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  1. For Plex HW-Transcoding you can use every iGPU starting with UHD 630 (recommended) or newer... also for 4K. Older iGPUs on Intel-CPUs are also working but the Quality is lower/bad and maybe not sufficient for 4K.
  2. Ich behaupte mal, das die 9er-Serie weniger Energie frißt als die 10/11er...
  3. HW-Transcoding under Plex on an Intel iGPU is really good and working perfect. Handle 8 transcodes from 4k to 1080p is no problem. Your 1050Ti has some restrictions as for the number of simultaneous streams - so i would always go for the iGPU 👍 And if you need more cpu-power, take an i5 or i7 👍
  4. And how is all these connected? Two separate LANs? Two different IPs? How?
  5. Maybe this mainboard and the Samsung-SSDs doesnt work togethter well... just a guess...
  6. Keinen davon... die Hardware muß (oder sollte) individuell an die "Bedürfnisse" angepaßt werden... da is nix mit "Fertigrechner"... nur meine Meinung 👍
  7. From 4TB to 3TB - NO! The new Drive must be equal or larger then the old one 👍 But you can use the 3TB drives additionally - 1x8, 3x4 "+" 3TB one, two ore more
  8. I know... but we are talking about unraid and so i said, it's unraid... but of corse, it's the Kernel itself 👍