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  1. so for the off topic question but how do you like the Emporia system?
  2. So I plugged my server into a watt meter to see how much power it uses and was surprised to see it’s using about 210 ish watts. Based on what I have ( see my signature ) I was just wondering if that is average, high or low? When I plugged everything I have running into it, it was around 250 ish. Anything I can do to lower the wattage the server is using? It’s not a huge issue but if I can save a few bucks why not. Think it’s only costing me about $25 a month. Thanks
  3. thanks, I thought I deleted that mess. I'm using a Mac so for whatever reason it unzipped it automatically and it was in a folder. So I had to zip to again or I just did something wrong \
  4. Here you go wagflix-diagnostics-20220617-0903.zip
  5. I'm using a Mac with the Edge browser and I tried Chrome and same issue. How do I fix "Your connection isn't private". There is no link to click or anything, I can get to fine with Safari but that browser doesn't show my drives under the Main tab, I think its a known bug. Thanks
  6. I turned off WebGL 2.0 but my MAIN tab in unraid still isn't showing any drives in safari? Any idea.
  7. I just upgrade to 6.10.1 from 6.10 and I can no longer see any drives under the MAIN tab, I can see them in the Edge Browser. Any idea? Im using a Mac
  8. I figured it out. The docker doesn’t open to the web ui. Had to go to ip plus 10443
  9. Can you tell me what settings you used for Scrypted, mine says it's started but the page isn't loading
  10. It's OK, I just went with HomeBridge, if they can't keep it updated that says alot.
  11. Anyone running Homebridge, any issues with it?
  12. @protectli why don’t you offer pfsense as in install option when configuring the hardware?
  13. Lmao. I didn’t even see that. I was looking at the pre installed options. Thanks for not beating me up
  14. community edition pfsense on protectli??? I've never heard of this