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  1. I was not able to resolve this until I uninstalled and stopped all the following: Dynamix fan plugin Telagraf Varkin InfluxDB HDDTemp
  2. Greetings Ya'll, I just upgraded from 6.8.3 and all went smooth with no issues so far. I also got my nvidia card working again with the new plugin. Thank you!
  3. Just upgraded from 6.8.2 to 6.9.1 and reinstalled this plugin with my nvidia GTX 1060 and all is working fine again. Thank you.
  4. Hey Y'all! I just stumbled upon this.... I'm going to test out the Zabbix agent on my unraid. But can anyone share if they had any issues with it or their review of it?
  5. Anybody have any eventual ssd failures shortly after this warning? If so, what was your make and model of the drive?
  6. Greetings Y'all ! Is vert-manager still the overall best solution to manage unRAID kVM's remotely? Are there any other options?
  7. I was able to get this working by extracting the VMDK from the Wazuh OVA and converting it to IMG using this command: qemu-img convert -p -f vmdk -O raw /mnt/user/<the location of your vmdk file> /mnt/user/<the location of your new file>.img Then I built a VM in unraid using i440fx-4.2 and SeaBIOS with path to IMG as disk as IDE.
  8. Thank you! This resolved the issue for me.
  9. Well if it gets the path from plex, then why is it saving to '\TV Shows\' and not the Plex TV library named 'TV'? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Right now that docker setting value is {plex}. Can I hard code /tv/{n}/season {s}/s}/{sxe} - {t}/? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. The is not in that path. Where can I find the amc script or how do I change the output folder to output\TV instead of output\TV Shows ?
  12. UPDATE: I resolved it by removing the docker, deleting the appdata folder and reinstalling with restore of license key. Any idea why I am getting this error and nothing is processing? [amc] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: DUPLICATE not in [MOVE, COPY, KEEPLINK, SYMLINK, HARDLINK, CLONE, DUPLICATE, TEST] [amc] at net.filebot.StandardRenameAction.forName(Unknown Source) [amc] at net.filebot.cli.ArgumentBean.getRenameAction(Unknown Source) [amc] at net.filebot.cli.ScriptShellBaseClass.getRenameAction(Unknown Source) [amc] at net.filebot.cli.ScriptShellBaseClass.rename(Unknown Source) [amc] at Script1$_run_closure66.doCall(Script1.groovy:364) [amc] at [amc] at net.filebot.cli.ScriptShell.evaluate(Unknown Source) [amc] at net.filebot.cli.ScriptShell.runScript(Unknown Source) [amc] at net.filebot.cli.ArgumentProcessor.runScript(Unknown Source) [amc] at Source) [amc] at net.filebot.Main.main(Unknown Source) [amc] [amc] Error (o_O)
  13. This is definitely something I'm interested in. However, I'd like to see support for the Wazuh agent on unraid for logs and HIDS to Wazuh Manager running on a distributed separate system. Has anyone try to compile the agent on the Unraid OS?
  14. The issue resolved itself after replacing the license file. No obvious differences noticed in file. Thank you,