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  1. You can just do as I do. Use exclusion to exclude metadata and subs from being uploaded.
  2. Sorry you are right, I've just reverted back to standard port 32400. But would it be more safes or is 32400 standard good enough since it's not a directly attached login local on Plex?
  3. Thanks so what you are saying that it is just as secure opening port 32400 instead of running it behind a reverse proxy? I don't have port 32400, since it's running on reverse proxy so port 1443 is open and also configured at 1443 at Plex settings.
  4. Because I can use my subdomain without using specific ports. I think it would also make more security?
  5. Hi is anyone here using Plex on a reverse proxy? I have installed Letsencrypt (Swag now) and have setup Plex and other dockers on proxynet. I can get it all to work, but I can't get Plex to be green on remote access. I have specified public port as 1443 (used Spaceinvaders guide) and setup custom server access URLs as my domain. I can't get it to work on remote access no matter what I try and it says indirect playback and max 2 mbps on my cell phone outside my home network, have disabled any bandwidth limitations. Can someone please help me:)
  6. Is it possible to check somehow if the passwords are correct for the mounts created?
  7. Is it possible to check somehow if the passwords are correct for the mounts created?
  8. Hi first thanks for the excellent videos SpaceInvader. I have downloaded letsencrypt and followed the video but after selecting the newly created network with Sonarr I can't access Sonarr event locally. Do any of you have an idea what is wrong?
  9. Hi thanks for the fine answer using Usenet and just DL to standard share. When I did DL to UD then I get fast speed so it must be parity writing. I initially did DL to SSD also fast speed but have a Samsung EVO 860 or 870 can't remember but I didn't want to use that because of the tearing so I only use that for dockers. Does that makes sense?
  10. I'm still not 100% satisfying with my download. When I download something I only get around 20 Mbps and have gigabit line. I have tried in both local and mergerfs folder. Could it be perhaps the parity is writing and slowing down and if so, how do I solve it?
  11. Hi in my mountfolders, I just want media\tv When I do: MountFolders=\{"media/tv"\} I get 2 folders. 1 media\tv which is correct but also a {media with subfolder tv} How do I stop that?
  12. Hi, sorry I have a couple of extra questions: 1. If I set my download folder to /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/downloads I will only get around 10 MBps, if I set my download folder to /mnt/local/downloads I will get around 70 MBps. So when you write there's less chance something goes wrong I want to make sure I get more benefits when using mergerfs folder, since my DL speed is sincerely limited if I use that method. Is other experiencing the same and are there any major disadvantages to use local instead? 2. How often do you scan library in Plex, and will a "Run a partial sca
  13. So will it be fine to create download folder in the root of /mnt/mergerfs/ and move completed into each of the crypt folders?