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  1. Interesting reply. I think I will leave it there with remote access using this feature. Given the ease at which an OpenVPN or Wireguard (using either your router or unRAID itself - native or via a Docker) connection can be established I see no reason why I would change that. It was good to experiment though. Thank you @ljm42 for taking the time to make such a thorough reply, it is appreciated.
  2. Interesting feature that I have just setup. Was interested in remote access. Got it up and running fine. For kicks, I went to https://<MYDOMAINNAME>:MYSERVERS_WAN_PORT It brought up the unraid gui. Is this expected? Thinking about it, I guess it is, given I've forwarded the random port number I chose to 443 of the unraid box. For some reason I had in my head that a remote connection not coming from the MyServers server would just be dropped. Im not sure how I feel about it though. Given we bang on (quite rightly) about how unra
  3. I woke this morning to SWAG not working. In the log I get this: nginx: [emerg] "proxy_redirect" directive is duplicate in /config/nginx/proxy-confs/youtube-dl.subfolder.conf:22 youtube-dl.subfolder.conf in the proxy-confs is there without a .sample at the end. I did not change this.
  4. Thanks for the guidance. For now I’ve just switched to using the graphics card and have switched the BIOS to prioritise the card. All is well. If my use case changes and I need to use the card in a VM then I might try your solution to allow me to use the on board GPU for maintenance. Until then, the easy solution works given I only have unRAID and no VMs using the card.
  5. I know this behaviour (or similar) has been raised recently but I cannot find the definitive solution so I am reaching out for some help. I cannot get to the graphical logon prompt on a screen connected directly to the server in unRAID OS GUI Mode, all I get is a black screen following the text boot sequence (which is displayed on screen as you would expect). Once at the black screen I can ctrl-F1 which will take me to the command prompt where I can log in as if I was in normal unRAID OS mode. Everything else operates (including access to the WEB-GUI from a browser on a seperate ma
  6. I find this interesting. Should LT decide not to implement code to require ALL Arrays to start before allowing Docker and VM services to start, then you essentially bypass the current restriction. Pondering this for 2 mins only, I guess you would have to define some sort of Array Hierarchy. Which come online first, what order, which one is responsible for allowing other services to start (#1?). If it was #1, you would just create a simple small (even RAM disk) Array just to get services running. Like I said ... interesting.
  7. No idea what happened. Had nothing to do with 6.9.2 as it was running fine after the upgrade. Plex just stopped responding and was dropping any connection being made to it. Nothing obvious in the Plex logs either. Life is too short to troubleshoot sometimes. I just deleted the whole thing, reinstalled, scanned the library again. All is up and working again. Easy. I seem to recall that sometimes Plex 'Databases'? can get corrupt? Who knows. Anyway, all is well again and family have their tv.
  8. Evening all, Not sure if this issue is localised to me but this evening Plex became suddenly unresponsive. No changes or amendments. Im on unRAID OS 6.9.2. Version tag set to latest. Normal practice for me is to restart the container. Safari now complains that the connection to the server was "dropped". I get this in the log: ------------------------------------- _ () | | ___ _ __ | | / __| | | / \ | | \__ \ | | | () | |_| |___/ |_| \__/ Brought to you by linuxserver.io ------------------------------------- To support LSIO p
  9. Hi All, I am experiencing an unknown issue with my server. Since I upgraded to 6.9.1 I have experienced 2 "freezes". The server (and dockers) is unreachable via any means over the network or via the console. The only solution is to hard reset. By that time, the log is empty and diagnostics are useless. Nothing from initial view of the log following the reset indicates an issue nor is there any obvious disk issue following review of SMART data. It would be really helpful if I could configure unRAID to grab diagnostic data periodically to hopefully grab some
  10. I noticed that after upgrading from 6.8.3 to 6.9.1 that one of my docker containers (which run's on the host) lost its connectivity to a docker container which runs on a user defined network with its own IP. I could not understand why, as all the settings - including the "Host Access to custom networks" option, were checked. After a little playing, I stopped the array, turned the option off - saved. Then turned the option on - saved. Started the array and communication between the docker containers was restored. I am not sure if I can replicate this now that it has been
  11. @comet424 here is my2c. Home assistant is in its purest sense is Home Assistant Core. This can typically be installed on any Linux OS (although the HA devs would love to stop supporting that method of installation AFAIK) but it seems to me that the most suggested installation is via Docker. Hass.io is an OS that comes pre packed with Home Assistant Core AND with Docker running as well as a Docker “Assistant” that can be accessed within Home Assistant Core to manage the containers. This allows you to install “Addons” like MQTT etc but in essence as it is a Docker
  12. This is a wonderful post, written with insight, sensitivity and purpose. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I read it a few times, I hope others do the same.
  13. This post represents my own personal musings and opinion. This thread (and the broader situation) interests me on a number of levels. We (Royal we) bang on (quite rightly) about our community and how supportive, inclusive, helpful and respectful it is. Values really that any organisation in the world would be lucky for its members to behave consistent with. Saying that, this situation has shown that there is an undercurrent of what I can only call bitterness and to some extent entitlement in some community members. I don’t feel that this is across the board by any
  14. Unhelpful, inflammatory, provoking and downright unnecessary. Also, if I was to define the set of values that makes this community group so strong I would say there isn’t a word in your post that would align with them.
  15. Acting uncharacteristically extreme sometimes when we get hurt is very human and understandable and my personal opinion is that is what a few of the fellas at @linuxserver.iodid after the exchanges on the previous thread. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of this post by @limetech and therefore was hoping there would be some return comms from @linuxserver.io to do their part in repairing this bridge. It might be nice if those who “retired” or decided they were now “out” or were “quitting unRAID work” came back. It might also be nice that if some of the support threa