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  1. Interesting - what screw did you use and how many? One or two? Well, the bracket looks fine but is terrible expensive...
  2. Thanks for your reply johnnie. I think its an WD80EFAX-68KNBN0 but will see after buy. By the way an additional question: Is it possible to use WD-Purple's for unraid or is this type of HDD not recommended?
  3. Hi folks, i am a little bit confused because i read an article that says, WD is using SMR on newer WD80EFAX. Can someone confirm this? Thanks a lot
  4. You can create a batch file (Windows) which holds the WOL-command. Then create a Task at 8:00am and a second one on 8:00pm to execute the batchfile - done. Of corse, the computer which holds the batchfile has to be on 😉 Other solution: Take a raspberry and create a WOL-File and implement two cronjobs for 8:00 am/pm. https://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-As-Wake-on-LAN-Server/
  5. Its not an unraid issue. You need to create the same Windows-user on unraid as well - then all is working fine. If you dont create the Win-user under unraid, you get in trouble - my experiance over 10(!) years 😉
  6. I know all this sh.. MS is doing... I was not lucky to update to Win 10 because Win7 was working fine, but the support-end on 14.Jan is a problem...
  7. Hi Frank1940 and thanks for your reply. Fist of all: My Problem has nothing to do with this prob described in your Link. I try to explain what really happens (difficult): I use mapped network addresses for my shares \\\Movies \\\TV-Serien \\\Cache Win 10 starts the copy-process (Window comes up with this green graph), copies ~100MB or more to the share and then drops to Zero(!) No Error, no nothing - the window with the green graph is still on the screen but nothing happens any more - like it hangs. Only a reboot fix this error. After the reboot all is working fine as there was never a problem... (lol). I think its def. a Win 10 problem and has nothing to do with unraid (i think). And now the most strangest thing: When i use the network environment (not the mapped addresses!), sometimes all is working fine, and sometimes it fails like i described... so there must be a ghost or a goblin in my machine When i use the mapped addresses, it "always" fails at the first attempt - reboot - working... MS sucks! My test-machine (also Win10 1909) with only one NIC can copy to all shares without a problem. Maybe Win10 has a problem with 2 NICs like in my case or it is really a driver problem of the Asus XG-C100C... i don't know... But the most annoing problem still persist: I cant copy files to the root folders of my shares "Movie, TV-Serien and Cache" - what the hell is this??? Attached is a screen of a copy process (20GB) in German (sorry ;-)) Win10 copied 32% (~7GB) and then stopped (0 Bytes/s)...
  8. Ok - command back - this problem is still there... also with the Asus-driver... ☹️
  9. Found the culprit... the Aquantia driver of the 10GB network card. I'm now using an old Asus driver that works with everything - crazy stuff. Apparently the Aquantia driver for Windows 10 x64 has some quirks...
  10. What i can say is this: I changed the security on unraid from private to public, but i cant copy files to the root-share (Movies and TV-Shows) as i could under win 7. So there must be def. some changes on SMB...
  11. Interesting... i downloaded Win10 Pro directly from the MS-Webpage and they offer 1909. My TestPC got the 1909-update a week ago and on the machine of my son MS offered the update directly over the WindowsUpdate. So it's available (here in Austria at least).
  12. I used Win 7 and the support end is near - so whats the problem with 1909? And by the way - who is a Guinea Pig?
  13. Hi folks, have a fresh install of Win 10 PRO (1909) on my Machine and now i can't copy files to unraid. I read something about SMB-Versions but i am not an expert... Strange Thing: I can copy files FROM unraid to Windows 10 - lol? I have tested this over both NICs and both can copy files FROM unraid to Windows 10 BUT NOT TO unraid...