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    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    This is great! Thank you much for helping, I'll work on doing something similar! [EDIT]: Just got everything working using the above method! Thanks again wgstarks!
  2. iamthejoker

    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    Would you mind sharing your setup by chance? Like mappings and deluge and sonarr settings? Right now my biggest problem is what to do with torrents that download as a bunch of rar files that need to be unpacked. Would sonarr copy the folder with all the rar's in it and move that to another folder?
  3. iamthejoker

    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    Ok thanks for the replies, I'll work on getting the start logs. But your right Squid, Sonarr definitely won't move a file thats currently in use by seeding. I've been thinking about ways to get around this, like having an extractor extract and make copies of the mkv file to another folder that had the same container path as sonarr. Sonarr would then see just that file and not a rar'd archive that is seeding. However I'm not sure that's how this all works. In the end I might just subscribe to using nzb files, seems like a much more popular choice! Thanks again for the reply!
  4. iamthejoker

    [Support] binhex - Sonarr

    I'm very new to unraid and everything associated with it, I have watched all of spaceinvaders tutorials on youtube to help me setup my system however I'm getting stuck on this automating torrents business. I'm sure this has to do with container mapping but I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I can't get sonarr to post process any of my downloads. It doesn't move them or create folders for new tv shows in my media share. I have Sonarr setup to a private tracker and to deluge for downloads. I can find the shows I want and sonarr will move them to deluge for download. After the file downloads it gets moved into a completed folder. Deluge then post processes the .rar files to an unzipped folder. And after that nothing else happens. The mkv file stays in the unzipped folder and in the activity tab on sonarr there is nothing to show sonarr has recognized this file or executed any move function. I do have deluge set to autoseed torrents for a 1:1 ratio. I'll paste a bunch of screen shots and maybe someone can tell me why this is happening.