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  1. This link may be helpful:
  2. This release reverts a change which modified the wrong file. This resulted in not being able to select 'macvlan' custom docker network type. New installations only will now have 'ipvlan' selected by default.
  3. This release is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements.
  4. This release is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements. In particular, we need to revert a base library due to a bug which prevents formatting devices >2TB in size.
  5. "There is a lot that went into creating my ideal Youtube Studio space... especially when the room is small! In this video, I talk and show you the new setup and how i am looking forward to no being able to be so much more productive and get a whole load of tutorials out." (Ed)
  6. The 6.11.2 release is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements. Please note there are important security mitigations in Samba, all users are encouraged to update. Please use version 6.11.3 instead. 😎
  7. For users tempted to use USB connected drives within the array, on the Unraid forum JonathanM has said: USB is notorious for random disconnects, which kicks the drive out of the array. Also, the USB-SATA interface may introduce differences in absolute size, or other abnormalities like non-unique serial number returns or several other issues. Smart reports, and the ability to track drive health may be limited. Cooling can be a challenge. Some drives work better than others as USB, but on the whole it's a recipe for disaster when you depend on all drives to work perfectly 100% of the time.
  9. "In my own experience working with a lot of different types of storage and storage virtualization (software-defined storage) solutions, both enterprise and SMB, Unraid is easily one of the best platforms out there for the SMB and even home user. Basically, Unraid is an OS (or software-defined storage system) that's specifically designed for personal and small business use. It incorporates enterprise-class features that let you configure your computer systems to maximize performance and capacity using any combination of applications, VMs, storage devices, and hardware. Words don't do it justice; you really should check them out."
  10. I’ve recently decided to revamp my setup this week that’s been running TrueNAS Core (formerly as FreeNAS) for the past 4 years. I took this opportunity to test drive Proxmox, TrueNAS SCALE and Unraid to see if they were a better fit.... (DOLA-IOT)
  11. The 6.11.1 release includes primarily bug fixes but also includes VM Manager improvements by @SimonF. Bugs: If you discover a bug or other issue in this release, please open a Stable Releases Bug Report. ALL USERS are encouraged to upgrade.
  12. NerdTools is the new plugin that allows you to install additional packages in UnRAID easily. This project is based on the old NerdPack plugin but has received many improvements and important changes.For example the package installation now takes advantage of the benefits of UnRAID 6.11 and installs packages in the path /boot/extra and delegating part of the management to the system itself. (EUGENI_CAT)
  14. Unraid does not support ZFS natively although it is rumored to do so in the future. There is a ZFS plugin but configuration is a bit complex. Spaceinvader One discusses using ZFS in a Truenas VM in the link below.
  15. The 6.11 release includes bug fixes, update of base packages, update to 5.19.x Linux kernel, and minor feature improvements.
  16. This video covers my opinion on 3 different storage technologies (NAS, UNRAID, and TrueNAS) based on my thoughts and experiences. I try and cover the pros and cons of each technology as well as make my own recommendations. If you are not using one of these, are thinking of switching, or just want to learn more, then I hope you find this video helpful. (Mike Faucher)
  17. You can probably buy 10th and 11th gen CPUs used on eBay and they would run Unraid fine, although the 11th gen was never very popular. I would still go with the current i5-12400. The 13th gen is due for release soon and will be compatible with your new motherboard, but by the time your i5-12400 actually needs replacing we may be up the the 16th gen !?
  18. Bug fixes: Ignore "ERROR:" strings mixed in "btrfs filesystem show" command output. This solves problem where libblkid could tag a parity disk as having btrfs file system because the place it looks for the "magic number" happens to matches btrfs. Subsequent "btrfs fi" commands will attempt to read btrfs metadata from this device which fails because there really is not a btrfs filesystem there. Along with the fixes and changes posted above, we are also working on some MacOS optimizations in 6.11.0-rc5 to achieve the best performance and functionality:
  19. If I were you I would be tempted to go with at least the i5-12400 (6 cores 12 threads US$180) rather than the i3-12100 (4 cores 8 threads US$130). 4 cores 8 threads is not really future proofing I feel in 2022! If you can afford it, I would spend the extra US$50. (Prices are from Newegg).
  20. "Are there way too many Linux distributions these days? Absolutely. More specifically, there are far too many operating systems that are based on other operating systems. Linux distributions based on Slackware, however, are far less common these days, so such distros are definitely worth some attention. Today, the Slackware-based Salix 15 becomes available for download. This Linux-based operating system uses the Xfce 4.16 desktop environment and kernel 5.15.63. In addition to Flatpak support, this version of the distro comes with some excellent software pre-installed, such as Firefox 102 ESR, GIMP 2.10, and LibreOffice 7.4."
  21. Some interesting user opinions....
  22. Improvements Merged Dynamix SSD Trim plugin into Unraid OS webGUI. Preliminary support for cgroup2. Pass 'unraidcgroup2' on syslinux append line to activate. Included perl in base distro. Bug fixes Fix nginx not recognizing SSL certificate renewal. wireguard: check the reachability of the gateway (next-hop) before starting the WG tunnel.
  23. A lot of people want the fastest speeds and will see 10Gb networking as a nice upgrade path to achieve this. However, it may not give you a speed increase at all depending on your use case.
  24. Linux 6.0 is the successor to Linux 5.19. Linus Torvalds decided to rename Linux 5.20 to the Linux 6.0 version for release in late Q3-2022.