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  1. Yes - same network The source is my workstation (Win 7)
  2. The "slowdown-bug" is back! Got 1-2 FPS while i was copying data to the cach SSD. The stream came from Disk10. As soon the copy-process was over the stream from plex went back to normal streaming... unraid-diagnostics-20191206-1936.zip
  3. I am on the way 😉👍 EDIT: Diags included now unraid-diagnostics-20191206-1936.zip
  4. The material (~10GB) was copied to the SSD, the stream came from Disk10...
  5. The "slowdown-bug" is back in rc8! Copied some material to my server during a stream over plex... what shall i say? Stream runs with 1-2 FPS untill the material was copied to the ssd! lol... i am not amused...
  6. My Flash is 7 years old and still working. There must be an other problem like USB-port or Mainboard...
  7. Installed rc8 and got this: What does "rpmC" mean? 🤨
  8. Strange thing happened right now... i was not able to start the mover > server-reboot, working... weird... 🤨
  9. Can't answer this question because i use non of this things... But i would say no. When i copy from my PC to unraid over the 10GBit-Link using SMB, i reach up to 560MB/s - the maximum what the SSDs can provide. The link itself is faster of corse - up to 1200MB/s.
  10. The only fast way would be a 10GBit-Link between both machines... Another question would be: How fast are your HDDs? They normaly max out at ~180MB/s But in your case it seems Resilio-Sync is the limiting factor...
  11. No... what i meant was an "example of a script" which can make this possible... this is the script-plugin everyone knows...
  12. Its always on cause it doesn't need much RAM. Next time (if it fails again) i make a screenshot and restart the docker again 😉
  13. Will do that but this was the first time i saw this error since i use your docker. The sys has 24GB RAM and 2-4GB used - rest is cache.