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  1. So I had a disk with 40 pending sectors, I replaced it with a new one. I just precleared the bad one and the pending sectors are gone and Im currently doing a 2nd preclear. If it comes back clear how safe do you think it is to use?
  2. edit....figured it out, forget about the 3.3v issue I added a new disk and its not showing up. Please help, not sure what to do now S
  3. During the monthly parity check my one disk is now showing 40 pending sectors. I'm guessing I should replace it correct? Parity passed fine with 0 errors.
  4. 6.8.2 to 6.8.3 no issues. Awesome work as always!!
  5. upgraded from 6.8.1. to 6.8.2 a few days ago and no issues. You guys rock!
  6. Do I need both Unassigned Devices and Unassigned Devices Plus installed or can I just the Plus version?
  7. Also Provantage has the case for $500
  8. That’s the older / current model with 6GB backplane. Not sure if it’s worth waiting for the newer one with the 12GB backplane
  9. upgraded from 6.8 to 6.8.1 with no issues. Great work
  10. thanks, I did read the first part about installing it but it has 62 pages in that thread and I was not going to read all of that. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. But from what you are saying is, I would update Unraid through the plugin but need to wait till that is updated and the docker would just update as usual correct?
  11. Quick question about the Nvidia driver thing. Once I install the plugin and update the PLEX docker that all that needs done correct? All future unraid and PLEX docker updates work like normal right, I don’t have to keep manually updating it.
  12. does anyone know when this will be released http://www.istarusa.com/en/istarusa/products.php?model=M-4160HD-ATX edit. Just heard back from them, they are still working on the back plane. How much a difference would I see between 6Gb and 12Gb backplane
  13. Thanks, I wasn't going to buy another Norco I was going to get a new case. I was also thinking of getting a Supermicro or the Storinator from 45 drives IF they sell just the case and its not crazy expensive. I just didn't know if there were different backplane versions/speeds.
  14. I have an older Norco 4220 case that is about 10 years old, any benefit to upgrading it? Wasn't sure if I would get a speed increase with new backplanes. I don't even know what version mine is anymore.