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  1. The problem is that many people have dockers running that they don’t want to stop for the time needed to preform the backup. This often results in a failed verification because the backup doesn’t match the original data since it changed during the process. The test doesn’t know what changed. Only that the two data sets don’t match. If the verification fails then the backup isn’t saved. End result is no backup. Personally, I stop my dockers before running the backup and never have any issues. For people who don’t want to do this they can at least get a backup by disabling verification even if there is a chance that the backup may not be valid.
  2. A brand new install of what? If it’s the latest stable branch (6.11.5) then it does work for most people and you should post more info to get to the bottom of your issue. If it’s the newly released RC (6.12.0-RC1) then you can expect that by the time 6.12 reaches stable any issues will be corrected.
  3. Thanks. I actually had that prior to this implementation by just adding my self-signed certificate to the keychain on the machine(s) I use to access the server. I can’t do any testing right now since I just finished disassembling my entire network as part of a move but will see how it’s working once it’s all setup again.
  4. Or perhaps you’re referring to compatibility with the latest RC?
  5. Mine is working just fine. I suspect this is a problem local to you.
  6. Out again. I'm not sure what I gain from using myunraid.net? Seems to have a lot of issues and very little support. I think it's time to delete it and that'll be one less headache.
  7. I think maybe you mean 6.12.0 RC-1. You should post issues here.
  8. Looks like this issue has finally resolved itself. Not because of anything I did though. Guessing LT is still making changes behind the scenes. Or maybe it really was an issue with let’s encrypt.
  9. I’ve noticed this same issue as well. Seems to happen randomly but I’ll have to go into apps>recent>plugins and re-install it.
  10. This is still a problem so I don't think its LE having some transient issue. Not sure but it may have started with the MFA upgrade.
  11. Not really sure exactly what’s happening. Lost all access to the server and had to reboot via IPMI since I’m accessing remotely over VPN. Now I can only access the server using the local IP. The LE address just results in “server cannot be found”. brunnhilde-diagnostics-20230311-1820.zip
  12. I was never able to enable 2fa with safari. It just stuck on "Enabling MFA". After making sure popups were enabled and several tries I just switched to Firefox. No issues there.
  13. I didn't see an "Update" option under actions for the new plugin, only "Settings" and "Uninstall". Same for the old plugin. Uninstalled the old plugin and then installed the new one. Everything seems to be functioning correctly. Fans stayed steady and all sensors are showing. SuperMicro X10 SLL-F
  14. So have you thought about a new support thread? I think it might help avoid future confusion. Just an idea.
  15. If I get a few hours free this weekend I’ll give it a shot on my SuperMicro X10SLL-F. Is it possible to manually edit the config page or maybe import it from the old plugin? BTW- really glad someone has picked this up agian. 👍👍👍
  16. Click the backup/restore status tab in the settings pane.
  17. Do you plan to continue support in this thread or have you started a new thread for the new plugin? Also, please post when you re-publish the new plugin.
  18. Attach the contents of supervisord.log (in the appdata folder) to your next post as well as your docker run command. Be sure to redact users/passwords in both.
  19. Shouldn’t. The ds_store files are used to tell the finder what you have set for options in the window so that if you close it your current settings will be used next time you open it.
  20. Not sure why but for some reason I can no longer set torrents to be deleted after a set seed time. The setting to remove torrent and its files is in the dropdown but if I set it and save it will revert to "pause torrent". I don't even see anything that seems to be the associated setting in the config file. [AutoRun] OnTorrentAdded\Enabled=false OnTorrentAdded\Program= enabled=false program= [BitTorrent] Session\DefaultSavePath=/data/downloads Session\DisableAutoTMMByDefault=true Session\ExcludedFileNames= Session\GlobalMaxRatio=-1 Session\GlobalMaxSeedingMinutes=60480 Session\MaxRatioAction=3 Session\Port=48780 Session\QueueingSystemEnabled=false Session\TempPath=/data/incomplete Session\TempPathEnabled=true Session\TorrentExportDirectory=/data/torrents [Core] AutoDeleteAddedTorrentFile=Never [Meta] MigrationVersion=4 [Network] Proxy\OnlyForTorrents=false [Preferences] Advanced\RecheckOnCompletion=false Advanced\trackerPort=9000 Advanced\trackerPortForwarding=false Connection\ResolvePeerCountries=true DynDNS\DomainName=changeme.dyndns.org DynDNS\Enabled=false DynDNS\Password= DynDNS\Service=DynDNS DynDNS\Username= General\Locale=en MailNotification\email=********************** MailNotification\enabled=true MailNotification\password=******************** MailNotification\req_auth=true MailNotification\req_ssl=true MailNotification\sender=********************** MailNotification\smtp_server=smtp.gmail.com MailNotification\username=******************************** WebUI\Address=* WebUI\AlternativeUIEnabled=false WebUI\[email protected]() WebUI\AuthSubnetWhitelistEnabled=false WebUI\BanDuration=3600 WebUI\CSRFProtection=true WebUI\ClickjackingProtection=true WebUI\CustomHTTPHeaders= WebUI\CustomHTTPHeadersEnabled=false WebUI\HTTPS\CertificatePath= WebUI\HTTPS\Enabled=false WebUI\HTTPS\KeyPath= WebUI\HostHeaderValidation=true WebUI\LocalHostAuth=false WebUI\MaxAuthenticationFailCount=5 WebUI\Port=8088 WebUI\ReverseProxySupportEnabled=false WebUI\RootFolder= WebUI\SecureCookie=true WebUI\ServerDomains=* WebUI\SessionTimeout=3600 WebUI\TrustedReverseProxiesList= WebUI\UseUPnP=true WebUI\Username=admin [RSS] AutoDownloader\DownloadRepacks=true AutoDownloader\SmartEpisodeFilter=s(\\d+)e(\\d+), (\\d+)x(\\d+), "(\\d{4}[.\\-]\\d{1,2}[.\\-]\\d{1,2})", "(\\d{1,2}[.\\-]\\d{1,2}[.\\-]\\d{4})"
  21. This could be what’s causing it possibly. The location is a usb cache pool mounted via UD. I might setup a share on the array and use that.
  22. @binhex If I change /data to /qBittorrent (app default) in all the appropriate containers will this container still work? The app has a tendency to reset download locations to default at random times and when it does it starts downloading to /qBittorrent until it fills all the ram and my server crashes. At least I believe that’s what is happening. If I change /data to /qBittorrent at least the default location won’t be in ram anymore. Just exploring options.
  23. Just curious if you had to do any configuration changes to Sonarr/Radarr after setting up the auth?