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  1. I really like the quotom mini pcs with 4 intel nics. i3, i5 and i7 versions,scm-url:1007.13339.169870.0,pvid:58fa061d-73ce-4a90-8595-f45e4699f414,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2337_668%230%23131923%2337_668%23888%233325%239_668%23888%233325%239_668%232846%238113%231998_668%232717%237
  2. The log says that the ssl certs are not being created as it cant verify the subdomains. You are using http verification, so it checks using the subdomain ie is resolving back to swag through port 80. So this is not happening. I can see you have set up a port forwarding rule, but some isps block port 80 on home connections. I would suggest moving your domain to cloudflare then using dns verification rather than http See this video here for how to add your domain to cloudflare And here for how to setup dns verification with cl
  3. Glad you have it working. By the way SI1 and TAFKA gridrunner is the same person .My orginal username on the formums many years ago was gridrunner hence the tag TAFKA Gridrunner !! 😉 If you want to be able to have no monitor plugged in you will need an hdmi or display port dummy like here
  4. Um I am not sure if the nvidia drivers would be a problem with the 1 gpu. Maybe as they are loaded before the gpu is passed through it maybe could. Try uninstalling the drivers and try again. if still doesnt work then goto tools/systemdevices and stub the P2000 both graphics and its sound parts and reboot You mention splashtop showing a black screen. Can you test with a monitor directly connected to the gpu whilst testing?
  5. Are you booting the server by legacy boot or uefi? You can check this on the maintab/flash at the bottom of the page. I find that booting legacy works better for me with passthrough so if you are not booting legacy you could try. Also you can try adding this to your syslinux config file video=efifb:off so for example label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot with added would be label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append video=efifb:off initrd=/bzroot Hope this may help
  6. Ah okay zenstates in go isnt necessary for your cpu
  7. What CPU is in your server. If Ryzen do you have the zenstates in your go file?
  8. Its very hard to say without more info. Please post the xml of the vm here. Try a different machine type ie if using i440fx try q35 and vice versa
  9. I thought I had posted here about update a few days ago but it seems i didnt! Well I pushed out a fix for Macinabox over Easter and now it will pull BigSur correctly so if you update the container all should be good. Now both download methods in the docker template will pull Bigsur. Method 1 is quicker as it downloads base image as opposed to method 2 which pulls the InstallAssistant.pkg and extracts that.
  10. Ever wanted more storage in your Unraid Server. See what a 2 petabytes of storage looks like using Nimbus data 100TB ssds. (check todays date )
  11. If you want to have 3 domains all point to your public WAN IP it is very easy to do. The Cloudflare DDNS container would update your main domains IP ( ) by means of a subdomain . For example you would set the container to update the subdomain to be your public WAN IP So then will always be pointing to your public WAN IP. Then any other domains or subdomains that you want to point to your public WAN IP, you just make a CNAME in your cloudflare account which points to So fo
  12. here is a guide for setting up Binhex's minecraft container In addition to what I say in this video It actually isn't necessary to use an SRV record to have the connection as minecraft will by default try port 25565 by default. But using an SRV I think is still a good idea especially if you want to use a 'non standard' port for minecraft. Then when using a non standard port you dont have to set the port in the minecraft client. I think it is better not to use the common port for the minecraft server and use an unknown port as this potentially is more secure. Also if yo
  13. Here is a guide that i have made showing howto setup Guacamole. Hope its useful.
  14. No sorry no more logs are available. If you get it to dump and it says its less than 70kb you could just stop the script at that point and see if that vbios is in fact okay. Some older gpus may have a smaller vbios size ( i have a very old card a cirus logic from the 1990s that is a pci card, i use in a pcie to pci bridge, its vbios is only 30kb !)
  15. @soana @frodr @reporrted Some extra things you can try . 1. Stub gpu 2 Shutdown fully the server then start server. (not reboot) 3. make a temp vm using ovmf attach the gpu you want vbios from start vm up then after couple seconds force stop.(the script makes one with seabios ) run script If still getting an error repeat above then edit sctipt and look for a variable forcereset="no" and change it to yes. This will force the scr4upt to always disconnect sleep the server then reconnect before dumping the vbios.