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  1. Also, check out the following handy short video by Spaceinvader One on moving files quickly between array shares from your PC.
  2. I often use a Root Share on Unraid and use my Windows 10 with my dual panel FreeCommander file manager to manage my Unraid shares. See the link here to the video from SpaceinvaderOne.
  3. The unRAID Server OS is designed to be installed on, and boot from a USB Flash storage device, 512MB or larger. The USB device must have a unique GUID for unRAID licensing purposes.
  5. 169.254.x.x: This is what's called an Automatic Private IP address. An IP in this range means that the computer cannot see the network.👎
  6. The Art of Server has a good reputation in this forum, but is in the USA. the Art of Server
  7. I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that because the ASM1064 is PCIe-X1 and has four ports it uses port multiplier technology, which I know has been discouraged by some forum members. I will delete the reference in my reply and await confirmation that the ASM1064 does not cause problems. 🙄
  8. Cards based on the JMB585 (5-port) chip have received good reports when used with Unraid. The ASMedia 1061/1062 (2-port) cards also play nicely with Unraid.
  9. Spaceinvader One has great support videos covering all skill levels. Check them out here: Unraid Basics are here: * Supporting the author's channel is also a good idea.
  10. With the AGESA installed, AMD says a 500-series motherboard will properly boot a Zen 3 / Ryzen 5000 chip. But the just allows the board to POST the new CPU. On November 5, you should check with your motherboard vendor again for a BIOS featuring the AGESA, which will incorporate more optimized features for the Zen 3 chip.
  11. I think this wiki on shrinking an unRaid array would apply in your situation. * Just be aware that if you have a parity drive, then it must be equal or greater in size than the other drives in the array.
  12. These Youtube videos by Spaceinvader1 should help. Complete Guide to Installing MacOS Mojave or High Sierra on Unraid as a VM (Oct 2018) How to Easily Install macOS Catalina Mojave or HighSierra as a VM on Unraid (Oct 2019)