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  1. Actually no. it shows a cert error (click to proceed) then resolves to my DNS domain name for that server XXX.therXXes.net:643 and fails Odd behavour I will attempt to make a change to the settings and revert back. i do have ILO access so should be able to still get to settings.
  2. I have two unraid servers (Pro) i can get to 1 by IP. and by NAME. However... I attempt to get to the second server by IP i get an error. Since they are not routing I will explain with the IP 10.0.0.xx I get to by just typing in 10.0.0.xx into any browser on my network or from my VPN connection is my second server, however if i try to go to IP it cant connect to dashboard. now for this server i have Port 643 for connection which is accessible but it refuses to connect. i can get to other dockers hosted on that same server and they work just fine at other various ports. I can even use the Myservers plugin to remote to the server and see it. or i can use the DNS name i gave to it from outside my network and access it. i can even use the unraid ID (XXXXXX.unraid.net:643) and get to it. But i can not get to it by the simple ip address Ideas? Primary Server works no issue anyway i want to connect but secondary refuses to display system log in with standard IP. Stumped and I know its going to be stupid simple and i just cant see it. unraid-diagnostics-20211013-1005.zip
  3. after several uninstall's and re-install's i have finally gotten them both back on line. rebooting inbetween each one.. and for my servers, that take a bit lol.. but it seems resolved. one thing i did notice and not sure if it is the difference from 6.9 and 6.10 is the following..: this is the 6.10 unraid server ; This is the 6.9 unraid server im noticing the difference of cert subject and ca signed. is this due to the difference in the builds? Thanks
  4. I have not been able to get either of my pro servers online, i get the errors shown in my above post. really odd
  5. i have same error but when i attempt to run that or the debug command i get this: Server 1 (Unraid) Server 2 IBM3650 not sure whats up but seems like plugin on both machines corrupted overnight? they were both working fine yesterday.
  6. Tried the old uninstall and re-install. getting same response, notice it fails to run the plugin.. not sure what happened today but can not gain access nor can i get this to function. it was yesterday. the api restart command fails as no api installed.
  7. ok was able to restore from my backup'sand then using the appdata backup's i had, it recovered but it was giving me the strange errors as above..
  8. I tried to get the diagnostics file but it said it created , i looked for it and nothing. no files.. ideas?
  9. I tried to get the diagnostics file but it said it created , i looked for it and nothing. no files.. ideas?
  10. is there a way to get the network working again from what you see here?
  11. The web page for the dashboard doesnt show. page not found error.. but the boot gui screen for log in and then basic options does come up and i can get to a terminal window in there
  12. it knows its a network config, but has no internet access, or local lan access, all i did was reboot the server..
  13. wont let me get there this is the only gui i can access. from the boot of unraid
  14. there is no web page displayed and a bunch of errors scrolled across the screen and the localhost page wont show, but can get to gui and terminal im a very little bit knowlegable in linux but NOT proficient enough to troubleshoot unraid. can someone help?