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  1. The other question is why the executable is being placed in the cpsumon directory, and not in /usr/local/bin as with other users? This means the executable is also not in path. I wonder if these are related (is Unraid automatically chmod +x'ing plugin files placed in /usr/local/bin but not a subfolder?) I don't have corsair psu connected currently so my diagnostics will not be useful.
  2. I'm running the latest RC: Unraid Version: 6.12.0-rc6 Plugin: 2023.03.26e It doesn't survive a reboot, so I get this: Until I run: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/cpsumoncli Then it starts working again:
  3. So the plugin was installed, but the command cpsumoncli was not found Uninstalling from Apps didn't do anything, and the plugin would still show as installed. Uninstalled from Plugins page And then reinstalled from Apps. Still not availalable in path and dashboard still not working root@servername:~# /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/cpsumoncli -bash: /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/cpsumoncli: Permission denied ls -alh /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/ total 16K drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 80 Mar 27 01:41 ./ drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 100 Mar 27 01:41 ../ -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 16K Mar 27 01:41 cpsumoncli drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 60 Mar 27 01:41 libcpsumon/ Added executable permission: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/cpsumoncli Now it's working! Not sure if this is a new requirement in the latest RCs? ps: I still can't execute cpsumoncli without specifying the full path: /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/cpsumoncli
  4. Any idea what the issue might be here? Unraid 6.12.0-rc6 Corsair plugin: ###2023.03.26e - Repo forked from CyanLabs/corsairpsu-unraid. Made the necessary changes for UnRAID v.6.12.0-beta7 while maintaining backwards compatibility. ttyUSB0 does appear when the AX860i is connected: Apologies if I have missed something obvious
  5. Can anyone confirm if this works with the AX860i now or is this also an unsupported model?
  6. Strictly speaking you're talking each disk being a separate pool with a single vdev containing one disk. As everyone else has pointed out, in this scenario ZFS can detect errors thanks to checksums, but will have no ability to repair them because you have no redundancy in each pool. If you want to pool dissimilar disks, Unraid arrays are perfect for this. If you want the performance and resilience of a ZFS pool, you may want to invest in some new disks.
  7. Is there any reason you don't want to create a single pool of your disks? Less total capacity? Concerns around being able to expand the array? ZFS has supported expanding raidz pools for some time now and Unraid will be adding GUI features for this at some point.
  8. Are you referring to this? Up to 4 devices supported in a mirror vdev. If I'm understanding correctly, this should almost never be an issue. Even a mirrored pool of 8 drives will typically only have 2 per vdev. Example:
  9. It's still a reasonable diagnostic step to run this all the way back to 2133/2400 and see if the issue persists. If it does and if your memory passes memtest for a reasonable amount of time, then you can move on to other potential causes. Also:
  10. ps: if you're still looking to build a second server for backups, probably the best option is sanoid to manage snapshots of your main ZFS pool, and syncoid to pull/replicate those snapshots on your backup server. I have this setup so that on startup, my backup server will replicate snapshots from my main server, send an email summary and then shut itself down.
  11. I haven't watched any of the video guides, but this includes some explanation of what's going on in the above SMB (windows share) configuration examples: One thing to consider is something like borg to backup your data offsite
  12. I would suggest mounting your ZFS pool elsewhere, ie. /mnt/poolname /mnt/diskx is where Unraid mounts disks for the Unraid array. Seems likely that is the problem?
  13. Does the pool have a mountpoint configured? zfs get mountpoint poolname
  14. I don't know what method people are using to try and have Unraid's own array system mount ZFS shares, but I don't believe that is supported. If you're happy to have an open share you can add something like this in /boot/config/smb-extra.conf [sharename] path = /mnt/poolname/dataset comment = share comment browseable = yes public = yes writeable = yes (edit: ZFS support is coming to Unraid soon and presumably this will include creating shares in the GUI for ZFS pools/datasets)
  15. Depends on your risk profile. Your disk may fail soon, on the other hand I've had disks continue to operate for tens of thousands of hours with a handful of "reported uncorrect" errors.