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  1. The unable to upload images is a known issue that's been annoying the heck out of me. The right side is in an iframe and if it launches the upload dialog there, it's limited to that frame and not the entire browser window. The code running in the iframe updates a div block in the main window with a button to launch it but nothing I do activates the click event on it, even though every resource I've found says it should. I decided to release it with that issue so everything else could be tested while I applied percussive techniques to the issue.
  2. Please update the app and try again. I put an existence check on the delete of submitted.txt which caught the scenario where a benchmark was done but wasn't previously uploaded. eurlin, still looking into your issue.
  3. That's really odd. I can't duplicate and that shouldn't happen. You've got something weird going on with your setup. if you could, please use update the Docker and run again. When you get the error, replace the "/ScanControllers.cfm" in the URL with "/isolated/CreateDebugInfo.cfm" and click on the "Create debug file with Controller Info". Email the resulting file to hddb@strangejourney.net I added some debug code to create an empty file with the command about to be executed and then deletes it after executing it.
  4. jbartlett

    Three PCs In One - Second Sever

    I'm planning a 5+ PC system for streaming. Early stages.
  5. Pretty significant changes come with beta 6a Updated to support in-window vertical scrolling of both the left side drive list and the right side informational display. Viewing the controller information, display if the drive controller is onboard or what PCI/PCI-e slot the controller card is in on the motherboard Changed how the Benchmark abort button works to accommodate how different browsers render frames Redesign the Rotate option on the Drive Edit text overlay from free-form rotation to 90 degree only Trap errors from lsusb & lspci during hardware scanning Fixed line wrapping of drive selection on the Benchmark Drives screen when the All Drives checkbox is unset Modify the Benchmark submission to pass a SHA1 (non-reverseable encryption) hash of the app's unique installation ID and a compressed MD5 hash of the drive's vendor, model, & serial number to support benchmark recovery and allow your benchmark to compare with others. The Unique Installation ID is derived by taking a SHA1 of the unRAID registration name and a SHA1 of the unRAID registration ID and generating a SHA1 of those two SHA1's For non-unRAID installations, a SHA1 of the Motherboard's Serial ID is used. The compressed MD5 takes each 4 byte block of the MD5 of the drive's Serial Number, converts it from Hex to Dec, and adds all the blocks together. The resulting sum is converted to Base36. It is impossible to derive the original values. Example Installation ID: 1946C31AEEF030DB495B0E13AD1403E9CB0AA7A2 Example Drive ID: 4QJ3 On the first run after upgrading to Beta 6a, all benchmarks will be flagged as not being submitted - so you will get the button to submit them again. This is to allow your Benchmark information to be saved in the new database layout. Benchmark submissions using a version prior to 6a are disabled. Controller information may not display the PCIe slot information on Ryzen systems and report it is an onboard controller. Under investigation.
  6. Just for my understanding so correct me if I'm worng, if the first line doesn't report that the microcode was updated, then unraid left things as they were and the following lines in the syslog are just reported for informational purposes. Nov 10 22:04:44 NAS kernel: microcode: CPU0: patch_level=0x08001137 (repeated for each hyperthreaded core) Nov 10 22:04:44 NAS kernel: microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.2.
  7. jbartlett

    Removing Similar Named VM Removed Both

    I wasn't able to duplicate with my VM's nor having a "Windows 10 New" VM.
  8. jbartlett

    Removing Similar Named VM Removed Both

    One thing to note about Windows 10 VM's, you can install an instance without a Windows Key - you can bypass entering it during the installation. Create a local User ID if you do this vs using a Microsoft account. You can then simply copy the hard drive of this instance to create additional VM's. This is a typical practice for testing quick installations but if you want to persist them, then you can enter a key for each instance to make it all good.
  9. jbartlett

    Removing Similar Named VM Removed Both

    I have multiple Windows VM's running on one of my unraid servers with one conveniently created & named "Windows 10". I'll back up the VM's files tonight and will will try to delete "Windows 10 Handbrake 1". Any other test condition to make sure of prior?
  10. I've had this happen a couple times, the cursor on the console will even stop blinking. Seemed to happen whenever I made changes to the hardware such as adding or removing a PCI-E card to test hardware passthrough to a VM. Required a hard reset but never happened again after in my case (until the next mucking about the PCI-E cards). Ryzen Threadripper, current BIOS. This is not going to be an easy thing to track down with no means to capture logs or specifying the syslog to be written to the flash drive instead of RAM.
  11. jbartlett

    Gigabyte X399 Designare EX Threadripper

    BIOS version F11e corrects the PCIe Bus Errors requiring the pci=nommconf kernel flag.
  12. I've trapped the error being returned by lsusb but working on polishing up a few things. Then I'll be pushing a release to take it out of beta.
  13. jbartlett

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    I manually ran the sensors-detect packed with the Plugin, no errors, no crashes. No sensors either but that's not it's fault. "sensors -A" invoked by the Plugin does return values. Here's the -u output k10temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter Tdie: temp1_input: 27.750 temp1_max: 70.000 Tctl: temp2_input: 54.750 k10temp-pci-00cb Adapter: PCI adapter Tdie: temp1_input: 27.500 temp1_max: 70.000 Tctl: temp2_input: 54.500
  14. jbartlett

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    No kaboom.
  15. jbartlett

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    I made a backup of my Flash, I'll risk it to test that Perl theory.....