• [6.8.0-rc1] Unable to stop array - cache is busy

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    I installed RC1 and it booted fine. Dockers & VM's running. Hit the Stop button to bring down the array so I could change a SMB setting to disable netbios. The status bar kept reporting that it was retrying to unmount. Unable to pull up the syslog via the GUI so I telnetted in and tailed the syslog. Received the following over & over.


    Oct 15 01:17:30 NAS emhttpd: Retry unmounting disk share(s)...
    Oct 15 01:17:35 NAS emhttpd: Unmounting disks...
    Oct 15 01:17:35 NAS emhttpd: shcmd (250): umount /mnt/cache
    Oct 15 01:17:35 NAS root: umount: /mnt/cache: target is busy.
    Oct 15 01:17:35 NAS emhttpd: shcmd (250): exit status: 32


    lsof didn't report any files on /mnt/cache open. "mount -l" reported:

    /mnt/cache/system/docker/docker.img on /var/lib/docker type btrfs (rw)


    I entered "umount /var/lib/docker" and the unraid "Stop" function was able to complete.


    Seems like the unmount order needs to be adjusted.


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    I just ran into this myself, some googling I found this and "umount /var/lib/docker" was my fix as well.

    Which is odd since I stop all the dockers before I went to stop my array.. I'm guessing a docker really didnt stop or something?

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    10 hours ago, zoggy said:

    Which is odd since I stop all the dockers before I went to stop my array.. I'm guessing a docker really didnt stop or something?

    Stopping the containers doesn't stop the underlying docker service, and as long as the service is active the image will be mounted. Shouldn't stop the array from shutting down though.

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    I'm also seeing this issue - unmounting /var/lib/docker fixes the issue (my docker.img isn't on my cache disk though, it's on /mnt/disk3).

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