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  1. Instead of specifying a specific disk for settings, it is a lot more flexible, and more "standard", to specify a user share. Then you don't have to go to a lot of different settings and change them each. If you want it to use a specific disk, you just make the user share uses a specific disk, and if necessary, move files to that disk, but you don't have to change any settings for the location of docker image or other things. For example, I noticed in your docker.cfg you specified /mnt/disk3/appdata for the appdata path. It would be better to just use /mnt/user/appdata. Etc.
  2. Are all these on the same subnet? Can these devices connect to each other OK?
  3. If you are making a new build, probably the best and simplest way to get the data from your old build onto the new is to just get the new build going with those new disks (formatted as XFS), leaving one port free. Then plug in the old disks one at a time and mount them using the Unassigned Devices plugin to copy their data. If instead, you rebuild these disks onto larger disks before making the move, then those rebuilt disks will still be ReiserFS and you will need to move the data off of them so you can reformat as XFS.
  4. Well, as it said, that is already registered. Not surprising, since that card reader apparently doesn't give a unique GUID. You won't be able to use it. Better off just getting another USB drive anyway instead of bothering with a card reader.
  5. Are you using Turbo Write? Why cache anything?
  6. That does not look like a unique GUID. You said replace. Do you mean you were successfully using that card reader before for your license?
  7. Don't know about the icons, but the speed seems more like a hardware issue. Bad connection, etc.
  8. Well the disks don't look very full, but you really should consider converting them to XFS. And your dockers would perform better if you had a cache disk for your appdata, domains, and system shares. If you're not running VMs domains doesn't matter but you could disable VMs and there would be no need for libvirt.img. I don't know of any particular docker that might be to blame, but you may not have enough RAM to run many dockers. And in general, your hardware is a bit weak to expect much.
  9. Other than your disks are still ReiserFS, I don't see anything. And I can't tell how full they are since they aren't mounted. Do you have a backup of flash? You might try editing config/disk.cfg to set startArray="no" then reboot and see if you can start in Maintenance Mode.
  10. Put flash in PC and let it checkdisk. While there make a backup. Try again.
  11. The preferred way to edit would be to go to Settings - Network Settings, but I suggested deleting to get to default as a way to reset before editing.
  12. Do you have Notifications setup to alert you by email or other agent? You should.
  13. Delete config/network.cfg from your flash and reboot to get default network settings.
  14. There are a few plugins that might help figure this out. Dynamix Active Streams https://forums.unraid.net/topic/34889-dynamix-v6-plugins/ File Activity https://forums.unraid.net/topic/54808-file-activity-plugin-how-can-i-figure-out-what-keeps-spinning-up-my-disks/ Open Files https://forums.unraid.net/topic/41196-open-files-plugin-can-help-with-troubleshooting-why-server-wont-shut-down/