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  1. Given this statement plus the fact ZFS is not natively supported in Unraid, I'd recommend network transfer. Internal transfer wouldn't be much faster than gigabit anyway, so not worth the risk and hassle.
  2. No. Contact support, ask them to update your registered email.
  3. That specific model has a very good reputation.
  4. Parity is realtime, so any changes made are committed immediately. It protects against device failure, but not accidental deletion or corruption. So, no, parity is not backup. In the context of this thread, where files are being copied to a separate device on a schedule with the option of keeping aged copies, that is a backup, but adding parity doesn't make it a backup. Parity is not a backup. A versioned copy of your files kept on a different device, that is a backup. The array is a good place to keep a backup, but it's not a backup of itself. Maybe you already underst
  5. This is what works for me, but you will have to adapt to your situation. I don't use the typical swag configuration.
  6. How will you know if the emails are getting through? The purpose of the daily test mail is to be sure you can get an "all clear" message. Then if something does need to alert you, you know the email should successfully get to you. There is a good reason for a daily all ok message, I strongly suggest you turn that back on and use it as confirmation that everything is working as intended.
  7. Please read the first post in the thread.
  8. For now forget about increasing or evaluating security and GET THOSE THINGS BACKED UP. Once you have offline backup of items you can't afford to lose, then start dealing with the rest of this. Once you have a backup strategy in place, then you can start evaluating open ports and examining the security of each of the answering services. Of course all this assumes you haven't put your server in the DMZ or anything like that.
  9. Perhaps reading the first post in this thread will help.
  10. You are welcome. You would be amazed at the number of times people post things totally irrelevant to Unraid on the Unraid forums thinking they are helping other users when they are actually confusing the issue.
  11. No. If you want the files to end up in a user share named Media, just copy them to /mnt/disk1/Media/ All folders in the root of the disks ARE user shares already. Creating folders directly on the disk automatically creates a user share with that name. parity doesn't have a filesystem or a format.
  12. What benefit does this have over using Unraid's built in implementation?
  13. Which means it's simply like running resistive heat strips, or a space heater. If you need the heat anyway, it's not really a waste, except that a heat pump is a little more efficient. When summer comes around however, you'd be paying twice, once to mine and once to move the heat outside with the A/C. So rest your environmental head, as long as it's cold outside and you would normally run a heater, mine away. At the very least it mines more coins than a baseboard heater.