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  1. Bug that should be fixed in the next release.
  2. You can setup recycle bin with the use of the plugin and some scripting, but its just allows you to hold deleted files for a set time period rather than deleting them when you throw them in the trash. I think you'll need to set up media management on your download client. just a guess though.
  3. You’ll need to move them manually.
  4. wgstarks


    I would suggest posting this question in the support thread for whichever version of the docker you are installing along with the docker run command. Just click the icon for the docker and you’ll see a link to the support thread.
  5. I know the -f flag uses the faster preclear script. Don’t really know anything about the script other than the fact that it is indeed faster. What are the cons of using this flag?
  6. You probably don’t need the -A flag with the recent changes that @binhex has made. https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/faq/preclear.md Scroll down to the notes section near the bottom of the page. TLDR; It is now the default behavior.
  7. No. Thought you were asking about the 3rd party plugin.
  8. If you’re referring to LabelPlus, it doesn’t look like it. https://github.com/ratanakvlun/deluge-labelplus/issues/36
  9. I think you downloaded the flash drive creator tool for Mac. This just allows you to create the bootable flash drive on a Mac. Doesn’t actually run unRAID on a Mac.
  10. Notifications appear to be working great as well as the new default start sector. Running /usr/local/bin/preclear_binhex.sh -f -M 4 /dev/sdm. ================================================================== 1.19 = unRAID server Pre-Clear disk /dev/sdm = cycle 1 of 1, partition start on sector 64 = Disk Pre-Read in progress: 0% complete Pre Read Started on /dev/sdm 0% complete. ( 0 of 8,001,563,222,016 bytes read ) Disk Temperature: 34C, Using Block size of 1,000,448 Bytes Next report at 25%
  11. I’m a little dense sometimes, so want to be sure I’m understanding this correctly. Does this mean we no longer need to set the -A flag when we run the script?
  12. Great.👍 I’ve got an old disk I can test this on tonight.
  13. Disclaimer: I’ve never used this to remove torrents so no idea if it actually works. Sonarr>Settings>Download Client>Completed Download Handling>Enabled=Yes Remove=Yes
  14. You have /data set wrong in DelugeVPN. Set it to exactly match Sonarr. /config is your appdata path.