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  1. Could you please add Yq? Love to automate backup/restore my containers using
  2. Most appreciated ! Big thanks for responding so faaaaaaaaaaaaast !! 🙂
  3. Hi dmacias, Thanks for your plug-in, love it! Could the docker compose be updated please?
  4. So with the raid5 setup I do need to check usage in stead of free space more than anything for my cache disks. Thanks for helping out! What I do still wonder is why my previous cache disk setup (2 ssd in raid1) did not start moving data to disk as it ran out of disk space. My cache folders were set to "prefer" in the share settings. I would have thought that Unraid woud not further fill the cache pool a a certain point. It didn't....
  5. yeah I tinkered around a bit with the mconvert last night...will revert to raid 1 😀
  6. In terms of raid setup, what are considerations for setting raid 5 for btrfs metadata and system volumes as well?
  7. I found link I gather that its a btrfs thing one has to live with
  8. Hi - thanks for your response. This is the output I get. : Linux 4.19.88-Unraid. Last login: Sat Jan 25 10:22:33 +0100 2020 on /dev/pts/0. root@unRaid:~# btrfs fi usage -T /mnt/cache WARNING: RAID56 detected, not implemented WARNING: RAID56 detected, not implemented WARNING: RAID56 detected, not implemented Overall: Device size: 1.31TiB Device allocated: 0.00B Device unallocated: 1.31TiB Device missing: 0.00B Used: 0.00B Free (estimated): 0.00B (min: 8.00EiB) Data ratio: 0.00 Metadata ratio: 0.00 Global reserve: 16.00MiB (used: 0.00B) Data Metadata System Id Path RAID5 RAID5 RAID5 Unallocated -- --------- --------- --------- -------- ----------- 1 /dev/sdc1 1.00GiB 512.00MiB 32.00MiB 445.60GiB 2 /dev/sde1 1.00GiB 512.00MiB 32.00MiB 445.60GiB 3 /dev/sdb1 1.00GiB 512.00MiB 32.00MiB 445.60GiB -- --------- --------- --------- -------- ----------- Total 2.00GiB 1.00GiB 64.00MiB 1.30TiB Used 768.00KiB 112.00KiB 16.00KiB I wiped the 3 cache disks so yes, used space is almost nil. But not getting a correct free space indication is a bit of a bummer as one might run out of free space without prior warning I suppose.
  9. Hi guys, I would like to create a cache pool of 3ssd's of 480gb each in raid5 config. I have applied the -dconvert=raid5 -mconvert=raid1 command and expected about 960gb of free space using the raid calulator. Unraid shows met 1,4Tb of free space howver. How do i know my raid setup is correct?
  10. Hi Dadarara - check out mobile apps that like Evernote scannable or even Apple Notes (standard IOS app) if you want easy scanning with reasonable quality. These cover 99% of my document scanning needs. Its easy to setup and use, super fast and uses built-in sharing to mail, filefolders or printer. But thats another topic as well
  11. Hi there, not sure - i didn't get any replies so decided to reinstall CUPS on another rPI. This works better for me anyway since my printer is not directly connected via USB to the unraid server. Getting the rPI to do its CUPS thing is a breeze, lots of tutorials online but thats another forum ?
  12. Hi there, I have an rPI with CUPS and Brother HL-5240 laserprinter connected via USB that worked fine until the rPI died (rip). I decided to install the CUPS docker and hook up the printer to my Airport. CUPS sees the printer, installs it with the Gutenprint ppd. However CUPS does not print and returns status :"Unable to locate printer "Airport-Router.local". How can this be fixed?
  13. Hey, I have managed to get Pydio working, the docker is based on version 8.0.0 and in the settings the application suggests to upgrade. The upgrade process does not work for me and seems to fail on permissions somewhere. Anyone know how to fix this?
  14. My tests with only one VM went fine. Be careful to check the results if you want to use the script with multiple VM's. I have set the script to run every night, even though the server will not be running 24x7 in practice. It takes about 1,5 hours to create a zipped backup of my VM plus xml file and always leaves at least one backupfile in the folder. I have added the the script for those interested. Feel free to comment and improve. script