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  1. I use a Mellonox 10Gb card for eth0 and have 2 builtin 1Gb ethernet ports (eth1 and eth2) which aren't used but for some reason eth1 always resets to up on boot and I have to manually port down. Before reboot- After reboot- Is there some other setting that needs to be adjusted to make eth1 stay down? Diagnostics collected after reboot. brunnhilde-diagnostics-20220706-2121.zip
  2. If you change the webui port to a custom port you need to create a new port mapping for that port. For mine I used port 8088 so i created another port mapping shown below- The name is up to you. Just change 8088 to whatever port you're using. Edit: Actually, its been a while since I set this up but IIRC you need to delete the existing 8080:8080 port configuration (you can't edit it) and then create the new port configuration.
  3. Right. “Yes” means that new files will be added to the cache and mover will move them to the share the next time it runs. “No” means that new files are added directly to the share and mover isn’t needed. Transfer speeds are possibly slower though.
  4. Or add the photos to a parity protected share on the array.
  5. TDARR can transcode non hevc x265 files to a new location but it’s going to ignore any files already in those formats so not a good option for what you want to do. I use Sonarr and Radarr for a setup similar to what you are looking for. Qbit downloads the torrent to a cache pool. Radarr/Sonarr copies the torrent to my media share (Qbit continues to seed the same torrent from cache pool). TDARR transcodes the media file if not in hevc or x265. I think this is what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe I’m misunderstanding?
  6. LimeTech doesn’t directly support time machine backups. They use the vfs_fruit package for this. Vfs_fruit attempts to maintain compatibility between SMB Linux, SMB Apple and Samba but obviously this is a bit of a slippery snake. Any changes to any of these will break things and it might be a while before updates are tested and released to fix the issues. Not to mention the fact that Time Machine has always been somewhat unstable (mine started working just because I re-installed it). I’m sure that updated packages are available LT will include them in unRAID. The TimeMachine docker is also an option. It supports SMB and AFP.
  7. No should have stored all data in the parity protected array rather than the cache.
  8. Prefer means that you prefer to keep all the data on the cache. When you run mover it will move all data on that share to the cache drive.
  9. What is use cache pool set to on the unprotected shares?
  10. Just curious what your end goal is? There may be better ways to accomplish it.
  11. Share and mount the disks over SMB in UD.
  12. I haven't had any problems with Qbit 4.4 but many people have. You might try downgrading to 4.3.9 just to see if that solves your problem. Just paste this into the repository field- binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn:4.3.9-2-01 Then click "apply". To revert back to latest just delete the colon and everything after it.
  13. No, no extra work. It’s been quite a while (years for most) since I setup the bookmarks but pretty sure I just opened the page via the docker tab and then created a bookmark. Regardless, it’s a simple edit in the bookmarks to change them to http.