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  1. From a non-technical standpoint, I can report that so far so good. Regarding if it is safe or not, I would have to defer to any electrical engineers. Here was my mindset going into the build - Use a 12v single rail PSU - Not go crazy with power splitters (ended up removing the connectors and adding it to the original as pictured). I figured the weakest point would be at an adapter/splitter. - Majority of the disks will be spun down idle. Utilizing this server mainly for plex and I organized the structure so that a group of media (example season 1 of a show) to be on a single dis
  2. Hi All - wanted to share my first Unraid Build. The Define 7 fit met my criteria of having enough space and being quiet. The build was very easy and enjoyable. Only caveat was having to buy additional hdd mounts (I ended up purchasing more than i needed), it comes with 6. I currently have 10 hdd in place but you could have 11 vertically. Fractal designs give you options to mount the HDD all over the place, but wiring would be a headache. If you want more than 11 HDD, I recommend going for the XL. Happy to answer any questions. FD-C-DEF7A-01 Intel i5-10400 GIGABYTE W480 VISION