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  1. The power state should be between P8 and P15. The P0 state is for maximum 3D performance. https://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/coresdk/nvapi/group__gpupstate.html Enviado de meu SM-G973F usando o Tapatalk
  2. Not a Preclear Plugin problem. He(she) has formated it to XFS with Unassigned Devices, then added it to array. The preclear signature in the beginning of the disk has been erased during partition creation, so the system did not recognized it as precleared. It's a normal behavior and should be closed.
  3. Think I fixed your issue. Please try now.
  4. Can you please send a screenshot of the missing icons?
  5. @limetech, is there any chance to implement this?
  6. ###2019.04.22 - Fix: remove ncurses dependency; - Fix: save resume information to flash drive every 15 minutes to avoid NAND memory wear.
  7. Well, my flash drive block is 4k sized. So 15 minutes between writes will result in 160 writes over 40 hour span, which result in 640KB written to the flash drive. I think this is reasonable, isn't it?
  8. @s.Oliver, I couldn't decide it for myself, so I'll open this for debate. Guys, which is the desirable time lapse to write the resume info to the flash drive?
  9. Yes, the Preclear plugin writes a resume file to the USB stick about three times a minute, and that file has about 400 bytes. If you have a 40 hour Preclear session, you will have a total of 2.74MB written to your flash drive at the end of it. If your flash drive has 32GB and each cell can be written 10.000 times, you can easily write Terabytes to it until it fails.
  10. I know @johnnie.black is Portuguese. I'm Brazilian. Not so many of us, "lusófonos", right here.
  11. This version I tested myself, and I see no reason it didn't work with you. Glad to being able to help you.
  12. Please try now: #!/bin/bash exec_while_mountpoint() { command=$1 mountpoint=$2 if mountpoint -q "$mountpoint"; then bash -c "$command" & pid=$! while mountpoint -q "$mountpoint" && kill -0 $pid &>/dev/null; do sleep 0.1 done if kill -0 $pid &>/dev/null; then echo killing pid $pid kill -9 $pid &>/dev/null fi fi } backup_disk="/mnt/disks/Data_Backup_1" exec_while_mountpoint "rclone sync '/mnt/user/Backup Items' '/mnt/disks/Data_Backup_1/Backup'" "$backup_disk" exec_while_mountpoint "rclone sync '/mnt/user/Media/Music' '/mnt/disks/Data_Backup_1/Music'" "$backup_disk" exec_while_mountpoint "rclone sync '/mnt/user/Media/Music (uncat)' '/mnt/disks/Data_Backup_1/Music (uncat)'" "$backup_disk" exec_while_mountpoint "rclone sync '/mnt/user/SACD' '/mnt/disks/Data_Backup_1/SACD'" "$backup_dir"
  13. I need to see the preclear plugin log (see main OP.)
  14. I'm pretty sure that if you have a valid Unraid license and IS a plugin or container developer, if you ask Limetech you could be gifted with an extra license for developing purposes.
  15. Yes, it will skip the rsync command if the disk isn't present and abort it if the disk drop.