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  1. I should have saved all those anti static bags. This info seems good: https://www.seagate.com/support/kb/what-is-electro-static-discharge-218791en/ I see that I can buy bags quite cheaply. I wonder if there are any bags that show well the IDs i put on the drives edges? I could get this. https://getprostorage.com/product-category/lff-hard-drives/ They say "Our anti-static foam keeps your equipment organized and safe. You can slide your hard drives into the foam without worrying about adding a dangerous charge to your device. " But I am skeptical. Wikipedia photo:
  2. After disabling Dynamix Cache Directories, CPU usage went to no spikes: then I re-enabled it as shown in the first spike and get: about 10 minutes after re-enabling it, I get the spikes coming back: So i guess I will disable it, and see if it matters to me that I do not Cache Directories. Will it affect Krusader browsing? The above 3 graphs is while Krusader is doing a large copy operation, which may explain the baseline CPU usage of 25% in the first graph.
  3. I have similar problem with CPU spikes. post about my problem Is this topic marked SOLVED because the solution is disabling Dynamix Cache Directories?
  4. 1. Are your HDD's secured in place or loosely sliding in the drawer? They are secure. There is no physical trauma. 2. Do you always keep them sealed in anti-static bags while in storage? No. 3. Do you ground (earth) yourself every time you handle bare drives? It's especially important if you have carpeted floors. No grounding. I never get static shocks. 4. Do you periodically (at least once a year, preferably every six months) take your HDDs out of storage and spin them up for at least a few minutes at the time? No. This is one I think I could start doing. Might be necessary for fluid bearings to renew their lubrication layers and prevent them from becoming completely frozen. 5. Any exposure to strong magnetic fields? No. Thanks for the suggestions to think about.
  5. When I put young mechanical hard drives that are just slightly and moderately used, when I put them in storage, after some years in storage, I reconnect them and it seems many fail. Storage is in a drawer in my bedroom. No shock, moderate temperatures and humidity. I was hoping they could last 20 years if stored, but now I am not hopeful. Most of my HDD backups are left in storage. Does anyone else notice this, or notice the opposite? Please do not change this subject to be about why backups are good. Thanks.
  6. I got this weird result with Krusader - 100% completed, but also "Stalled". I am having increasing "reallocated sector ct" warnings. It started lower, but as the copy progressed the reallocated sector ct kept going up to the latest which is now 125. Do you think that is why the copy of only 780 GB took 4 days, and why it says stalled?
  7. My processor spikes roughly at 20 second intervals. Is it normal? It is about the same when I turn off all my dockers. If it is normal, I am OK with it.
  8. Hah. Made me laugh. But I must agree, that is how I feel about it. Here is an enlargement of what i think we are talking about: or I am not expecting protection for anything that is not on the array with parity. If it is a share with cache set to yes or prefer, then indicate unprotected with a gray circle. And the tooltip says "Files on cache that are not cache pools are normally unprotected from a failure." If it is a share that is only on hard drives, then show the orange triangle. Also, sometimes I think it means it is unprotected from virus attack, or from not having password protection. But it is only referring to drive failures. "Caution! Everything is working properly!" Hah hah hah hah. 🤣
  9. Now I am copying 3 TB of files from the unraid array to this unassigned HDD formatted as XFS. It started about 100 MiB/s and slowed down to 66 MiB/s after 1TB. All drives are SATA wired. Use cache is set to "no".
  10. I originally put a HDD (my #71) in UD as NTFS, and it had only 1 partition named "71". Now I am trying to reformat it as XFS. But it seems it is not working. The steps used were: 1. Unmount 2. Delete partition 3a. Format as XFS 3b. But the old partition listing "71" comes back just before the end of the format process. 4. So I click "Mount" anyway, and the old partition remains. I am concerned that the old partition "71" did not stay deleted when I reformatted. The partition is empty, and I can rename it, so I hope all is OK.
