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  1. Frank1940

    Can't upgrade to Unraid v6.6.6

    Open up the Terminal (In the GUI) and type ping You should get back ping times from that server. If not, you most likely have a DNS issue. You can assign the DNS server addresses on the Settings >>> Network Settings You can use the 'Help' button to display information on the various settings.
  2. Frank1940

    Help with Network issue / Hostname

    Begin by reading through this thread: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/53172-windows-issues-with-unraid/ It has a lot of information about solving SMB problems. Perhaps, you will find a solution to yours in there. If that doesn't do it, upload the Diagnostics File ( Tools >>> Diagnostics ). Plus provide us information about the PC involved. You also have to realize that MS is attempting to get of SMB1 for security reasons. And SMB1 is required for Network Discovery to work -- Which allows \\TOWER to work! Win10 is in a constant state of flux. It seems that any upgrade will break Network Discovery again.
  3. This is a BIOS setting. Most of the time the BIOS (if the option is available) defaults to not automatically restarting the system up on power application. You also have to program the UPS to shutdown power conversion after the server shutdown is finished and not to supply power until AC power is restored.
  4. The dead battery would certainly be the first thing I would look at. They are cheap and available about anywhere where batteries are sold. You should be able to find the Battery Number in the MB manual. They are also quite easy to replace after you open the case. You should also upload the Diagnostics file as it provides much more information than the syslog. Tools >>> Diagnostics (IF you had done that I could have hazarded a guess about the age of the battery by knowing when the MB was introduced.) IF it is a dead battey and you made any BIOS changes, recheck and see that things are set correctly!
  5. Try using the Console. After logging in, type diagnostics on the Command Line. That will write the Diagnostics file to the logs folder/directory on the flash drive. Shut the server down at that point, pull the drive and upload the file from your PC.
  6. Frank1940

    CacheDirs high CPU consumption

    You should probably have a look at the last few pages of this thread. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/4351-cache_dirs-an-attempt-to-keep-directory-entries-in-ram-to-prevent-disk-spin-up/ You will find that you are not alone...
  7. Is your Unraid server setup to be the Local Master? Has your server been elected as the Local Master? You can get the answer to both of these questions by installing the Dynamix Local Master plugin. (After installation, look at Settings >>> SMB >>> Workgroup Settings.)
  8. Frank1940

    (SOLVED) New ASUS router, no access to internet

    Does ASUS have a User Forum? These can often provide better support than the technical support groups for many products! If all else fails, have a look at the Ubiquiti Line of routers and access points. They ahve an excellent support group on their user forum. You can get a Ubiquiti ER-X router and a Ubiquiti AP-AC-LR Access Point for about $150US. Be advised that this is a prosumer router and does require configuration. You can read more about this setup procedure in this tutorial: https://github.com/mjp66/Ubiquiti/blob/master/Ubiquiti Home Network.pdf
  9. Frank1940

    Migrate from XFS to BTRFS

    One more thing to consider is the high probability that the "bitrot" actually occurs in RAM prior or during the transfer/from to the hard disk or during a copy operation. ECC RAM should help here.
  10. Frank1940

    Migrate from XFS to BTRFS

    @shaunmccloud, You should also inquire about the status of the File System Correcting/Fixing Tools for both btrfs and XFS. You are far more likely to have these types of problems.
  11. Frank1940

    Migrate from XFS to BTRFS

    In my opinion, 'Bitrot' does not exist on modern hard drives. The error checking and correction codes catch "it". Most of the time, they fix it. When they can't, the drive returns an read error code. By the way, read errors are a rather common on modern hard disks and most of them are simply corrected on the fly. You never even know that they happened. You should really be more concerned about the physical safety of your server. Have you considered the possibility of fire, floods, hurricanes, theft, lightning strikes, etc. You are far more likely to lose your data because of one of those...
  12. Frank1940

    not starting UI/Server

    Make sure your Flash Drive in plugged into a USB2 socket. They are often have a Black plastic insert whereas the USB3 ports have a Blue one.
  13. Frank1940

    Windows 10 network drives not connecting on startup

    I have a similiar prolem with WIN7. I (sortof) figured out it has to do with the updating of the anti-virus software with the new definitions file which happens about everyday. In my case, I can always manually attach to them by clicking on them. It also might be a 'race' problem if multiple cores are used to boot the OS. The processor which mounts the napped drives attempts to so so before the one which mounts the network driver is has finished its task.
  14. You could use it to build a TRUE backup Server for those files that are irreplaceable. Although for even more security, that server should be located physically off-site. (Physical damage ---fire, flood, theft, earthquake, etc.--- becomes a significant risk component as you add more redundancy to your backup plan!)
  15. The key file is still valid (assuming that you still have that UBS flash that has that GUID. If you don't have that flash drive, you can use any GOOD quality UBS2 (preferred) drive of less than 32GB. Then you can get a new key file for that new flash drive by using this procedure: https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Changing_The_Flash_Device You can use any computer that get the new key file as Unraid will not modify any hard drive that is on that system UNLESS you tell it to!