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Community Answers

  1. The supervisord.log with the latest version installed. Be sure that user and passwords are redacted.
  2. Downgrading is very simple. Just click the docker name in the unRAID docker tab. This will open the docker configuration. In the repository field type a colon after the name that’s already populated followed by the desired version tag. Version tags are available via the dockerhub link in the first post in this thread. Example: binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn:4.5.5-1-02
  3. Attach your supervisord.log to your next post.
  4. Yes. The only way anything would get overwritten would be if that directory already exists you’ll lose any existing data in that directory.
  5. It will overwrite any files already in your backup destination.
  6. Thanks. Yes, that was pointed out in the bug report thread.
  7. DUH 😁 Looks like user error on my part. I’m closing this report.
  8. Macvlan call traces continue in 6.12.4. Started a bug report here.
  9. Thanks. Yes, I had already made the change after posting.
  10. Updated to 6.12.4 last week and now FCP is sending me warnings of macvlan call traces found. The server has been rebooted twice. Once for the 6.12.4 update and then again to apply the network changes when I re-added my multiple network ports so I don’t believe these are remnants of prior logs. I don’t have any VLAN’s configured. brunnhilde-diagnostics-20230910-0711.zip
  11. You don’t show your container mappings but I suspect that you don’t have the container path /mnt/media/OUTPUT mapped to a host path. You can post your docker run command for TDARR if you like.
  12. Maybe you've already done this but didn't see it mentioned, did you also map host port 8088 to container port 8088? IIRC you'll have to delete the current 8080 mapping because you can't edit it and create a new port mapping.
  13. My suggestion would be to disable Filebot but the best thing would be to ask about this on the Sonarr forums. There will be many more Sonarr users there with a much deeper knowledge of the app.
  14. For some reason I keep getting logged out. Having to login before replying wasn’t usually necessary in the past. I was already logged in. Now when I login I see this error-