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  1. The older I get the flakier my memory is but I think @binhex added this feature a few months ago. There should be a post about it in the thread somewhere if you want to use google to search it.
  2. Looks like France is working again too.
  3. I suspect it's scenario 3 since I don't have any time machine share info in my /etc/avahi/services/smb.service file either but my time machine share is detected.
  4. I’m really not much of an expert on this and perhaps someone else may be able to provide a better answer but it’s my understanding that vfs_fruit (which unRAID uses) advertises the TM services via mDNS and is configured via smb extras. Perhaps your network doesn’t support mDNS or its not enabled. I have also had a few Macs that didn’t detect the service for a few hours after it was started. I had to wait overnight for at least one machine.
  5. Posting a feature request would probably be the best way to get this changed.
  6. This is the “array status” notification in notification settings. For some reason it doesn’t seem to be controlled by the dynamix schedules plugin though. I have my array status notification set to “daily” but notifications are not sent at the time I have set for daily schedules. You can disable these notifications in settings>notifications though. Or change the delivery method.
  7. looks like a minor bug- I can specify an age for files to be moved based on age even when this feature is disabled. The same is not true for forcing a move on a schedule. I have to enable the feature before I can specify a schedule.
  8. Are you attempting to connect via server name or IP?
  9. Sorry. Can’t answer that one. Perhaps someone who knows more about how docker works under the hood can answer this?
  10. You need to set downloads to /data/Downloads/ in the webUI.
  11. In your opinion. <my opinion> Personally, I like the features added. I’m not really sure what your objection is but as stated before you can opt out from this feature. If you don’t like the way CA is setup you don’t even have to use it. UnRAID will run without it. I think if this is a feature request it’s rather rude. </my opinion>
  12. Looks like a rather bold mention to me. Not sure how anyone could miss it?