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Replacing Disk in BTRFS Pool

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I'd like to replace a disk in my pool but keep the existing one and use for something less critical as it starting to show signs of failure. The Unraid documentation states:



To replace a disk in the redundant pool, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop the array.
  2. Physically detach the disk from your system you wish to remove.
  3. Attach the replacement disk (must be equal to or larger than the disk being replaced).
  4. Refresh the Unraid webGui when under the Main tab.
  5. Select the pool slot that previously was set to the old disk and assign the new disk to the slot.
  6. Start the array.
  7. If presented with an option to Format the device, click the checkbox and button to do so.


Why do I need to do step (2)? Can I not just leave it attached and then repurpose it for something else? I don't really want to open my machine up at all because both the disks in question are already in there and it is not easily accessible.


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4 hours ago, writablevulture said:

Why do I need to do step (2)? Can I not just leave it attached and then repurpose it for something else?

If you leave it attached I think it will still be detected as a pool member, whether it's in the logical slot or not. Wait for @JorgeB to confirm, but I think you should probably be able to substitute wiping the mbr / partition table instead of physically removing it, but I'm pretty sure you can't allow it to be found as a former pool member.

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