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  1. Yes, assuming no problems with those disks or their filesystems.
  2. Are you sure you didn't format one of your data drives?
  3. Do you have a backup of your flash drive?
  4. You should always check the first post in the thread for important information.
  5. Why are you allocating 120G to docker.img? Have you had problems filling it? 20G is often more than enough, unless you have something misconfigured, and making it larger won't fix those problems, it will only make it take longer to fill. The usual cause of filling docker.img is an application writing to a path that isn't mapped. Linux is case-sensitive, so any path configured within an application must match a container path, case-sensitive. Also, why do you have your appdata, domains, system shares configured to be moved to the array? If these are on the array, dockers/VMs will have performance impacted by slower parity, and will keep array disks spunup since these files are always open.
  6. Is it booting into Unraid, and then crashes later?
  7. You can go directly to the correct support thread for any of your plugins by clicking on its Support Link on the Plugins page.
  8. no question. the drive itself is saying it is bad.
  9. USB not recommended for array or pool disks for several reasons. Port multipliers will impact performance on multidisk operations such as parity check and rebuilds.