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  1. I set custom_mode = true. How can i make script download kernel and let me configure make menuconfig? My goal is to add power/battery drivers to unraid kernel as I am running unraid on Thinkpad W530 laptop, which has battery plugged in (UPS). Unfortunatelly I am unable to read battery status and shutdown unraid in case of power failure, because kernel is lacking battery drivers. Ok later I have found the answere that I need to modify build script and replace make oldconfig with make menuconfig. Unfortunatelly in the same post I can see that 6.8.3 is not supported
  2. I am happy to hear it is useful, even though a bit chaotic. I am not sure if I understand the problem. I have installed owncloud and serviio from community apps (not docker hub search). In first place it is better to use community package, if required software is not there then docker hub. I have found that community packages have some variables and settings exposed right away when installing so it is much easier to use package. I am attaching screen shot of the search results on my pc.
  3. Had the same problem, thats wierd. There schould be button rebuild parity
  4. Thats why to virtualize seriously use xenserver. Unraid and proxmox are both faulty when it comes to windows VMs. Or go for win10 which seams to work in unraid.
  5. I have found the answere. Mikrotik CHR free version has bandwidth limit on single interface 1Mbit. Dude is using ping to probe latency, so every logging in to dude server causes traffic that will make false reading for dude ping probe, as it wil overfill bandwidth. To solve this problem following rules can by applied in the mikrotik terminal: /ip firewall mangle add action=mark-packet chain=postrouting new-packet-mark=OUT passthrough=yes protocol=tcp add action=mark-packet chain=prerouting new-packet-mark=IN passthrough=yes protocol=tcp add action=mark-packet chain=prerouting new-pa
  6. Is it possible to install some app/plugin to get more qemu options to configure? I dont see howto create second network interface in unraid for instance.
  7. I have installed Mikrotik CHR version with VM setting as in my first post. What is amazing is that Mikrotik gives CHR version for free!!
  8. Hi, I have installed Mikrotik CHR as VM on unraid. My configuration looks like on the attached image. I am experiencing networking problem. When I am logging in to the dude server using dude program it say "getting stuff" at the bottom. During this stage latency to my mikrotik VM jumps above 100 ms, like that: Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from 10
  9. It is my home server for nas, dlna (streaming movies to TV), owncloud (sync data between stationary computer and my work laptop), dude (mikrotik CHR server). Laptop is power efficient, has built in huge ups (battery), takes 1,5 U in my rack. It is perfect for server. W is workstation series with i7, two graphic cards, 32GB ram, 2 USB3.0 slots and two internal 2,5 inch hard drives and msata 512 GB drive for VMs and cache. And also it is few years old computer, so I can sell it for little money or have great server at no cost. I will attach photo (2 usb drives attached under the shelf
  10. Hi, I am using my unRaid on Lenovo W530 laptop. In linux there is module called power module, which allows me to check if my computer is running on AC or battery. So the battery works like a very good ups. How can I add/enable power module in unRaid to check if I have AC adapter connected ? Second question is, where to put mu custom script to be started at unRaid boot. I would like to write a bash script that will check AC adapter connected and will shutdown unraid server after 5 minutes of no AC plugged in. I think this is very simple task, but I am not familiar with unraid
  11. Hi, where can I change boot delay in unraid using its webUI would be preffered? I want my server to wait 5 minutes before booting at the boot menu.
  12. Good point! I am not familiar with forums I can see that in unraid 6.4.3 settings->management acces there is option Use SSL Thanks hehe
  13. dlandon/owncloud is good one for docker.
  14. Hi, I have 2 drives inside Lenovo W530 and 2 drives 2,5'' connected via usb 3.0. During parity calculation temperature is: 42, 50 deg. Celcius for internal drives and 42, 46 degree for external USB drives. When idle drives are at 30 degree temperature. Parity build takes around 6 hours for 2TB parity disk. Is it ok if my drives will be hot like that every 2 months for parity check? What is Your temperature experience for 2,5'' drives - what temperature and how long without drive failure? Please share your experience. I have installed two fans and some wents and now I don