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  1. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    @mrvilla, please send me the preclear plugin log (see the OP).
  2. gfjardim

    Plugins for checksum and erase drives?

    Preclear Plugin uses random data all the time.
  3. gfjardim

    Plugins for checksum and erase drives?

    1) For checksums we have this plugin: 2) For erase, you can use this:
  4. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    I like to run 2 cycles, but that's me. I saw nothing that indicates you got bad drives. Erase writes random data, and it's meant to erase disks prior to sell/retirement. In your case, Clear will do just fine.
  5. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    For disk ST12000NM0007-2A1101_ZJV1HWVE and ST12000NM0007-2A1101_ZJV1GVM5 you have toggled the Enable Testing (just for debugging) switch, which only appear if Help is toggled. This option only read a portion of the disk and it's meant to allow me to proper test some features without having to wait a full prelear session. You have to run preclear on them again, without the testing option. The disk ST3250310AS_6RY9FV4D had a successful preclear session. The other two disks preclearing now are correctly invoked, you just have to sit and wait.
  6. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    If you send me your preclear log (see the OP) I can tell you if it was successful or not.
  7. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Yep. I changed the logic on the script too, so it can write the whole resume information to the flash drive and then rename it.
  8. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    I think your server locked while the script was writing the resume information on the boot flash drive. You must cancel the resume popup and start a new instance of preclear to that drive.
  9. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Please send me the plugin log (see the first post of this topic).
  10. And if he's having problems with NETBIOS names, he can always use IP addresses instead.
  11. gfjardim

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    It's supported if used with AFP (Apple's own network filesystem). Since AFP will be deprecated, we are discussing the usage of SMB as successor of AFP.
  12. gfjardim

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    I don't advise you to try enable it manually because all changes needed will be overwritten by Unraid eventually. I did a test, not tried to put it into production. Let's wait LT implement it the right way to avoid breake something.
  13. gfjardim

    large button overrun edges of window

    Unassigned Devices.
  14. gfjardim

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    I think you should let netatalk in place for a while, not all Macs can be updated to Sierra or High Sierra. If you need someone to proper test it before production, let me know.
  15. gfjardim

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    Yes. I just backed up using SMB to a sparse bundle I used to back up to through AFP.