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  1. Everything looks normal to me in the syslog, try accessing using the IP address-
  2. Are you booting GUI or normal model? NIC is working now so try normal mode and accessing the server via browser.
  3. Only with multichannel enable, and good luck getting that to work with Unraid, but please post back if you do [emoji4]
  4. If you have the docker folder plugin installed remove it.
  5. Samba is also single threaded, no idea if making shfs multi threaded would help, but it should still be possible to optimize shfs so that it doesn't have so much of an overhead.
  6. https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/next/unRAIDServer-6.9.0-beta25-x86_64.zip
  7. HBA problem: Sep 18 04:37:05 Apollo kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: fault_state(0x4101)! Make sure it's well seated and sufficiently cooled, you can also try a different slot if available.
  8. Thanks for posting back, weird that would cause the format to fail.
  9. It's probably some device using a PCIe port, try removing the NVMe devices and/or disabling the Asmedia USB controllers.
  10. There's no driver for your NIC in v6.8.x, you need to use v6.9-beta25.
  11. I don't see those errors on the syslog posted, to decrease log spam disable mover logging, you also appear to have a cache balance running daily, that's unnecessary and also a source of log spam, disable that also, reboot and post new diags after it happens again.
  12. It's possible, any hardware can fail at any time, if you have a spare one it's worth trying.
  13. They are in the flash drive: flash\config\plugins\dockerMan\templates-user
  14. I don't see any issues in the syslog.
  15. See if you can format it manually in Unraid, just to confirm if it's a Linux or Unraid issue. First wipe it with blkdiscard then partition and format, I can post the commands if you don't know how to.