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  1. yes not sure about the length.
  2. So I just heard this case should be ready by summer, they said they would know more in March. What do you guys think, I have been looking at this case since it was announced. 12Gb/s backplane, 16 Trayless bays and takes standard ATX power supply. I'm looking to upgrade my old Norrco case that is about 10 years old. My only concern is if it will fit a P2000 video card. Case M-4160HD-ATX
  3. You have this one? Amazon.com: MISC Promo NVIDIA Quadro P2200 5GB 4 DPT GFX (6YT67AT): Electronics
  4. So is this the only thing that needs to install or do I also need to install handbrake? Also any tips on configuration, I want to make sure all my media is in .mkv format and not ISO or anything else. Thanks
  5. ok, anyway to make Radarr or sonarr just download mkv?
  6. might be the wrong place, but anyway to have NZBGet just download MKV files and not ISO files etc?
  7. thanks I will double check that but I think it's setup fine since everything has been working fine with Radarr and Sonarr. It's just weird that it was running fine for about a week and then it just started to happen.
  8. I added Hydra last weekend, and since I restarted it yesterday it stopped. But yesterday before I restarted it I was getting notifications every minute that is was happening, went from 80% to 95% in a few minutes. These is my docker settings. Thanks /downloads/mnt/user/Downloads /config/mnt/user/appdata/nzbhydra2
  9. What does this mean? Event: Docker high image disk utilization Subject: Warning [WAGFLIX] - Docker image disk utilization of 89% Description: Docker utilization of image file /mnt/cache/docker.img Importance: warning edit....so I think it was NZBHydra2, I restarted it and it seemed to fix itself. Any idea what might cause that? My docker setting is 40gig
  10. I have sonarr going through DelugeVPN, any reason why my indexers won't connect now? Im using New York City right now. Strict port forwarding is off. I've seen post about it with PIA but I don't see anything on how to fix it or I might be missing it.
  11. I got it working, I had fat fingers when I changed it. Thanks
  12. turned that off and changed my info but still not working
  13. Does anyone know if you can share Live TV outside you network with friends?