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  1. Well, I’ll post the diags when I get home in the morning. But in the meantime, I can assure you my software version is: unRAID version 6.10.3 Pro Plugin version 2022.06.19 (with UAD Plus 2022.05.17 and UAD Preclear 2022.06.10 also installed) So does this mean that - irrespective of whether it’s a UAD disk or an Array disk - I have to disable spin down globally on an disk to do a SMART test? Seems weird almost a bug I’d say that the spin down function doesn’t recognise a SMART test as disk activity to prevent spin down.
  2. I've since reset and the log isn't available. It's repeatable. Go and try and do a long SMART test on a disk that is connected via UAD.
  3. I've observed an issue with the plugin that is repeatable. When trying to execute an extended SMART test (as part of my disk preparation methodology), the test will timeout (and never complete) as the disk is spun down after ~30 minutes (which I think is the normal unchangeable spin down delay for this plugin). For some reason the long smart test does not constitute activity and prevent the spin down. I don't think this is expected behaviour. unRAID version 6.10.3 Pro Plugin version 2022.06.19 (with UAD Plus 2022.05.17 and UAD Preclear 2022.06.10 also installed)
  4. Nice video. I’ve captured the moment it moves from a normal boot to the blank screen.
  5. While “do-able” I think this is really poor advice. To the @JK252 please see the formal security recommendations from @limetech https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-server-security-best-practices TLDR: don’t expose your unRAID server to the internet. ESPECIALLY the maintenance GUI. Someone gets access and a web based command prompt with root permissions is a click away.
  6. My2c. You should be able to do everything that you seek to do - yes those things has been done before. You can get a trial license and give it a go to see if it meets your needs. Generally speaking, unRAID is an excellent product supported by a great and active community. The only word of caution I would give you is, if you're primary interest is virtualization, then there might be better solutions out there for you (e.g. Proxmox). The primary reason for my note of caution is that unRAID requires that the storage array is "started" for other services (KVM, Docker etc) to start. In my experience, if there is a problem with an array disk then this often destabilizes the whole system until the disk problem is fixed. To put that into lay terms - your VM's and Docker Containers aren't going to start unless the array is started and will remain stable and operational as long as your array is in good health.
  7. Hi All, I build my bother in law a server that was pretty much a mirror of mine (see sig). 2 years ago he run out of pace and wanted a cheap way to upgrade. I stuck in a Marvell PCIE SATA expander and managed to get it nice and stable. So much so, I even bought one. Long story short, he wants to upgrade again (cheapest possible route is the goal). No more space in the case, no more SATA ports "internally" and he doesn't want to upgrade smaller disks to higher capacity disks (my recommendation originally). He saw this: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/hard-drives-&-ssds/enclosures/56549-ib-3640su3 Now, that Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE9230 PCIe 2.0 x2 4-port SATA 6 Gb/s RAID Controller (rev 11) card also has 2 external eSATA ports. What sort of stability can he expect from hooking up the above JBOD dock to one of those ports. Will unRAID play nice? Thanks in advance. D
  8. Vote Safari please - it needs some love.
  9. Nice. Once the market normalises to the introduction of this size consumer drive, I wonder how that will change (if at all) the sweet spot drive for $/TB? For me, in Australia, 8TB is currently the sweet spot.
  10. Update: After roughly 10 days of uptime, I started to get crashes. It seemed to coincide with allot traffic coming to and from the server - which doesn't happen all the time. I have since, removed the need for Host Access to Custom Networks to be enabled. After disabling that option, I have stress tested the server with some serious traffic. Now I have an uptime of 3 weeks with no call traces. I am still doing the fix as per earlier in the thread. Not sure what is providing stability now. Im inclined to think its the disabling of HATCN but I really don't know. Still on macvlan.
  11. I thought I would report back that I was too hasty in reporting that the SMART issue had gone away. Even with all Disk related Plugins removed and as per my actions above I noticed that I was still getting the array SMART data read at random times that was having the effect of spinning up my disks. I downgraded to the latest Stable 6.9.2 and have been running for over a week and not a single unexpected SMART data read or array spin up to speak of. I don't have the time to debug so I am sticking with the Stable. I noticed a set of posts close to this yesterday - I will like this thread in that thread.
  12. Hey @Squid hope you're doing ok man! I just - randomly - went to the CA AppData Backup / Restore Settings Page and saw this: "NOTE: USB Backup is deprecated on Unraid version 6.9.0 It is advised to use the Unraid.net plugin instead" I kind of get this, given unRAID's own new functionality. However, I would prefer to keep using your functionality instead. I assume (given the settings are still there and the backup keeps working each night) that this feature isn't truly depreciated. I hope you plan on keeping things going!! A local backup is desirable to me and your plugin makes it very easy.