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  1. I have now discovered that you can pass in the location of the atomicparsley binary when executing get_iplayer: --atomicparsley /usr/sbin/atomicparsley You will then find that tagging works as expected.
  2. I can confirm the issue is no longer present in latest. Thanks!
  3. I am about to upgrade to Unraid 6.10.3 and have just run the Update Assistant which gives me this issue: I am aware of the issue in other 6.10.x releases for certain machines including my HP Gen 8 Microserver, but I understand that the primary purpose of the 6.10.3 release was to fix that issue as described here in the official release post. I am confused as to what to do here. The official release notes indicate that everything should be alright now because the Linux kernel default IOMMU operation mode has been changed from "DMA Translation" to "Pass-through" but the Update Assistant says I need to disable IOMMU in the bios. Do I need to disable IOMMU or is the Update Assistant's advice out of date? Thanks!
  4. I ran the container for a few days without specific servers and then queried InfluxDb to get a list of servers that are typically used from my location. I removed any that didn't consistently max out my connection and then used that list for the "SERVERS" environment variable. There is also this list but I don't know how up to date it is.
  5. You can choose specific servers by providing a comma-separated list of server IDs as an environment variable called "SERVERS" - I do this myself. Is that what you mean by locations? The documentation suggests you need to surround the list in parentheses but I find that this causes the container to fail.
  6. No, I'm afraid I didn't. However, I did move to barrycarey/speedmon and this has been running solidly ever since.
  7. I am getting auth issues. Looking at the SpeedFlux log: I have run an InfluxDb container. When I first accessed it it prompted me to create a user, bucket and organisation which I did. Then when I setup the Speedtest container I entered the user & password that I have just created However, the fact that SpeedFlux talks about "databases" makes me think that SpeedFlux is using the v1 InfluxDb API which is apparently not available in the latest InfluxDb container image without some work. Maybe that is what the "<2" in the log message above means. Is anyone using SpeedFlux with the latest version of InfluxDb?
  8. Hi all, I'm seeing this warning when getting programmes: Is AtomicParsley not supposed to be part of this container image? I also see that Plex has a very hard time matching any of the downloads and I guess this is why. Am I supposed to be installing AtomicParsley seperately or something? Thanks!
  9. This has happedned again. This time I include full diagnostics immedately after I see the 403 error in case anyone can help me shed some light on this please. Thank you! tower-diagnostics-20211222-1410.zip
  10. Initially Netdata was working well for me but I have now noticed that every time after the container image is updated I get an Executiion error = Error code 403. After reading around I a have managed to fix this by performing: docker network disconnect host Netdata ...and I can then start the container normally. All is well until the container image next gets updated and I have to do this again. This only happens with this particular container. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks!
  11. I have been using the template from Merrrp's GitHub repo mostly without issue. However, I got a werid warning from the Fix Common Problems plugin this morning: But this is really confusing me because the URL specified in the fix is in someone else's repository entirely and I have never made reference to that repository in unraid before. Does anyone understand how that warning can come about or what I should do about it?
  12. Specifying a previous tag got me up and running though. This is also reported on Github.
  13. Thank you, these variables work as you describe.