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  1. sure will do funny enough just finished that feature last night (was also bothering me ). Will push an update later today with that and target="_blank" yeah that does seem like a bit of an annoyance could you make a gif/short video clip of loading the docker page, so that i can get a better understanding
  2. Issue should now be fixed, it was an issue with folders not saving on firefox thanks for the patience NitroNine
  3. @NitroNine the issue should be fixed now (console spam should also be fixed) would recommend that you reinstall rather than just updated if you didnt already remove the plugin
  4. just tested a bit myself and got it to break forgot to test fresh install will tag you when i have a fix if thats okay again sorry for the inconvenience
  5. The icons selection is only of the dockers in the current folder (hope that makes sense) if you would not mind could you try and create a folder with just a name, if that works try and add a docker, then icon etc.... until something breaks/does not save
  6. i see will still try and find out why that might be happening
  7. Just as a tmp fix remove the docker in the picture you send, then try and create it again. unsure what you mean by "dragged out of the webpage" but you can get a selection of images by clicking the icon DANG and i really tried not to screw that up. (should only run once) in the folders.json whats the "foldersVersion" value?
  8. That usually happens when it fails to save the folder to folders.json The icon did you upload it? also are the dockers that you added to the folder displaying in the docker tab or are they hidden sorry for the inconvenience
  9. dang nice catch will try and fix that Edit: This should now be fixed, thanks for the catch
  10. This should be fixed now. Looks like preclear.disk was including the same function so i forgot to add it
  11. thats a great idea on the addfolder page is the "Add another Button" button gone or does it not add the button after you press "add" inside the popup. If its the ladder do you get any errors in console when you press "add"?
  12. oh thats awesome kinda worried about why it was happening hmm will work on a easier way to import/export folders in the future
  13. i think i know whats going on. replace YOURFOLDERNAME with your folder name and run docker create --name='YOURFOLDERNAME-folder' --net='none' 'tianon/true:latest' then go to your docker tab and you should see something like copy the "Container ID" and replace the id in folders.json with it try it with one first to see if it works (I hope it does)
  14. Did you reinstall and is the docker tab loading for you now? if not can you check your browser console for errors to me this just looks like a theme, i might be wrong tho.
  15. Update change the way buttons work, you can now have as many or as few buttons as you want. example A folder can now also start expanted (hope this is kinda what you wanted @poniz )