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  1. Hi, I am using unpaid 6.8.3 and I am using Plex. The Plex-server is on another system. Plex has it's own user with own permissions to the folders which contains Movies and TVShows. Suddenly from one day to another Plex has es few hundred new films. There is a share named Pictures, but Plex has no rights to use this. But Plex shows a subfolder of this in his on share. Example: Share: Films /Movies/Movie_name_1/movie.mkv (Plex has Access to this share) Share Pictures /Pictures/Backup/iPhone/ (Plex has NO Acces to this
  2. I see a problem with both of my Servers on RC5 to connect or ping to another device. Until RC4 everything worked perfect. Now on RC5 my smb Mountpoint is not connecting. A connection in Krusader and MidnightCommander to the other device is not possible. Then I tried to ping the device and I tried to ping the unraid server from that device. Ping is not answering in both directions. The strange thing is, that the connection to that device an both unraid servers (including ping) works perfectly from my Macbook. I downgraded one of those servers, but it didn't work ethe
  3. Thank you for clarifying this to me. Thies attributes say nothing to me. I'll keep an eye on that. I don't like, that this is a parity disk. At least it is one of two. But would it be better, when I switch this from parity to data disk? Under two years are not very good for a disk IMO. Seems to be that I have no luck at all with disks. My other server disabled one drive (12TB) and I don't know why. This sucks. Last year it was a bad cable, the year before that I had 4 bad 3TB disks... I really have to learn to read this attributes. I haven't had the idea to
  4. My SMART extended test has just finished without errors.
  5. Thank you. I didn't know there is a command for that in the CLI and thought I am not able to download, because I couldn't do this because it was not working in the GUI. Syslog Server sounds good. I'll will enable that. Do you think there is something wrong with parity2 because of the message I've got? Or could this be a corrected error while parity check?
  6. Hi, I have a problem on my unraid server (6.7.2). Sometimes when the server is longer not in use (some hours), there are shown no disks or an error message. Sadly I've no pictures from the messages which occurs today for the first time after parity check.. When this failure occurs the only working thing is a reboot via console. I have pictures from the failure that no disk is shown. I have an error log somewhere.... ( a few weeks ago). Today I completed my party check. Dual Parity + 8 Disks (3 and 4TB each). I've got an message: Event: Unraid arra
  7. My Bad, sorry, i thought the check will resume at the point it was paused last time. So the schedule is only for pause the parity check and the server has to be powered on until the check is done completely? Otherwise the beginning is very good checked but not the rest and the parity check can not finish, right? Then a pause when one of the drives reaches a defined temperature would be even better. When the server has to be powered on all the time this could be useful to cool the system down a little while in pause. When there is a possibility to implement this.
  8. I know, but it requires when adding the schedule that the server is running during that time. My server somtimes does not run for a week or so. For this it would be great to check partly the parity and then shutdown (without schedule). Or am I wrong that the schedule is needed to use this plugin?
  9. The plugin works only on schedule right? When my server is not powered on at a specific time it would be nice to have an option to check now for ... minutes/hours. Or better. Check for an hour and shutdown after that
  10. Thank you for pointing this out to me, this is a very interesting feature for me, as my servers are only running when I need them and my parity checks takes over 17 hours
  11. Coolest part of the day are here (germany) in the middle of the night. I'd to run the server then. My 12TB drives are getting hot while checking parity, thats why I wished me to pause while the drives are to hot and when it takes a lot longer but keeps the drives cool. edit: @ itimpi the problem is, when the case has 4 fans and the drives are in the coolest area just behind that fans the drives (3x12TB) are getting hot anyway. To improve that I placed the pc on an open window in the winter. But when the room is too hot (summer) I need an AC to cool it down.
  12. Is it possible to pause pause the parity check when the disks are getting hot? Best case fans are not working well when the room is too hot (summer). And is it possible to implement a button on the main page to do a partial parity check on demand? My server only runs when needed and sometimes only 1h a day or less Nice feature btw!
  13. Good choice to go dual. In my case I had a cable issue and while I want to do a parity swap to a bigger one my parity drive had uncorrectable errors. I had notifications on to see warnings and was doing SMART from time to time. But there where no indication. One data disk was going offline while copying. My luck it was a bad cable. I could have been a failed disk, then I had lost everything on it. With full backup no problem. But only the important files are backed up and the other ones had to be created again with a lot of work hours. So this servers has now 3 4T
  14. I wanted to thank you Guys for your awesome help. At least one if my two servers is running again normally. This one in this thread. I took the 3 4TB disks out of the other server and while parity swap the parity disk had uncorrectable sectors. So I throw that away. Then i bought 3 PCIe x1 SATA boards. Exactly the one John_M recommended. Sadly only 2 of them fit, because the PCIe graphic card, which I need, covers the third slot with its passive heat sink. So I have one 3TB less but 3 4TB disks additional. 2 of the 4TB are for dual parity and I already compu
  15. I just bought an HP H220 used here in germany. 69€ with latest HP-Firmware in IT-Mode. When this is not working I have to crossflash. But this should be delivered in 2 Days and is no fake-card...