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  1. I'm not quite following you... You say in your previous post that it only backed up 'Gameserver', but in your last post, you say "It find GameServer and does the backup of UbuntuServer and WinAP". Which is it? Does it back up the Ubuntu and WinAP or no? Is that log you posted complete, or is there more to it? Check your settings and make sure [Backup all VMs?] is set to [Yes], or that you have a list of VMs specified below that line. What happens if you run the missing backups manually? Do they complete successfully, or is there an error? Sorry, I'm a novice at this myself, just throwing stuff out that I ran into in my setup.
  2. What does your log report?
  3. So my issue of this docker randomly stopping itself has returned. I'm still on unRAID 6.11.5, so I know it's not a version compatibility issue. I pulled the log, and the only thing I see is what's shown in the attached screenshot. Does that help anyone?
  4. I know next to nothing about plugin development or installation, but it looks to me like, in the first case, it's trying to install the plugin, not run one that's already installed. This leads me back to my original guess of there being something fishy going on with compatibility (or lack thereof) with v6.12. I'd start there, and ask for general help (in another thread maybe?) where those who are familiar with how plugins act can perhaps help track down the specific issue. All I know is that mine works fine(ish), and I'm on 6.11.5. Sorry.
  5. Is that the same as what @CodeGlitcher is experiencing? He said his is uninstalling itself. That doesn't sound like the same thing to me. What unRAID version are you both running? We need more info to troubleshoot this. If you're on 6.12.x, then that may be your problem right there. Quite a few dockers and plugins aren't playing nice with 6.12 yet. For example, I rely on ZeroTier for a connection to my files for work, but it's not quite reliable on 6.12 yet, so I can't upgrade. I'm still on 6.11.5 until they get that sorted out. You may be seeing something similar here.
  6. Lots of us still use it, and I believe it's still in semi-active development. It indeed has some outstanding issues, but I've never heard of it getting uninstalled at reboot. That sounds like an issue on your server side. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for a specific solution, but you might want to do some research in general on plugins getting uninstalled when you reboot. Maybe that's happened to other plugins?
  7. That does seem to be very similar, if not the same solution as outlined by @Vivent. Sorry you had to revert to get it working. I'd love to upgrade, but I just can't take the chance of losing ZT access. I rely on it for work.
  8. Were you using @Vivent's trick on 6.12.2 or no?
  9. That's great to hear, thanks for the additional info!
  10. This is good news! More testing is required ... can anyone else confirm that this method works?
  11. Thanks so much for this confirmation! I was on the fence about upgrading to 6.12, but this made up my mind to wait a bit longer. I just can't risk breaking compatibility with certain key containers I rely on, such as this one!
  12. Maybe PM the author directly? He mentioned that he was willing to try to edit the script to include support for VM names with spaces way back when he released it. Perhaps he just forgot?
  13. I don't know what that script is you are referring to, but all my VMs have spaces in the name, and just using this plugin, they back up just fine if I run them manually. I've been having trouble with them failing to run on the schedule for a while now, but I think that's a separate issue. EDIT: Oh, the restoration script! I had forgotten all about that! Hmm, that never got fixed?
  14. No way! I'll check it out, thanks!