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  1. Hi @Sycotix, great container und great videos btw Everything working fine, except one thing with my Nextcloud. I would need your help on how to bypass or disable API authentication for Nextcloud in NGINX Proxy Manager. In Authelia log I get errors like this: time="2021-02-23T22:47:04+01:00" level=info msg="Access to is not authorized to user , sending 401 response" method=GET path=/api/verify remote_ip=XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ I tried several things in custom locations tab in NGINX Proxy Manager, but no luck yet. Also tried
  2. Hi, thanks for this docker, it's a pleasure to use it. I notice some differences in the quality between source file output file and that seem to have something to do with the image compression level. Is there a setting to change the quality/compression level of the output pdf file? Thanks in advance.
  3. is there any chance to see an OTP code generator like with premium accounts?
  4. Yes, I'm using the new container now. Works as it should, all data is still there. I'm using the same Bitwarden Appdata directory I used with the old container, now with the new container.
  5. Hi, looks like I missed that info. How do I migrate my database to the new docker template? Thanks.
  6. I know it's an old post, but did you manage to fix the problem? It seems I have the same issue with my server.
  7. Hi @Flamingo, thanks for the reply. In BIOS I turned everything off what is dealing with CPU-throttling and automatic frequency management. But it didn't help. And there is no newer BIOS version out there.
  8. I have set the CPU governor to Performance via Tips and Tweaks plugin. While booting the unraid server the console output says "Enabled CPU frequency scaling governor: powersave". How can I check which governor is set after the server booted up?
  9. If while playing audio in Windows 10 VM a disk drive is spinning up, audio gets interrupted and continues to play after the disk ist fully spinned up (couple of seconds). I'm using an external USB sound card plugged into a USB controller passed through to Windows VM. Using Unraid 6.5.2. Data drives and parity drives are plugged into a PCI-E SATA HBA (Host-Bus-Adapter). Windows VM uses 4 isolated CPU cores. Your comments and suggestion are highly appreciated.
  10. I'm on Unraid 6.5.0 and have the same issue - while the resillio sync container is running, disks won't spin down. My config is as follows: Can anyone help with the issue?
  11. I'm running 6.4.1 and since some time I noticed that after a docker container gets automatically updated or I update it manually, it disappears from the list of installed docker containers. I can always manually restore disappeared dockers from my user templates, but it's pretty annoying to to so every time docker container gets updated. No all dockers are affected, but for instance binhex's rtorrentvpn gets lost every time I update it. Did someone experience this behaviour? Any help is appreciated.
  12. Thanks for your reply I tried to disable the plugin "Folder Caching" (with the setting "Scan user shares" set to "no") and it helped! Now I have no folder caching but spin down delay is working Additionaly I set individual spin down delays on each disk in disk setting. just to be sure.
  13. After upgrading from RC to 6.4.0 stable disks are spun up permanently even if there is no activity and opened files. Spin down delay in disk settings is set to 15 min. What could be the reason and how to fix?