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  1. If you have a monitor plugged into the cards, the BIOS will bind to one of them so your mileage may vary. From that point on, hold onto your pants and blaze this new territory!
  2. Fascinating! Do you use my DiskSpeed Docker? I'm curious how these show up in it. Four controllers with one drive or one controller with four drives? I think I might have to pick one of these up. How is the cooling? Seems like it'll be a good way to add VM drives or a larger cache pool.
  3. Check your motherboard manual to see if a PCIe slot is disabled when an NVMe drive is installed.
  4. Check the flip side of the motherboard to see the solder connections - you can tell that way if an x16 looking slot is really an x4 slot.
  5. No feedback yet on @mucflyer's request but are you able to pass the graphics card through without using pcie_acs_override? Enabling that is known to cause lag.
  6. @Georg 1. OS updates are outside the scope of unraid as you would still face them if you built a bare metal system. In the case of Windows 10, you can "defer" updates for up to three months with Windows Pro. 2. Intel has handicaps too. You can expect to lose a few FPS running a gaming rig as a VM but not anywhere near you'd be able to notice assuming your video card is sufficiently powerful. I have not noticed any video performance drops if the video card & pinned CPU's aren't on the same NUMA node but I did see a CPU hit. 3. I haven't check for new BIOS updates in the past month or so but there was no option to select which PCIe slot the BIOS used for it's primary video card. I would believe that if you could change it, you would still experience the same thing but with whatever slot is given. Note: This is a known issue with nVidia cards, I have not tried any AMD video cards. The problem is that the nVidia driver can detect that the card was in an active state when it took over and then is coded to not load (Error 43) 4. You still need a video card in PCIe #1 for the BIOS to bind to. Omitting a video card in that slot would just cause the BIOS to bind to the next available slot with a video card.
  7. I had this exact same issue. Putting the USB drive in my Windows box, I was quickly notified that the USB drive needed scanning. It didn't find any issues to fix but the unraid server booted after when it wouldn't prior. I'm assuming some "dirty bit" was clogging things up.
  8. If you're at range, HDMI over Cat-5e+ might be a viable option. Amazon has options under $50 that says you can go up to 50 meters, more bucks for longer.
  9. It's not too late for me to try this Q35, so I think I'll try that too.
  10. I use the "Content I posted in" activity stream to track topics I posted in recently. However, there are topics that I've posted in a long time ago that are fairly active but I don't have any current need or desire to keep seeing these topics. Is there any way to have an activity stream "forget" that I've posted in a topic?
  11. I did, but it would not work with high speed USB3 devices such as my Brio 4K web cams. The other one I got worked well and I'm using it in my builds.
  12. Try creating a new VM referencing the same hard drives to see if that resolves the issue. If not, remove the video card, boot, and remove the nvidia drivers. Then pass through the video card and install the video drivers with an advanced setup & clean install.
  13. I've been able to pass through a GTX 980ti, Quadro P620, & P2000 to a VM in all slots except Slot 1 & 4 (x4 slot) without a ROM dump. A 1050 I have will not pass through, not all graphics cards can be passed through. Slot 1 requires a ROM to be passed through but the nVidia driver will detect KVM and throw a code 43 error and won't initialize.
  14. I've got the same setup as you with the MB & CPU. You may want to refer to my thread for information to prevent duplication of effort