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  1. is this the version that will enable remote login?
  2. Thank you. Just what I was looking for
  3. Anyone running PiHole on unraid? If so can someone tell me how to configure it? I was using ublock origin on my Mac but it no longer works with the latest upgrade and I would like network wide ad blocking. Thanks
  4. I do use SSL I would still like to use a VPN.
  5. How easy is it to install a VPN on my server and have NZBGet us it? I just want the NZBGet to use the VPN. Thanks
  6. upgrade went smooth, thanks for the great work. Any idea when secure remote connections will happen? Would love to log into my server when away.
  7. lol no, but that's like 20 hours. Why did it fly through 90% but the last 10% takes forever? Guess I will wait till tomorrow
  8. this?? Extended self-test routine recommended polling time:1167minutes.
  9. I'm running a smart test on my parity drive and it seems to be stuck at 90%. I had a warning a few days ago about 8 pending sectors. How long should I let it go for?
  10. how long is it on before it freezes? Maybe try a different network port or disable all plugins and dockers and turn them on one at a time. List "ALL" dockers and plugins you have installed, someone smarter then me can tell if that might be a problem
  11. yeah, tried CUPS and it didn't work. Only computer that is always on is my server. Oh well I will just keep doing what I was doing, just trying to clean things up. I will buy a new printer at some point. Thanks
  12. I have a USB Brother HL-L2300D printer and would like to share it on my network. Anyway I can plug this into the USB port on my server and share it out? Any help would be great. I use a Mac if that matters.
  13. one other question, when I format the drive what should I use. The old one is btrfs but I have all my data drives in XFS.
  14. thanks, I just don't see where this is Click on Shares and change to "Yes" all cache shares with "Use cache disk:" set to "Only" or "Prefer"
  15. So I want to replace my cache drive with a larger one. What is the best way to do this without having to reinstall my plugins and dockers