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  1. You also need to run a balance on the pool since the filesystem is fully allocated, more info here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/62230-out-of-space-errors-on-cache-drive/?do=findComment&comment=610551
  2. Then maybe the preclear plugin now includes that, it' been a while since I've used it, but it's not the stock GUI showing that for sure.
  3. Preserve assignments is just to facilitate when using the same devices, since you'll not be using any of the existing array devices no point in preserving them, you can still preserve cache (or don't and just re-assign them).
  4. Also that's usually the remaining %.
  5. You can see how long it's expected to take by looking at the SMART report: Extended self-test routine recommended polling time: (1542) minutes.
  6. It's not a stock GUI function, it's the UD plugin.
  7. Issues with multiple disks, check/replace cables on disks 2 and 3 then post new diags (after array start in normal mode).
  8. Don't know what you mean by this, drives don't auto mount, they are just detected, also preclear is optional. Like mentioned, preclear is optimal, drives can be assigned to the array at any time. New config is done BEFORE adding new drives.
  9. Dec 4 07:14:00 deathstar root: Fix Common Problems: Error: Same share (share) exists in a different case Dec 4 07:14:00 deathstar root: Fix Common Problems: Error: Same share (Share) exists in a different case Windows isn't case sensitive, so it will show only one of them.
  10. It means problems with the flash drive, try reformatting it first, if it doesn't help replace it.
  11. It's normal, that's how high water works: https://wiki.unraid.net/Un-Official_UnRAID_Manual#High_Water
  12. If that is expected you need more RAM.
  13. Why? That won't give accurate results.
  14. Ethernet ConnectX-3 are supported for a long time, but Unraid doesn't support Infiniband.
  15. Call trace refers network related modules and the NIC driver.
  16. You have various JAVA instances running likely by a docker container using at least 67.4% of your RAM.
  17. That appears to be an Asmedia based controller, so it should work, diags might give some clues.
  18. Get one of the recommeded LSI HBAs, any LSI with a SAS2008/2308/3008/3408 chipset in IT mode, e.g., 9201-8i, 9211-8i, 9207-8i, 9300-8i, 9400-8i, etc and clones, like the Dell H200/H310 and IBM M1015, these latter ones need to be crossflashed.
  19. Unraid it's running out of RAM, and there's very little available, I don't know what this is but it's using a lot of CPU: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 19038 root 20 0 3289276 126040 0 D 189.5 0.8 361:02.02 influxd If you don't know which app is it boot in safe mode with all dockers disable them start enabling one by one.
  20. Old parity is also failing, so you have two failing disks with single parity, is old disk6 still connected? If not connect it and post a SMART report.
  21. If the backplane includes an expander you just need one cable (or two for dual link if supported for increased bandwidth).
  22. That backplane is direct connect, no expander, so it will support any disk size.
  23. WD SMR disks report trim support, maybe better option would be to only trim non rotational devices.
  24. While the controller is bottlenecking a little it's not the issue, please post diags during a parity check, make sure no other array activity is going on, there were some small writes to the array in the previous diags.