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  1. No it's not expected, think it broke when i added support for vm folders Will fix it, when i have time but as i does not break anything might be soon TM
  2. The way you are meant to configure/add folders is under the docker/vm page so goto e.g the docker page then at the bottom there is a add folder button (same for vm) i can see how this might be confusing as every other plugin you can just goto plugins/plugin name
  3. looks like a folder called 'System' maybe failed to migrate at some point I removed it from the folders.json you can either do that on yours or download the attached one and replace your current hope this fixes it folders.json
  4. Could you export your folders, and attach them to your next post or if you want you can edit the export and see if you can find the "children" that is no longer an array and fix it (might be more than one) i'm a bit unsure how this happened, how long since you last edited a folder and it worked?
  5. Could you try and edit a folder then press f12 to open the browser console, then refresh the page and see if any errors appear If you dont get any errors could you then export all your folders and attach them to your next post (there is a button in the top right when eddting a folder) if the export does not work then the file is '/boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json'
  6. Just to make sure that i understand, you can't edit/create new folders but the ones you do have are still showing up? Do you use folders for both docker and vm or just one of them?
  7. When you try and edit a folder does it load the folder settings on the edit page? Also when you try and save a folder do you get any errors in browser console?
  8. Did this happen after you updated the plugin or did it just happen randomly If you can could you attach '/boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json' and 'folders.backup.json' in your next post, that might help me figure out why i happend You cloud try and rename 'folders.backup.json' to 'folders.json' and see if it works. If not just reinstall the plugin, then you can remake your folders or restore a backup
  9. The reason that's not an option is that i calculates how many i can show before you would have the scroll horizontally. Think i might have mixed up column and row in the settings (i cant never remmber which is which) if you want i can add an option for it? tho there would have to be some horizontal scrolling as far as i can tell
  10. Update Added: preview icon-basic Fixed: long folder names Fixed: docker/vm renaming @L0rdRaiden Sorry that i took a bit over 2 weeks to fix, and thanks for figuring out that it was renaming that caused the issue
  11. I think this screenshot was taken before label tab was a thing so there is no option for preview style. will add a option to change the style Will see what i can do to fix thix Try and edit /boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json then find the tools folder and under children remove the one thats not showing. you could also remake the folder. The bug that makes this happen should be fixed so should not happen again a small heads up it might be a bit before i can fix the two issues as my laptop is currently broken so i cant really edit t
  12. i have tried to reproduce this but with no luck would you happen to have a folder with no containers/dockers inside it, if so then try to remove that folder
  13. Added a config option for row and column count
  14. i don't believe it does, i have a user script that runs the pip3 install command at array start
  15. Okay so looks like a permission issue or something. Here is a github issue about it Now to fixing it 1. uninstall docker-compose 'rm /usr/local/bin/docker-compose' 2. install nerdpack if you dont have it 3. in nerdpack install python3, python-pip, python-setuptools 4. run pip3 install docker-compose Doing this fixed the error for me hope it works for you. Why installing docker-compose with curl does not work with the bash action is again beyond me
  16. i think its only running the cd command not the docker-compose command. Played a bit and got it to work without ";" at the end. cd /mnt/user/appdata/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized; docker-compose down Why it breaks with ";" at the end is beyond me as it works if you do e.g ls; instead of docker-compose;
  17. dang Does the window pop up when you press the button? And if i does pop up is it blank or does i show the command failing?
  18. @muwahhid the bash action should be fixed now
  19. @muwahhid just tried the bash action on the latest version and its not working, will fix this. Guess this means that you're on the latest version which brings up the question of why the 3/3 thing happened Could you try and remove a container from a folder and see if it happens again?
  20. Hello just tried to reproduce this but everything worked. This has been a bug in the past so maybe you're on a older version of the plugin? To fix the folder with 3/3 you can edit "/boot/config/plugins/docker.folder/folders.json" and remove it from the "children" if i keeps happening please check browser console for any errors
  21. Update Change: Make preview no-icon fixed height @CorneliousJD Hope this cures your OCD Fixed: editFolder switch not showing state Fixed: dashboard start expanded Fixed: loadlist shifting expanded folders on dashboard
  22. Update Fixed: Align preview no-icon text with only one container Fixed: folderId showing instead of folderName Change: Use "Containers" not "Dockers" @CorneliousJD man yours looks sleek
  23. Yeah you're right, think i even fought myself about it but just decided that docker was the more friendly thing. Will change it
  24. you only need to rm the folders.json but can do both. there are 0 folders in the json ;( did you have any folders or did you just have the plugin installed? asking because Moose_Flunky only had it installed with no folders so that might be linked
  25. Well dang, your the second person the report this which makes me kinda worried In any case just a bit up the thread Moose_Flunky is reporting the same thing. You can try and goto "/boot/config/plugins/docker.folder" there is folders.json and folders.backup.json. if you dont mind could you attach both of them in a post so i might be able to see why its failing. If i can't figure out why you can just rm folder.json and remake your folders, not ideal but should fix the error