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  1. I am wondering why are you concerned about keeping all the episodes of a single season on one disk. I just timed the delay in loading a blue ISO from a spun-down disk and it was eight seconds! First, a bit of history, the split-level parameter was added many, many years ago. Here is the issue that was being addressed. DVD video files (.VOB) are restricted to being 1GB in size and it takes 4 to 7 of these files to make up a full length movie--- only the last file not being exactly 1GB. If you saving DVDs in folder-and-file structure and these .VOB files get split up onto two disks, you could have a eight pause in the middle of a word! NOW, that is a real problem!!! Thus, the split level came into Unraid as a Kludge solution. (I do mean Kludge as it can cause some very serious side issues as are being pointed out.) It also happened at a time when there were still Unraid servers with HDs of less than 500GB. (One of mine started out with 250GB parity and I think I had 100Gb data drive.) The probability of getting 1GB files split across two disks is much higher with those HD drive sizes than with one with a size of 8TB. If you really want a trouble free Unraid life, go with the default Unraid settings with the exception of the 'Minimum free space:' one (mine is set to 50GB). Don't worry about where files end up. Don't worry about one disk being fuller than other disk. These things are really quite travail. Trying to 'fix' them can cause real problems if you don't do things properly. (Believe me when I say this. Every couple of months, someone will screw up a Linux command trying to correct an OCD problem and that causes real problems.) If you really have an issue with a file being on a wrong disk--- address that problem when you identify it. (As I said, you may not even realize that Unraid has split the files...) Check to see what is causing the issue and look for a workable solution. You can probably find the room to move files if you have the 50GB Min Free Space setting in place as you have two disks to work with. (I would recommend use the Dynamix File Manager as it is designed to work with the Unraid array.)
  2. Is this a landlord provided wireless service? If that is the case, you may have a major security issue if you connect your Unraid server to that service. (Basically, you are giving direct access to the server to everyone who has access to that network and Unraid is not harden enough to survive any hacking attack!) If this is the case, I would be thinking about setting a standard router but without an Internet connection. If it is a wireless router, I would make sure that the password for the WiFi SSID is long and secure (or turn it off completely). For Internet access, It is quite simple to switch from one WiFi signal to another one. (While I never tried it, it may be possible to have simultaneous wired and wireless connections...)
  3. NOT logs... Diagnostics There is more information in the diagnostics files that help in resolving these types of situations.
  4. I don't think so. If no one else has any idea of how to do what you want you should make a Feature Request in a new thread in this section of the forum.
  5. You will be waiting a long time if you are waiting for a response from someone who is still running a Celeron G1610T. To begin with, this is a ten-year old processor. We are trying to help you figure out if that processor will be able to do the job for your friend. It makes no difference if the processor is running continuously at 100% IF it can still do the job. (By the way, looking at the GUI consumes CPU cycles also so that has be to factored in when evaluating low end CPU's.) The requested information (diagnostics and screen captures) is needed to look at the system and see what might be impacting the system-- if anything. The questions asked were to make sure that (1) you were not running a parity check (as an example) in the background or (2) it was a one time observation (yes, that has happened!). As another observation, If that processor load is running at 98% for 70% of the time and doing the job flawlessly, you have the perfect setup for the job at hand! Furthermore, I suspect that if it is not up to the task, you can find another LGA1155 socket processor (perhaps, on E-bay) for a very reasonable price to replace it.
  6. So run some more tests and see if you get the same results. Make sure you don't have any other parity operations doing on. See what the process utilization is when you are not copying files to the cache. Look to see what disks are having read/write operation occurring. The Celeron G1610T is considered to a low midrange CPU (Passmark rating). Is it that much more work to setup a Jellyfin Docker and see what happens? (I would think transcoding is out unless you can assign a GPU to the task. Assuming Jellyfin supports that...) A screen capture of CPU section and the Docker Container section of the Dashboard tab showing the condition might be helpful. Attach a copy of your diagnostics file (captured after you have seen the issue) in a NEW post in this thread. (Other wise no one will know that you have uploaded them.)
  7. Have a look at this: Plus there are many other similar devices. (This is not a recommendation for this particular piece of hardware. It was only one of many options found in a search of this vendor's website...) Unraid does not support any WiFi hardware. You have to use a wired connection and your WiFi speed will be dependent on too many variables to even bother starting a list.
  8. The replacement disk could be the same size or larger. but not smaller. (One more requirement, It can not be larger that the Parity Drive.)
  9. IF you have Notifications setup, look at the e-mails from that by that process. Some of them do contain the drive assignments. (Remember, you probably have two copies of each message--- one in the outgoing mail and one in the inbox.)
  10. I would consider 'fixing' this by purchasing a $20US 5 port Gb switch and a couple of short cat5 cables. Troubleshooting SMB network problems is not for the beginner.
  11. First, You let the router assign the IP address to the Unraid server using DHCP. Then you go into the router setup and you 'tell' the router to reassign that DHCP address to now be a Static Address. (The Router normally uses the MAC address of the NIC to track what computer is your Unraid server as that address will never change! The server name might...) Whenever the Unraid server or the router is restarted and your Unraid server asks for an IP address, the router looks at the MAC address and see that that address is assigned a Static IP address and acts accordingly. This whole networking scheme of how things have to work is very carefully thought out by the people who have to administer thousands of routers, switches, and computers. Otherwise, things would be complete chaos! Designers of Consumer routers implement just enough of all of this so that most people just have to plug it in and it works. Security is often a secondary concern.
  12. That is assuming that he does not run into this problem: OP, I suspect that Pfsense may well have DNS rebinding turned off. Most commercial and prosumer routers do. Most consumer routers do not have it turned off...
  13. Look here: If the setting is "Yes" you are, if "No" you aren't.
  14. @ljm42, Any comments if OP is using SSL/TLS?
  15. When you are home alone with nothing else to do for the next four to eight hours. 🤣 😈 😇 If you don't have a large block of time set aside for the change-over without having a wife, family and, perhaps, even guests expecting a working Local LAN with Internet access, Mr. Murphy can guarantee it will take at least that long.