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  1. No sorry no more logs are available. If you get it to dump and it says its less than 70kb you could just stop the script at that point and see if that vbios is in fact okay. Some older gpus may have a smaller vbios size ( i have a very old card a cirus logic from the 1990s that is a pci card, i use in a pcie to pci bridge, its vbios is only 30kb !)
  2. @soana @frodr @reporrted Some extra things you can try . 1. Stub gpu 2 Shutdown fully the server then start server. (not reboot) 3. make a temp vm using ovmf attach the gpu you want vbios from start vm up then after couple seconds force stop.(the script makes one with seabios ) run script If still getting an error repeat above then edit sctipt and look for a variable forcereset="no" and change it to yes. This will force the scr4upt to always disconnect sleep the server then reconnect before dumping the vbios.
  3. Hi Guys. So I have found that recently i have had to use a vbios with both my GPUs in my server whether Primary or Secondary GPUs. So i thought i would try and write a script that would automatically dump the vbios from a GPU in the server even if its a Primary GPU without having to do any command line work or without having to download a vbios from techpowerup and then hex edit it. I have tested this in about a half a dozen servers and it has worked for all of them. Before running the script I recommend shuting down the server completely (not rebooting) the start it back up
  4. Perfect all working now. Thankyou
  5. Hi For some reason recently I have been unable to send PMs I get the following error
  6. You can just run the vm with the opencore vdisk as the first vdisk. You dont have to transfer it into the main vdisk
  7. Try setting the nvidia gpu as a multifunction device as in this video here
  8. If you have the "stuck on updating" with a vm this is normally due to when you have had something added previously (like a usb device passed through) and the device is no longer there. Or if you have removed the vdisk etc. Basically Unraid cant see all the devices that are defined in the template so when clicking on update it just hangs Have you removed anything from the vm since creating it?
  9. If you want to delete the vm and it moans about not being able to remove the nvram please do the following 1. In unraid vm manager click to edit the vm 2. scroll to bottom and click update. (dont run helper script afterwards) 3. now you can delete the vm from in unraid vm manager
  10. You shouldnt need to do anything on the opencore config You will just need to download the nvidia drivers once booted into osx. Run this in terminal and it will download the correct nvidia drivers in high sierra bash <(curl -s
  11. After installing Big Sur next goto the docker template and choose Catalina, goto the bottom of the template click apply and it will then install catalina.
  12. Try passing the same device to another vm a windows or linux to see if it is the hardward just not passing through or is os specific.
  13. Was wondering if maybe your card has dual bios and can switch.
  14. Your welcome. Thanks for your kind comments. Glad you like macinabox