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  1. I think I've got it now. I was looking for a way to also use this plugin to move all files (ignoring the other filters) daily. Thought the force move of all files would do that for me but I see now that it won't work. I'll go back to running a manual mover via user scripts on a daily schedule.
  2. So "Mover Schedule" and "Force move of all files on a schedule" both perform the same function (mover start)?
  3. Changing the mover schedule didn't work. Now mover is moving all files every hour (schedule set to hourly) ignoring the pool percentage setting which is 60% and the force move all files which is 30 3 * * *. mover_log.txt
  4. I may have found the issue- Does the traditional mover schedule effect when the actions set in the tuning settings are performed? Seem to remember that it does. I set this to hourly and mover ran on the hour. Still testing to be sure the filters are being respected though. I've enabled logging and will include them in my next post if I'm still having issues.
  5. I’m trying to get this plugin configured but can’t seem to get it right. My goal is to get this plugin to run mover if the cache is above a set percentage and also at a set time every 24 hours regardless of used space. Settings- @hugenbdd I believe we discussed this in a previous post and at that time it wasn't possible to use both features together but I saw there have been changes and wanted to try again. The screenshots show both features enabled. Move files with disk usage above 40% and force move of all files at 3:30am. I have filled the cache disk to about 65% but mover doesn't run after waiting about 3 hours. I tried disabling "force move of all files" and waited again but still nothing. Have I gotten something else mis-configured?
  6. Should show right after a restart of the docker. If you still dont see it attach the log to your next post with user/passwords deleted. Here’s the list if that does you any good- [info] List of PIA endpoints that support port forwarding:- [info] al.privacy.network [info] ad.privacy.network [info] austria.privacy.network [info] brussels.privacy.network [info] ba.privacy.network [info] sofia.privacy.network [info] zagreb.privacy.network [info] czech.privacy.network [info] denmark.privacy.network [info] ee.privacy.network [info] fi.privacy.network [info] fi-2.privacy.network [info] france.privacy.network [info] de-berlin.privacy.network [info] de-frankfurt.privacy.network [info] gr.privacy.network [info] hungary.privacy.network [info] is.privacy.network [info] ireland.privacy.network [info] man.privacy.network [info] italy.privacy.network [info] italy-2.privacy.network [info] lv.privacy.network [info] liechtenstein.privacy.network [info] lt.privacy.network [info] lu.privacy.network [info] mk.privacy.network [info] malta.privacy.network [info] md.privacy.network [info] monaco.privacy.network [info] montenegro.privacy.network [info] nl-amsterdam.privacy.network [info] no.privacy.network [info] poland.privacy.network [info] pt.privacy.network [info] ro.privacy.network [info] rs.privacy.network [info] sk.privacy.network [info] spain.privacy.network [info] sweden.privacy.network [info] sweden-2.privacy.network [info] swiss.privacy.network [info] ua.privacy.network [info] uk-london.privacy.network [info] uk-southampton.privacy.network [info] uk-manchester.privacy.network [info] uk-2.privacy.network [info] bahamas.privacy.network [info] ca-toronto.privacy.network [info] ca-montreal.privacy.network [info] ca-vancouver.privacy.network [info] ca-ontario.privacy.network [info] greenland.privacy.network [info] mexico.privacy.network [info] panama.privacy.network [info] ar.privacy.network [info] br.privacy.network [info] venezuela.privacy.network [info] yerevan.privacy.network [info] bangladesh.privacy.network [info] cambodia.privacy.network [info] china.privacy.network [info] cyprus.privacy.network [info] georgia.privacy.network [info] hk.privacy.network [info] in.privacy.network [info] israel.privacy.network [info] japan.privacy.network [info] japan-2.privacy.network [info] kazakhstan.privacy.network [info] macau.privacy.network [info] mongolia.privacy.network [info] philippines.privacy.network [info] qatar.privacy.network [info] saudiarabia.privacy.network [info] sg.privacy.network [info] srilanka.privacy.network [info] taiwan.privacy.network [info] tr.privacy.network [info] ae.privacy.network [info] vietnam.privacy.network [info] au-sydney.privacy.network [info] aus-melbourne.privacy.network [info] aus-perth.privacy.network [info] nz.privacy.network [info] dz.privacy.network [info] egypt.privacy.network [info] morocco.privacy.network [info] nigeria.privacy.network [info] za.privacy.network
  7. I don't know much more than what I've read in this thread but my understanding is that its only required if you are connecting to the webui from outside the local network. @Tucubanito07 If you want the install to survive a reboot you need to add this to your go file- # force iptable mangle module to load (required for *vpn dockers) /sbin/modprobe iptable_mangle
  8. Probably best to contact LimeTech directly with this question. https://unraid.net/contact
  9. You can. Just set “delete backups if they are this many days old”. If you were to set this to 14 it would keep 14 days worth of backups.
  10. Sounds like a malware/spam filter in your browser. Have you tried a different browser or whitelisting your UnRAID server?
  11. Möglicherweise verwandt https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/terminal-window-doesn’t-open-properly-in-safari-r1594/
  12. Looks like the most recent update to Safari has broken the terminal window again. When I click the terminal button I just get a mostly blank browser window. The cursor moves with text input but nothing is displayed. Safari vs 15.0 (16612., 16612) unRaid vs 6.9.2 Not seeing anything related in the logs. brunnhilde-diagnostics-20211001-1805.zip