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  1. Because I do not understand those scripts. I don't speak Linux. Maybe I should try harder. Another docker option with GUI is LuckyBackup. Does anyone use it, or something with GUI?
  2. RE: Backup of some folders in unraid array to unassigned hard drives: My unraid is at home. As a backup stategy, I am thinking after backing up certain folders in the array to the UD drives, I would remove the UD drives and take them to store at my work place. I was thinking a full backup once a year, and incremental backups every 3 months. Should I use urbackup docker? Or do it from Windows 10 using Macrium Reflect? Or other recommendation? Thanks.
  3. It is 2021. Do we still need Dynamix TRIM for SSD's?
  4. Do we need ALSA to play DSD audio recordings? If yes, then I want it too.
  5. It was, but that was when I had the wrong paths (everything went to RAM only) and it locked up and crashed, never really doing a build. Now that I fixed it, I do not see the nags yet. After my library and analysis is done, I will do a backup, then try update, and report back here.
  6. Hoopster, that is a clear explanation of what I think is an important subject. Thanks very much. I am used to windows where it seems like everything with a path (that I see as a user) is a physical path.
  7. #1 mnt/user/appdata/ (correct way) Is it correct to say w #1 : When app starts it is read from disk (or cache?) into ram (or cache?), and then runs in ram , and when stopped is stored on disk (or cache?) then stopped? #2 /mnt/appdata/ (incorrect way) w #2 , as itimpi says "The contents are only in RAM and will be lost on shutdown." But I do not understand why this occurs - why it does not go to disk. It's OK, I do a lot of the unraid path mapping by prescription since I have a hard time understanding. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I think it is supposed to run in RAM, not sure, but shutdown and store on drive. Why? I think you are all correct. I look at my other dockers and they are with "user" folder, including appdata. I will try it.
  9. Are you recommending it be /mnt/user/appdata/roonserver/app ? Why?
  10. Subject: Updating I read most containers (BinHex or LinuxIO) say do not update thru the app, but instead update through the Docker tab in Unraid where at the bottom is a button to Update. But I think you all say, this container is different and I can update thru the app (in other words, when it nags to update, I can click "update all" on the Roon remote control app on ipad). Is this correct? I now have Roon Remote on my ipad (v1.8 build 756) and on my win10 (v1.8 build 763). And already it is nagging me to update every time I start the app, and I cannot figure out what buil
  11. Edit: Deleted post. I made a stupid mistake on the paths but fixed it now.
  12. Fix Common Problems says: Invalid folder appdata contained within /mnt Generally speaking, most times when other folders get created within /mnt it is a result of an improperly configured application. This error may or may not cause issues for you. But I thought I was supposed to set my path that way for Roon container as shown in graphic below. Also I thought mnt/appdata/roonserver/app is the same as mnt/cache/appdata/roonserver/app since I have my appdata share set to cache only.
  13. I ran my core in Windows 10 for a year, then I created a backup lately. Now I installed this container and assigned it as the core, then tried to restore that backup (when it asked me to sign in, I click "restore backup"). But the restoration of the backup fails. Can I do this? Are there any tricks?
  14. Thanks. I will fix this right away. I found my answer how to do it here https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Storage_Management#Replacing_disks I can use the "normal replacement" even though I am going from 4TB to 8TB, because my parity is already 8TB.
  15. Notice Disk 3 was a 4TB disk and is not installed. Here is screen of my current: I think it was one or two years ago I removed that physical disk as I did not need it or want it. I do not recall procedures. Now, I think maybe there is a software procedure (shrink array) that I did not do that I should have done, and that it is bad to leave it, because now I think my parity protection is being consumed for it, and If I loose another disk I really lose it. Is that correct? When I click "view" for disk 3, it shows zero folders and zero files, which is what I exp