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  1. Now i am getting this, can delete stuff but cant create folders, add files...getting quite tiresome actually...m$ push to use that crap one drive... https://gyazo.com/82dac7f0b3f4d4f4c72239ed87d080cf
  2. Data rebuild finished with a million errors. the slots are SAS and the raid card is fully utilised with 8 drives, i could maybe connect drive 3 to a sata port on the motherboard. From what i can see the drive is no longer disabled and has rebuilt but what do i do about all the errors ? warptower-diagnostics-20210505-2253.zip
  3. Windows is such an assache ... why cant you just turn all that stuff off, its my internal private network...no ones getting in, i just want to be able to move and rename files in one share...before the issue was i couldnt get into the folders...now it seems to be a permission issue...will running 'new permissions' resolve this ? https://gyazo.com/69bb10d32e6df28a5d830250a9accda8 https://gyazo.com/5838658579e579516560b8fc004593d4 https://gyazo.com/6aec1dbe77940755c8be3085e01f55bf https://gyazo.com/ed234bb6e17aa18480651a6f7c3b0b5f
  4. Had a feeling that in time i would be back here !!...today literally in front of my eyes i am being denied access to folders now, server is still local master and i can get into folders but it seems the permissions have changed, i dont have permission, i can read only, i have not changed this myself, i tried setting share to private and couldnt get in at all then..i dont really understand this permissions stuff, it is also withcraft. LANscanner v2.02 - ScottiesTech.Info Scanning LAN... -- 04-d4-c4-1c-aa-a8 DESKTOP-1MJKKFQ
  5. So...knew i would be back...having windows/SMB issues so i restarted PC and server, disk three has been spat out again, currently rebuilding, i had left the server on for two weeks without issue, the minute i reboot it spits out a disk warptower-diagnostics-20210505-1200.zip
  6. Have a read of this.. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/77178-move-docker-image/
  7. Think its safe to delete them or just leave them be ?...probably from the early days when i had even less of a clue
  8. also, is it normal for other system files to be on the array disks ?
  9. i thought i had, i had all my appdata folders on the cache, is it just a matter of setting the docker.img to cache only ?
  10. But isn't that the way if you have high water set, won't I damage my docker if I delete it from disk 3 and 4?... Then how do I go about stopping disk 2 being spun up all the time
  11. Sorry, i completly forgot this thread, just seen disk two is costantly spun up and found this thread again ! the docker.img seems to be on disk 2,3,4 only disk 2 remains spun up, parity seems to be constanly spun up too. With regard to file system check on disk 3, i have just rebuilt that drive today after repairing a corrupt filesystem, disk 2 and parity have been spun up ever since
  12. Right i did it, it has finished already as it says done at the bottom...is that normal ?, when i was reading the guide for repair it was saying it can take a long time (hours) but it seems to have done the trick, i started the array and the 'unmountable' messages have gone and the disk is just disabled and contents emulated, does this mean i just rebuild that disk now ? EDIT: Disk is now rebuilding, fingers crossed it was a previous power issue to that disk. Thanks for the help and pointers to the info.
  13. Yes, what i thought, but i was saying it can take hours where i was reading the checking phase, just want to be 100% i am doing it correctly. now i got this when i removed the -n prefix.... Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... ERROR: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to be replayed. Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before re-running xfs_repair. If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use the -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. Note that destroying t
  14. Thanks, i read that through and started a check with 'n' prefix, i read that it can take a long time, not sure if its finished already though ? it was reeling lots of text then stopped, the read counts for drive dont seem to be moving. I just pasted the very last part entry "WeVILLAGE_DOOR_UNBREAK24_SF.xxx" at block 17 offset 3376 in directory inode 14068600723 references non-existent inode 13626909168 would clear inode number in entry at offset 3376... entry "WeWASP_QUEEN_HEAD_01_SF.xxx" at block 17 offset 3424 in directory inode 14068600723 references non-existent inode 136269091
  15. i saw in that thread about credentials, i think that was the issue, i had logged in with wrong user and even though i was able to invoke a prompt to use another login it acted like it was wrong, when i deleted the credntial that windows had stored and then logged in again using the correct user i can now access the shares on both devices, thanks for the help..though i feel i might be back as mentioned by yourself, windows SMB has more to do with witchcraft and magic !