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  1. I saw a 3% increase in the CPU score with 3DMark Timespy on a Ryzen 2950 (all but 4 cores assigned to the VM) after disabling the protections but several other tests/benchmarks showed no change within a small margin of error on it and a 1950x and an Intel CPU (can't think of the model off hand).
  2. Updated three servers, no issues. New BIND method working seemingly perfectly vs stubbing.
  3. I'm guessing bad device. I rebooted to free it up and now the NVMe drive doesn't register.
  4. Looks like the cause for the IOWAIT is a fstrim being executed on a WD Black 256GB nvme drive, executed by the Trim plugin. The process gets stuck in an uninterruptible sleep. Not a bug in the Dashboard.
  5. I wouldn't replace them right away. Run a benchmark on the drives with the speed variations every 1-3 weeks to see if those variations are steady or not. If they're steady, it may just be how that drive has been mapped out at the factory. There could be more factory mapped bad spots in those regions or some weirdness with drive geometry. If they're Seagates, I've noticed that many of the drives have a slow area at the start of the drive. It's consistent enough across drives that I switched to Western Digital.
  6. I tried to identify what might be causing that - stopped my VM's and the array but the current pegged CPU stayed pegged. Found a WD NVMe drive hasn't unmounted and wouldn't unmount from "Unassigned Devices", nor could I pull up a LS of the share, it just hung. Didn't look like I was actually using it so I rebooted & unmounted it. If the pegging is not related to that, it'll show up again in a few days.
  7. Here ya go. CPU 26 is pegging. Debug1.txt Debug2.txt
  8. My DiskSpeed Docker app can also give hints on wonky drives that have odd performance but otherwise has no issues with the SMART values. I replaced a WD Red 6TB because it developed a "wave" in it's read speeds that the other like-model drives did not have. One user recently shared a screen shot of a drive that the read performance TANKED in the last half of his drive but no indication of issue on the SMART report. Another thing to note about bad sectors, every drive has them. Every. Single. One. They're mapped out at the factory and that may be represented by a small speed anomaly but as long as it's repeatable without variation, it's no concern. There's no way to get that factory bad sector map.
  9. 2950 - I planned on building two of these, it'll go into the 2nd build.
  10. I just picked up a 2990wx to switch into this board. Exciting times! Needed the extra juice.
  11. With Downstream set, I was able to pass a video card and an onboard LAN to a VM once. The VM would start after shutting down but there'd be no response from it. Haven't tried combinations of one or the other yet with Downstream set though I suspect the issue is related to the above. I plan on investigation further but won't be able to until tomorrow.
  12. I used pci-stub.ids to stub the card. I'm not familiar with "pci-id.vfio"
  13. OP updated with additional onboard passthrough information. Also learned that the 10GB passthrough issue only happens if a video card is also passed through. Dropping the video card after the 10GB isn't responding and starting up the VM, the 10GB works - and doesn't if I put the video card back on. The two Quadro's don't need their BIOS dumped and included to work but I wonder if that's somehow affecting things by not doing it.