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  1. o, I'm sorry. I thought I meant something went wrong. id didn't change that setting. must be a new default
  2. None of my screens shots show green? To be more precise and exact I'm talking about how much storage is being used or free is colored gray instead of green
  3. This is the 3rd USB actrul but the time line is. on my second USB I run it with one parity drive instead of two. 3 days later when that flash drive also brakes I run it with the same old backup of the flash drive that I used to make the second flash drive 3 days ago. to make my new 3rd USB that I'm using now. I also plug in the second parity Drive in
  4. at the same time my flash drive broke so when i got a new sata cable i also restored my unraid with the backup that had both parity drives
  5. I know why I had parity errors I was using only one of my two parity drives. my parity drive two sata cable broke so for a few days i ran it with only one drive and put in the new cable a few days later. but all my drives are gray instead of green right after that. should I or can I force a rebuild of my second parity drive to fix this issue
  6. ok and it didn't find any errors again if its not parity could it be something else unraidnas-diagnostics-20220612-1738.zip
  7. Yes multiple times. I even now did a 3rd parity check
  8. sorry I just edited it I meant to say "Write corrections to parity" off
  9. so after i moved my server my usb flash drive failed on me along with a sata cable for my Parity drive two. after getting another flash drive i booted the server up with only one Parity drive. after that flash drive failed shortly after I'm on my 3rd usb flash drive and i also got a new sata cable. but my drives are gray instead of green so i did a Parity Check with the "Write corrections to parity" check box off it found errors so i ran it again with Write corrections to parity on but it found no errors.
  10. Unfortunately I did it just took awhile for it to take affect/didn't know what i was doing. But I had that unraid API error as shown above
  11. OK it's booted again but because it's my 3rd USB I guess I have to wait for unraid to contact me me back about getting a license for this usb
  12. I'm doing it manualy I did try the creation tool on my old USB drive but because I'm having problems I've just been copying it over. I'm on my 3rd USB now and copied over all the data
  13. It's the new drive that I've used for other things but erased everything on it to make it my new unraid boot Drive. I'm currently trying a third Drive that I didn't want to get rid of.
  14. I'm still waiting to hear back from unraid support but I again rebooted my system and now I'm getting this error any ideas what it is