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  1. No, with dual parity you can lose two drives, with single just one.
  2. It means there's likely a failing DIMM, System/IPMI event log might have more info on exactly which one it is.
  3. I would start with board/CPU.
  4. Using USB is possible, but not recommended for array or cache devices, USB is usually very bad at error handling.
  5. Did you try installing the intel-gpu-top plugin like mentioned in the other thread above?
  6. See if disabling spin down for that disk helps.
  7. It will work, but it's not recommended, and keep in mind that for example two 4TB drives in raid0 will be slightly smaller than one 8TB drive, so parity will always need to be larger than the data drives you intend to use.
  8. This looks more like a hardware issue, though strange that it appears to be caused by a particular docker.
  9. That points to another issue, not the disks, is the controller the same you were using before? Also check which CPU scaling governor is in use.
  10. You should, reiser is no longer being activily developed and has several known issues, mostly performance related.
  11. 20MB/s slow or just slower? Parity check can't go faster than the slowest disk at any point.
  12. Check filesystem on that disk, also good idea to convert all your disks from reiser to xfs.
  13. Stock Unraid doesn't support fan control, please use the existing plugin support thread:
  14. Jul 13 14:07:54 ADL-Server kernel: macvlan_broadcast+0x10e/0x13c [macvlan] Jul 13 14:07:54 ADL-Server kernel: macvlan_process_broadcast+0xf8/0x143 [macvlan] Macvlan call traces are usually the result of having dockers with a custom IP address, more info below. See also here: There are also a lot of ATA errors on disks
  15. There are a couple of call traces but can't see the reason, could be the kernel doesn't like your board, the number one issue for crashes on v6.9.2 appears to be this: Though this is usually visible in the syslog, still might be worth checking if it applies to you.
  16. You just need to boot with DOS and run that command, if the board has UEFI support you'll need to use a UEFI shell instead, it's possible to update an LSI using Unraid but unfortunately the Linux binary doesn't work with the delete BIOS option.
  17. You can just delete it: Note: with multiple controllers you need to select the controller or it will delete the BIOS from the first one.
  18. Try deleting the BIOS, it's not needed for Unraid.
  19. This is normal with different size devices, used/free will be correct.
  20. They will spin down with a Supermicro JBOD (or similar direct connect JBDO) they should also spin down with Netapp, but you should search for that, and SAS devices might not spin down even with the plugin.
  21. No, other way around, rebuild aborted because the disk got disabled. Disk looks healthy, you should update the LSI firmware though, that version has known issues.