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  1. @comet424 here is my2c. Home assistant is in its purest sense is Home Assistant Core. This can typically be installed on any Linux OS (although the HA devs would love to stop supporting that method of installation AFAIK) but it seems to me that the most suggested installation is via Docker. Hass.io is an OS that comes pre packed with Home Assistant Core AND with Docker running as well as a Docker “Assistant” that can be accessed within Home Assistant Core to manage the containers. This allows you to install “Addons” like MQTT etc but in essence as it is a Docker
  2. This is a wonderful post, written with insight, sensitivity and purpose. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I read it a few times, I hope others do the same.
  3. This post represents my own personal musings and opinion. This thread (and the broader situation) interests me on a number of levels. We (Royal we) bang on (quite rightly) about our community and how supportive, inclusive, helpful and respectful it is. Values really that any organisation in the world would be lucky for its members to behave consistent with. Saying that, this situation has shown that there is an undercurrent of what I can only call bitterness and to some extent entitlement in some community members. I don’t feel that this is across the board by any
  4. Unhelpful, inflammatory, provoking and downright unnecessary. Also, if I was to define the set of values that makes this community group so strong I would say there isn’t a word in your post that would align with them.
  5. Acting uncharacteristically extreme sometimes when we get hurt is very human and understandable and my personal opinion is that is what a few of the fellas at @linuxserver.iodid after the exchanges on the previous thread. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of this post by @limetech and therefore was hoping there would be some return comms from @linuxserver.io to do their part in repairing this bridge. It might be nice if those who “retired” or decided they were now “out” or were “quitting unRAID work” came back. It might also be nice that if some of the support threa
  6. As much as I felt I had to post on the beta release thread I felt the need again to post here for this very nice and sincere post. “An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” - Lynn Johnston A great point and note on which to pivot and move on. I appreciate you for making this post Tom @limetech.
  7. Following @CHBMB’s request to have the support thread locked (and that request being actioned) along with his comment that all development and support for it has now ceased following @limetech announcement it wouldn’t surprise me if that App has been removed from CA altogether. CA is also a community app and the developer AFAIK still has a close relationship with the @linuxserver.io team. It appears therefore that to use Nvidia drivers with any future release of unRAID you must use the stock build (which now has them in of course). How to configure your dockers to use those stock bui
  8. I’ve been around a little while. I always follow the boards even though I have very little life time to give to being active in the community anymore. I felt the need to post to say I can completely appreciate how the guys at @linuxserver.io feel. I was lucky enough to be apart of the team @linuxserver.iofor a short while and I can personally attest to how much personal time and effort they put into development, stress testing and supporting their developments. While @limetech has developed a great base product i think it’s right to acknowledge that much of the
  9. My understanding is that IDRAC ports are similar to SuperMicro (and others) dedicated ports for server management (ie you cannot use them on your server as an available interface for your OS - in this case unRAID). You “could” (I think) go down the route (if you have a managed switch) of using your spare RJ45 port as the port for PfSense (available to the VM as a bridge) and use VLANS for LAN and WAN. I won’t elaborate on that. I think the best bet though is to use your Intel SFP+ card. I’m making assumptions that you’re not going 10G here and you just want to use your SFP+ ports as additio
  10. I’d love the ability to assign multiple networks to a single Docker container. The simplest use case involves pihole. Currently I run seperate instances of a pihole container for each of my VLANS. It would be great if I could just attach one container to each network and configure pihole to listen on all assigned interfaces. I’m pretty sure you can do it via the cli using ‘docker network connect <network> <container>‘ or something but it would be excellent to be able to do it in the GUI.
  11. Watching the thread via email updates and had to chime in. I like this one, good job!!
  12. I currently have all my networks restricted to using pihole which is set to use unbound (locally hosted in pfsense) to resolve dns queries (where the request isn’t cached). I do not use any external dns service. What benefit would introducing this software into my setup give me?
  13. As someone who uses VLANS in my setup I’d love the ability to choose which interface the management access features of unRAID (e.g. GUI / SSH etc is bound to). Select either / All etc. I’d like to have unRAID deployed to my management VLAN along with my other network gear and my main VLAN where all my file access occurs. I can do this of course but I’d like to be able to prevent clients on the main VLAN from accessing the GUI and SSH etc (not possible of course via FW rules as the traffic on that VLAN doesn’t go back to the router to trigger a block rule) and just have fi
  14. Best way to answer a question you have is to sometimes write it down. This has worked in my case in that I re-read what I wrote and thought - that sounds strange. RTFM!! So I went and read the Docker documentation. In 2 mins I found what I needed. https://docs.docker.com/config/containers/container-networking/ Key part being: This makes it (sort of) clear why the option doesn't exist in unRAID. Either way, I was able to add --dns X.X.X.X to the docker run command via the advanced mode in the container setup page and low and behold, external DNS was set