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  1. @duelistjp - sorry, I didn't realize you were not tagged in my reply 2 posts above. Can you try manually running the command? Click on the DiskSpeed icon in the Unraid UI and select "Console". Then run the following: /sbin/parted -m /dev/sds unit B print free Also, what device is configured with id "sds"?
  2. Can you try manually running the command? Click on the DiskSpeed icon in the Unraid UI and select "Console". Then run the following: /sbin/parted -m /dev/sds unit B print free Also, what device is configured with id "sds"?
  3. Version 2.10.4 pushed * Refetch drive image if missing/accidentally deleted by user * Remove sync command from permission opening script on docker mounted volume for local saved data
  4. Thanks for that, I'll try to get an update out soon to address this.
  5. Support for USB drives are part of version 3 of the application, currently in development.
  6. Thank you. I added logic to the next version to catch if the drive's image is missing and refetch it.
  7. Please check your directory ./appdata/DiskSpeed/Instances/local/driveinfo/wd80emaz_83_h0a83_e4g2y34k_8tb for the existence of the file "image.png" and that you can open & view it. It sounds like something's funky with the directory or file with permissions. If you view it on the system, it should have rw/rw/rw permissions. The parent directory should have rwx/rwx/rwx. During the "Checking Hard Drive Database for drives", it downloads the drive's image if found on the HDDB (it does) and if it doesn't, it creates a generic placeholder image in that directory as "image.png". Then it copies that image to the www folder to be accessible to the web server. You can also safely delete the wd80emaz_83_h0a83_e4g2y34k_8tb directory and rescan.
  8. Having a partition and a mounted partition that DiskSpeed can see are two different things. Click on the FAQ link below the message for how to set it up. If you don't see the FAQ link, please update your DiskSpeed version.
  9. The SetPerms.sh script opens up all permissions on files DiskSpeed creates so you won't get access denied errors. What's interesting is that you get a timeout on it, it's set with timeout=0 which is non-blocking - kick it off in the background and keep on chugging along. Can you help me figure out which is the problem child? Click on the DiskSpeed icon and select "Console" Then enter in the following commands one at a time. They shouldn't take more than a few seconds each. chmod 766 /var/www/SetPerms.sh chmod -R u-x,go-rwx,go+u,ugo+X /tmp/DiskSpeed chmod -R u=rwx /tmp/DiskSpeed/*.sh chown -R nobody:users /tmp/DiskSpeed chmod -R u-x,go-rwx,go+u,ugo+X /tmp/DiskSpeedTmp chmod -R u=rwx /tmp/DiskSpeedTmp/*.sh chown -R nobody:users /tmp/DiskSpeedTmp The 3rd line may return no files or directory.
  10. I haven't done any testing with ZFS yet. I'm currently focused on version 3 of the app but will look into adding support for it in the 2.x versions once a RC is released with ZFS support.
  11. Can you try it in a different browser? Searching for the uncaught error showed that it might be related to browser add-on's. You can ignore the highchart 16 warnings, they are benign.
  12. It's the perfect place. I recently moved the websites to a different host. My old host had multiple sites located in one directory and driven by the domain name. The new server had them properly broken out and the Highcharts library wasn't copied over to the strangejourney.net site. Fixed. Thank you for reporting it.
  13. Repushed version 2.10.3 after noticing that package "usbutils" was no longer being included via the upstream debian layer. Package added to Docker build script.
  14. You can assign blame to me. External HDD's were originally excluded because there was no reliable way to ensure against performance issues due to being connected via USB. They will be allowed in version 3 which is in development.