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  1. i installed this on a Linux VM since unraid has a crashing issue when a docker has a custom ip but im running into a error now lancache@lancache-Standard-PC-Q35-ICH9-2009:~/lancache$ sudo docker-compose up -d Creating network "lancache_default" with the default driver Creating lancache_sniproxy_1 ... Creating lancache_monolithic_1 ... Creating lancache_sniproxy_1 ... done Creating lancache_dns_1 ... done ERROR: for monolithic a bytes-like object is required, not 'str' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/docker/ap
  2. i change it to 443 and i get the same error i then tried changing everything to 443 just to test and still
  3. I plugged it into the second to last port of the switch is there anything else I can do
  4. i have a Dell Broadcom 57810s Dual Port 10gbe card and i thought all this time it was working with my 10g switch (netgear GS110MX) but i just notice that its not
  5. i have a pfsense router and i keep allowing the port in the nat portforwarding but when i check it or use the to test the port it gives a error. i will change the port after i fix the issue
  6. thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuu i just copied this and added my ethernet card in the basic view and it works
  7. so like the long title says my Ubuntu vm wont boot it takes like 999999 try's to get it to load. the only reason i reboot it is because i keep forgetting to make it not sleep and if it sleeps i cant login with the password
  8. lancache-bundle has to and that's it
  9. so i uninstalled some out of date dockers but now it crashed differently this time i think. the only dockers i have on are plex and lancache bundle Sep 14 19:31:01 syslog
  10. i've had unraid for a few years now but for the past few months it just keeps freezing on me and i have to hard reboot it i started saving the syslog to the flash drive a few days ago the 1st crash was on the 7th the another on the 10th and today it did freeze but firefox wouldn't work and none of my computers saw it on the network when i read the log i look for "microcode: microcode updated early to revision" and that's the first log that i see when i reboot my server after it freezes syslog
  11. syslogso my server froze last night hopefully this is the log i need. I only did the option where it saves it to my flash
  12. I did it on my phone and typed in my phones ip Is there anything else I should do
  13. for the past month unraid has been freezing every few days and i have to restart the server. i dont change anything on it.it just auto updates things and i save files to it. what logs should i upload to find whats the problem unraidnas-syslog-20200826-0404.zip unraidnas-diagnostics-20200825-2303.zip