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  1. So you have the ReiserFS data backed up to another location?
  2. That's not recommended. Unraid's gui should be protected from general access, use a VPN if you need a WAN connection. The other services you expose should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Unraid's gui is not yet ready to be exposed. That's the end goal, but we're not there yet.
  3. Missed that. Good catch!
  4. when typing the path, /mnt/disk2/un <tab> doesn't fill in /mnt/disk2/unraid ? Try using putty.
  5. Most likely. Play both sets of files and see which ones are correct, copy the correct ones overwriting the corrupt files and rerun the command to see the results when the files are identical.
  6. Easiest way is to use tab completion. Start typing the beginning of the path and hit the tab key. Sounds like the terminal session got closed at some point. It should show the command you typed and eventually (hours later) return to the prompt, not just show a new session. You need to use a console that won't automatically close or get terminated, either on the local console at the physical machine, or use the screen program to set up a virtual console that won't terminate. For the benefit of others reading along, if anybody is, the reason I'm not redirecting the output to a file to be examined later is that there should be no files listed, so nothing to read in the output file. If it starts spitting out a file list, those files don't match. This was theoretically going to be an easy way to do file copy verification, not a full fledged sync routine.
  7. Tools, new config. Assign drives as you wish. Settings, disk settings, default file system. If your cache drive is currently xfs and you wish to change that, you will need to move the data elsewhere before reformatting.
  8. No. Yes. Maybe, depends. Not enough information.
  9. It would appear your VM was infiltrated, if it were me I'd delete that vdisk and start over. Unraid itself is a little more resilient, but since they were in your VM, who knows where else in your network they poked around. Each device on your network needs to be examined and possibly reset, including your router.
  10. That command doesn't give "errors", it tells you a list of files which don't match and would be transferred if you didn't have the n in the narcv
  11. Sounds like you may have the source and / or destination paths wrong. Try it on a pair of folders that you know for a fact are identical.
  12. That's not a permission issue, it's a container path inconsistency. You haven't posted the container config for your downloader, so no way to tell you what field to change, but if you can wrap your head around the issue it's easy to fix for yourself. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-docker-faq/?tab=comments#comment-566086
  13. If you are replacing the drive, why not just do the normal drive replacement procedure? For parity to remain valid, the bits on the drive you are removing must be exactly the same as the bits on the replacement. So, either both the old and new drives must be all zeroes, or the new drive rebuilt from parity to match the old drive, or rebuild parity based on the new drive content. I suppose you could pause the zeroing process, I've never tried.