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  1. Not a bad drive, just your preclear signature was mot written correctly. Try again, skipping the pre-read to speed up the process.
  2. Send me your Dignostics file.
  3. Mean that your Notification system isn´t configured properly to send e-mails.
  4. Apparently you are using an USB disk, so 36MB/s of read/write speed is about right on an USB 2.0 port. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  5. If you have hotswap bays, you can add more drives after the array is started. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  6. You can clear any number of drives you want. Just go to Tools > Preclear Disk and click the icon Start Multiple Sessions. If you hit any hardware limit, you can limit the number of concurrent sessions using the queue: Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  7. The script will read the first and the last sectors interspersed with 3 random blocks, so 5-6 head movements are about right, but head noise is not. If it's covered with factory warranty, in your place I would RMA it. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  8. The script will pause and try to kill any instances of smartctl and hdparm programs that take longer than 30 seconds running. Since your computer have zombie processes of those programs, the script keeps trying to kill them. Just a reboot will fix that.
  9. It wasn't really an error, just a bogus message. Thanks for reporting. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  10. The install script will check if there isn't a newer version of a package installed, avoiding the installation of an older version. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  11. New feature explained on the OP: Q) I lost communication with the webgui, can I manage preclear sessions from the terminal? A) Yes, you can. If you lost communication with the webgui or want to use the command line interface to manage your preclear sessions, you just need to type preclear on your terminal to start/stop or observe a preclear session.
  12. gfjardim


    You could have used Unraid for 30 days with the trial license to test it. That was the "right thing" to do. If you actually read PayPal's user agreement, you can easily learn that an item may not be considered Significantly Not as Described if the item was properly described but did not meet your expectations. I'm pretty sure LT will refund you, but not because you are right. LT likes to keep their customers satisfied.
  13. Try this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1upEmvZZgV0JiHjUX-JNUFYPHMarC0-sLLNoLS3Gbr_g Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  14. You have a disk with S.M.A.R.T problems, serial Z4Z2JY5V. Probably it got dropped by the hard disk controller when you started a preclear session. The only way to be sure is to run Preclear again and, if it fails, share your Diagnostics file here (at Tools menu of your server).
  15. I see no reason why this would not work, but some users had problems with USB hard drives before. You can easily try it yourself, the odds are that it will work for you.