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  1. Maybe a hardware-problem? Cache-SSD? New? Old? Some more infos...
  2. Thats an AMD-Board... and expensive too... Is there a "special reason" to not use an Intel-Sys? My "old" Sys is running since 2020 - without "any" problem 👍 The MB was cheap - only € 77.- 🤣
  3. Updated without problems - thanks a lot 👍
  4. For h265, you need (at least) a GT1030 - recommended is a 1050Ti or newer👍 Intel iGPUs can also handle h265
  5. Not better, more like "different"... A server must run 24/7, so the boards have a different desing/construction. But you can also buy "military grade" Mainboards for "normal" computers... if you willing to pay 5x the price 🤣👍
  6. Während des Bootvorgangs zieht eine HDD bis zu 25W - darum 👍 Meine WD-Purple's ziehen 1,8A beim booten auf der 12V-Schiene - macht 21,6W. Die RED's benötigen 1,85A - macht dann 22,2W im Peak.
  7. Die Sache ist eher: Finde ein Netzteil mit 12-20 SATA-Stromsteckern 😉👍
  8. I am using the plex docker from - the official plex docker was not working for me...
  9. Maybe a ZFS-problem... my cache is running on xfs and all is fine with Plex and 6.12.3
  10. FYI: Chrome is doing the same... If the Dashboard is open and a user is opening a new plex-stream - the old stream remains and a new one aproches. But maybe also a cache issue...
  11. My old SYS is running well after the upgrade - thanks a lot👍
  12. Yep i did this already and now its working again. Regarding the old streams, it seems, its a Cache issue of FireFox. When i do a reload of the page, the old streams are gone 👍
  13. So - here we go A "new" thing: Its only working (now), when i put in a custom server IP - but ok - works. But i am not sure if this resolves the issue with the "old Streams" as well.
  14. And what exactly do you need from the Settings Page? Plex Stream Settings?