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  1. wgstarks

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    That was fast. With all the rebranding perhaps Soon™️ should be changed to Very Soon™️. 😁
  2. wgstarks

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Mine updates twice a day.
  3. wgstarks

    Paid Support

    Perhaps @limetech can answer this.
  4. wgstarks

    Preclear plugin

    I've never used the bjp script but I'm sure you're correct. Probably disk and number of cycles at least. @walle Sent you a PM.
  5. wgstarks

    Preclear plugin

    Also, if you're going to run the script from terminal via screen, any location on the flash will work as long as you know what it is. I just use a "scripts" folder at the root of the flash drive.
  6. wgstarks

    Paid Support

    I still see policies listed on their website regarding support services. Perhaps you might want to contact LT directly regarding this. services@lime-technology.com
  7. wgstarks

    Preclear plugin

    Yes. Run it with screen so that it will continue after you exit. Edit: Actually it's /boot/config/plugins/preclear.disk/preclear_bjp.sh
  8. wgstarks

    Preclear plugin

    Have you tried just using JoeL's script (or one of the others) from the command line? Another option would be the disk testing utilities provided by the various manufacturers since the "preclearing" is no longer really necessary.
  9. wgstarks

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Google shows quite a bit of threads regarding profile location in the plex forums. They all seem to use the same location that your using (ie. Plex Media Server/Profiles). Perhaps location isn't the issue with yours. The plex forum is probably a better place to get this resolved though since this is really an issue with the app and not specific to this docker. Many more experienced Plex users their than on the unraid forum.
  10. wgstarks

    What's the check box for???

  11. wgstarks

    Unable to purchase license

    I would suggest contacting LT directly. support@lime-technology.com
  12. wgstarks

    What's the check box for???

    So when I login to the forum I'll be directed straight to this stream?
  13. wgstarks

    What's the check box for???

    All the activity streams have a green check box next to the stream title. I thought at first that this was to mark as read, but I tested and that's not it. What does this box do?
  14. wgstarks

    [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    +1 I often get extended lists of new episodes, all for the same series. Would be very nice to have an option to collapse this to a single listing in the email.
  15. wgstarks

    Welcome to Unraid.net

    Reckon it's possible to get electrocuted from slobbering too much all over your display?😆