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  1. Vote Safari please - it needs some love.
  2. Nice. Once the market normalises to the introduction of this size consumer drive, I wonder how that will change (if at all) the sweet spot drive for $/TB? For me, in Australia, 8TB is currently the sweet spot.
  3. Update: After roughly 10 days of uptime, I started to get crashes. It seemed to coincide with allot traffic coming to and from the server - which doesn't happen all the time. I have since, removed the need for Host Access to Custom Networks to be enabled. After disabling that option, I have stress tested the server with some serious traffic. Now I have an uptime of 3 weeks with no call traces. I am still doing the fix as per earlier in the thread. Not sure what is providing stability now. Im inclined to think its the disabling of HATCN but I really don't know. Still on macvlan.
  4. I thought I would report back that I was too hasty in reporting that the SMART issue had gone away. Even with all Disk related Plugins removed and as per my actions above I noticed that I was still getting the array SMART data read at random times that was having the effect of spinning up my disks. I downgraded to the latest Stable 6.9.2 and have been running for over a week and not a single unexpected SMART data read or array spin up to speak of. I don't have the time to debug so I am sticking with the Stable. I noticed a set of posts close to this yesterday - I will like this thread in that thread.
  5. Hey @Squid hope you're doing ok man! I just - randomly - went to the CA AppData Backup / Restore Settings Page and saw this: "NOTE: USB Backup is deprecated on Unraid version 6.9.0 It is advised to use the Unraid.net plugin instead" I kind of get this, given unRAID's own new functionality. However, I would prefer to keep using your functionality instead. I assume (given the settings are still there and the backup keeps working each night) that this feature isn't truly depreciated. I hope you plan on keeping things going!! A local backup is desirable to me and your plugin makes it very easy.
  6. That makes sense now. At least we have a solution. Would be nice for unraid to allow to pass through as a serial via GUI.
  7. The default way to passthrough the device in unRAID doesn't have the device showing up as serial device in Hassio VM - the new auto discovery feature however in HA does still find the device though which makes it confusing as all looks well but you can't setup the ZHA integration or deCONZ add-on. I was able to overcome this by editing the XML and forcing the USB to pass through to the VM as a Serial USB and not the default way unRAID does it. I have my Conbee II passed through to a VM in 6.10.0-rc1 and working perfectly. <serial type='dev'> <source path='/dev/serial/by-id/<yourusbid>'/> <target type='usb-serial' port='1'> <model name='usb-serial'/> </target> <alias name='serial1'/> <address type='usb' bus='0' port='4'/> </serial> The new auto discovery in HA won't work with this method - which is odd - but the device is there in HA and you can setup the ZHA integration or deCONZ add-on just fine. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/113301-passthrough-of-conbee-ii-zigbee-usb-gateway-to-home-assistant-virtual-machine/?tab=comments#comment-1031051
  8. *Penny Drops* Yes I do. I remember now back in 6.2 when this option was officially introduced. I don’t have the plug-in *anymore* but I have reconstruct write enabled - and if I recall correctly that’s the mode that spins up the disks to calculate parity in a quicker way than the traditional to speed up writes. *slaps forehead really hard* This whole thread is a non event and has to do with my settings. God I’m pissed at myself. To anyone who has invested / wasted any time at all as a result of this thread - I’m sorry!!
  9. Downgraded to 6.9.2 and the behaviour is the same. When mover initiates, all disks spin up to be read as part of the write operation irrespective of the number of disks being written to. When a disk spins up SMART data is read as designed. As I have mover initiating every hour (and mover logging is off) queue the endless cycles of SMART reads as disks are spun up. I feel a bit stupid here. Years and years of unRAID use and I never noticed this is how things work.
  10. Feel like I am spamming - but is my thread so I'll go ahead. I can now replicate what is happening. Here is what I did: I spun down the array manually. I opened my personal user share on my iMac. This share has files which are spread across 4 disks. As expected those 4 disks spun up so the share could be read. I copied a small 1MB picture to the share. The file was written to Cache as expected. I initiated mover manually. All disks spun up. SMART was read from each spun up disk (the initial reported problem). The file was written to one of the disks and each disk was read. Mover stopped. I have done this 5 times now. Each with the same result. Like I posted above. If indeed unRAID needs every disk spun up and read to make a write to a single disk (and I have missed this behaviour all these years) then there is no problem at all and this is completely on me for being ignorant. I didn't think that was the case though.
  11. The mover has now stopped. In total there was about ~100GB of data to move at a guess. The picture below shows the effect on the array after moving that 100GB. All those reads in addition to the writes to the single disk and parity. I imagine all the disks will down spin down, until mover initiates again in an hour. At which time, if the disks are spun down and it has to something to move, it will spin up the whole array to do so and at the same time read SMART values of each disk and read each drive will it writes. This is starting to come together. Unless I am completely missing something fundamental in how unRAID works here, this shouldn't be happening right?