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  5. Be aware that the parity drives for Unraid need to be equal or bigger than the largest data drive in the array. This means that based on those disks, at least one (and maybe both) of the 14TB disks would need to be dedicated to parity. You can have up to two parity drives in Unraid, which will allow recovery from two drives failing at the same time. I concur with MAM59 about the choice of CPU. I suggest you rethink your budget. Expecting great performance for the tasks you are planning from older computer parts may lead to frustration and more hair pulling! 😕
  7. 😏 Spaceinvader One has many helpful Unraid videos here:
  8. The suggestions discussed in this link with regard to Ryzen cstates and PSU Idle power control may help.
  10. This may help. This video by Spaceinvader One shows how to setup a Minecraft Server in docker on an Unraid server. The video shows how to install it and then link it to a domain or subdomain using SRV records.
  11. We take a look at whether WD Red Pro 20TB has lower endurance than cheap M.2 NVMe SSDs. We discuss WD's "Workload Rate" and see how the company is keeping very low ratings across the WD Red Pro lines. We also briefly talk about the low MTBF and UBER rates.
  12. How big is your Parity drive? Data drives must be less than or equal to parity size.
  14. In this video Ed shows 2 ways to shrink an Unraid array. The first way is the "Remove Drives Then Rebuild Parity" method. This method is quick and easy but does break parity. For the more cautious out there the 2nd method is the "Zero Drive Then Remove Drive" method this method is more complicated but you never loose parity.
  15. Slackware 15.0 arrives with the latest improvements along with Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS and KDE Plasma 5.23
  16. Containerisation is a great way to improve application portability and scalability. Whilst often compared to server virtualisation it is fundamentally different and can actually be used in conjunction with virtualisation. Containerisation is often used to support DevOps to deploy applications using microservices architectures and have them run reliably and consistently across cloud and on-premises platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes. In this video Andrew provides a high-level introduction to containers. The Pro Tech Show provides tech, tips, and advice for IT Pros and decision-makers.
  17. I recently interviewed Ed from the YouTube channel Space Invader One. While we discussed Ed's background and his channel, the focus of the interview is on the main topic Ed covers: Instructional videos about the software UnRAID that allows you to turn any PC into a Network Attached Storage, or "NAS" device. While at first, that might seem like something only IT people would use for backups, the retro gaming world is on the cusp of adopting NAS methods for rom storage and streaming - We're not quite there yet, but if you'd like to get ahead of the curve, definitely check this video out and start experimenting with an old PC and an old set of hard drives. (RetroRGB)
  18. Have a hard-to-shop-for tech-savvy friend? Need a last-minute gift idea for them? Great news! You can now buy Unraid as a gift directly from our website! Listen to the podcast for more details on how to do this or check out the new pricing page at In addition on this episode, Jon goes into common pitfalls users can run into with Docker containers and how to avoid them.
  19. Linus Sebastian did the following video on a Fractal Define 7 XL Unraid build back in March 2020. (They eventually decided to use Unraid instead of Proxmox for this build).
  20. In March 2020 Linus managed to get 20 HDDs in his Fractal Define 7 XL running Unraid.
  21. It's good to have Ed back again! 😊
  22. A good explanation of how parity and dual parity works in Unraid is given here by SpaceinvaderOne. * Start at the 9:15 time mark for the parity/dual parity explanation.
  23. Welcome aboard Bill. I recommend Ed's excellent Unraid videos here