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  1. Hi folks, i am looking for a new solution for my unraid and like to know if someone knows, whether this Adaptec HBA is supported by unraid. The older Version HBA 1000-8i is compatible but very expensive in the meanwhile. If someone has some infos, please let me know - thanks 😉
  2. Upgraded from 6.7.0 to 6.7.2 - looks good so far...
  3. 8GB is too little for the Server and 2 VMs. Update your RAM to at least 16GB - i dont use VMs (only Plex is running) and with 8GB, i had some troubles when people accessed the server...
  4. ...your Sig says v6.1.9??? 😉
  5. Hi folks, found some funny thing in the Duration Window. My unraid mutated to a mars-rocket hehe. The value from 14.Jan is ok, the other one is more... utopic? 🤣
  6. Upgraded from 6.6.7 and no problems so far - thanks for the good work 😉
  7. Sorry, i forgot to mention - i use the Plex-Docker from Linuxserver.io
  8. I have a big problem with the Plex-Docker. The last update contains a Server-version which is incompatible with my Raspberry-Client. My Question now: How can i revert a Docker update to a previous version?
  9. 43TB - 38TB in use with Movies and TV-shows - so fairly full...
  10. I did some tests in the past with the G.Skill Ripjaws on my Asrock B75 Pro3-M and found out that this RAMs are not really stable on this board. Maybe change the RAMs to Crucial or Corsair (only for testing) and see what happens - i use 4x4 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport and they work fine. Also possible that the CPU/MB have some problems... i would rule out the PSU.
  11. I didnt mean, you should use an "additional" device... use the Raspberry "instead" of this Nvidia crap... and like BetaQuasi mentioned, use the Plex Docker from linuxserver.to - i am using it too and it works without any problems 😉
  12. If Plex is not running properly on Shield TV, why dont you use a Raspberry with RasPlex? I use three Raspberrys since 2016 without any problems...
  13. ...how to backup 42TB??? Backblaze takes $ 210/month - lel - i think its cheaper to buy a second server 🤣
  14. ...if you like to drive, your car need wheels 🤣