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  1. I'm not using a Coral TPU for now (only Nvidia card). What should I set for TPU Mapping in the container?
  2. I thought any root level folder would automatically be a share but it didn’t show up.
  3. Would that create a share? I tried excluding globally and using mkdir /mnt/diskX/frigate but that didn’t create a frigate share.
  4. I’m in the process of setting up the frigate docker and wanted to provide one disk for use by only this docker to record videos. Really didn’t want to go into the settings for all my shares and exclude the disk so I used the global share settings to exclude it. This didn’t work. I couldn’t create a share that used the disk I had excluded globally. I also tried the reverse and included all disks except one globally. Same result though. Eventually I gave up and edited every share individually. Is there an easier way to do this though? I know I could have done a new config and removed the disk from the array but didn’t want to have to do a parity rebuild.
  5. Thanks. I set it to exclude one disk but I’ll change it to include all but one instead and see if that works.
  6. Is there an easy way to do this? I've emptied a disk to use with this docker and tried setting global share setting to not use this disk. Unfortunately, now I cannot create a new share that uses only this disk. Do I have to adjust the setting for every share I have to not use this disk?
  7. It’s in the process for adding the share. You select the type of share (SMB), enter the IP, enter the user name and then enter the password.
  8. The TDARR docker support thread. Click the docker logo and select “? Support”.
  9. And you changed both sides of 8080 (8081:8081) plus set the webUI port to 8081?
  10. It’s been a while since I did this but IIRC yes. I know my docker has it configured as a custom port.
  11. Did you follow the instructions on GitHub?
  12. You should attach your docker run command and supervisord log to your next post. Be sure to redact user/password in both.
  13. Exactly how did you deal with the config reset issue? Was it just restoring the proper download locations?
  14. Click the link “docker run command” it shows you how to generate it.