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  1. no idea what happened but I deleted Sonarr and reinstalled it and it seems to be working again.
  2. I uploaded a new diagnostics. It should be trying to move from the Cache drive "downloads, completed, TV Shows. Should be 4 shows in there that need moved. Also in Sonarr, when I try and stop monitoring a season it's not turning it off? Could it be a permission issue? thanks for the help, I have no idea why it just stopped working. wagflix-diagnostics-20230806-1103.zip
  3. I turned on Mover Logging and tried to start Mover from the main tab. Mover doesn't seem to start. I'm trying to get a few TV Shows moved. Sonarr grabbed them and NZBget downloaded them but they are no longer moving for some reason. Also seems like Sonarr isn't grabbing anything new. New Diagnostics posted wagflix-diagnostics-20230806-0919.zip
  4. Not sure whats going on, everything was working last week and I don't remember changing anything. Mover doesn't seem to be working. any help would be great.
  5. thanks, I fixed it. When you said Extension I went and looked and somehow one of my settings got changed and was blocking it.
  6. I can't access the community apps since 6.12.2 with Safari but works fine when I use Edge, any idea? Im using a Mac and never had this issue that I remember. Just says updating content when I click on the tab Thanks wagflix-diagnostics-20230709-1317.zip
  7. upgraded to 6.12 with no issues. thanks for the great work!!
  8. Not sure what happened but I can't add or delete any shows from sonarr. I click on the show to add it, looks like it works but it doesn't. Any idea? It was working fine last week. wagflix-diagnostics-20230212-1437.zip
  9. I just got a new bigger 32gb flash drive, my old on is about 12 years old and I can no longer do backups because I don't have enough room. How do I setup the new one without losing anything and make sure I keep the Pro license.
  10. So I've had my original USB flash drive that I bought from Lime Tech for about 12 years I think. It's 2GB and I can no longer make backups since I have less then 1GB left. What FLASH drive is recommended now? edit....or can I use a SSD drive, what is better to use? I want into last, think the current one is a Lexar drive. Thanks
  11. I did it it about a week or so ago, I would like to suggest an easier way to read and understand the logs and errors.
  12. upgraded from 6.11.2 with no issues. Thanks for making it smooth
  13. so for the off topic question but how do you like the Emporia system?
  14. So I plugged my server into a watt meter to see how much power it uses and was surprised to see it’s using about 210 ish watts. Based on what I have ( see my signature ) I was just wondering if that is average, high or low? When I plugged everything I have running into it, it was around 250 ish. Anything I can do to lower the wattage the server is using? It’s not a huge issue but if I can save a few bucks why not. Think it’s only costing me about $25 a month. Thanks