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Community Answers

  1. Never did that myself, but you should probably start there :
  2. Please attach your diagnostics to your next post.
  3. You should check that: If it does not solve your issue, you should set up a syslog server and post the output after the next crash.
  4. Please attach your diagnostics to your next post. Can't be sure without looking at it, but if you say XFS errors (not disk errors) then rebuilding the drive will not solve the issue.
  5. I think I remember reading about a way of doing that properly. But since it is not something I do or plan on doing, I don't remember the details. You should read up in this subforum.
  6. Hey, @MyUnraidName, I am not doing it myself but I know that some users are doing it successfully. The thread was moved in the appropriate subforum where people discuss Virtualizing Unraid.
  7. As already stated several times elsewhere, mounting network shares in Unraid is handled by the plugin Unassigned Devices. Please post in the plugin's support thread with your diagnostics.
  8. You are right, I said that based on the description from dtempleton that explicitly mentioned Marvell. Surprise, surprise, the Amazon seller kept the same link but changed the description !!! Anyhow, ASM1062 is a two ports controller. If the card offer more, there is something sketchy. Either a port multiplier or it's another chip. And since the seller has shown he is clearly trustworthy ...
  9. Marvell controller are not recommended in Unraid.
  10. In your situation, I would update from 6.11.2 since it has issues with some disk operations with drives over 2TB.
  11. Or you could use them on a Pool if you have an use case that works for a Pool of HDDs. Or even use them on a backup server that runs occasionally.
  12. Please attach your diagnostics to your next post, preferably before any reboots.
  13. I see that you already made the same post in the Chinese subsection. Please use English outside of the Multi-language sub-forum.
  14. More drives means more power and more independents points of failures. You can always keep the 3TBs and add them back later when you need the space (if they have no problem). If you go this way, I would advise to do an extended SMART test on each of the 3TB to know their health before storing them.