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  1. I just tried Chrome (Windows latest update) and it worked. You might have to have a look at the settings in Chrome and what chrome apps you have installed. You could also try Firefox...
  2. You need a orderly plan for doing the update. First thing to do. Download the user manual (download all the manuals...) and read through them. (Probably not all of them will be in the package in any case!) Make sure that the default IP address settings are what you want them to be. If not learn how to change them to the addresses that you want. Read the section on assigning static IP addresses. Second, look at the settings of the current router and make printouts of the settings that you want to keep from that setup. The reread the sections of the manual that explain how to config the new router to include those settings. Third, decide what new features that the new router has that you want to implement. Decide if they have to done in this initial setup or if they can wait until you are sure all of the older settings from the previous router are working fine. Fourth, find the users forum for your new router and sign up for an account. The manufacturer's 'Help and Support' staff may be much less helpful than the forum.
  3. @mutabear, why don't you start by reading here: https://wiki.unraid.net/index.php/UnRAID_Manual_6#Parity-Protected_Array The first thing you need to do is to completely forget about RAID. If you have a Dell RAID card, most of them can be crossflashed into the LSI IT-Mode. (LSI actually made the Dell cards under an OEM contract.)
  4. @bonienl, You have helped folks out with problems with Networking before as I recall. Any thoughts on this one...
  5. It seems to work just fine. All of the settings came across and the mod's I made to the GUI (bookmarks) are there. Only thing that I noticed is the Repository has now defaulted to binhex/arch-krusader:test Is this going to cause any problems in the future? EDIT: Or will it enable us current testers an advance peek at the new release?
  6. OR does it have to be done at the Linux level via the command line.
  7. Problem: I tried to copy the folder over to another folder on my Windows desktop and got a 'You do not have permission to do this' message for (at least) one of the files. I even tried stopping the Docker. Any suggestions on how to make the backup. (No apparent way to run Windows Explorer as Administrator...)
  8. Exactly where are these files? I have looked in the appdata folder on the cache drive and I have looked on the Flash drive. I even looked in the root of the Unraid system using a terminal session... One more thing. Please try to make sure that all of the present customizations that many have done gets copied over to the new settings locations. I, for one, would hate to have to redo them!
  9. Please post up an Diagnostics file Tools >>> Diagnostics in a new post.
  10. First thing, where are these friends? You should NOT even think about connecting an Unraid server directly to the Internet. It is not intended or harden to withstand the attacks (from all over the world) which will begin within two hours of exposure!!! There are a few Dockers which can be used to give access to files from the WAN. You could also setup a VPN to allow access. As far as I know, there is no limit of the number of users you can have for accessing the User Shares. You do realize that you will probably be limited more by the bandwidth of the LAN than by the number of allowed users. You will also have to add and assign passwords for all users as, apparently, there are not any provision for direct user interaction for these activities.
  11. Start watching at about 15:10 in the video...
  12. Look at the video: That will probably answer 95% of your questions
  13. Look at Host Path 2. I edited it to look like this: And I added Host Path 3 to add the boot/flash drive which looks like this: Which adds the boot drive to Krusader. IF you use this addition, you will have to change the PUID and PGID to change the user to root as shown below: It is important to realize that gives Krusader 'root' privileges so you have to make sure that access to it is limited. (What I do is 'stop' the Krusader Docker after use. So basically, it is only active when I am actively using it!) This should give you enough information to setup a Host Path to any point on the Unraid file system. You do want to be a bit careful as I seem to recall that you can get to the Krusader GUI from a web browser if you know the IP address and port number! EDIT: Look at this YouTube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0XCFPAsWZE
  14. And do not use that old 4TB data drive for anything else until everything is back up and running to your satisfaction!!! (That drive is an insurance policy.)
  15. It is probably happening because of the RAM buffer for writes. As soon as the last of the current file is written to that buffer, the client will start the transfer of the next file. This will start the file allocation process which requires disk access (both read and write operations) on the other disk which (of course) is available because there are no pending operations for it. PS --- I see this all the time when I use ImgBurn to write an Bluray .iso to the server. The data transfer to the server will stop about thirty seconds before ImgBurn receives back the message that the file write to the physical device is completed.