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  1. IIRC it will use the first ovpn file in the folder. If that file specifies Israel then that’s the server it will use. Which vpn provider are you using?
  2. Just save the most recent log as a text file. Redact your user/password credentials. Attach the text file to your next post.
  3. Attach the supervisord log in appdata to your next post.
  4. The previous functionality is still there (start/stop). I think you are selecting the arrow which will be new functionality.
  5. I’ve got a 3 day canary period set so it probably would have updated in a few hours if I had waited.
  6. Thanks. I guess auto update doesn’t work for my servers.
  7. I'm seeing this message on boot (missing ` ] '). Not sure if it's an issue I should be concerned about or not.
  8. Sorry, after I actually paid attention to what you posted I realized I was looking at the wrong item completely. Clear Stats cleared everything except the errors. Rebooting cleared the errors. Thanks for the help.
  9. Clear Stats didn't reset the value- I'll try a reboot later although I've never noticed that rebooting changes the SMART values.
  10. Haven’t performed any array operations. I’ve set the array health reports to hourly (rather than daily) just to see if it still shows a warning. Still waiting for the next report though.
  11. No warnings are showing on Dashboard. Disk 4 shows healthy. The only place I’m getting the warnings is in the daily status report email as far as I can tell. Is it possible that the Status page reset when I started the extended smart test?
  12. Started an extended test. How do I get the warnings from UnRAID to stop?
  13. I recieved a warning that disk 4 has read errors. The disk is not disabled though. Still has a green dot. Not sure how to correct this? brunnhilde-diagnostics-20210724-0734.zip
  14. It's a raspberry running open source generator monitoring software. https://github.com/jgyates/genmon I knew it had mqtt support but didn't realize that it also used mDNS. Tried to add it to ControlR just to see what showed up but that failed. Expected I guess.
  15. Finally remembered to test this while I was actually physically present on my local network (doesn’t happen often 😏). Discovery worked great. Actually discovered more than I expected.