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  1. So I switched to WD and ordered this today at serverpartdeals.com with free shipping and no sales tax WD Ultrastar 18TB HDD DC HC550 WUH721818ALE6L4 (0F38459)
  2. Sadly for me, Seagate has the highest failure rate at Backblaze: And, after the 5yr warranty ends, is when the fails rapidly increase. In regards to "dead on arrival" Backblaze data is unclear as far as I can tell.
  3. For those of you with both ROON AND EMBY containers: After every update of Emby, I always need to delete the port assignment 1900 for DNLA, by clicking the Remove button. Only then will Emby container start. Here is what it looks like before clicking the top Remove button: Thankfully Emby does not update as often as Roon. Edit: I found this in Emby. I will UNcheck it with the hope that the next update it does not create the port 1900 mapping for DNLA.
  4. If I recall correctly, there are settings in unraid and/or in containers, that cause your problem, and it is not specific to any particular container. So maybe also check in the more general forums.
  5. I guess backblaze supports that? You may need to clarify that it is sold as new, "and truly is new" (to eliminate if someone lies an sells it as new, but it is not new).
  6. A few weeks ago it seemed when I did "update all" from my ipad, that it did NOT update the core (core = Unraid Tower with Roon container). My ipad is nagging today that I should update my core which is currently 1.8 build 952, so I am going to try "update all" from my remote ipad and see if it works and watch closely what happens. Ok, I clicked "update all" and nothing happened for about 50 seconds, then it said trying to update core but cannot find core, then quickly changed to the moving icon that shows roon is working, and the working icon ran for roughly 2 minutes. After that it seems to be running normal except for the spinning indicator that it is working in the background, which is OK as I can use it when it does that. I checked "about" and yes, it did update to 1.8 build 970. CONCLUSION You can "update all" from your remote (like everyone has said), but you may need to be patient twice, and ignore when it briefly says it cannot find the core.
  7. Mine uses 2.6GB and is steady, with 3TB music collection.
  8. Should we have/start a separate thread for "Roon updating", and "Roon port conflicts w other apps"? I am not sure it is good idea so checking what you all think. If you say yes, I may try to copy certain posts from this thread to those threads. But I'm too lazy/busy to promise.
  9. I am not sure which vendor you refer to. Maybe Amazon vendors "tech on tech" and "hyperhawk"? Even though there were high % DOA, they all checked out as having full warranty. I don't know if high failure rates is the vendors fault since the shipper and the manufacturer are also involved.
  10. Good to hear that. That is ideal. Can it also be updated from the Unraid docker screen? Does it do the same thing either way?
  11. I ran a 1st correcting parity check and it reported 256 errors, and I think it fixed the errors, because the next (2nd) parity check without error correction showed zero errors. So should I relax and go back to normal use of unraid? 1st tower-diagnostics-20220503-1728.zip2nd tower-diagnostics-20220505-1700.zip
  12. Thanks for replies. I will try updating the core and all, from the nag next time, and pay attention if it works. I think for most programs we should only update dockers from the unraid docker tab, but the Roon core docker is unusual, so I guess it does not apply.
  13. How to handle Roon updates if the Roon core is on Unraid NAS in a docker. Trying to refresh my memory on this: Is it correct that: We should only upgrade the Roon core via Unraid's docker page? We should NOT update the Roon core via Roon app nagging to update? If you updated the core from the Roon app, it does not work, but it does not harm anything? When the Roon app gives a nag to update, it gives a choice of "update all" or "view details" or "x" to close the nag. I clicked view details then it showed that it is my Unraid Tower that it wants to update. Here is screenshot: I think one time i clicked it to "update all", but nothing happened to the core. So it seems the core update fails, but maybe there is no harm done to the core.
  14. I will run correcting parity check, get diagnostics, then run non correcting parity check and get diagnostics. Each parity check takes about 2 days. One problem I have is my internet is DSL on a very noisey copper wire phone line. I have voice phone (POTS) on the same line and it is so noisy we can not use it for voice anymore.