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  1. You have to wait now before it will let you cert again, most likely your DNS hadn't propogated across the net so letsnecrypt wasn't going to the correct domain/ip
  2. did you restart the letsencrypt docker?
  3. thats only to do with netdata, tbh i need to update my config example as mine is so much cleaner now.
  4. its https you need to go to but really you should be accessing it from a domain externally even when internal
  5. VALIDATION http you need to add that value to the docker
  6. you cant use letsencrypt without public ip access you need to forward those ports
  7. you need to ask in the letsencrypt docker thread. also make sure all your values are right in the docker such as domain name and stuff, no simple typo's, also try setting it to not use subdomains and put your domain jxxxxx1.duckdns.org as the main url/domain
  8. just edited to say that before you posted but yeah
  9. no you need to access it from your external IP or from your DNS not from the address so you need to forward port 80 on your router to 85 and then try it from your duck dns address
  10. run the nginx docker (by linuxserver without all the SSL letsnecrypt stuff) and map it as port 81 in docker then see if you can access the nginx web page from your ip and from your duckdns domain.
  11. contact your ISP, everything else looks fine, send me a updated screenshot of your router port forwarding just to be sure.
  12. yeah it could be your ISP is blocking port 80 / 443 incoming
  13. don't be sorry it's good. Then your dynamic dns may not be up to date with your IP. or your unraid isn't
  14. Firstly thanks for adding so much info You have your port forwards backward. should be 443 to 444 and 80 to 81 not the other way around.