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  1. There's a problem with the cache filesystem, you should backup and re-format, then restore the data and also best recreate the docker image.
  2. If it didn't download them after 2 minutes it won't, get them on the console by typing "diagnostics"
  3. Without the diags we can only guess, possibly a problem with the cache filesystem.
  4. Note that after correcting that you'll need to run two checks, 1st one might still find errors, 2nd one shouldn't, if it still does run memtest.
  5. First thing to do is to not overclock the RAM, since it's a known issue with some Ryzen servers, respect max officially supported speeds for your config.
  6. If you have CA installed see the last part.
  7. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/?do=findComment&comment=564309
  8. Time to ask for help would be before doing this, still not clear to me what's the current array status, please post the diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics
  9. Docker image is corrupt, recreate it.
  10. Could be, but not because of the temp, 36C is still cool.
  11. That's weird, create a new partition on the USB disk starting on sector 64, then rebuild the reiser superblock, then run --rebuild-tree.
  12. Nothing obvious, you can run the diskspeed docker to see if all disks are performing nominally.
  13. Yep, cancel and try without a different disk.
  14. Most likely, btrfs will quickly corrupt wit bad RAM.