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  1. jbartlett

    [6.7.0-rc5] Dashboard CPU erroneously stuck at 100%

    Now it's CPU 27 & 28 doing it. New diagnostic file attached. You can ignore the USB errors at the end of the syslog, was testing a failing USB security dongle. nas-diagnostics-20190310-0902.zip
  2. jbartlett

    [6.7.0-rc5] Dashboard CPU erroneously stuck at 100%

    Rebooting makes the "stuck bar" go away. I've been really busy over the past few days and haven't been monitoring it closely but now CPU 27 is pegging in the Dashboard which is not represented in htop. Only CPU's 2-15 are in use, the rest are available for unraid's use. The average load includes the pegged VM. This issue has not appeared on my Intel backup system with a hex core CPU. Side by side of the Dashboard & htop video https://gyazo.com/ff4b45e4173b48ed88667d637be33ad4
  3. jbartlett

    [6.7.0-rc5] Dashboard CPU erroneously stuck at 100%

    I did an "Inspect Element" on the bar and it's doing something odd. The other CPU graphs are updating every second and only integers but this one is going from 99% to 100% in about half of that time, going through several decimal stops along the way. Animation of the change: https://gyazo.com/88ebee4954d9d3b7e9655c6f7e9f2a80
  4. I noticed this back on RC3 but since RC5 came out, I updated and waited to see if it happened again. Back on RC3, it happened to CPU 0 which was assigned to UNRAID. Now it's showing up with CPU 14 which is the last core assigned to a Win10 VM. Task manager in Win10 shows no activity. Remoting into the server, htop does not show 100% utilization. I see it updating at the same rate as the other CPUs. nas-diagnostics-20190302-0815.zip
  5. jbartlett

    Unraid as Gaming/Transcoding PC

    I'd say that unraid is polished enough to run your main PC as a VM if you pass through your video card and a USB PCIe card to it - the later for plug-n-play functionality. The big sticky point here though is getting a MB that'll pass through both without issues. Definitely checkout the KVM section here. I plan on consolidating four PC's into two unraid boxes with 2+ Win10 VM's on each, each with their own Quadro card and possibly a USB3 PCIe card on one to ingest four Logitech Brio's to NDI.
  6. jbartlett

    SMB shares flaky if running VMs or Dockers

    I've been using his Local Master plugin for years. I'll try to make a point of checking to see if the NAS is still the local master the next time I see issues. It currently is the LM.
  7. jbartlett

    PCIe USB3 Cards Passthrough help

    Shit, I ordered based off the photo which displayed USB3-PRO-4PM-E. I sent a cancel request since it did not ship yet.
  8. jbartlett

    PCIe USB3 Cards Passthrough help

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sonnet-Allegro-USB-3-0-PCIe-4-Port-Mac-and-Windows-Compatible/202456700440 As of this post, they still had 5 available. Make sure it has the 4 controller chips.
  9. No. I was not aware of this thread at the time.
  10. jbartlett

    SMB shares flaky if running VMs or Dockers

    Might be unrelated but I've experienced the shares dropping out when accessing via machine name instead of IP. Never any issues when by IP. Been happening throughout the entire 6.x version.
  11. jbartlett

    PCIe USB3 Cards Passthrough help

    Update: Doing some research, I found on another forum people having success with the Sonnet Allegro Pro USB 3.0 PCIe card. It has four controllers, one for each USB3 port, so all four USB ports can transfer data at full speed. USB3 cards with only one controller for 4 ports would experience slower speeds in the same balls-to-the-wall scenario. Found some on eBay in the $70 range. Each controller can be passed to a different VM or the entire card to one VM. Will be testing this under unraid when they come in.
  12. Rabbit Trail: I encountered this audio breaking up issue on my Win 10 VM on Threadripper with broadcasting to YouTube via xSplit. I resolved it by not passing through a PCI audio card (on the video card) and passing through a USB2 sound card dongle. What I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XNJLHXS/
  13. I'm looking to set up a VM box with multiple Windows VM's and passing through a nVidia Quadro card to each. I already tested passing through the Quadro on my Designare EX so I know it works but the Designare is iffy on the passthrough and I've only been able to get two to work. Has anyone successfully used a X399 motherboard with 3 or more video cards being passed through?
  14. I've tried a couple PCIe USB3 cards being passed through to a Windows 10 VM but the cards don't reset properly/survive a VM reboot and the entire unraid box has to be rebooted to reset the USB3 card. Has anyone found a USB3 add-on card that plays nice with KVM?
  15. jbartlett

    Unraid as Gaming/Transcoding PC

    Just want to toss out there that I've had issues running Plex under Docker, had my library somehow get corrupted twice which forced rebuilding everything. No idea why. So keep a good backup of your Plex data directory just in case. I run moved Plex under windows and haven't had one issue since (still keeping backups too). I also use Handbrake in the VM but set it's priority to Low so that Plex takes priority if I or my extended family watches anything. With the VM approach, best practice is to create a separate drive for Plex. It makes it easy to back up just by copying the qcow2 file or using a utility like True Image.