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  1. It might be a prudent idea. But it's unlikely that any of your old PSU's will fail within the next few years considering their operational loads. And even less likely that they will damage other components if the failure does happen. You might consider opening them up to dust off the internals while checking for bulged capacitors. -
  2. A 24 drive system (as opposed to a consumer-grade 12-14 drive one) would be a big jump in complexity and likely noise. It wouldn't be advisable to start at that level If you're not an IT-pro. That's probably why there were no other responses to your question. I think it would make more sense to start with a 12-16 drive system pictured in this thread:
  3. What is your current NAS system?
  4. Can you clarify why you need the HBA?
  5. I suspect It's gonna be a long while before those start showing up in retail (more than 6 months). And even then I don't think that the 20 TB versions are gonna be a similarly great deal compared to their 10-18 TB brethren (as with the Expansion externals) if Seagate switches in those back to the SMR tech. At least I haven't heard of them making any noises of developing SMR versions in the 10-18 TB range.
  6. The selected motherboard won't fit into the Node 304 case. It's designed to accept mini-ITX boards. MSI B460M-A PRO is a larger micro-ATX. On another note, the thermal qualities of both of those cases don't seem to be all that great. Have you considered the Node 804 case? It's designed to accept micro-ATX boards and has superior thermals (to keep HDD's as cool as possible).
  7. EVGA 500 White is a low quality PSU - Avoid!
  8. Nothing to do with discounting and everything to do with lower levels of taxation, inefficiency and retail greed.
  9. Hear ya! But in the case with the hard drives it was clearly the Chia mining hype and nothing else. Now that the disk buying panic related to Chia is over, the prices have started to slowly come down. Doesn't mean that they will return back to the pre Chia levels. Not until a sizable number of the Chia miners completely loose interest in expanding their "farms" and stop buying new disks.
  10. Welcome! Please keep it in mind that probably even more people are using consumer grade boards, especially when they're just starting. Because it's a much cheaper and simpler approach to building a home server.
  11. Seems like it's about to change with the hardware acceleration support being worked on:
  12. I run the N2 on Coreelec as a client. Sorry, don't use Emby. This long thread might be of interest:
  13. EVGA 500W White is a low quality PSU - avoid.