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  1. The DTSE9 model is still available though? Few USB 2.0 drive models would still be manufactured these days. For various reasons USB 3.0 thumb drives seem to be less reliable on average, which is another reason why you might want to have a few good quality spare USB 2.0 drives.
  2. I just replaced my original USB drive from 2008, the only reason I did is because my 1GB drive needed manual intervention each upgrade due to space issues (need to remove the previous backup) If nothing else it may be worth having a quality spare on-hand. The Kingston DTSE9 is well regarded (not the G2 version).
  3. Have you also swapped those 2 sticks for the other 2 sticks to make sure they are stable as well? Have you definitely confirmed in the BIOS that with 4 DIMMS populated they are running at 2666Mhz? Maybe I've misunderstood but you might have this the wrong way around. The platform / memory will run below it's rated maximum speed with no issues - the issue can arise where you're trying to run your DIMMs at too high a speed. In this case the limiting factor is the platform (not the memory) due to following factors: Number of DIMMs Single or dual rank DIMMs
  4. Just adding another vote for this feature
  5. Any chance the iSCSI Target plugin could be modified to create thin-provisioned qcow2 files instead of raw? qemu-img create -f qcow2 file-path -o size=Size-in-MB,preallocation=metadata
  6. Settings | Profiles | Release Profiles. "Must not contain" A blank "tags" field will make it apply to all series.
  7. I'm going to be setting up something very similar soon. I'm going to be using sanoid/syncoid, but in "pull" mode: Pull mode - The backup "pulls" snapshots from the primary server Push mode - The primary server "pushes" snapshots to the backup server. Sanoid has a configuration template for "backup" mode, meaning that it won't be generating any snapshots, but will prune old snapshots as required. This should be applied to your backup server datasets. You're much more likely to get help with sanoid/syncoid as they are much more widely used.
  8. You are unlikely to find this directly, but if you reach out to one of the sellers that flash LSI HBAs, you could ask if they would flash P16 for you.
  9. I had problems with Resilio continuously rescanning a large dataset - by default it will attempt to rescan every 10 minutes. You can set how often Resilio will rescan here: I ended up changing this to a week (604800 seconds) as in general Resilio should get notified of any new/changed files.
  10. These can be really tricky to diagnose... Do you have enough memory that you could remove half of it? If still happening, swap for the other half? Can you turn these off for a few days? My general advice is to remove/turn things off that you can to try to isolate the problem.
  11. You seem to have eth0 and eth1 bonded using LACP (802.3ad) - have you tried reverting to standard mode1 (active-passive) and non-LACP configured switch port/s? Bit of a stab in the dark, though much of the crash report seems to be network related.
  12. It's a long-shot but you may want to try WinOF v5.50.54000 (the one that's allegedly for Server2019 only) Worked fine with Win10 LTSC (1809) and ConnectX-2
  13. Try using mlxconfig to confirm SR-IOV is properly enabled on the card - step 3 here: Edit: You could probably follow the firmware update instructions in my post, but replace fw-ConnectX2-rel.mlx with fw-ConnectX3-rel.mlx I'm not sure if the format of the ini file is the same for ConnectX-3 though, ie this part: num_pfs = 1 total_vfs = 64 sriov_en = true Maybe export what's in the current config mstflint -d mtxxxxx_pc
  14. unraid - Tools / Diagnostics Download diagnostics file and upload here.
  15. I should have been a dentist... ls -al /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/packages/unRAID6-ZFS/raw/bce53432ab6891f33cd2fd16a4621b66a0c9c2dd/packages/zfs-2.0.0-unRAID-6.9.1.x86_64.tgz do you have a file here now? If so, reboot. zfs Does this command work now?