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Community Answers

  1. Split level is there to determine on what drive Unraid should place the data. It is not a size limit for a share. In any case, I do not want the system to arbitrarily move or delete files without my prompt.
  3. The poll for the next steps of development is there :
  4. The main bias I see is that this type of company only sees disks with issues. Either hardware, software or user issues. It's probably not super representative. Less that something like Backblaze that analyses all it's drives, those who have issues and the larger number that does not.
  5. The team is limited a has to focus to be efficient. Or the next version adds both and is available in 3 years. 😅
  6. What version of Unraid ? Can you provide your diagnostics ? Are you sure that no software or network appliance is accessing the drives ?
  7. Not exactly the same form factor or the same use case.
  8. Le fast boot c'est bien quand on boot sur un disque traditionnel, ce n'est pas rare que les cartes mères aient des soucis à initialiser l'USB dans les temps de façon fiable s'il est activé. Content que ça fonctionne.
  9. With issues on boot, I would check first that Fast-boot is disabled in BIOS.
  10. Happens to me too. I though it would disappear when I set it back up but didn't until I discarded it. It was fine for a few days and it's back this morning.
  11. I think that your forum account needs to be linked with a Myservers plugin to be able to post in this subforum. And it is possible that you cannot link an account to the plugin if the forum account is not activated (first post activation by a moderator). TBC.