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  1. If you really want this to get considered by LT you should post it in Feature Requests.
  2. When you say you can’t connect, exactly what do you mean? Is the Plex app giving you a warning? Looks like with this configuration you’ll need to rebuild the Plex database. Another option might be to set your appdata path to point to the previous appdata folder so you may not have to re-add everything.
  3. Just so you know, clicking the docker icon should give you a link to the support thread as well as other links.
  4. Yes, wrong thread. This thread is for the LSIO Plex docker. Since LT has deprecated theirs you may want to consider switching.
  5. You really should post your questions in the support thread for which ever docker you are using.
  6. You haven't configured a path for your media.Should look something like this- You'll need to modify this to your system.
  7. Have you tried removing it from Sonarr and then re-adding? You also may need to be sure the title is an exact match to what is listed on TVDB.
  8. If you have the same issue with the docker please post there as well. Might be a general issue with the script (although I doubt it).
  9. That was a bug in rc5. Fixed in later rc’s. You should update to latest.
  10. Y’all might want to give the preclear docker a try. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/83465-support-binhex-preclear/