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  1. You could try to reboot your server. Enviado de meu SM-G973F usando o Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for reporting, just issued an update. Please confirm if the bug is fixed.
  3. Nicely pointed, this is the workaround available at this time.
  4. This is not possible at this time. Like it said, unlimited attached storage, not unlimited devices in your array.
  5. Are you using the Preclear queue to manage your preclear sessions?
  6. Thanks. You have another plugin using utempter (probably for screen) and the plugin saw that as a problem. Just issued an upgrade, please tell me if it fix your problem.
  7. Please remove the plugin, install it again and send me all the content from the installation process.
  8. The plugin is fully functional; there were problems during Unraid 6.8.1 update because the plugin wasn't updated for it, but it's working right now.
  9. You added a preclearing drive to your array. Jan 11 15:25:12 - the existing plugin is installed. Jan 11 15:47:33 - start a preclear session to disk 2EG35HVJ Jan 11 15:47:47 - start a preclear session to disk 2EG3E52J Jan 11 15:47:55 - stopped the preclear session of disk 2EG35HVJ Jan 11 15:48:02 - stopped the preclear session of disk 2EG3E52J Jan 11 15:48:44 - installed plugin version 2020.01.11a Jan 11 15:49:11 - start a new preclear session to disk 2EG35HVJ Jan 11 15:49:20 - start a new preclear session to disk 2EG3E52J Jan 12 05:30:42 - you added a disk to the array, apparently 2EG35HVJ. At that moment the disk was between zero writing and MBR writing, and after that it began to post-read at 05:32:39. I see no more activity after that. You can see what's happening in the background by typing preclear at the web terminal.
  10. To proper handle unsupported status, I'm thinking in display a message in the webui and disable the plugin functionality until proper support. What do you guys think?
  11. Sometimes Limetech uses stripped versions of packages, for an example, ncurses doesn't have the correct terminal library (screen) for tmux, so or I change the terminal type or I overwrite the stock package. Libevent too. I've become strict about Unraid versioning because of these stock packages, but I'll implement a better way of dealing with those incompatibilities. By the way, 6.8.1 support is implemented.
  12. I personally like to burn-in new drives with 3 cycles of "Esase and Clear" routine of Preclear Plugin. It will fill the drive with random data, followed by writing zeroes to all of it, an then read the disk to see if it's in fact zeroed.
  13. Please note that every mounted device is exported there, even ISO or SMB shares. Since I didn't know your plans to integrate both plugins, I exported everything so you can choose which mountpoints you include in unBALANCE.
  14. I've added a code to UD to export mounted devices information at /var/state/unassigned.devices/unassigned.devices.json . Will be available on the next UD update, I hope.
  15. I have to create it. Which information you need there?