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  1. The update nag came back, every time i restart Roon on any devices. I succeeded in doing update today, to 1.8 build 806. It was scary at first, since my remotes did not work at first. I don't know how much of this was needed, or if I caused the problem by what I did, so I just tried things to fix it: Rebooted unraid, but remotes still not working (remotes are windows PC, and iphone) Uninstalled Roon on the remote PC. Downloaded new Roon to remote PC. All is working now. The iphone remote started working correctly after this, without doing re-install or anything. Only 1
  2. Thanks to your advice, I was able to find I was using "backup" in my Roon container. I changed it to "backups" now. I got a feeling that will fix it. Thanks very much. Edit: I found nzbHydra2 also created a "backup" folder as a default. Fixed that too.
  3. I deleted a user share named "backup", and deleted it's folder using Krusader, but it keeps coming back into my user shares. It does not come back immediately, but it comes back eventually. How do I delete it permanently? I have another share I want to keep, named "backups" with an "s", which has not been any problem, but I wonder if it causes the above problem. Just now deleted the share "backup" again. But I was not able to see it in Krusader after that. I may have been mixed up about the sequence when I recall deleting in Krusader in the past. But I do expec
  4. If I use this app, CA Appdata Backup, then is there any reason to backup Sonarr (using the backup feature inside Sonarr) ? I run Sonarr with a Unraid container.
  5. Good news for this Roon container. I now think I did not have a port conflict problem. After I fixed an emby path problem, all works good for both emby and this Roon container, without any port re-assignments. Also I did another update of this Roon container yesterday, and all is working.
  6. Jonatham, you mentioned the affect of frequency. There may be a curve for freq. vs effic. but but I cannot find it. Maybe the T model keeps the freq in a more effcient spot than the K (if we ignore other equipment affected by making it all run longer). Adding how the other equip is affected preferably would be included, if I knew how. I am guessing hi freq is less effic because it get hotter, and hotter conductors have more resistance, compounding the issue and wasting more on heat. I am not confident in that guess. If my guess is correct, do better CPU coolers save energy o
  7. A month ago, my CPU heatsink was not mounted correctly. In the dashboard I could see it was very hot, so it apppeared to be throttled, based on dashboard showing utilization of each core. But I do not recall seeing any warning in FCP (fix common problems). Maybe I missed it. Thanks to dashboard, I fixed it.
  8. It should be easier to get good data about energy consumption. Idle power, watts per caclulation, etc. I guess not enough people care. Until then, the TDP is a practical data point. I assume the mobile versions of CPUs (low power) would be appropriate. I ended up getting a used Intel i7-7700T for $250. The T at the end means for mobile (low power). Now, the lowest my entire unraid computer goes is 38 watts, I assume when nearly everything is idling. I have 6 hard drives and 1 nvme drive. My power supply is 450 watt, Seasonic G-450, 80 Plus Gold. I was hoping AM
  9. I searched this thread for the word "warning" but not much came up. I like that I get a warning for hard drive temps too hot. Can I get that for CPU temp?
  10. How do I setup paths for this Emby container for two tv folders? Here are the two I want: /data/media/tv/ (used for tv shows from Usenet) /data/media/tv antenna/ (used for tv shows from antenna and Emby DVR) My share is "data". Here is for 1. data/media/tv Do I need to create a another container path for "tv antenna" for recordings? If yes, what do I put for container path and host path? The following did not work:
  11. I clicked "fix" and it fixed it. Easy peasy. Now my "fix common problems" is clean, which I like. Thanks.
  12. Roon and Emby seem to be working now. Maybe it just needed one or two reboots. xthursdayx, do you mean that the TEMPLATE URL warning is to be expected, but of no concern, and that it is OK, regardless if i click nothing, click fix, or click ignore? If the answer is "yes" that would be good news.
  13. 10 minutes later. With emby kept 1900 to 1900, I rebooted unraid. Both roon and emby containers autostarted. Emby works correct - I can delete files. But now I get a "fix common problems" message that says Before clicking "apply fix" i look at roon container settings and it says "Docker Hub URL: https://hub.docker.com/r/steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver/ " Is this bad? Is it a result of UPNP not working? Should I click "apply fix"? Next, I turned off all autostarts then rebooted again, started only roon, kept emby off, and I still get the same warning about
  14. Wikipedia says "UPnP uses UDP port 1900". Now I find, for some reason, both Roon and Emby experts find it easy to overlook that they both use port 1900 for UPNP and DLNA, but when pointed out, they agree it is true. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-server-udp-1900/58299/10 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61815-what-are-embys-linux-server-ports/. With emby port 1900 kept as 1900, I noticed, if I start emby container first, then roon, then they both start, but I cannot delete files from within emby. And, if roon container is started first, I ca
  15. My cache is btrfs, but my array is xfs. I think the number of inodes is fixed for xfs, so I was interested if Roon, using so many small files would have a problem. But the more I researched it, the less I was concerned, and now I have no concern at all. Now that you mention cache using btrfs should show zero inodes, I am glad you explained it, and that it can self adjust as needed.