  11. Do you put your master password in the SMPT Settings?
  12. Since the Roon 2.0 update, it seems like Roon works the hard drives much more than any other program or container. My hard drives thrash constantly for weeks, unless I turn off Roon docker. Also, with Roon running, my parity check runs at 10 MB/s, and if I turn off Roon it runs at 130 MB/s. Can it be the container settings do not use the cache correctly? My share "appdata" is the one I try to have on cache. I have: For the container settings I have: I have not yet added the port 55000 for ARC, but I used ARC on my iphone. Could that be the problem?
  13. This helped me. Thanks. In 2022 Gmail changed to no longer allow insecure apps. So now I tried "2 factor authentication" but still could not get it to work, until I tried your link. To others: it will give you a password that you then paste into the unraid settings for "Notifications", at the "SMTP Settings" section for email. Sadly, once you paste it, I don't think there is any way to ever see it again, but If I understood Google correctly on the window that generated the password, you never need to know it again and should not write it down, so I guess it is OK that I cannot see it and cannot use it again.
  14. After all these days, it still seems like Roon works the hard drives much more than any other program or container. Can it be the container settings do not use the cache correctly? My share "appdata" is the one I try to have on cache. I have: For the container settings I have:
  15. In similar prior thread 18TB hard drives prices Sept. 2021 I wrote: update: at serverpartdeals.com 2022-11 18TB $280 Toshiba MG09, new, 5yr factory warranty. 2022-11 18TB $290 Seagate Exos, new, 5yr factory warranty. ($16.11/TB) 2022-11 18TB $190 Seagate Exos, factory recertified, only 2yr warranty and I don't know if it is a factory warranty. 2022-11 20TB $365 Seagate Exos, new, 5yr factory warranty. That is $18.25/TB so 18TB is STILL the sweet spot. So the prices have continued to fall significantly, especially if you consider inflation. I think I will try and risk the $190 recertified 18TB.
  16. Roon site told me to not run the database on a hard drive, and it should be run on SSD. I replied:
  17. Roon makes my hard drive work too much. I also posted this at Roon Labs Community. Roon Core Machine: Unraid w docker for Roon core, Intel i7-7700T, 16GB ram. 3TB of music. Description of Issue: My hard drive is working hard day and night for weeks. I am not playing music or adding music. I think it is going to wear out my hard drive much faster than normal use. I stopped the Roon docker and the problem stopped. I updated to Roon latest 2.0x about two weeks ago. But I also had the problem before that. Is this how Roon normally works?
  18. Maybe my problem is I tried "update all" from ipad. So I tried it from Roon remote on my desktop PC. And it worked! Took about 5 minutes. The core went from build 988 to 1021. The PC remote went from 952 to 1021. Next time I will test ipad "update all" more carefully, but so far I think it does not update the Unraid Core. I wish they did updates once per 12 months. I never cared about the Roon updates and what they improved, beyond once per year. About once a year it seemed noticeable.
  19. I cannot find any settings for DLNA in the Roon container settings (where it says "Update Container" in the top left). Nor if i go to Settings/Docker (where it says "Docker" in the top left).
  20. I got the WD Ultrastar and running preclears now. The body of the drive feels stronger and heavier than the Seagates. It seems like thick cast metal in some places. I like it. Edit: Ran preclear twice. Stayed at same temperature, or 1°C cooler than, the Seagates. Discussion on Hard drive sweet spot continued here: after Nov-2022, hard-drive-size-sweet-spot-still-18tb
  21. OK. I will update unraid to 6.10.3, then I will try to see if it works after next roon and emby update. Thanks.
  22. So I switched to WD and ordered this today at serverpartdeals.com with free shipping and no sales tax WD Ultrastar 18TB HDD DC HC550 WUH721818ALE6L4 (0F38459)
  23. Sadly for me, Seagate has the highest failure rate at Backblaze: And, after the 5yr warranty ends, is when the fails rapidly increase. In regards to "dead on arrival" Backblaze data is unclear as far as I can tell.