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  1. Have you seen this "sticky" pinned near the top of this same subforum?
  2. This seems similar: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/70529-650-call-traces-when-assigning-ip-to-dockers/
  3. If you would rather take the approach of learning new ways to do things, we could consider rebuilding parity first without disk1 and disk3. That would get the rest of your array back to a protected state and we could even change the disk assignments so to fill the gap of the missing disk1 and put that new disk in all at the same time. Then we could use Unassigned Devices to get the data off that disk currently assigned as disk3. Something I maybe should have asked before now. Do you have backups of anything important and irreplaceable?
  4. Or is this what you had in mind, using SFTP to also send files to the destination disks? It would be a round trip over the network from the server to your PC and back so it might be slower than doing it directly on the server, but if that is something you are comfortable with then it might be faster than learning another way. The main reason I don't like for people to shuffle data to other disks on the server is because they are usually thinking about a disk that has already failed and is being emulated by all the other disks and all the other disks have to be read to get that data for the failed disk. But, in your case, the "failed" disk is actually the missing disk1, and you aren't trying to get any data from that, so no emulation involved. And since your parity is invalid anyway, it might make things faster if you just unassign parity for now. Sorry for the long delay in responding but life gets in the way sometimes, even for us forum junkies.
  5. Normally I don't recommend this, but how do you propose to move files from disk3 to other disks in the array? I know how I would do it directly on the server but I am wondering if you know how to do that.
  6. Could you elaborate? You can mount SMB network shares using the Unassigned Devices plugin. That will make them available to various things on Unraid, including dockers. I don't have any specific application to recommend. Another thing you might consider is something running on the computer that has the files. There are a lot of things like backup software that can be scheduled.
  7. Maybe just try a different port?
  8. A forum search shows others who are using that hardware. What are you using for a flash drive?
  9. Looks like you don't have any, not even a motherboard header.
  10. Also, have you seen this? https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/?do=findComment&comment=819173
  11. Your flash drive has disconnected and possibly corrupt. Are you booting from a USB2 port? You may have one of those systems that can't keep a USB3 connection with the flash drive.
  12. Looks like you forgot to attach them.