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  1. it uses a different protocol this won't work.
  2. Works fine for me, i can't do anything more than test it on my own powersupply so someone with the issue will need to investigate further.
  3. So yeah not entirely sure what happened there, i just did basically the same thing again and it didn't convert to CRLF, but i never opened the files weird, either way should be all working now
  4. It does appear this is the issue but that makes no sense as i haven't modified any files other than the plg file.
  5. Thanks for the fix, i have merged and updated the plg file
  6. Thanks, but i don't have time to investigate this currently so someone can PR me if they want or i will look when i can
  7. Noted, way to busy to investigate this currently though
  8. There are settings just not settings to change what you need as it should just work
  9. 6.8.3 is what I'm using, you blocking javascript or something?
  10. Same PSU as i have, something is wrong with your setup it works fine for me.
  11. make sure this is set to HX, Also can you show what you mean by it being blank
  12. yes but is this communicating via the corsair icue/link sdk? turn off SDK support in Corsair iCUE and restart HWinfo.
  13. Any one tried this with HWInfo on windows, does that detect it?