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  1. Niveau musique, j'utilise Airsonic pour gérer le streaming vers mes appareils (téléphone, ordinateurs, etc.).
  2. Bonjour, quelle est la taille de ton fichier, quelle est la taille de ton cache ?
  3. Salut, je n'utilise pas l'encodage GPU, mais je ne suis pas certain qu'une GT710 soit supportée.
  4. Salut Labtec, bienvenu sur le forum. Content que tu ais pu résoudre ton problème. Si tu as un moment pour partager ta solution, ça pourrait servir à d'autres dans le futur.
  5. From what I understand, yes. Does not hurt to make a backup of your flash and note your disk assignements, just in case. Also, if you have VMs, the passthrough elements would have to be checked and potentially changed.
  6. Hello and welcome. I cannot answer all your questions but at least some. The multi-language version are available since version 6.9, actually in beta. Chinese is among the languages I think. For more details, you can check the Chinese sub-forum : https://forums.unraid.net/forum/88-chinese-简体中文/ Not sure there is such a think up to date. Not sure I think I saw people using it on the forums, they could confirm Intel NICs are generally recommended but other suppliers work for some people, it really depends on the availability of a Linux driver.
  7. For the server name, you can change it directly in the Unraid GUI. You have to stop the Array, then go to Settings / Identification.
  8. I am planning to consolidate my two SSD pools into one, so I will have to move my 200+GB appdata. I think I'll do it with Midnight Commander. As for your issue, I am not sure it is linked since I am not an expert on linux things but I also see plenty of stuff that look like errors or thing not behaving as it should in your syslog. Looks like eth0 issues and also BTRFS issues.
  9. I see Docker files from appdata, did you stop the docker service in Settings ? You could share your diagnostics in the next post so we have more to work from. (Tools/Diagnostics)
  10. Can you share your diagnostics in your next post ? (Tools/Diagnostics)
  11. A new tool has been developed (or is being developed ?) : We have to wait for it to be released.
  12. Quick look at the plateforms and MBs, the x299 provides 5GBE/1GBE vs 2.5/1 on the x570. As well as more M.2 and SATA ports. All things been close (in price apparently, for the speed I don't know), the Intel looks more interesting. (I swear I am not an intel fanboy ; would love for amd to be more competitive on this segment as well, but Threadripper is pretty pricy ) Let's see what the guys that do use VMs think (I don't).
  13. Please share your diagnostics (Tools / Diagnostics) in your next post so the guys can have better information before answering.
  14. don't know much about those processors relative performance but I can still make a few remarks: forget 3600MHz RAM, the intel is only rated for 2933 and the amd for 3200 the intel provides way more PCIE lanes than the amd part 48 vs 20, this means that you can actually have 2x PCIEx16 in the intel (and leaves you room for expansion like an HBA card), not on the amd https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-9-5950x https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/198017/intel-core-i9-10980xe-extreme-edition-processor-24-75m-cache-3-00-ghz.html This certainly does not cover every thing for you to make your choice but should be considered.