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  1. Containerisation is a great way to improve application portability and scalability. Whilst often compared to server virtualisation it is fundamentally different and can actually be used in conjunction with virtualisation. Containerisation is often used to support DevOps to deploy applications using microservices architectures and have them run reliably and consistently across cloud and on-premises platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes. In this video Andrew provides a high-level introduction to containers. The Pro Tech Show provides tech, tips, and advice for IT Pros and decision-makers.
  2. I recently interviewed Ed from the YouTube channel Space Invader One. While we discussed Ed's background and his channel, the focus of the interview is on the main topic Ed covers: Instructional videos about the software UnRAID that allows you to turn any PC into a Network Attached Storage, or "NAS" device. While at first, that might seem like something only IT people would use for backups, the retro gaming world is on the cusp of adopting NAS methods for rom storage and streaming - We're not quite there yet, but if you'd like to get ahead of the curve, definitely check this video out and start experimenting with an old PC and an old set of hard drives. (RetroRGB)
  3. Linus Sebastian did the following video on a Fractal Define 7 XL Unraid build back in March 2020. (They eventually decided to use Unraid instead of Proxmox for this build).
  4. In March 2020 Linus managed to get 20 HDDs in his Fractal Define 7 XL running Unraid.
  5. It's good to have Ed back again! 😊
  6. A good explanation of how parity and dual parity works in Unraid is given here by SpaceinvaderOne. * Start at the 9:15 time mark for the parity/dual parity explanation.
  7. Welcome aboard Bill. I recommend Ed's excellent Unraid videos here
  8. USB is not recommended for array or pool disks in Unraid.👎
  9. Despite the threats, Microsoft is delivering updates to Windows 11 on 'incompatible' hardware. Much has been made of the system requirements for Windows 11, and after initially making it seem as though it would not be possible to install the operating system on hardware that did not make the grade, Microsoft relented and said that people could do so at their own risk. The permission to proceed came with something of a threat, however -- a warning that a computer that did not meet the minimum requirements would not receive updates. But this seems to have been an empty threat. We've just seen the first update for Windows 11 roll out, and KB5006674 was indeed delivered to computers that do not meet the requirements set out by Microsoft. What gives? First, we have Microsoft setting out minimum system requirements for Windows 11 and saying there would be no way around them -- only to relent and provide loopholes and workarounds. Then we have the company conceding that installing Windows 11 on sub-standard hardware means no updates -- only to then deliver updates to such systems.🙄
  10. Microsoft shares Windows 11 TPM (and CPU) check bypass for unsupported PCs "Microsoft has just published a new support webpage where they provide an official method to bypass the TPM 2.0 and CPU checks (TPM 1.2 is still required) and have Windows 11 installed on unsupported systems. This is somewhat surprising considering the tech giant's unwavering stance concerning the minimum requirements for the new Windows version. However, it looks like Microsoft couldn’t ignore the fact that bypassing TPM checks is fairly simple, so to avoid having people breaking their systems by using non-standardized third-party scripts, they decided to just give users an official way to do it. Installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware comes with some pitfalls that users must be aware of, and in some cases, agree to before the operating system will install." "Your device might malfunction due to these compatibility or other issues. Devices that do not meet these system requirement will no longer be guaranteed to receive updates, including but not limited to security updates," Microsoft explains in a new support bulletin. If you are willing to accept these risks, then you can use the following method to install Windows 11 on a device without a TPM 2.0 processor or a compatible CPU.
  11. Who Is Windows 11 For? "But with Windows 11, at least thus far, all I can tell is who is the OS isn’t for. It’s not for people with computers that date back before 2018, with very limited exceptions. It’s not for anyone without a TPM module. It’s not for anyone who isn’t willing to accept the need to jump through even more hoops to configure one’s own PC. It’s not for people who value the local nature of a PC ...... We’re not saying the OS is bad, per se, but we’re not sure who it’s supposed to appeal to? "
  13. Microsoft Kicks Unsupported PCs From Windows 11 Testing Program. Anyone who thought they could get away with running the dev or beta Insiders channels on old or unsupported hardware is in for a rude awakening today. These systems are getting update notifications that tell them the free ride is over. “Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11,” Microsoft’s warning states. “Your device is not eligible to join the Windows Insider Program on Windows 11. Please install Windows 10 to participate in the Windows Insider Program in the Release Preview Channel.” Many users are threatening to change to Linux. 😏 CPUs over 3 years old will not be eligible to run Windows 11. 😕 The environmentalists are angry with Microsoft for reducing perfectly good modern PCs to landfill in the name of increased security. Just note that you can stay on Windows 10 for another 4 years (2025) before all updates stop. Of course they may extend it like they did in the past.
  14. Update: Microsoft is threatening to withhold Windows 11 updates if your CPU is old. "Yesterday, we wrote how Microsoft’s Windows 11 won’t technically leave millions of PCs behind — the company told us it won’t actually block you from installing Windows 11 on a PC with an older CPU, so long as you download and manually install an ISO file all by yourself. But it turns out even that technicality has a technicality. Microsoft is now threatening to withhold Windows Updates from your copy of Windows 11 — potentially even security updates — if you take that route."
  15. "While DIY PC gamers, IT admins, and other power users will be able to perform a clean install of Windows 11 on existing hardware dating back years, it’s not encouraging that at all. First and perhaps most important, Microsoft informed us after we published this story that if your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements, it may not be entitled to get Windows Updates, even security ones."