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  1. ahhh...ok...was the script separate from the install or something? I don't recall. Been a while. Where do I remove it from?
  2. If plex supports this natively now, do we still need this? Any advantages?
  3. I thought I saw somewhere that the certs are supposed to be auto-updated, but I keep getting emails from LE that it's going to expire and now expires in 10 days. Is there a way to just do it manually?
  4. so does that mean this line in the nginx config needs to change to match that new port as well? Pretty sure I tried all that and it didn't work. but i'm a moron so... I don't even use it now anyway. using OVPN proxy_pass http://$upstream_guacamole:8080;
  5. yes, been using plex for years. It will usually say there is an unclaimed server nearby, or just a server nearby, but neither of those options coming up. Just my friends remote one. When I revert to binhex version, after deleting it from authorized devices, I get that server nearby message.
  6. Gladly give it, but the OP does not state what you would require. I can give you this. What else do you require? Unraid 6.7.0 nvidia version
  7. I wanted to switch from binhex to this but it can't find my plex server for some reason. Any info? I removed the old one.
  8. @warwon@luigi408 @Illini2000 Is it direct play only? I can't direct play anymore. I have to transcode everything otherwise it will just stop/freeze.
  9. can someone please let me know if there is anything else I need to do other than doing nvidia_smi: yes in python.d.conf to get this to work.
  10. I stopped the docker service before the machine had to be restarted now I can't access it remotely except for SSH. I tried running /etc/rc.d/rc.docker start But get the error Is there a way I can get this running remotely?
  11. I seem to be having some issues that seem to come up after significant drive usage, like downloading a whole season of a show or remux movie. Can't get plex to play, sometimes radarr container gets up to 50% usage with radarr turned off. Also in radarr and sonarr, the only drives that show are the docker image. I went through hours of support on radarr discord to see why my drives are not showing up. Still don't know, but the containers have the paths set and it seems to work. But I think it might be using the docker image. I don't know. Right now I can't even reboot and the machine is remote. Please help. Do the logs say anything interesting? I have a i7 4770k, 32gb ram predator-diagnostics-20190510-2323.zip
  12. To get the opvn files, go to the root, remove admin
  13. I don't have remote access to my unraid box cause I can't get openvpn working properly, when I get a chance to, I will post. For the dockers on the dashboard, it's just a setting somewhere. Don't recall where.