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  1. I personally like to burn-in new drives with 3 cycles of "Esase and Clear" routine of Preclear Plugin. It will fill the drive with random data, followed by writing zeroes to all of it, an then read the disk to see if it's in fact zeroed.
  2. Please note that every mounted device is exported there, even ISO or SMB shares. Since I didn't know your plans to integrate both plugins, I exported everything so you can choose which mountpoints you include in unBALANCE.
  3. I've added a code to UD to export mounted devices information at /var/state/unassigned.devices/unassigned.devices.json . Will be available on the next UD update, I hope.
  4. I have to create it. Which information you need there?
  5. You were running script version 1.0.5 when your preclear failed. There were important bugfixes in the 1.0.6 version of the script, which you are running right now on another 10TB hard drive.
  6. Post your diagnostics file, please.
  7. If you need some help, maybe a json or ini file pointing which disks are currently mounted by UD, I can help with that.
  8. Thanks Dan for the heads up! I'll take a look soon!
  9. Nothing strange on your logs, but I've experienced some slowness on some USB derives before. Which speeds are you seeing on those writes?
  10. Please send your diagnostics log.
  11. Usually you can do that unless there's a bug in the resume mechanism itself. With the last 2 updates it should be fine - in fact, just the first was a bugfix, the other corrected some information exported to the logs.
  12. Ok, guys, @HeyBurt is right, apparently the formatting part got right but the verification doesn't. I've just updated the plugin to try to solve this. I've added more debug verbosity to help me fix it in case this update doesn't address the issue. For those that want to test it, there's a small trick to limit the preclear routine to the first 4Gib of the drive. In <server name> > Tools > Preclear, hit Help in the menu bar, than click Start preclear. In the dialog, at the bottom, you have to select Enable Testing (just for debugging). This will limit all read/write routines to the first 4Gib, and as the name say, speed up the debugging process. If it's successful, I still recommend a normal/full pass, even if the disk has been zeroed before. In case of issues with the new version, please send me the logs.
  13. Guys, I'll take a look soon!