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  1. Use CA Backup/Restore to backup your appdata.
  2. Disk Location isn’t currently compatible with 6.7.1.
  3. Looks like a patch for this issue has been merged in the Radarr develop branch. https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/pull/3577 Since this pull was based on a Sonarr pull hopefully both will make it into the dockers soon.
  4. When I initially upgraded to 2.0 there weren’t any issues at all (other than the compatibility problems with plugins, thin clients, etc). When I decided to downgrade back to 1.3 to get my plugins back I lost all my torrents and had to use restore to get them back. That restores the entire docker though (actually all my dockers) so I don’t think that will work if I lose my torrents when upgrading, as some people have reported. Just trying to be prepared when the time comes to upgrade again.
  5. I do have a backup and used it when downgrading back to 1.3 to restore my torrents. It’s my guess though that I won’t be able to restore in CA Backup if the backup is from 1.3 and I’m restoring to 2.0. Maybe there is some way to restore just the torrent files from a backup?
  6. Is there any way to restore the torrents from within the app when this happens? I see several people have had this problem when installing the update too. Wondering how to fix it without downgrading back to 1.3.
  7. I was able to connect via the webUI, but since most of the indexers, plugins and thin clients aren’t v2 compatible I decided to revert back to 1.3.
  8. Why don’t you post a screenshot of your docker tab showing the port mappings for Sonarr and Deluge.
  9. Is the episode actually in the completed folder?
  10. Do you have the same mapping in your download client?
  11. The Enhanced OSX flag is set globally for all SMB shares in 6.7.
  12. Is this also what you have set for /data in Deluge? They must be the same.
  13. I do use it. Can’t say that I noticed any problems with on v2 or v1.
  14. Might try restoring from backup. I lost all my torrents and couldn't connect from gtk after downgrading back to v1. Got everything back after the restore.
  15. Actually, the Deluge website shows that Mac and Windows versions are not yet complete but they do have instructions on how to install v2 on those systems. https://deluge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/intro/01-install.html Looks like most Windows users maybe SOL for the time being though. Looks like you’ll have to update to v2 for GTK to work. Should be able to connect via the webUI though.
  16. You might try this- https://deluge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/intro/01-install.html
  17. You create a partition on the SSD, /transcode for example, mount it, then enter the path to that partition into the transcode path in the Plex docker template (/mnt/disks/transcode/).
  18. Quote from the github linked in OP-
  19. Some people have reported similar issues and have fixed the problem by changing the path to appdata. For some reason /mnt/user/appdata/<nameofdocker> causes dB corruption but /mnt/cache/appdata/<nameofdocker> doesn’t (assuming your appdata is on the cache disk). I’ve never experienced this issue and AFAIK the true cause hasn’t been identified, but you might try editing the path to your appdata if you haven’t already. Might work.
  20. @Squid Thanks for the updated script. Is this the expected output if no infections are found? Event: Antivirus Scan Subject: Antivirus Scan Finished Description: Importance: normal Would it be possible to have something like "Files infected = 0" or maybe "No infections found" for Description?
  21. I can’t count that high. ☹️😁