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  1. LT is also using this tool for their restore feature.
  2. So, Plex is removing the ability to customize the home menu?
  3. per the help menu- Add the version number to the repository field in the format linuxserver/plex:<version number>
  4. IIRC you should be able to use these tags- https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-plex/tags
  5. This was the current build but with my previous config. I might give it a shot from scratch and see if that works.
  6. Same here. Tested Chrome, Firefox and Safari on macOS Big Sur. They all just went to the top of the page.
  7. I used this docker in the past and really liked it but ran into a few issues with deluge v2 so switched to qBittorrentVPN. I saw that the app has been updated so thought I would give it a try but it doesn't seem to be starting. Can't connect to the webUI. Looked at the supervisord log and it seems to be an issue with PIA. I'm using exactly the same openvpn directory with both dockers and qBit connects without any issue so I'm not sure what's going on. I've attached supervisord.log. supervisord.log
  8. Sorry. Changed my post. Was referring to the broken Move button on main next to all the other server controls.
  9. Thanks. I was just hoping to have this plugin working so I wouldn’t need the work arounds. Is there any way to get the move button on Main to work?
  10. Is it possible to remove mover tuning with age and just have squid’s version of mover tuning? I really only want move by percentage and force move to work.
  11. Does this also apply to the force move?
  12. Mine is printed on a sticker on the motherboard. IPMI xxxxxxxxxxxx. Right next to the sticker with serial number and the sticker with the Mac for the other 2 nics.
  13. The first two aren't important. If you scroll up a little you'll see that there has been a bit of discussion about this today. I believe most people solved the last one by switching endpoints.
  14. Not all files are backed up though. Quote from the wiki-
  15. I also had to click the little square symbol next to “monitored folder”. That will add your setting and open a new blank line. Click save when done.
  16. Post a screenshot of your settings.
  17. Updated without any issues so far.
  18. Pretty sure I can do that now. Might be 2 button clicks. Been a while since I had to do it but the current automated process is very simple. Not putting down the my servers feature though. I’m guessing there’s plenty more to come.
  19. Yeah, I have a similar backup strategy. Might still set this up as a secondary backup. No such thing as too many I guess. Thanks
  20. I really haven't had a chance to research this question and it may be answered in the wiki but is it only the flash that is backed up or does it also backup the other items that were covered by the CA Backup/Restore plugin? libvirt image and appdata IIRC.
  21. Don’t forget the run command- https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/?tab=comments#comment-564345 You can just copy and paste the text.
  22. Tools>diagnostics Attach the zip file that you download to your next post.
  23. Actually I’m using public. Saw that 4275 was out on git though. Thanks