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  1. It's your support thread, but I usually discourage users from linking to an external site for this purpose. I agree that we don't want syslogs pasted into the text of a post, but syslog as an attachment to a post is more convenient to create and more convenient to use. And there are a lot of sites someone could use, who knows how safe any particular one might be.
  2. Wake-On-Lan plugin: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/36613-wake-on-lan-plugin-for-unraid-61/
  3. First link in the Docker FAQ: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/
  4. trurl

    Disk Error

    Something was writing to the disk and the write failed. Something was reading from the disk, the read failed, Unraid got the data from the parity calculation, tried to write it back to the disk, and that write failed. I wouldn't be surprised if scenario 2 isn't the most common way a disk with a bad connection gets disabled.
  5. I was copying my Unraid data to another Unraid server I had created for backup when it happened to me. I saw that rsync was going in alphabetical folder order when it began to actually write the files, so I just started at the other end moving the empty folders to other disks before it began to write to them.
  6. trurl

    Disk Error

    Go to Tools-Diagnostics and attach the complete diagnostics zip file to your next post. Only a write will disable a drive.
  7. Not normal, in fact, sounds like your network has degraded to 100mb instead of 1000. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete diagnostics zip file to your next post.
  8. What Frank said. But I thought I would comment on a couple of your assumptions. Unraid installs itself into RAM at each boot from the archives on the flash drive. It cannot be installed to SSD. The reliability of ALL disks in the parity array is important, since ALL bits of ALL disks must be reliably read to reliably reconstruct a missing disk.
  9. In future, please attach your diagnostics directly to your post instead of linking to another site. Thanks You are having issues with your flash drive. Put it in your PC and let it checkdisk. Try another port, preferably USB2.
  10. This is the puzzling part, and makes me think you may be trying to use Unraid in the wrong way. Did you create these users at the Linux command line?
  11. Do you know how to do this? Then, looking at the SAB website, it appears you can specify different folders for incomplete and complete downloads: https://sabnzbd.org/wiki/configuration/2.3/folders So, it looks like all the pieces are there for you to try it out for yourself.
  12. I don't use this but I would be surprised if this wasn't fairly easy to accomplish. Map a path to a cache-no share and somewhere in SAB settings you can probably tell it to use that path for unpacking.
  13. That will just take longer to fill. Nothing should be filling docker image. The usual cause is some application writing to a path that is not mapped. Common mistakes are using different lower/upper case when specifying paths, or using a relative instead of absolute path. I haven't found anyone needing more than 20G unless they have something misconfigured, and if you are writing into docker image, no amount may be enough.