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  1. Ok, I think I fixed the bug. Please update and test it if you could. Thanks for your assistance. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  2. Please send me your Diagnostics file. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  3. If it's reading the disk (Pre or Post Reads) it's safe to stop the current preclear session and add it to the disk. If it's zeroing the disk, if you stop the session and add it to the array the disk will be cleared by Unraid again.
  4. Of course you can. In the Start Preclear menu, in Operation, just select Verify MBR Only or Verify All the Disk.
  5. Please take a look at the post right before yours. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  6. @stepmback, I didn't see any error with preclear, but you do have a bad drive. It keeps disconnecting and reconnecting from the HBA, and perhaps the preclear session didn't started because it can't access the device after you start it.
  7. Apparently DoD does not have a method of choosing to erase non classified media, and classified media has classified methods of disposal. We can use NIST to do so: According to the 2014 NIST Special Publication 800-88 Rev. 1, Section 2.4 (p. 7): "For storage devices containing magnetic media, a single overwrite pass with a fixed pattern such as binary zeros typically hinders recovery of data even if state of the art laboratory techniques are applied to attempt to retrieve the data."[23] It recommends cryptographic erase as a more general mechanism. So if you run an Erase and Clear the Disk operation, you will random fill and then zero fill your disk, making it virtually impossible to be recovered. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  8. That HAT will make all the difference in the user experience, IMO. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  9. For US$ 170 you can have a full featured PiKVM, you can use it with the web interface, with Tailscale, with IPMI or VNC. You can also change between servers, even attach it into a normal KVM switch and control multiple machines with it. You can start, reset, power off the server, not just the Pi itself. With the CSI HDMI bridge, you have half the latency (100ms) and you can control the bandwidth of video. At this date, TinyPilot has half the functionality of PiKVM. Let's see the future. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  10. If you need remote access, take a look into https://tailscale.com/ It works like LogMeIn Hamachi but a lot easier to configure. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  11. If you wish you can run a Verify All the Disk operation just to make sure it's correctly precleared. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  12. No other script needed, just install and run.
  13. You don't need to wait, just stop the running preclean, change cables and resume the running instance. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  14. That's probably the cause, no media errors and no SMART errors shown. Take a look into your SATA and power cable connectors.
  15. Hi guys, just bumped into this: https://pikvm.org/ Apparently it convert a Raspberry Pi into a capable IP KVM. If you like it, you can support the production of a HAT that seamlessly integrates into the Pi with no solder required.
  16. Hey guys, I've been away for some time now, but I'm getting back. The problem was at some time in May my server stopped working. Since me and my family were living in our farm because of the Covid pandemic, I had no time to fix it and release updates to te plugin. The internet cover was non existent, so it keeps me from actively support this plugin. So no more excuses, let's start fixing things. When you see Joe L., it is the Joe L. script modified by bjp999, with the fast read option. Thanks for reporting, I'll investigate and submit a fix soon. No errors there, sometimes dd do hang and the script can kill it and start it again from the point it stopped. Yes, they can if the installation process fails. Since it doesn't check if you have a working internet connection, it can fail if no internet is available. Your drive seems ok, there is a script error somewhere I need to patch. Yep, that's it. It will check for the rotational status instead of discard availability in the next version. My script supports resume for some time now, at the expense of writing some data every 5 minutes on the flash drive. Glad it helped you. If it's running the second cycle, you can assume it passed the first one and stop it if you like.
  17. Not a bad drive, just your preclear signature was mot written correctly. Try again, skipping the pre-read to speed up the process.
  18. Send me your Dignostics file.
  19. Mean that your Notification system isn´t configured properly to send e-mails.
  20. Apparently you are using an USB disk, so 36MB/s of read/write speed is about right on an USB 2.0 port. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  21. If you have hotswap bays, you can add more drives after the array is started. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  22. You can clear any number of drives you want. Just go to Tools > Preclear Disk and click the icon Start Multiple Sessions. If you hit any hardware limit, you can limit the number of concurrent sessions using the queue: Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  23. The script will read the first and the last sectors interspersed with 3 random blocks, so 5-6 head movements are about right, but head noise is not. If it's covered with factory warranty, in your place I would RMA it. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk
  24. The script will pause and try to kill any instances of smartctl and hdparm programs that take longer than 30 seconds running. Since your computer have zombie processes of those programs, the script keeps trying to kill them. Just a reboot will fix that.
  25. It wasn't really an error, just a bogus message. Thanks for reporting. Enviado de meu SM-N970F usando o Tapatalk