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  1. I've loved the message, but frankly the vehicle was not appropriated. IMHO if some functionality is part of the plugin scope, that's ok just allow users to opt-out. If it isn't part of the scope, it should be an opt-in functionality. I got many criticism (@Squid included) about the statistics system in Preclear Plugin because it was in the beginning an opt-out system, and they were right. Since it was out of the scope of the plugin, I've added it as a separated plugin. Squid should do the same, an opt-in system to messages unrelated to Community Applications scope.
  2. You have a pending sector at 135121. Update the plugin and try to run another full Clear on it. Enviado de meu SM-G973F usando o Tapatalk
  3. Please send me your diagnostics file again.
  4. You're welcome, thanks for reporting.
  5. It's preclearing now?
  6. Preclear Plugin usually tries to update your CSRF token if it's invalid. I've added a new version right now that changes this behavior, showing an alert instead. Please update it to 2020.03.14a and see if it helps.
  7. That resolved your problem?
  8. That what the syslog is telling us.
  9. Your login session is no longer valid, just close your web browser and login again into the webgui.
  10. In Tools > Diagnostics
  11. Please send me your diagnostics file.
  12. Unraid itself writes very little into the flash drive. You will see writes mainly during settings change, SO update and plugins update. Plugins are a whole different matter. Many plugins use flash drive to store their own installation files and their configuration only, but some will store some status too like Preclear Plugin that stores reports and resume status. Resume status is written every minute, they are less than 1KB size, so every instance of preclear will write at most 1.44MB each 24 hours, which isn't much. It writes two 4KB reports too at the end, again, not much. Not only NAND wearing kills flash drives. Some controllers too have low MTBF and will render your flash drive useless even if your memory isn't wore out. I do recommend Sandisk flash drives since them all have wear leveling, but it's good to make a flash backup now and then.
  13. I've looked the code and I see no obvious way this is happening. It filters the report from /boot/preclear_reports using disk short serial number, and that value you see in the link it's the file base name without the extension. I've tried and couldn't replicate it too....
  14. @wepee, please close all your browser windows and tabs and try it again. Let's try to replicate it.