Unraid Paid Support Now Available

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Whether you're a new Unraid user or an experienced media server pro who just needs a little help, we're pleased to announce that personalized, 1-on-1 paid support is available now!


Book with certified Unraid Experts like @dlandon, @Squid, @Hawkins, and @SpaceInvaderOne for help with Unraid Troubleshooting or Configuration issues.


Please see our blog for complete Unraid Paid Support details.




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I thought it was a fantastic idea until I saw the rate.... $150/hr.

Gotta feeling if you're having so much trouble you can't fix, it probably won't get fixed within an hour and may lead to other complications even if it appears to be fixed... Wonder if it's gonna be some sort of SLA with estimate, time, etc.... It's probably for those who are running unraid for corporate environment...

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1 hour ago, xrqp said:

I think this is great.  And $150/hr is reasonable.  I don't think it will be too long before I use this.  Yea !!!!


What about also have half hour for $90 ?



hmm… It’s tough to get too much done in 30 min.

We’ve had quite a few hour sessions turn into follow on ones but definitely a possibility. 


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Not to be a debbie downer but I wonder if this is going to cannibalize the free support from UnRaid we get on this great forum :) Why offer free when you can get $$$ for it :)  But I understand this is capitalism and $$$ must be made somewhere :) Again nothing negative about it, great idea if you can afford it. 

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As someone who wants the option of paying someone else to figure out my issue vs HAVING to figure it out myself, this is a game changer. I’m considering booking a slot just to have a professional check over my configuration, let alone the issue I ran into recently that I’m actively trying to troubleshoot. 


I think $150/hr for a service that otherwise wouldn’t exist is completely acceptable. 





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