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  1. ASRock B365M Pro4 ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 Beide µATX, 2x M.2, 6x SATA 3x PCIe-Slots, 2x x16 (1x x16, 1x x4), 1x x1 ASPM im BIOS einstellbar 👍
  2. Not on my sys - all is working fine... and i use the Intel CPU Top and GPU Statistics plugins too.
  3. Why a F-CPU? The iGPU from Intel is always "nice to have" - buy a normal 12100 👍 FYI: I use ASRock Boards since 2010 - never had problems with it. At the moment, i use six PCs with ASRock Baords - all are working well. The oldest is a i7-3770k and still working 👍
  4. Today (right now) my server crashed... Reason: Unknown... not funny... Since v6.11. there is something "really" strange with unraid...
  5. Strange... when i set to macvlan, plex is unrachable, so it was ipvlan before because plex was working...
  6. After the upgrade to 6.11.5, macvlan was set (?) and Plex was no longer reachable over the inet... Reverted back to ipvlan and all is working 👍
  7. Where/What is this exactly? Where can i find this? EDIT: Found it - it's a Docker-Setting 👍
  8. In "every" case, where CRC-Errors came up, it was "always" the Cable - cheap SATA-Cables... No Problems with the Controllers or Drives - never.
  9. ...i hope this will not bring "new problems" with the sleep-function... we will see... EDIT: All is working fine - thanks 👍
  10. Have you tried it? Here is the last screen... And yes, it is still vice versa - the developer did not correct this... Last Update: 13.03.2021 It seems, the development of this plugin is dead...
  11. Ja das mußt testen - anders wird man das nicht rausfinden...
  12. Das könnte dem OS aber in die Quere kommen, oder der Controler reagiert garnicht auf die Settings im OS...
  13. Das könnte an dem Controller oder an der Maschine selbst liegen (Mainboard, BIOS-Settings etc.)...
  14. ...and the 9300-16i has some PCIe x4 slots? Dont think so 🤣
  15. Yep - somewere in this forum 🤣 Its recommendet since i use unraid - since 2010
  16. Da kannst dann eh nur auf eine Xeon-Plattformn wechseln - alles Andere unterstützt ja kein ECC...
  17. Recommended for unraid are Intel-Platforms... but I'm sure you already know that.
  18. Surgical Spirit can do this - i am using it since 22 years for removing the paste 👍 And its much cheaper then the "Special Removers" from various companies.
  19. It has something to do with FireFox... on Chrom, it works 👍
  20. When i open the GUI, its empty... no buttons or something else - a white Screen... EDIT: There is a Messag: Server disconnected (Code: 1006)
  21. Question: Is this Docker EOL? It doesnt work anymore...