building a new server a bummed to hear this is not working. I have a Ryzen 5 3600X with a B350 mobo and get k10temp nct6775 detected. Is Lime still working or on hiatus because of the cocrap-19?