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  1. I got videos in ISO and BDMV files/folders on the unraid server and want to convert all to mkv, which will also be on the unraid sever. I use Emby to paly videos and mkv works better for Emby. I assume I can do it from my Win10 computer with an app running on the Win10 computer. But should I instead do it with an app on the unraid server? Does having the app and the files on the same machine make it faster? How do you do it - on Win10 or on unraid? Any suggestion what app to use? Apps that require knowing linux, would not be good for me.
  2. It seems like most people do one or two cycles. If I have time, I do two. About half of my drives I do one cycle. An 18TB takes about 1.5 days for one cycle. I use default settings as shown below. Usually I am doing new drives, so I pick "clear" (not erase and clear). But I am not too sure about it, so I hope you get some replies.
  3. If you want internal w 5yr warranty, this Seagate 18TB is competitive. Price dropped by $40 since Sept.
  4. Limetech could add some more info in describing the number of drives limits per license type. Currently all it says is: If you know what "attached to the server" means, and the significance of "before starting the array", then it is complete, but some extra words would have helped me. From reading on the forum, I think the following is true. I use the word "drives" to be the same as "storage devices": "Attached to the server" means it includes parity drives, array drives, cache drives, and 'unassigned devices' drives. Am I missing anything? "Attached to the server before starting the array" means you can attach more drives after the array is started, and they will show up as "unassigned devices" and they will not count towards your drive limit. This it very useful since SATA drives are usually hot-swapable, meaning they can be attached to the server while it is running. VM drives for the "Basic" and "Plus" licenses: I will leave for others to clarify. After Unraid starts, does it show somewhere the number of drives it counted?
  5. Wow. Awesome support from you , xthursdayx! Thanks very much. Your reply is a great reference for me since my memory and knowledge of this stuff is not the greatest. And your tips for emby i will follow. I don't know how emby uses DLNA or what for, but so far all is working well again, and I did not loose anything from roon playlists etc. If you want to see the 3 question marks for roon ports, go into any unraid docker container setting screen, and click the and you will see it. But now with your reply, I know what really is going on with the roon ports. I also posted at roon labs forum and steef replied that he does not recommend messing with assigning ports for roon in the container settings - that when he tried it, it did not work well. I think i went thru 3 or 4 updates with no problems, but this last one got me. Thankfully fixable. There was one good side effect - my Sabnzbd container downloads about 25% faster now! My guess is it had something to do with emby and removing the DLNA port assignment.
  6. Over at roon labs forum, one other person, Perter L, reported the same problem as me after the last roon update. I have narrowed it down to be a roon vs emby conflict. I can run any and all containers, except emby, and roon works fine (both server and remotes). Here is what unraid shows for port allocaitons: I think I had this problem before, I fixed it by changing a path and/or path mapping in emby. This time, I fixed it a different way - by deleting emby port 1900 allocation (DNLA UDP). So now, it seems everything is working, both emby and roon, and remotes for both. Here is details for the port allocation I deleted: I think this came automatically with the container by linuxserver. It said "optiona"l, so I deleted it. I don't know what it is for, or if I will discover other problems later. Can I assign a port number to the roon container?
  7. xthurdayx, thanks for the time for your extensive reply. I am guessing maybe its a port assignment error. When I look at the room container port mapping it only show 3 question marks. I cannot remember if that is normal. All other containers show a 4 digit port number. Roon labs say they do not support undoing updates. They also do not support unraid. The nag to update came on my ipad running roon remote. It asked if I should update all devices and I replied yes. I assume, and it appears to update all remotes - ipad, iphone, Win10 desktop. But I don't know if it can, or did, update the server in the unraid container, and I don't know how to check that. Too bad I think I loose my playlists if I do this. So far, the roon backup seems to always be useless for how my system fails. Very false sense of security. This is the 5th time I loose my playlist in 2 years. I use SSD cache for the appdata directory. Here is my mappings: If I recall correctly, the last path, the data path, is a secondary location for some of my music. Maybe I should delete that path map. My regular unraid parity check just completed today and reported, in a yellow box (not red box) "836 errors". The previous one a month ago had no errors. So today I ran "Fix common problems" and it says "no errors". Today I ran for all 8 disks the "SMART short self-test" and all 8 say "Completed without error".
  8. Sorry for complaining, but it is info. I got the usual nag to update roon. I knew if I said "no" to the update, it would nag constantly into the infinite future. So I gave in, I updated roon from my ipad running Roon Remote, and now nothing works. The 3 devices that run roon do NOT work. the Unraid server with roon container - No web interface but I guess it is workin. And I cannot figure out how to undo the update, and Roon website i was not able to find info, not even how to contact a HUMAN. So I sent in a help request in "how to contact a human". There is definitely humans here, so Howdy to y'all. and if you got anything to add, I'm all ears (eyes?). Friday night and roon ain't working blues.
  9. Recently, I was able to go about a good 10 days before it slowed down. Was down to less than 100 queued. Then did remove and re-install. Worked only for 2 days. Then did remove and re-install. Worked only for 2 days. Then did remove and re-install. Only 180 downloads queued now. Eventually I may give SABnzb a try.
  10. My usenet is paid version of nzb.su and nzbgeek, and free versions of nzbhunter and usenet-crawler. With these, for 4 months, never had the problem, until this last week.
  11. Happened again. Took only 12 hrs to drop from 5MBs to 0.5MBs download rate. Did reinstall again and it "fixed" it again, but now I am pretty sure it will slowly slow down over 12 hours. I guess at some point I may switch to Sabnzb, but I hate to recreate the queue. I have 500 downloads queued. Is that part of the problem? Is there any way to troubleshoot this with logs? I also wonder if my ISP is doing this.
  12. 20 hr later update. Nzbget download rate slowed to a crawl, even though my internet is tested to be fast. I tried again with the removal of the nzbget container, then re-installed the container using unraid "previous apps". And now my nzbget download is fast. I am guessing it will last for a 12 to 24 hours, then I may need to do it again. At the same time i updated unraid from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2, and all my containers needed updates too, so did that too. Maybe that will help keep the download rate high.
  13. Hey. I did remove the nzbget container, then re-installed the container using unraid "previous apps". And IT WORKED GOOD! I did not loose my download queue. And it is downloading at full speed. What a relief! Unraid and my dockers frequently give me a good scare, but usually I can fix it, with time and effort. Is it fair to assume it will become more bulletproof as the years proceed? Sometimes I wonder if running emby, with tv antenna, and all the *arrs, and doing disk rebuilds, and parity checks, and doing preclears - if it overloads it and causes problems?
  14. Hey RecycledBits, thanks for your post. I had not thought about the energy saving of one 18TB vs two of 9TB, but it makes sense. I would give more weight to your experience since you had a lot more drives than me. Were many of your 8TB SMR used in unraid array? Not sure if that makes any difference. Other posts said SMR worked very well in unraid.