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  1. It's released https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cyanlabs/corsairpsu-unraid/master/corsairpsu.plg Now with AXi Support!
  2. Awesome, will fix that table border and release new version sometime in the next few days.
  3. you can just try this plugin now anyway https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cyanlabs/corsairpsu-unraid/dual/corsairpsu.plg Settings > Utilities > Corsair PSU set type to AXi Please let me know the outcome, this is a BETA, the table will show uptime and stuff as 0 as the AX psu's don't support this. i will remove this section on the actual release.
  4. Guys i need more peoples AX outputs to be able to fully determine what values are important etc if you have a AX psu download the compiled binary above and send me a text copy of the applications output like above. @FranciumF @buggex @cpthzrd
  5. So guys, i've made some progress with the help of @rasmus This is running on UnRAID Here is a compiled version of just the CLI application, extract and dump it in /usr/local/bin via SCP (SSH), windows users can use WinSCP for example. the path of the binary needs to be /usr/local/bin/cpsumon/cpsumoncli https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LqRRKbqku96GYuQ8oHc9_TQDSY58uQKi/view?usp=sharing you will still need to do the unbind/bind THIS IS NOT A USER INTERFACE THIS IS MERELY THE COMPILED BINARY, I AM WORKING ON ADDING SUPPORT BUT THIS IS JUST A PROGRESS UPDATE.
  6. if any one wants to help get AX support working, join my discord https://discord.gg/rjb3z87 in channel #corsair-psu
  7. echo -n "1-11:1.0" > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/cp210x/bind is the 1-11:1.0 the same after you reboot? i presume it is. if so a simple edit to your /boot/config/go file will allow set that driver correctly on boot each time and then the rest could be handled in my plugin.
  8. Please follow what @rasmus has done above and send me the output of the command. i wan't to check how consistent the output data is.
  9. Yeah this is a super simple conversion of the ini files that unraid / dynamix use and converts them to JSON just for external access.
  10. AX PSU's use a different method, i am looking in to what can be done based on the information above. Difficult to implement without having my own AX psu though.
  11. I've spoke to him and have some idea on what to do, it's a little more difficult for me than his as he uses a docker container. i will see what i can do when i get time, if anyone wants to implement it and send a PR thats fine.
  12. for what? also aren't you the same guy i was speaking to on discord?
  13. AX PSU's won't work as discussed previously in this thread, they work on completely different protocols, the ones in that list you quoted are already in the ax-test build so if it's not working then it's not supported.
  14. try the test version https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Cyanlabs/corsairpsu-unraid/ax-test/corsairpsu.plg 0x1c09, /* RM550i */ 0x1c0a, /* RM650i */ 0x1c0b, /* RM750i */ 0x1c0c, /* RM850i */ 0x1c0d, /* RM1000i */ 0x1c03, /* HX550i */ 0x1c04, /* HX650i */ 0x1c05, /* HX750i */ 0x1c06, /* HX850i */ 0x1c07, /* HX1000i */ 0x1c08, /* HX1200i */