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Community Answers

  1. Access control is at the share level regardless of filetype. If you want different access for certain files put them in a different share.
  2. Doesn't seem like the best way to me. Even if you did want to setup new hardware, you can just transfer your drives with their data intact.
  3. That is the key for your old flash. If you put it on your new flash it should let you get a replacement key for the replacement flash from the Tools - Registration page in the webUI.
  4. You can only control access of user shares. Put the data you want others to write in a separate user share.
  5. All of your configuration is in the config folder of your flash backup. Without that you are starting from scratch. As long as you don't assign a data drive to a parity slot your data should be fine. The screenshot is showing parity disks will be overwritten, not your data.
  6. Does anyone else have access? Have you exposed your server on the internet?
  7. Without config folder you are starting from scratch with your configuration. If you aren't certain about parity don't assign parity as explained in the linked wiki
  8. Unraid does not reboot on its own.
  9. attach diagnostics to your NEXT post in this thread
  10. According to your diagnostics, array is not set to autostart. So, if it reboots the array would be stopped. Is your BIOS configured to automatically boot when power is restored?
  11. Unrelated, but your system share has files on disk1