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  1. I use a free program called FAT32format GUI to format drives larger than 32 GB with the FAT32 file system.
  2. It's now June of 2022, and AMD's new AGESA 1207 microcode has made it to the vast majority of AM4 motherboards on the market - both old and new. This update includes fixes for the infamous fTPM stuttering bug and includes full Ryzen 5000 series CPU support on all older generation AM4 motherboards, including the 300 series and 400 series.
  3. In this video CJ shows you how to download Unraid, create an Unraid Boot USB, Test your system memory and Disks, launch Unraid, access your Unraid server from a remote device, setup the Unraid NAS array and pool, Create shares, add users to the server, access and map the network shares from both a Windows PC and Mac and demonstrates the installation of a docker app and spinning up a Windows Virtual Machine.
  4. I often use Spaceinvader One's Rootshare method with my dual pane FreeCommander from my Windows 10 machine. The new Dynamix File Manager plugin looks damn convenient though.
  5. Thanks JorgeB. @jettrainz, there is an interesting thread on this topic here:
  7. 😏 I thought there was a strong recommendation not to have SSDs in the array, but only in pools and unassigned devices.
  8. 😎
  12. Be aware that the parity drives for Unraid need to be equal or bigger than the largest data drive in the array. This means that based on those disks, at least one (and maybe both) of the 14TB disks would need to be dedicated to parity. You can have up to two parity drives in Unraid, which will allow recovery from two drives failing at the same time. I concur with MAM59 about the choice of CPU. I suggest you rethink your budget. Expecting great performance for the tasks you are planning from older computer parts may lead to frustration and more hair pulling! 😕