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  1. ...maybe the "better" idea 😉👍 BUT: What is a remote syslog-server? I have only Windows-machines and i cant determine a path... so, how does this work?
  2. Thanks for this info Hoopster - the only thing is that my sys writes every minute to the log - thats why i asked.
  3. Is it possible to mirror the log to the cache-drive? I have a bad feeling when I have to write on the flash...
  4. I use unraid for almost 10 years now - and i am sure. And by the way: My system always behaves like this - so it's an empirical value - but you can ask bonienl too, if you like.
  5. That's a normal behavior. After "every" boot/reboot you need to push the spindown-button only once and all is fine - until the next boot/reboot.
  6. Updated yesterday to kill this "streaming-bug" when writing to a disk - its working perfekt - thanks a lot. And also nice: When i send my server to sleep, it goes immediately to sleep. With 6.7 it takes up to 2min's. All is working fine so far 😉
  7. Maybe a silly question but where do you put this in?
  8. Ok thanks - i give it a try and see what happens...
  9. Is it "safe" to do an update from 6.7.2? Because i have also this slowdown which is mentioned in your link...
  10. It depends, what you exactly want: idle or standby. If you set the disk to spindown automaticly, the normaly go into active/idle state, but "not" into standby. I dont know, if you want to sleep your server but if yes, then you need the standby-state - if the disks are in idle-state, the server will never go to sleep. You can put all your disks directly to standby-state with this command: hdparm -y $(ls /dev/sd*|grep "[a-z]$") >/dev/null 2>&1
  11. I also recommend the 9207-8i - bought mine for only € 109.- A very good price for an 8-port controller and fully compatible with unraid 😉 But be carefull: In a normal PC-Case this controller needs active cooling because its designed for a server-case with strong airflow. The minimum airflow must be 200lfm (max. operating Temp 55° / Power consumption ~9,8W). I am using this 3D-printed braket for the Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX from ShapeWays: https://www.shapeways.com/product/NET3LH5QP/fan-bracket-for-lsi-9207-8i?productConfiguration=104311341&etId=192375185&utm_source=automated-contact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=order-shipped&utm_content=5
  12. After the middle of the 5th WD-RED has given up the ghost, I'm now fed up with this WD garbage. The 8TB RED, who just died, has held exactly 6 months and 17 days - a joke! Can someone recommend a good alternative? Thanks for your help
  13. "When" will this bug be fixed? Or: Will this ever be fixed?