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  1. My Calibre Docker's WebUI now announces itself as "Guacamole Client". I think with previous versions it called itself "Calibre". What can I do to change this? -- Chris
  2. Tagging on here in the hope of responses relevant to this thread: I'm trying to understand UnRAID's FTP service. I notice that there are several FTP dockers available in the Apps Store, although I see from /etc/inetd.conf that UnRAID offers the option to run a choice of two FTP servers (vsftpd and proftpd). What advantages do the dockers offer in this context? -- Chris
  3. Did you take SED any further, @stereobastler? I'm hoping to investigate the possibility of using hdparm to set the password on SED drives, rather than using the BIOS. There's an hdparm parameter, --sanitize-crypto-scramble, that I believe might do the trick, Do you, or anybody else here, know anything about this? -- Chris
  4. @dimes007 Did you take your SED investigation any further? I'm preparing an encryption supplement to the Tested Technology UnRAID story and would welcome any more information. -- Chris
  5. Thanks, @itimpi. I'll follow that through. BTW, I have a Pro licence---I'm not trying to limit my drive count. -- Chris
  6. I've installed UnRAID on a QNAP NAS without opening it up to remove the DOM. I want to ensure that the DOM and its contents remain intact in case I ever want to derepurpose it back to being a QNAP again. The WebUI seems to offer no easy way to hide the DOM from UnRAID so I've marked it as read-only. It occurs to me that I might also mark it as pass-though but pass it through to nothing. Does this make sense? Will this achieve my aim? -- Chris
  7. I've much to learn about dockers, @saarg, lovely things that they are, so thanks for that. Is there any particular objection to my using a custom network as described? It seems to be the logical and recommended approach. -- Chris
  8. How does that work out, @saarg? I'll try this if you think it's a good idea, but I'd expect it still to have the base IP address of the docker, not of the UnRAID NAS. -- Chris
  9. It's great to have calibre running on my UnRAID server. Thanks for that. Makes more sense than installing it on some random LAN client. Or, worse, several of them. I'm running into a problem, though, that exposes my ignorance of dockers. When I try to set up the Content Server it announces that it's running on a network wildly different from my LAN., which knows nothing of I can change the port, of course, but can't seem to find where or how to map the LAN address to my own. Installed on a LAN client, as calibre has always been for me in the past, the addres
  10. I'm puzzled by the notifications I found on my Dashboard this morning: a report that the parity check has concluded successfully, immediately followed by an error message from Parity Check Tuning that the parity check was aborted. (I am assuming that notifications are stacked newest uppermost.) My guess is that Parity Check Tuning is assuming that if it is set to run in increments of (say) three hours, any cessation of the parity check short of that time is "an abort". If this is right, unless the whole parity run mod 3 isn't exactly zero we're always going to see this "abort" noti
  11. It's for creating comics. An Android app called PicSay. Very easy and useful. I use it quite a bit. -- Chris
  12. OK, I've moved on and taken down the link to that private Tested Technology page about my struggles with the Cosmos (possible title for my autobiography, perhaps?). The real UnRAID story starts here. -- Chris
  13. I'm not sure I see how that improves the security. And what if—as in my case—the array is unencrypted? -- Chris
  14. Reposted from the General forum where it was incorrectly posted. Many thanks to @JorgeB for the redirection. With some additional thoughts (see below). ====cut here==== I've just precleared a 16TB drive and formatted it as btrfs-luks against a pass phrase. I want to mount it and share it as an unassigned device. It won't mount. Sensible, because I'm not giving it the pass phase. But I can't give it the pass phrase because I'm not being offered any way of entering the pass phrase. I'm struggling to find documentation in the manual abou
  15. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (as I'm almost sure it must be) but I've searched the topic and googled the Web and not found the answer. Which probably means it's bleedin' obvious, hence my apologies. I want to preclear a 16TB drive that's currently one of three unassigned devices. One of them is the DOM of the QNAP box hosting UnRAID. The other is an external USB hard drive. The preclear UI seems to be threatening to preclear all three of these devices. How do I ensure it only preclears the 16TB drive? (Yes, I can unplug the external USB drive, but the DOM is glued