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  1. There are settings just not settings to change what you need as it should just work
  2. 6.8.3 is what I'm using, you blocking javascript or something?
  3. Same PSU as i have, something is wrong with your setup it works fine for me.
  4. make sure this is set to HX, Also can you show what you mean by it being blank
  5. yes but is this communicating via the corsair icue/link sdk? turn off SDK support in Corsair iCUE and restart HWinfo.
  6. Any one tried this with HWInfo on windows, does that detect it?
  7. while that does work thats less unraid specific. It's unclear what part your are actually struggling with.
  8. Unfortunately i don't have one myself to test, please join and hopefully me and @rasmus can figure it out
  9. Please can you provide some screenshots, info on your usb devices etc.
  10. Others haven't needed to, try it, any issues let me know your unraid version etc.
  11. It's released Now with AXi Support!
  12. Awesome, will fix that table border and release new version sometime in the next few days.