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  1. Yes you can. The config type "Docker Action" applies to all dockers in a folder
  2. Just pushed an update with this
  3. Just git clone inside /mnt/user/appdata you dont have to install it in /opt
  4. Sadly i'm no longer running mailcow (my new isp blocks port 25 ) Bellow is what i did to install cd /mnt/user/appdata git clone https://github.com/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized cd mailcow-dockerized ./generate_config.sh The only thing i changed in mailcow.conf was the http/https ports to 7080 and 7443. i also disabled ipv6 Hope you get it working i do remember having issues with getting letsencrypt certs but got it working after some tinkering. Might have just been my setup
  5. Very curious why that would happen, but that's for another time i would recommend that you goto import/export then export all your folders. Then try and make a folder with only stopped. If i goes bad then you can just import it. Also if it goes bad could you attach the export to your post so i can try on my end
  6. @sjb217 this has me pulling my hair out. Can't seem to figure out why that would happen. Just made a folder named "stopped" added only stopped dockers and it works I really wanna figure out why this is happening but don't know where to start could you try another reinstall and if it happens again, tell me what you did to cause it
  7. if you do cat /boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json can you see all your folders or only the one the killed it all What did you name the folder that killed it, in your screenshot the folder has no name
  8. @darki73 wow thanks for the very detailed steps. I really need to learn to format my typing like that @sjb217 glad that its working could you elaborate what you mean by Not quite sure i'm totally getting your question sorry
  9. That's very much not intended If you open browser console and refresh the page do you get any errors? If you goto addFolder then in the top right there is a button called 'import/export' if you click it do you see all your folders there? Do your folders also seem to come and go like @sjb217 or are they just gone Are they missing on both the docker page and dashboard or just one of them? Will also try and see if i can reproduce this
  10. Sorry for the inconvenience and not actually fixing it @sjb217 @darki73 Hope it got it this time, if not will give it another go Will be going to bed so if its not fixed then sorry its gonna be a bit
  11. Dang knew i'd miss something. Should be fixed now
  12. Update Added: VM folder support @vw-kombi took a while but this is now a thing Fixed: Oddly named dockers showing up There might be a few bugs so watch out. In Case you find something check browser console for errors. Also if your folders are gone (not that i am expecting them to vanish ) there is a backup at '/boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.backup.json'
  13. you are correct tho if you make a folder and dont sort a folder/docker after, the displayed order might be lying. you can see the order here "/boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/userprefs.cfg"
  14. That is indeed very odd. Just checked myself and i also have a docker named '0' tho it does not have a image. Also checked squids CA Backup / Restore Appdata plugin, which is where i copy pasted the code that displays the dockers (shhh dont tell ) and its also there Also checked CA Auto Update Applications and that does not have it. Will look at what that might be doing differently and see if i can fix it for docker.folder
  15. Thanks for the positive comment. Yeah my main motivation for making it was when i was running mailcow. 18 containers for one app was just a bit too messy