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  1. You are not alone. A lot of us have done the same thing. Bet it won't happen to you again! 😉
  2. Be careful. you seem to mixing bits (b) and Bytes (B) you have a 1000Mb switch, NOT a 1000MB switch. Make sure that you are not getting transfer speeds of 100MB per second (most file managers give the transfer speed in MB/s) which is approximately the raw transfer rate of a 1000Mb/s Ethernet connection. You also have to allow for file management overhead to create the file name and allocate space on the drive. Big files (>5GB) transfer at significant higher speeds than large numbers of smaller (~1KB) files.
  3. Disclosure: I do not run Windows 10 It is not completely clear as to what you are trying to do. Can we assume that you are trying to backup (data or image?) from your win10 computer directly to a share on your Unraid server? If that is the case, I would further assume that you are seeing an error message from Windows. From the problems which I have had with Win7 imaging of the OS, I would suspect that the Win10 is actually having permission problems. I know that with Win7, one can have all kinds of problems with permissions when you are using the backup/restore utility or doing any type of file operations on the files it creates. Try making the backup to another device like a USB drive and work with those files. If that works, you could then try to map an Unraid share as a drive and do the operation on the mapped drive and see if you get the same result.
  4. Frank1940

    [Support] binhex - Krusader

    If you are talking about the root account, the owner of that account is root. The account is the same one that you use to log into the GUI in your web browser and at the login prompt on either a console or ssh session. So the password will be the same as you use when you do those logins.
  5. Frank1940

    Cleaning up my installation

    Make sure that you have updated all plugins to the latest version. Fix Common Problems is one that had an issue.
  6. You might want to take a look at this: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/open-source-data-storage-server/ By the way, I found this by googling "backblaze server design" and this was one of many hits...
  7. Is this SSD connected to the MB SATA port or to a added SATA expansion card? I seem to remember that a few SATA cards don't support the TRIM operation which is necessary to prolong SSD life and performance.
  8. What you have not defined for us is 'What data is going to be on two servers as opposed the data that is on one server?". If one server is to a backup to the other server (even partially), having a single server to where one part is a 'backup' for another part is not a true "Backup". There are a lot of points of failure that are not related to the data disks that can cause data loss! Since you already have (or are planning) on dual parity, you might want to read through this thread which contains a discussion of other risks to data. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/50504-dual-or-single-parity-its-your-choice/ Remember the individual servers are in data farms that are part of a very large data array in which parts of it are even scattered over a large geographical area. Just because they have 90 drives (or whatever number) does not necessary mean that it a desirable choice for you. Those 90 drives are very small percentage of the total numbers of drives involved in a much bigger configuration!
  9. Frank1940

    Stuck on starting array

    You can not change the formatting on the disk by changing file system from one format to another. It is a every complex process if you do NOT want to lose data!!! You need to read this Thread for what is involved: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/54769-format-xfs-on-replacement-drive-convert-from-rfs-to-xfs/ In the mean time, relax and don't do anything more. There are some real Gurus that should be able to get that disk back online without data loss (unless you format it!).
  10. Try toggling the 'Help' menu bar setting while using Opera...
  11. Frank1940

    Unraid server wont boot after 6.6.2 update

    There have been issues with some packages that are installed by Nerd Pack. You can read about it in the 6.6.2 release thread.
  12. Frank1940

    Are my disks failing?

    I would suggest that you look on E-bay for LSI controllers that are in the IT Mode. The 8-port ones are usually reasonably priced. Be sure that you vet the seller carefully as there are a lot of counterfeit ones out there from China sellers/vendors. See here for model numbers:
  13. Frank1940

    unRaid locking up

    Quick glance at the spec sheets for this MB showed that there are specific recommendations on DDR4 memory and which slots it has to be installed in.
  14. Frank1940

    unRaid locking up

    Some random comments and questions: 1-- You should run memtst for 24 hours. A single pass will not catch all problems. 2-- Is this a new system? All new parts, or a recycling of components, or a combination of the two? 3-- What happens if you just let it run without running a simultaneous preclear on several disks? (If I read between the lines, it would seem like the problem still occurs.) 4-- Try booting into the safe mode and see if that helps. Finding the cause of these types of problems is often difficult. Most of the time, they are hardware related but a couple have been caused issues in the latest release by packages from the 'Nerd Tools' plugin.
  15. Frank1940

    Can't access user share in windows 10

    You can start here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/53172-windows-issues-with-unraid/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-625264 and, if that doesn't fix it, read through this Thread (pay particular attention to the second page): https://forums.unraid.net/topic/53172-windows-issues-with-unraid/ and I recall that there have been some recent posts about win10 SMB issues that have not been resolved. You can use google to find those threads by using unraid as one your search terms. (I suspect that the recent round of MS upgrades to Win10 may be a contributing factor here.) EDIT: you can always access the server by using \\IP_address (or \\Server_Name) in Windows Explorer. Then create a shortcut on your desktop.