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Community Answers

  1. See if this applies to you, if yes, switching to ipvlan should fix it (Settings -> Docker Settings -> Docker custom network type -> ipvlan (advanced view must be enable, top right)), or see below for more info.: See also here:
  2. Doesn't look like a disk problem, suggest swapping cables(both power and SATA) or slot with a different disk and see if the issue follows the disk.
  3. The Ryzen related info might also be applicable, if that doesn't help enable the syslog server and post that after a crash.
  4. This suggests the controller uses one or more port multipliers, if yes bandwidth of any SATA port connected to one will be divide by all 5 ports, diags would confirm.
  5. It will autostart the VMs at first array start if array autostart is enabled.
  6. Unfortunately there's nothing relevant logged, does it only crash when running the VM? Also make sure you check this:
  7. You cannot create new threads, you're supposed to use the existing docker support thread, in this case:
  8. Issues with parity and disk7 also look power/connection related.
  9. Looks like a flash drive issue, not necessarily a bad flash drive, try re-formatting again using diskpart or use a different one to test.
  10. Next time get the diags before rebooting.
  11. Server appears to have started based on that screenshot, errors are likely a corrupt docker image, see if you can get the diagnostics using the console.
  12. Syslog starts over after every boot, enable the syslog server and post that after a crash.
  13. It's anonymized so it's usually fine.