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  1. Yes, if you are missing files, mount that original disk 3 with the Unassigned Devices plugin and see if any of the missing files are on that disk.
  2. Not quite true. A quick Google of nvme ssd vs ssd will provide you with several sites about the differences between these two ways of connect an SSD to computer. Let me provide a quote from one article that I found ( ) :
  3. Yes, it will never be faster than the slowest device in the array. @tgeng, you should also realize that the Parity disk is one of the members of the "array" that @JorgeB is referring to. For the maximum write speed of data to the array, the Parity drive will have to be an SSD which is as fast of the slowest of your data storing disks. This statement is also true for any operation which involves the Parity drive.
  4. That is not what I am seeing: Now, I am in the USA and using the standard keyboard mapping for that country using a WIN10 PRO client. You need to give us a bit more info about your client setup. By the Way, <Crtl-J> and <Crtl-M> and <Enter> keystrokes all give the expected behavior on my setup.
  5. Post up the Diagnostics file ( Tools >>> Diagnostics ) in a new post to this thread. Until you get this issue resolved, be sure to capture a new Diagnostic file each time before you reboot! The Gurus will need those files to see what is happening at the time of the event.
  6. Today, I upgrade four (4) Windows 10 PRO version 2004 computers to WIN10 PRO version 20H2 as a trial by fire since there seemed to be some issues with the 20H2 version of Window 10 with regard to SMB access. I had zero problems with any of these computers after the upgrade with SMB access. Now let me state that all access was basically in the Public security mode. I did map a share to a Windows drive and that worked successfully. Now, what is the point of all this? Version 20H2 does not appear to have any real 'gotchas' introduced into it that did not exist in Ver
  7. @ljm42, Just realized the significance of your avatar... 🤣 🤣 🤣
  8. Please read my earlier post as I left out two words which completely change the meaning of that sentence! Regarding those settings. I believe you are going to have to turn on the circled one so that the local request is redirected as shown below. If that does not fix the problem, you could take pihole out of your configuration and see what happens. (Or take your Unraid server off of the pihole service.)
  9. I am jumping in here with a suggestion. Turn on the 'Help' for this page ('?'-in-a-circle icon at the right side of the toolbar at the top of the page.) Now, look the Help material at the bottom of the page. Read the material following these statements: This was a big issue when SSL/TLS was first implemented into Unraid. (Problem is I can't remember what the error messages were.) While the solution for many of the routers that enable rebinding protections by default are included in the 'Help' information, it is quite possible that there are now a few more ha
  10. You actually have to look at the battery capacity (AmpereHour) that is inside the UPS to determine if that larger VA rated UPS will give you a longer run time. Many time a 300VA UPS will have the same battery as the 500VA one. So either UPS will keep the server running for the same period of time. Determining when they upsize the battery in the product line, you have to look very carefully at the spec's and, perhaps, at the actual part number for the replacement battery. Oh, one more thing, those bigger batteries cost far, far more than ampere.hour rating would suggest that the
  11. More info if you want it... and
  12. Go to Settings >>> Management Access and turn on the GUI Help ( '?' in a circle icon on the right side of the Menu bar). Now read the section on "Use SSL/TLS:" Hopefully you will realize that this string of numbers is required if you want to https to provide security to your GUI sessions. As I understand it, those numbers are a part of the SSL certificate to show that you have a secure connection to your server. The instructions seem to indicate that you can turn off the secure connection and that should get rid of the numbers. BUT be aware that most browse
  13. Since you are running WIN10 PRO, be sure that you apply the 'Edit Group Policy' change that you will find in the mega-thread. (don't have time to look for it at this time...) EDIT: There seems to be a lot of folks who have had issues with ver. 20H2. Some folks have not been able to resolve the problem yet... No sure what happened with this release... Did MS make some change that the 'herd' hasn't figured out yet??? Yet others don't have a problem. The old witchcraft thing!
  14. OK, first read the first page of this thread: Make sure your Unraid server is setup to be the Local Master. Install the 'Dynamix Local Master' plugin and verify that your server is the Local Master. Run Scotties LANscanner on your PC to see what it thinks is the local master: Make sure that you have make the changes to the Control Panel described here:
  15. IF you are not hurting for storage space, I would not install the disk until it is actually needed. I would test it by exercising it for 70-100 hours. (I, personally, would use preclear.) Then set it on the shelve until needed for additional storage space or a disk goes off-line. (I always replace any disk that goes off-line with a known good replacement. Then I run diagnostics on the disk to figure out what the problem is.)