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  1. Depends on the USB bridge used, some can be flacky, I've been using one like that (assigned to a pool) for my temp downloads for a few months without issues, SMART on the GUI might also not work correct, but at least in my case it's an Unraid issue, since smartctl works fine.
  2. There are several back traces and all mention corefreq, e.g.: Oct 19 05:40:52 MYSERVER kernel: Sys_MemInfo+0x20/0x9b [corefreqk]
  3. That's not cable related, a SMART attribute is failing now, so yes, it should be replaced.
  4. Disk5 is mounting now, but you should run an extended SMART test on disk5, disk1 was already disabled in the previous diags.
  5. Agree that they should be monitored but a non zero value doesn't necessarily mean the disk is failing soon, there could be some text saying that a disk should be monitored, and if one or both of the values keep rising then the disk is likely to fail soon.
  6. 9300-16i is just two 9300-8i in the same board, it will appear as two controllers, update both using the 9300-8i firmware.
  7. It's using a very old firmware, you need to update to latest.
  8. This is likely the problem, USB is not recommended for array/pool devices.
  9. Try uninstalling the corefreq plugin.
  10. If none of the options in the FAQ work you can try the mailing list or IRC as also mentioned there, or just restore from backups.
  11. As already mentioned only/best option for that problem is using btrfs restore.
  12. Server was rebooted, everything looks fine for now, still you should probably recreate the docker image, if it happens again post new diags before rebooting.
  13. Cache filesystem is corrupt, there are some recovery options here.
  14. Run it again without -n, if it asks for it use -L.