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Community Answers

  1. It should be quite simple: disable Docker and VM services in Settings (maybe optional, not sure) access the pool configuration by clicking on "cache" run a scrub on the Pool to be sure to start with something clean (optional) In the "Balance" section, select the RAID profile you desire (RAID1 for you) and click "Balance" Enable the services you disabled earlier I do not think it is even required to disable Docker and VM services in Settings (to be confirmed by users with more experience in the matter). In any case, if it was for me, I'd do it.
  2. Have you tried to replace all the bz* files by known good ones ?
  3. It will depend on the legal warranties obligations in your country (for RMA with the store) but also on the warranties offered by the manufacturer. Big name tend to offer a very long RMA period on RAM. Might be a good idea to investigate further.
  4. Merci de la précision, je n'ai pas de serveur de test, je ne peux pas faire ce genre de confirmations.
  5. You never can connect to the UI with a user account, they are only used for access to data. Did you try to empty your browser cache and/or try on another browser ? If that does not work, try to recover your diagnostics from you SSH access and attach it to your next post.
  6. What web browser are you using ? Did you try with another one ? Is it true of all your docker containers or only some of them ? You mention a 1 year old post, so it should not be 6.10 specific. I do not see that on my 6.9 with FF, tried on 5 random containers.
  7. Techniquement, avec seulement un disque de donnée et un de parité, c'est du RAID1 et le disque de parité à tes données de la même façon. Ce n'est plus vrai dès que tu ajoutes un second disque de données.
  8. Did you try to plug your flashdrive on another USB port ? If available, from a different USB controller.
  9. simply type 'diagnostics' and the file will be created in the /logs/ folder of the flash drive as described in the link automatically provided.
  10. Please attach your diagnostics to your next post, it contains much more information than the syslog.
  11. Then either do it manually on the command line, or use Midnight Commander (mc on the console). Personally, I use MC all the time for my manual drive operations.
  12. Looks OK to me No SMART error except for UDMA_CRC and Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error # 1 Extended offline Completed without error 00% 8368 -