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  1. Also, as a side note that code doesn't work any more, last time i tested this code did. It also technically doesn't have any security implications as all it does is disables auth on that page #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & # Add Un-Authenticated access to Unraid 6.10-RC1+ for Status.php (Corsair Plugin) while [ ! -f /var/run/ ] do sleep 2 # or less like 0.2 done echo -e "# Fma965 Un-Authenticated Access\nlocation ~ /plugins\/corsairpsu\/status.php {\nallow all;\ninclude fastcgi_params;\n}\n\n# End Fma965 Un-Authenticated Access\n\n$(cat /etc/nginx/conf.d/locations.conf)" > /etc/nginx/conf.d/locations.conf; nginx -s reload # End Nginx Basic Auth Patch
  2. I've been out of the loop for a while, does unraid provide a bearer token auth method yet... you know like every single other appliance ever! sidenote, if you want PSU stats in Home Assistant use the NetData docker container works great. (assuming your PSU is supported)
  3. This has been mentioned multiple times but i'll mention it again. 1. Unraid now uses form auth not basic auth therefore the direct access to the json wont work 2. PSU's that are not supported use a completely different protocol, if a CLI exists for slackware/linux that reads the data maybe i'll consider adding it
  4. Does any one have any ideas? seems odd to me that VM's are clearly recognizing the USB but UnRaid is not
  5. Yes, you can see this in the screenshot, also my USB 2.0 controller is not DDA compatible so that rules that test out. To clarify i tried both fresh Unraid USB and my existing baremetal one (which i knew 100% worked, non UEFI) and neither worked still
  6. I didn't take a screenshot of the unraid side, but it's the standard no USB called UNRAID found error. the screenshot does however show the same VM with the same passthrough detecting the USB fine on a standard Linux Gparted live boot cd. Hmm interesting idea, unfortunately I have tried the latest stable and the latest RC with the same results, I also tried a Renesas USB controller but the same issue unfortunately. For context the computer is a 7820x on a X299-WS Pro Asus motherboard EDIT: i do have some USB 2.0 ports on this machine so i could try those i guess
  7. You can't, Hyper-V has no support for USB device passthrough (apart from for windows guests)
  8. Hey, Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately i have already tried option 1, and i can not verify the VM sees the USB stick as Unraid shuts down without any chance of user intervention after 30 seconds of waiting for UNRAID volume, as per the screenshot though the same VM booted to gparted or TrueNAS shows that the USB drive is indeed mounted fine.
  9. Hey guys I'm a little confused, with DDA Hyper-V can support passing through PCI devices. I have passed through both my HBA and USB Controller to the VM, if i boot GParted or TrueNAS i can see both the controllers and the USB Device itself, but yet when I boot UnRAID (from a VMDK copy of the USB drive because Hyper-V can't USB Boot) Unraid says "waiting for UNRAID device" but i know it's passed through. ] Any ideas what i could be missing here? Obviously DDA is relatively new but it is something that should make this possible, as shown in the picture above. Yes I know Unraid can do KVM etc, but for my own reasons I'm trying to do it this way.
  10. This just seems like a non issue really, since the RC doesn't use IPVLAN and instead uses macvlan i haven't had a single crash with it. presumably the next major Unraid version will also have macvlan so there isn't really anything to fix?
  11. There is no update, nothing is being worked on, this uses a completely different protocol so isn't supported. someone would have to make a binary (cli application) that interfaces with the AX1600i
  12. This guide is way out of date, wouldn't recommend you continue to use it.
  13. Yes because unraid removed basic auth and now uses a form auth, this is mentioned a few times in this thread.
  14. Since this plugin can be used with json output in Home Assistant etc but 6.8+ preventing Basic Auth, here is a go file tweak you can add to your go file to allow unauthenticated access to this script output and also to the system temperature plugin 6.10-RC1 Go File #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & # Add Un-Authenticated access to Unraid 6.10-RC1+ for SystemTemp.php and Status.php (Corsair Plugin) while [ ! -f /var/run/ ] do sleep 2 # or less like 0.2 done echo -e "# Fma965 Un-Authenticated Access\nlocation ~ /plugins\/corsairpsu\/status.php {\nallow all;\ninclude fastcgi_params;\n}\n\nlocation ~ /plugins\/dynamix.system.temp\/include\/SystemTemp.php {\nallow all;\ninclude fastcgi_params;\n}\n# End Fma965 Un-Authenticated Access\n\n$(cat /etc/nginx/conf.d/locations.conf)" > /etc/nginx/conf.d/locations.conf; nginx -s reload # End Un-Authenticated Access Home Assistant preview 6.8+ Go File (Patches Basic Auth back in)