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  1. If you create a share for this on the array you can have both drives assigned and they will be the only ones that spin up (plus parity if you have it installed).
  2. I started receiving error message emails a few weeks ago regarding the original script- error: rsyslog_extra:1 duplicate log entry for /mnt/user/syslog/syslog- error: found error in file rsyslog_extra, skipping Since the error is rather vague it took me a while to determine the cause. More info here. It looks like it was being caused by the fact that I had enabled Syslog Server in 6.7.2 and still had this script enabled. Both were attempting to run the same task. After disabling the original script and rebooting the server the errors have stopped, so I think the issue has been solved. Is there anything else I need to do to fix this?
  3. It looks like this must have been the problem. After disabling this script in the user scripts plugin and rebooting the server I am no longer receiving the error emails.
  4. @bonienl Is it possible that this script you provided is conflicting somehow with my syslog server setup and causing the error I posted in the first post? I created a new share (mnt/user/syslog) for storage of logs for machines using the server and this script seems to be accessing the same share and trying to do the same functions as the system log server (IF I understand it correctly).
  5. I found rsyslog_extra finally. It's at /boot/custom/. /mnt/user/syslog/*.log { su nobody users create 0666 nobody users rotate 5 weekly sharedscripts postrotate /bin/kill -HUP `cat /var/run/rsyslogd.pid 2>/dev/null` 2>/dev/null || true endscript } Not sure why this is generating an error though or why it would send an email to root@mac.com?
  6. If you point your containers to /mnt/cache/appdata they will only see what is contained in /mnt/cache/appdata. As soon as mover runs you’ll lose your appdata.
  7. If you set an appdata path of /mnt/cache and then move appdata to the array your appdata won’t be at /mnt/cache anymore and the dockers won’t be able to connect to it.
  8. The email refers to an error in rsyslog_extra, but I can’t find this file at all on my system. From googling it appears that it should be in /etc/rsyslog.d/ but the only thing I see there is a blocklist.
  9. Yes. It was working fine until I shut it down for an extended period to run unRAID tunables. After re-enabling I started getting these errors. Tried rebooting but that didn’t make any difference.
  10. I deleted syslog- along with all the tailed versions (log.1, log.2, etc) and this stopped the error messages for a while but they are back today. It looks like this error is occurring when the system tries to tail the log since entries are still being written to the original log and no previous logs have been created. brunnhilde-diagnostics-20190819-1233.zipbrunnhilde-diagnostics-20190819-1233.zip
  11. Can't do any harm I guess. I'll give it a shot later this week when I can take the server offline.
  12. IF I understand the controller benchmark report correctly it's showing that the controller is installed in an x8 slot right? I could switch slots later this week if there would be some necessity for it.
  13. This one also has a wave form. Looks like the same model. Edit: Not the same but similar.
  14. I think you mean this one- I also uploaded the drive benchmarks to your db.