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  1. trurl

    Disk Not in smartctl database

    Not sure your necropost is really relevant. In Unraid, only the root user has access to the command line so that's why sudo wasn't needed.
  2. Under Tools - System Information section for me on 6.6.1 and still is on 6.6.2 Are you sure you scrolled down far enough?
  3. trurl

    SSH/SFTP issues since upgrading to unRAID 6.6

    Don't know which thread he is talking about. Only official bug report threads have a priority, and it doesn't look like you have posted to a bug report thread. The Unraid developers don't read every post on the forum.
  4. trurl

    Parity Drive Failed During Data Rebuild

    Put old drive back in and replace parity with new drive. Go to Tools - New Config. Retain ALL then make the necessary assignments changes. Don't check the parity is valid box and start the array to build parity.
  5. trurl

    How do I install my Motherboard drivers?

    Are you sure missing drivers are the problem? I doubt it.
  6. trurl

    Docker Reboot Wipes Docker Container's Data

    Tools - Diagnostics, post complete zip.
  7. trurl

    No GUI Access now DEAD!

    When you boot, do you get the Unraid boot menu? Have you done a memtest?
  8. I have xxxxxxxxxx the GUID the user originally put in their post for their security. Moderators and Administrators can check the edit history to see the original information.
  9. And many routers have builtin VPN.
  10. VPN A couple of dockers and also a plugin for VPN in Apps (Community Applications).
  11. When Unraid starts or stops the array, it writes that start/stop status to flash. If anything prevents it writing the stopped status when shutting down, you get an unclean shutdown and then a parity check after boot. You mention a known power outage (get an UPS), but is it possible you are having other outages you don't know about? Is your BIOS configured to boot after power is restored (I don't recommend this BIOS setting). Another thing that can happen with some systems is the USB port just drops the connection to the flash drive after Unraid has already mounted it at boot. After that happens, it can't save the status, or indeed anything else like changes you make in the webUI. And an unclean shutdown can also result in flash corruption since Unraid doesn't have a chance to unmount it. Put your flash in your PC and let it checkdisk. Then try booting from another USB port, preferably USB2.
  12. Are these all public shares? Did it always prompt for a login before or is this new behavior? The thing about Windows is it will only allow one login to a remote computer at a time. And if you already have a login to the remote it won't take another one, even if it prompts you. It could be trying a different login than you think it is, then when that doesn't work, it prompts for another, but it won't use it anyway. In Windows Control Panel, go to Credential Manager and delete any credentials to your Unraid server so they can be renegotiated. There is a whole topic about this and other Windows network issues pinned near the top of this same subforum.
  13. Are you talking about Windows network access to your shares?
  14. Sounds like you are losing power then Unraid detects the system wasn't shutdown properly so begins a parity check. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and post the complete zip