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  1. If the device has pending sectors the problem is reading, not writing, you can try cloninh it with ddrescue and then use the clone in the pool.
  2. Cache device dropped offline, replace cables to rule them out.
  3. It's not a problem mixing SAS and SATA, as for the link speed you can check it by clicking on the device on the main page.
  4. Is that large or small files? Small files will transfer much slower, try copying a large file to cache.
  5. It should also work with CSM boot, but it's failing to initialize: Jan 19 05:21:06 Tower kernel: nvme nvme0: I/O 25 QID 0 timeout, disable controller Jan 19 05:21:06 Tower kernel: nvme nvme0: Device shutdown incomplete; abort shutdown Jan 19 05:21:06 Tower kernel: nvme nvme0: Removing after probe failure status: -4
  6. A balance will still run if you click on it, balance isn't just used to convert profiles, to check current profile click on cache and see this section, in your case both should be raid1:
  7. Yep, I recommend always having checksums, I use btrfs and still create manual checksums with corz, for some situations they can still be useful. Yep. No, the problem can really be on parity, again no way of knowing without checksums. See first reply.
  8. If you using v6.9-rc it's a known issue, you can just click on spin up all to get the temps for now.
  9. It can be, even for newer models, possibly board dependent.
  10. Yes (assuming parity is valid), the data is still there, it's just the partitions that are invalid. Correct, and to remove you just unassign the device.
  11. I think it's your best bet, it worked many times before for similar situations, and you don't have much to lose, just don't rebuild on top if the emulated disk doesn't mount correctly.
  12. Disable all dockers, enable one by one and make sure it's stable before enabling the next one and so on.
  13. This is the first you should do.
  14. Problem appears to be network related, try to simplify network config as much as possible.
  15. Forgot to mention, it might degrade performance if using a SAS2/SATA3 expander, since device link speed affects total link bandwidth.