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  1. Folder icons are stored in, as base64 /boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json
  2. @l2evy just pushed an update that should hopefully fix the issue Just wanna say thanks for the detailed report as "Possible Cause: I might have tried to pull a docker into the folder that already had a folder?" turned out the be the issue i also think this might have been the issue that a few others had experience recently so thanks again
  3. hmm thats weird that an unraid update would make your folders disappear When did you make the backup as i changed the way folders are stored sometime ago so it might no be able to import the old format. Could you attach your backup to a post then i can try and fix the backup or update the plugin to fix the backup import edit: Super embarrassing at some point i had moved some scripts into a folder, but i forgot to update the path in the import code Just pushed an update, hopefully you should be able to import your backup
  4. Looks like you're having the same issue that @ChillZwix reported a few weeks ago if you edit '/boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json' then you should be able to find something like "children": null remove the folder it belongs to or change null to [] that should hopefully fix it, i will try and figure out why this might be happening
  5. @kennymc.c should be fixed now
  6. sigh man i hate being able to check if stuff works on safari Did it work on safari before the latest update? Also could you open the browser console, refresh the page and post the errors?
  7. @kennymc.c just pushed an update that should improve things
  8. Yeah just tried the dark theme and it hella hard to see them. Will see if i can make dark theme support better. For now you can use something like theme engine plugin and add cutom stying to the dark theme
  9. You are talking about the preview log button right? or are you talking about the one that used to be next to uptime? you wanna make sure we are on the same page
  10. Yeah i think it has, tho thats a default unraid change edit: realised that you might have meant the preview log button, as that was broke. (should be fixed now )
  11. @GeneM @Alex.b In unraid 6.9.0 you have to drag via the new icon on the far right This also caught me off guard at first
  12. what version of unraid are you on?
  13. No it's not expected, think it broke when i added support for vm folders Will fix it, when i have time but as i does not break anything might be soon TM
  14. The way you are meant to configure/add folders is under the docker/vm page so goto e.g the docker page then at the bottom there is a add folder button (same for vm) i can see how this might be confusing as every other plugin you can just goto plugins/plugin name
  15. looks like a folder called 'System' maybe failed to migrate at some point I removed it from the folders.json you can either do that on yours or download the attached one and replace your current hope this fixes it folders.json