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  1. Thats the point... i cant switch SATAs because of the position of the SATAs on the board, the length of the cables and the size of my Case... I have no choice... i need a SSD directly on the board on a PCIe x1 slot...
  2. ...you can see my "exact" hardware in my siganture... well - if noone has a clue , i will try it and see what happens... By the way: Speed is not the point - i dont need 1000MB/s speed on the SSD - i can life with 400MB/s as well. Reason for this is, i dont have a spare SATA3 connection for an additional SSD - only SATA2 connections remaining...
  3. ...50 views and noone knows, if a driver for a NVMe-SSD is implemented... hmmmm 🙄
  4. Hi folks, just a short question: Is it possible to use a NVMe-SSD with PCIe x1 adapter on this Board under unRAID? I read an article that all chipsets from intel from 6x on can handle this, BUT... The OS must provide a proper driver for the NVMe-SSD. Does someone know if unraid has this driver included? Thanks for your support
  5. Running 6.8.3 since 2 days 21 hous 39 minutes without any issue 😉
  6. Running 6.8.2 since 9 days 1 hour 30min - no problems so far 😉
  7. Can't confirm this... when i copy ~41GB over the 10GBit-LAN to my cache-SSD, the CPU has a load of ~18-26% It might be hardware-related...
  8. I am using sleep with my SAS 9207-8i and its working. The only thing i had to do was this: Under Settings, Sleep Settings, Custom commands after wake-up, implement this: sleep 120; hdparm -y $(ls /dev/sd*|grep "[a-z]$") >/dev/null 2>&1 2nd Point: If you push the Sleep-Button or the time for sleep is reached, the server takes aprox. 60-120sec to really go to sleep - so be patient.
  9. Did a new test and gave my PC the ip - no connection to the router... So its not an unraid-problem, its an IPFire-problem... EDIT: Found the problem... The ARP-Cache from the linux-router needs to be flushed, then it works and the ip 250 is usable again 👍
  10. FYI: I did a test and changed the ip from to and guess what - it works!!! So is there a restriction if the NIC is changed to not use the "old" ip? This seems strange because why? Should not be... or is there somewhere a misconfig under the hood?
  11. Yep - its late - thanks for your help and a good night 👍
  12. I am not sure, if i understand. I boot in safe mode and then take the diagnostics again? I remember, i had a simmilar problem with the old board and the onboard realtek NIC - i was never able to get a inet connection...
  13. So - did a reboot in safe mode but still cant ping the router under - all other devices are reachable - all are connected at the same LAN-segment 192.168.2.x... what can i do next?