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  1. trurl

    Drive Space

    And if you want to assign a number to the parity disk, it is Disk0. That is the way Unraid thinks of it. It helps to keep things less confusing if you don't make up your own way of numbering.
  2. trurl

    Drive Space

    The data to recover is calculated from parity and the rest of the disks as explained in the wiki and video. It doesn't need to be stored anywhere.
  3. trurl

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    Do2a-2d: See my response (about crossposting) on that other thread you posted to.
  4. trurl

    [Support] binhex - Lidarr

    Please don't post to multiple threads for the same problem. That is known as crossposting, and it has been considered a bad thing on messaging boards since before the World Wide Web. One reason it isn't a good thing to do is because there is no way to coordinate the responses in the multiple threads. So you could have some people, sometimes going to a lot of trouble to diagnose or research your problem, responding on one thread, completely unaware that someone else has already duplicated their effort on the other thread.
  5. trurl

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    From your other thread, which I have locked so we can continue here where it's more appropriate: By "worked fine before" do you mean Plex Server was able to play the files from another installation? What is the file type (extension/codec)?
  6. trurl

    HELP!! Plex Codec error

    You can always go directly to the support thread for any docker by clicking on its icon in the Unraid webUI and selecting Support, or from the docker's listing in Community Applications. Since you reposted to the official support thread I will lock this and go there.
  7. trurl

    HELP!! Plex Codec error

    You should really post this to the support thread of the docker. Did these media files play on Plex before? Post your docker run command as seen here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/#comment-564345
  8. trurl

    Unmountable: No file system - on 4 of my drives

    What exactly do you mean by a "really old system"? Was this a system that you acquired which already had Unraid on it? Do you know what the filesystem of the drives was? The diagnostics seem to indicate XFS, which is the default for V6, but if this was an old system it might have been using the V5 filesystem ReiserFS. Answer the questions and tell us anything else but don't try anything else without further advice.
  9. No. Maybe or maybe not if you have IPMI but I have never had that on any of my builds so I don't know. Some googling suggests it might be possible but if you don't have IPMI either its moot.
  10. trurl

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc4 available

    Since nobody who works for limetech commented on that thread, it is very likely they never saw it. Unlike me they have better things to do than read everything on the forum.😁
  11. You should set Minimum Free on the cache drive to larger than the largest file you expect to write to cache. Then if you are writing to a cached user share, it will go ahead and overflow to the array before you actually fill up cache and get an error. Minimum Free for cache is in Global Share Settings. And of course, each user share has its own Minimum Free setting which should be set to larger than the largest file you expect to write to the user share. Unraid has no way to know how large a file will become when it chooses a disk to write it to. If there is less than minimum free on a disk, it will choose another. None of this should have anything to do with your restart though. Have you done a memtest?
  12. trurl

    Not enough free space

    I know that's what the screenshot said but I commented anyway just in case that was something else you had changed, and to provide additional information that might prove useful to you and others.
  13. trurl

    Not enough free space

    And if you did have that share using cache, then this was likely the problem. Cache has its own Minimum Free in Global Share Settings. If it has less than minimum, it will overflow to the array. Just like Minimum Free on the user shares, Unraid doesn't know how large a file will become when it begins to write it. If a disk has less than minimum, it will choose another disk. If it has more than minimum, it can choose the disk and if it runs out of space you get an error.
  14. trurl

    Read-errors on 2 disks

    Thanks. Most of my drives are WD Red. I have added those attributes to monitoring on those disks.
  15. trurl

    Few questions to CPU, Disks and VM

    Do you already have all these disks? Just wondering why you want so many small disks in the array. There isn't any automatic copying.