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  1. i do not have any VMs running, and im getting "reset high-speed USB device number 7 using xhci_hcd". (version as of writing: 6.9.2) Please help...been chasing this one for a while.
  2. man...it helps when i read EVERYTHING and not skip important steps! i was pulling my hair out and screaming for months over the "security issue" of the "admin" account always being there (after deleting it multiple times). Now that i have changed that line in as.config, everything is good! i can no longer log in as "admin - password". thanks to myself for making me feel silly!
  3. I am also extremely interested in getting my MFP/Scanner to work through unraid. Already have printing done through CUPS (and works extremely well). I would like to scan as well! THHHANK YOU!
  4. I also would LOVE this to be a thing!
  5. After upgrade, accessing the GUI from a networked PC. the shares are there, the GUI works from the local machine (monitor/keyboard hooked up directly), but it just times out on the browser (once in a while the UID/PASS comes up, but then times out as well) formatted the USB drive, "make bootable" (as admin), and moved config folder over
  6. nothing? im having the same issue with windows7 pro after updating unraid past 6.5.x. if i "roll back" it works again...sometimes the login appears, mostly not. local access is fine, shares appear. can ping etc my unraid from W$7.
  7. so after finding, sharing etc the USB printer (in CUPS), i can no longer find it on my windows 7 computer connected to the same router as the unraid NAS! this is getting frustrating as it was working great till nothing was changed and then it stopped working...again...just stopped working! is there a step by step guide to set this up on UNRAID (like everything else)? again, worked great till it didn't! Can we get a CUPS only FAQ?