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  1. One day I want to get 8 x 8tb once the price drops far enough.
  2. Is there anymore progress on ssd unraid?
  3. I still have no idea how I lost all of that data but I have strengthened the server security settings!
  4. And the folders themselves have videos in them. 3 empty folders were deleted as well.
  5. The big question is, has my server/pc been compromised and how do I tell and how to remove the compromise?!?!
  6. If I set the security to Private and create a user with R/W access and map the share on Windows 11, I assume this still isnt safe?
  7. Thanks for this. I just remembered that to transfer files from the PC to the Zidoo, the PC needs to have SMB1 enabled.
  8. No one touches my stuff but me. Lol. I didn't backup the 30tb. Obviously. Lol. I am just wondering if my computer/router has been hacked. I am scratching my head on this one. Surely I could have not deleted 30tb of data so easily. Its not quick to delete one file on the Zidoo let alone 1000.
  9. I had the Film share on Public and I then changed to Secure after this happened. I have not added any User profiles as I will just manually switch from Secure to Public when I want to write to the server. I am using a Windows 11 to write to the share. The server is at home and I trust everyone. Today, I have changed passwords, disable upnp, disable remote access for router. I have a Zidoo player but I have never had this problem in 10 plus years I have had Unraid. I assume there are no clues in the diagnostic file regarding this? An odd thing was that one film had been copied from the server to the desktop yesterday evening. I did not do this.
  10. Please see attached.
  11. HELP! I have one share and inside it I have folders and video files. All the video files outside of the folders have been deleted!!!! Is there a way to get them back??? I am not sure how this happened but I have lost 30tb of data. Where do I start to workout what went wrong?
  12. That Storaxa looks amzing!! Thanks for that.
  13. 100% agree with the stubborn attitude of some people.