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  1. I have this working and I am pleased with it. However, I am using Cloudflare with Nginx Proxy Manager to provide reverse proxy access to various services on my Unraid box without having to open ports for each of them in my router. Is is possible to do the same with WireGuard so I can avoid forwarding its port in my router? Is this even desirable and would it give me any additional security? Thanks!
  2. @Merrrp, thanks very much for your template - I'm using it successfully bar an issue with paths... In the template I set both the data and log volume mounts and they appear to be mapped correctly: ...however, when I look at the server properties in SQL Server Management Studio all the Data, Log and Backup paths have all been set to the same directory /var/opt/mssql/data: So it looks like setting the data directory is successful but not the log directory and there appears to be no way to set the backup directory. I know I can set them after the container is running using mssql-conf but I'd really like to have them set properly as part of the template. Do you have any ideas what is wrong here? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am currently backing up to an unassigned device. However, I'd like to mount & spin-up this device before the backup and then unmount & spin-down after. The idea being that the backup is safer from things like ransomware etc when unmounted and I'll save power with it spun down. Is this possible with Duplicati? I don't even seem to be able to mount and unmount it manually before and after backups as Duplicati doesn't realise it has been mounted and reports the existing backup files as missing. Is this problem an Unraid, Docker or Duplicati issue? Thanks!
  4. Not having an RSS feed means I can't follow Unraid on aggregation services like Feedly. I'd love to get an RSS feed.
  5. Yes, I guess it's a case of the chicken and egg. I'm sure the guide I followed set Cloudflare to force encryption all the way but didn't have this issue. Maybe I miss-remember and they set the full encryption setting on at the end of the process. Thanks for your help, I'm happy it is working correctly and now adding any other NPM hosts will be infrequent it's not really an issue.
  6. Thanks, I thought that Letsencrypt would be contacting my server on the subdomain deluge.yourdomain.tld rather than yourdomain.tld? Anyway, since you say that Letsencrypt needs an unencrypted port I changed the "SSL/TLS encryption mode" setting in Cloudflare from Full to Flexible to allow that insecure connection and then I could get my certificates. One I had done that I set "SSL/TLS encryption mode" back to Full and everything seems to be working. I still think I have misunderstood something and I don't think I should have to relax "SSL/TLS encryption mode" every time I want to create a new host in NPM. This is the setting I have to relax each time:
  7. I am running this Nginx Proxy Manager container and I successfully set up a reverse proxy for Plex: Created a "dynamic" subdomain in CloudFlare updated with my current WAN IP Created a "plex" subdomain in CloudFlare using a CNAME record pointing to the "dynamic" subdomain Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to "Full" Cloudflarte Always Use HTTPS is "On" Created a host in Nginx that redirects fromn the "plex" subdomain to the IP address and port that the Plex UI is running on in Unraid with: Cache assets on Block Common Exploits on Requested a new SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt with: Force SSL on HTTP/2 Support on HSTS Enabled on HSTS Subdomains on This all seems to work well. Now, when I come to create a reverse proxy host for other services (doign exactly the same as above), they always seem to fail when trying to get a new certificate. Looking in the letsencrypt.log I can see: Can anyone give me some pointers as to why I can create my first reverse proxy but no more? I assume I am forwarding the ports in my router correctly to Nginx otherwsie none of them would work. Is trying to create a cert per subdomain the correct thing to do? Thanks!
  8. @Squid, I only have a single slot in my Microserver and I don't believe that I could attach a cable/bracket, like the one in your link, to the card I have ordered. I'd be very happy to be shown to be wrong though!
  9. I ordered one of these anyway and I may try and cut a hole in the bracket and expose one of the SATA ports there. It seems surprisingly cheap, I'll just have to see how it goes. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08RF1TS9W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. That looks really good, thanks. If only one of those ports was available as an eSata port on the back it would be perfect. I have searched around based on that same chipset but found nothing.
  11. I have a Gen8 HP Microsever that only has a single low profile PCIe 2.0 x16 slot so I have to maximise its use. I don't know much about controller cards but what I'd really like is a card that is compatible with my Microserver and Unraid that has: Two M.2 slots for solid state drives Internal connections for two SATA drives (Nice to have) Some sort of external drive connector to add an external bay Does anything like this exist or am I asking too much? Thanks