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  1. Zonediver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Yep - thats it 🤣
  2. Zonediver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Upgraded from 6.5.3 - only issue: The CPU load for Docker is not working properly.... Plex shows sometimes more then 100% (???) - i saw 221 and 504% - is it cpu-core related maybe? 🙂 The gray CPU-Bar exeed all infos to the right when it goes over 100%. Highest value so far: 674% (!)
  3. Zonediver

    Server shutting down on its own

    You have 4 fans for blowing into the case - how many fans will blow the hot air out of the case? About "stock cooler on chipset": Do you mean the CPU-Cooler? If your Mainboard has "really" 109° then there is something wrong...
  4. Zonediver

    Any news on 6.6?

    ...and which "status" have the unRAIDables?
  5. Zonediver

    Any news on 6.6?

    This Company is a "one man private show"??? WTF... i thought its a real company with employees and much more... strange... So it "can" be that this project will die in the future?? Stranger than weird...
  6. Zonediver

    Extreme lag after added a disk to the machine

    FIRST, put a Firewall infront of the Server - then fix the lag... Priority???
  7. Zonediver

    Running unraid server

    If you have a powerful CPU, yes
  8. Zonediver

    Sleep/HDD Spindown

    Like this? @echo off wake 00-00-00-00-00-00 ping -n 3>NUL cd /Program Files (x86) cd OpenPHT OpenPHT.exe
  9. Zonediver

    Sleep/HDD Spindown

    There are several ways to wake up the server: !!! For all this examples you need to config your Server-BIOS for WOL first !!! 1) Over a magic packet within your LAN (WOL - Wake on LAN) or over the internet (WOW - Wake on WAN) 2) Over an App like "Wake On Lan" (Android) - works with WOL and WOW https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.uk.mrwebb.wakeonlan 3) Directly, when you start your program (Plex, Kodi) on your PC - for this you can use a *.bat file which starts your client and then send the magic packet. You can do this over wolcmd.exe (Windows) If you use a Raspberry (like me) for Plex (or Kodi), you have to use the Phone-App because Plex doesnt have a WOL-function integrated! Broadcast Example (within a *.bat File) for a Windows machine to send a WOW (Wake on WAN): wolcmd 0A0A0A0A0A0A 66666 The 0As are the MAC of your server The 199s are your IP on the Internet The 255s are the broadcast adress 66666 is the Port where the WOL-Packed comes in. The Router must take it and forward it to port 9 (Firewall rule needed) For a dynamic DNS entry replace the 199s with your dynDNS entry like xyz.dyndns.org (example). The App can also remotely wake your Server over WAN (internet) but only with a propper config on your Router (Broadcast) And here is an example for a *.bat file (with wake.exe) - this works only within your LAN: d: cd \ cd "000 - SUPPORT" cd "WOL Tool" wake FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 192.168.x.x cd \ cd "Program Files (x86)" cd "Plex Home Theater" "Plex Home Theater.exe" When you execute the *.bat, it sends an WOL to the server and starts the Plex-Client.
  10. Zonediver

    New Flash Snafu (SOLVED)

    I know this terrible problem from old S775 Boards (Core2Duo)... Gigabyte never fixed this problem...
  11. Zonediver

    General Capabilities/Limitations/Expectations

    And your current NAS is what? unraid? Read also this https://lime-technology.com/guidelines-for-system-builders/
  12. Zonediver

    General Capabilities/Limitations/Expectations

    Cache will be needed by the server itself (Linux need cache) and this will be the RAM - thats why i recommend min. 8GB. About transcoding: Is the Nvidia shild able "to play ALL fileformats" directly? If not, then the server must transcode (h265 or something else). So you cant say you dont need transcoding, if you are not absolutely sure that your client can play all file-formats directly. And if you plan to use Plex, you need an "installation-drive" for the Plex-docker - and this will be the Cache-SSD.
  13. Zonediver

    General Capabilities/Limitations/Expectations

    Thats ok - you can also try 4GB RAM and see what happens, but you will not be lucky But if you need transcoding later, then you have to change the CPU...
  14. Zonediver

    General Capabilities/Limitations/Expectations

    See my sig - 4GB is working (slow because unraid needs a lot of cache in RAM) but i recommend 8GB min. The i7 is overkill (got it for 90 bugs) but in some situations very helpfull - normaly the cpu-power is for transcoding (plex, up to 4 streams).
  15. Zonediver

    How to see who is using the server

    What does this mean??? What do you want to see? Is it for intrusion or what is it? My Server can be accessed by many people, but NOONE of them has access to the server itself - so they CAN'T login to the server - thats not necessary at all... but what they can do is open streams to watch movies, tv-shows and listen music (over Plex) and therefor there is tautully...