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  1. Have you read this: Read through this section of the Manual/WIKI and pay attention to this section: Note that doing a replacement of the .key file a second (or more) time(s) within a twelve month period is not that big a deal. I have never heard of a reasonable request being denied. It can take a few hours to a day depending on when your request is made. EDIT: One more thing. Always make a complete backup of all your Unraid flash drives before you do any modifications to a
  2. Your logs say that your server has an IP address of Is that what you were expecting it to be? (While this is not a standard/expected address, it is in the range of possible valid addresses.) How are you accessing your server? (Browser, console, console GUI, ???)
  3. Most modern MB's prefer to boot using UEFI option. To set your Unraid boot drive to use this option, you may to rename the EFI- folder/directory (in the root of your Unraid flash drive) to be EFI Then the default MB boot options will usually work. Then follow @Squid's advice and make sure that it is first on the list of hard drives in the boot order.
  4. IF bit-rot is one of your primary concern, you had best be using a board with ECC RAM. (Many of us are convinced that bit-rot does not happen with modern hard drives. If a file on a disk is found with silent corruption on it, the corruption existed when the data was written to the hard disk. Thus, the necessity for ECC memory.) One more thing. Very large numbers of disks in arrays are not really practical from a reliability standpoint. I refer to this thread for the reasoning:
  5. Delete or rename the file(s). (ex. network.cfg.old) Then reboot, the default files will be created automatically.
  6. The Gurus are going to want to see your diagnostic file to verify that your hardware is properly configured. You mention that 10MB/s was your fastest speed. I am assume assuming that this is Megabytes(MB) and not megabits(Mb) . (Networks speeds are usually measured in Mb/s but Windows reports copy speeds in MB/s.)
  7. Years ago I used a tool for LAN speed testing from a source called TotuSoft. I googled and they are still providing it. DISCLOSURE: I used this several years ago after having vetted the software via more google searching. I did not do that this time. So use either at your own risk or vet the download/software yourself to verify that it is safe. PS: My speed problem was actually a 'bad' Realtek Windows driver...
  8. See the Recommended Post at the top of this page. That will allow you to delete any file on the system since you will than have root privileges.
  9. Windows will do things in the background (and so can users if they don't carefully watch every Windows prompt as it is presented to them)... Check your credentials again and reenter them if all else fails... (This is why many Unraid users use only the 'Public' security setting on all their SMB shares! If you don't have a real clearly definable security issue, perhaps, you should use this model also and you won't have these types of problems.)
  10. One plan would be not to install the parity drives until you have populated the array with the data from the old server. (That will increase the write speed to the array by a factor of two or more!) I would then consider just copying the data over the network. It sound like you have less than 12TB of data which means the copy time would be about 36-40 hours (if my math is correct!)
  11. Almost any drive can be used with Unraid. (I only qualified that statement because there must be an exception somewhere of a drive model that won't work.) The real question is why are these drives 'laying around'? IF they are old drives on their last legs (they were introduced in 2011), I would not be using them. I can only assume that you are going to be storing some data that has some value to you. A large array made of questionable drives is a statistical nightmare of potential disasters waiting to happen. You can read a bit about I am referring to here:
  12. You came from 4.3 and you have not formatted this drive since then-- correct? In that case, it should be formatted with reiserfs.
  13. I thought that also but The other thread is locked (for good reason-- to control the number of posts to make it easy to find the current recommendations)! This thread can be quite useful as a forum using for questions and answers.
  14. Unfortunately, the OP for this thread hasn't even visited this forum in over eight months. You should really be looking at this thread for current recommendation: EDIT: Noticed it is a locked thread (to prevent it from becoming unwieldy like this one). However, this thread can still be used for any discussion about the controllers that @JorgeB recommends!