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  1. Do not use any controller RAID mode for any of your disks
  2. To remove a disk from the array you have to New Config without it and rebuild parity.
  3. No edit button for the appdata mapping? Or you don't actually see the appdata mapping on the screen?
  4. Noticed those diagnostics were nearly 2 weeks old. Is that what you intended?
  5. Were these diagnostics taken when you were experiencing the problem?
  6. According to those diagnostics you have some shares with files in them. And user shares is mounted according to system/df and syslog. Do they not show up in webUI? Do they not show up on network? What makes you think they are gone?
  7. The appdata for a specific docker is typically where any data would reside, as well as user shares the docker might reference. None of that would be affected. You just need to setup the docker again as before so it will use that data.
  8. Downloading the docker isn't the problem, the download is just getting the executables from the internet. It is those settings from the templates that tell it how to use those executables in a "docker run" command. The template is the only place those previous entries exists. The Previous Apps feature on the Apps page will reinstall any containers exactly as they were using those templates, but if the templates are gone or broken you would have to do a fresh install of the docker, in which case you would get the default settings just as when you first installed them, and would have
  9. DO NOT attempt to access Unraid remotely except with VPN. You WILL BE hacked!!!
  10. The templates (.xml) on flash are basically just the entries you make on the Add / Edit Container page, which is where Community Apps takes you to install a docker. The name of the template is the name you gave to the docker when you created it.
  11. Your shares would have been back anyway. The user shares are simply the aggregate of the top level folders on cache and array. Any folder at the top level is automatically a user share whether you have created it in the webUI or not. Any share you haven't configured will have default settings. Not really any need to keep the images since reinstalling them downloads them again. You can always reinstall them exactly as they were using the Previous Apps feature on the Apps page, provided you still have the templates from flash. If you are missing the templates, the containers will