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Community Answers

  1. There are things in log besides syslog. What do you get from command line with this? du -h -d 1 /var/log
  3. That's what I do. Each additional disk requires more hardware, more power. Perhaps most importantly, each additional disk is an additional point of failure
  4. Are you saying the drive became unmountable after those diagnostics I looked at?
  5. Since you've almost filled a 40G docker.img, I wonder if the downloads went there instead of to mapped host storage.
  6. Did these files exist before you started having these docker problems? Or did you download them with the dockers after reconfiguring them and now you can't find them?
  7. Are you sure the disk and its connections are good? Is the emulated disk mountable? Good idea to know the answer to these questions before rebuilding. Attach diagnostics to your NEXT post in this thread and we can take a look.
  8. Because of the port multiplier parity operations such as parity checks and rebuilds will not perform as well since multiple disks are sharing a port. These operations normally work with all disks in parallel when each disk has its own port.
  9. Ideally, appdata, domains, and system shares should have all files on fast pool with nothing on the array. If these are on the array, docker/VM performance will be impacted by slower array with its parity updates, and array disks can't spin down since these files are always open.
  10. If the emulated disk was unmountable, then you would check filesystem on the emulated disk to try to get the filesystem repaired (mountable) before rebuilding.