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  1. i use unraid since 2010 but i have never heard of such problems. Sure, a "new version" of unraid is sometimes tricky but as long as you dont use betas, all is fine with this system.
  2. Interesting and good tho know that my hardware is not the culprit - thanks for this Info 👍
  3. ...then this is strange... The 8TB-disks are much faster then the 4TBs...
  4. Yes - do you need this data for all drives or only for that on the HBA? Anyway, i will create a list of all disks containing this information.
  5. I know this option but thats not the point. The strange thing is, if all disk are in sleep and i start the benchmark, almost all disk are too slow and i dont know why... If all of them are spun up, all is fine and running normal.
  6.'s still strange... Dont know if unraid or something else is the culprit... But what i can say is this: I can remember that an older version of this docker started "all" disk and "then" did the testing. This version start a disk, do a test, start the next disk, do a test and so on...
  7. See this Link These are all MBs with two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots that are electrical x8 or higher. So you can use 2x HBA at full speed. FYI: The SAS2008 has only a PCIe 2.0 x8 interface - max. transfer of 4000 MB/sek. The more modern SAS2308 (like on my HBA) has a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface with a max. transfer of 7877 MB/sek.
  8. The iGPU is supported - but "not" for Plex-Transcoding - if you need it.
  9. BUMP Is there any new knowledge about this problem?
  10. That's the reason, why i use the "by hand" method 😉 And for creating the unraid-stick, i also use a USB 3.0 port on my PC. On unraid its recommended to use a 2.0 port - not on the "creating PC".
  11. ...almost every MB has USB 2.0-headers on board - you need a USB-Cable with a 10pin-header. Even the newest ASRock B560 Pro4 has two internal USB 2.0 connections (one header).
  12. For what is this Installer for??? I can remember, i copied all Files to the USB-Stick (FAT32, labled unraid), run "make_bootable.bat" and done... but this was in April 2010...
  13. Something is very wrong here... If I start a film via Plex and the HDD on which the film is located is in sleep, it takes up to 2 (!) Minutes until the film starts - that is very unpleasant ... There is also an error message that says the disk is too slow... The problem is new - I've only been observing this since yesterday ... I hope it is a client problem on plex and not on unraid. EDIT: During the "filmstart", the CPU-load goes up to 27% - thats not normal... It seems the sys doesn't know on which HDD the film is located or the disk is terrible slow - bu
  14. It's an intermittent problem. Every time when the disks sleep and i start the test, some weird things happen (see screenshot). But when i wakup all disk and "then" start the test, all is normal... stange but ok. I've only been observing this behavior since v6.9.2 but not sure if this is an unraid problem, a driver or something else...