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Community Answers

  1. Not exactly trying to recommend anything, but here is a link to my (re)build thread with this mobo and a Xeon:
  2. Lots of people using SAS drives with Unraid. It is the RAID controller you need to get rid of, or at least flash it to IT mode.
  3. Unraid doesn't really use a "boot drive", except for a USB flash drive. That flash drive contains the archives of the OS. The OS is unpacked fresh from those archives at each boot into RAM, and the OS runs completely in RAM. Think of it as firmware. That same flash drive also contains your Unraid license, which is tied to the GUID of that flash drive. And it contains configuration settings you make in the webUI so those can be reapplied at boot. You could use those disks as another pool of fast storage separate from your cache pool.
  4. Looks like the sort of problems people have when they try to use RAID controllers with Unraid. I think the solution is to get rid of the RAID controller, figure out your disks assignments without that controller in the system, then see if you can rebuild each data disk one at a time from parity. Wait for additional opinions since I don't really have personal experience with this situation.
  5. attach diagnostics to your NEXT post in this thread
  6. Why can't you access the logs from your server after you get the notification?
  7. You should have a strong password, but even more important, you shouldn't put your server on the internet. Setup Wireguard (builtin) or use My Servers to access your server remotely.
  8. Probably one of your containers has a host path that isn't actual storage. Typically you only want subfolders of /mnt for host paths.
  9. Checksum errors on cache, often a RAM problem. And bad RAM can cause lots of other problems. Have you done memtest?
  10. You should use the support thread for the plugin