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  1. Recommend adding that SAMBA SMB multichannel is still experimental and not recommended for production as in some rare cases it can cause data corruption, from the SAMBA manpage:
  2. The problem appears to have happen when the mover ran, make sure files are not being moved/accessed by other things during the mover, you can schedule it for a different time if needed.
  3. No, but it does happen to some, it's usually caused by a docker that moves files, you'd need to test one at a time to find out which one.
  4. I though the diags were right after booting, you have a previous shfs crash, rebooting should fix it.
  5. You have something creating /mnt/user before Unraid does it. Sep 26 02:25:52 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (3389): mkdir /mnt/user Sep 26 02:25:52 Tower root: mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/user': File exists
  6. Disk1 dropped offline, power down, check cables and post new diags.
  7. Please post the diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics
  8. See if copying to the disk share is faster, like this one:
  9. Did some more testing and googling and no idea what this could be, can't find anyone else complaining of something similar, I've been using snapshots together with send/receive to backup most of my Unraid servers for years now, most times during the backup I delete older snapshots from every data disk, and the space recovery always starts after a few seconds, in fact sometimes it even causes the server to perform slowly while it's deleting snapshots from multiple disks simultaneously, but it never took more than a few minutes to recover all the space.
  10. According to the syslog it was already in IT mode, just on a very old firmware.
  11. If you need to try the default config you can restore the key file and super.dat, both on the config folder. Syslog stops after loading all the plugins, before starting GUI and other services, another thing you can try, before redoing the flash, is to boot in safe mode.
  12. Boot process isn't finishing, try redoing the flash drive with your config (backup config folder then restore), if it still doesn't boot try a new config.
  13. For parity2 to be valid all data disks must be on the original slots, parity1 remains valid if all data disks are present, regardless of order, also note that parity1 and 2 are not interchangeable.