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  1. Most likely is only using one device, Please post the diagnostics to confirm.
  2. Looks related to this, but full syslog should confirm: See if this applies to you, if yes, switching to ipvlan might fix it (Settings -> Docker Settings -> Docker custom network type -> ipvlan (advanced view must be enable, top right)), or see below for more info.: See also here:
  3. Start here:
  4. Diags are after rebooting, but disk looks healthy, you mentioned swapping the SATA cable, swap the power cable also and rebuild, if it happens again post new diags before rebooting.
  5. If the extended SMART test passed most likely it's a power/connection, diagnostics might give more clues.
  6. Do you mean the server turned off? If yes that's almost certainly hardware related, or something invoking the shutdown command, and unfortunately the log shows nothing of note.
  7. Log shows some OOM and ATA issues, but mainly Nvidia related errors, and those appear to be the main issue since after the last of those you get this: May 24 04:11:56 Tower kernel: Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed! And right after that nginx also stopped working.
  8. What you describe is not a direct replacement, the part you quoted is for direct replacing a single device, direct replacement always requires the old device connected, though it should still work, but not something I tested much, if you can't have both new and old devices connected I would suggest first removing one device, shutdown and a connect the new device, then add the new device to the pool.
  9. It's not, IT mode uses the mpt3sas driver, not megaraid_sas. 9341-8i is also megaraid, you'd need the 9300-8i firmware, but likely it will require crossflashing, it probably won't accept direct flashing, try googling "lsi 9340 it mode", instructions on how to should be easy to find.
  10. Enable the syslog server and post that after a crash, though if it's a hardware issue, and by the description it might be, possibly nothing will logged.
  11. It's working for me, VNC window should auto open and connect immediately after VM creation.
  12. It's an old screenshot I have saved for this.
  13. You can upgrade one at a time. No. See here for more info, if you're still on v6.9.x update to v6.10 first since it's broken on that release:
  14. Yes, as long there are no issues with the appdata folder.
  15. Only issue I see for now is with the docker image, delete and re-create.
  16. The part were the emulated disk had filesystem corruption, likely the result of parity not being 100% in sync. Like mentioned this is usually a RAM problem, unfortunately memtest is only definite if errors are found, not the other way, but like mentioned it could also be for example a disk issue, those are much more difficult to diagnose since basically you need to remove/replace one disk from the array at a time and run a coupe of parity checks to see if it helped or not, that's why I suggested:
  17. See if it can be flashed to IT mode, since it's using the SAS3008 chip there's a good chance it can, RAID is not recommended for Unraid.
  18. If you mean total disk capacity, no, it can't be that.
  19. May 10 18:52:15 Smalls kernel: macvlan_broadcast+0x10e/0x13c [macvlan] May 10 18:52:15 Smalls kernel: macvlan_process_broadcast+0xf8/0x143 [macvlan] Macvlan call traces are usually the result of having dockers with a custom IP address, upgrading to v6.10 and switching to ipvlan might fix it (Settings -> Docker Settings -> Docker custom network type -> ipvlan (advanced view must be enable, top right)), or see below for more info. See also here:
  20. If it works in safe mode it suggests one of the plugins is the problem, uninstall or rename the plg files to see if you can find the culprit.
  21. Sorry don't known what any of that is, if it's a docker best bet is to ask for help in the existing docker support thread, if there is one:
  22. Your cache device appears to be failing, you can run an extended SMART test to confirm, also run one on disks 5 and 6 since there are some read errors logged as disk issues. May 22 21:59:53 Tower kernel: XFS (md6): Unmount and run xfs_repair Then check filesystem on disk6.
  23. This has been happening with at least a couple of different controllers that were using long names for SATA devices, short names is what they should show, this way if in the future you replace the controller with a different one no need for a new config, also please post the diagnostics so we can see what controller you're using.