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  1. Sorry, I don’t use qbittorrent.
  2. This is an issue with the naming of the torrents. I had the exact same issue. Without the year in the file name Radarr can’t identify the file properly. edit: sorry meant Sonarr not Radarr.
  3. The versions tab on the dockerhub page lists all the versions that are available.
  4. You can tag a specific version. See the github/dockerhub readmes linked in the first post.
  5. Actually I think that bug was in 6.8.2 and fixed in 6.8.3.
  6. I’m not sure why you are changing the network but if you want Jackett to use the DelugeVPN you would point it to the privoxy service the DelugeVPN docker provides. This is configured in the Jackett settings.
  7. Thanks. Not sure how it lost the trailing slash. I only changed the img size. Fixed now though.
  8. I have edited the title of this thread as well as the first post to reflect the real issue. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my system, an unraid bug or a new feature. I know at one time there was a problem with using /mnt/user (can't remember what though) but maybe it's been corrected.
  9. My mistake. It’s on both, I just missed it.
  10. I may be wrong but I don't think that tag is correct. I don't see that build in the list.
  11. I finally got docker enabled by using the builtin browser window for the setting and selecting the appdata folder. This changed the path to /mnt/user/appdata. I know at one time it was recommenced not to use /mnt/user/ but it appears this is no longer possible. Or maybe there is some other problem with my system?
  12. My bad. It's not docker location, it's the default appdata location which is /mnt/cache/appdata. Diagnostics attached. brunnhilde-diagnostics-20200510-0756.zip
  13. I got a warning this morning from FCP that my docker img was getting full so I disabled docker and attempted to increase the image size to 30GB. Now when I try to apply the setting the Docker vDisk Location turns red and changes are not applied. I'm guessing that my current location is a problem? /mnt/cache/docker.img Not sure what this should be? Edit: It's not Docker vDisk Location but rather Default Appdata Location and the existing location is /mnt/cache/appdata.
  14. Which version of this plugin? There are several branches.