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  1. It dropped again, try swapping NVMe slots and see if the problems stays with the slot or follows the device.
  2. Hmm: May 10 18:41:58 Tower root: mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/user/domains': No space left on device Bot seeing a reason for the not enough space error though.
  3. You need to remove that or nothing will be done.
  4. Unless errors are expected it should be non correct, because in some rare cases if there are disk problems a correcting check can wrongly update parity ant corrupt it.
  5. The second one is showing corruption errors, unless they are old it suggests a hardware problem, like bad RAM. NVMe devices dropping are usually a BIOS/kernel issue, but could also be a bad device, though unlikely, this sometimes helps: Some NVMe devices have issues with power states on Linux, try this, on the main GUI page click on flash, scroll down to "Syslinux Configuration", make sure it's set to "menu view" (on the top right) and add this to your default boot option, after "append initrd=/bzroot" nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 e.g.: append initrd
  6. CPU temps are not a stock feature, you should post instead on the support thread of the plugin you're using.
  7. It won't hurt, make sure schedule checks are non correct.
  8. If it doesn't find any errors now I would assume problem is fixed, then wait until next scheduled check.
  9. I would think mentioning the disk is failing makes it clear that it should be replaced, but yeah, it has a lot of pending sectors and it's generating media errors.
  10. That log shows HBA problems: May 8 11:06:21 magnas kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: SAS host is non-operational !!!! May 8 11:06:22 magnas kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: SAS host is non-operational !!!! May 8 11:06:23 magnas kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: SAS host is non-operational !!!!
  11. One of the NVMe devices dropped offline, see here for better pool monitoring.
  12. Looks more line a connection problem, start by replace the cables.
  13. Tools -> Diagnostics
  14. Disks look fine, it can be power or cable related, cables can go bad even without touching them, both disks have several UDMA CRC errors, so unless those errors are old bad SATA cables would be the prime suspect.
  15. No, and it's important to always have backups of anything important.
  16. Wait for the extended test to finish and than act accordingly.
  17. Where did you see that? They are both supported.
  18. If you want some informed advice next time post the diagnostics after a drive fails.
  19. See if this applies to you: See also here:
  20. Parity drive is failing, you can continue the rebuild since there's no better option but there will be some data loss.