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  1. "no version information available" messages are fine, you can ignore them, it's not what causes the issue.
  2. The image was updated to use the latest 1.6.2 Zerotier version.
  3. So, you probably want to switch the discussion into Unraid main support threads, because it's a problem with your Unraid linux kernel configuration most likely. Unraid should have this device mounted by default. Some reference that could help: I would examine: grep CONFIG_DEVTMPFS /usr/src/<whatever you have here>/.config and ensure that it's CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y (DEVTMPFS should auto-mount devices like /dev/net/tun)
  4. > Edit: I should also point out that no files, data, etc. is present within the appdata folder for this container. This is ok, Zerotier can't start to put anything there yet. > Yup! Installed it straight from community apps, and it is set to run with privileges. No idea in that case for now. Here is Zerotier explanation about /dev/net/tun and what should be done to have an access to it. I pass required parameters "--device=/dev/net/t
  5. Did you install the container from CA? Do you run the container with "Privileged: ON"?
  6. @FreeMan I don't know to be honest, at least for me Zerotier by default assigns ZT clients the same IP addresses all the time, never happened that they changed. You need to do what you described just to manually assign the IP you want. But automatically assigned IP is also static, at least in my case.
  7. @Max > okay i somehow fixed it, the only wierd thing that i noticed was that somehow on network that i created on myzerotier website had my local ips too under advanced - managed routes. It's the reason and that why I included this in the manual in the header: "if ZeroTier "Managed routes" intersect with your physical local IPs - better change Zerotier range to be different". I will edit the manual to make it more noticeable. Looks like it's connected now and if it has "Online" status at the Zerotier website UI - everything is done right on the unraid side. You
  8. @Max I don't have this problem, if you can debug it by attaching a keyboard and a display to your server and investigate why it's unavailable - could be useful, maybe some Zerotier bug on your specific configuration. There is a bug report from one of the users that 1.4.6 misbehaves on MacOS for him: Also, if you use the default app config now - you use the latest Zerotier version 1.4.6. To use the old bugfixed one (1.2.12) you can specify 1.2.12 tag in your Zerotier app configuration like "Repository: spikhalskiy/zerotier:1.2.12". It cou
  9. 1.4.6 is released for everybody, the CLI instructions in the topic header are updated for the new docker image layout.
  10. @Pducharme I published spikhalskiy/zerotier:1.4.6 with the latest version. If you need the latest release - you can test this tag. I will release it to everybody when I test it for multiple days and check that it's stable.
  11. @Pducharme Yeah, there is a reason for it: But I'm going to update to 1.4.6 some time soon.
  12. @FreeMan It's really hard to tell, never had anything like that. You can get really a lot of useful information about the zerotier current state running these 3 commands: ./zerotier-cli info ./zerotier-cli listnetworks ./zerotier-cli listpeers But Zerotier client doesn't produce a lot of logs at all, so it's hard to get a history of states and reasons of their changes. There is a build flag that allows to build Zerotier in a "trace" mode, but it's PITA. Can you get an output of these commands when your servers are shown as off in Zerotier console? You obviously need to be in a lo
  13. In the head post of the thread there are examples of specific commands that are working in this docker after opening a CLI to it: ./zerotier-cli info ./zerotier-cli listnetworks ./zerotier-cli listpeers