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Community Answers

  1. Is this possibly the issue?
  2. I understand, but I seem to recall issues with using it for array copies. Maybe give Unstoppable Copier a try? It's old, but still works fine for me.
  3. This, theoretically. But you can new config, keep all, and just change what needs to be changed.
  4. Up to the level of pool redundancy. Beyond that, everything is lost. In the traditional Unraid array each drive is still readable, so even if you've lost all but one disk, whatever is on that one disk is still readable.
  5. It's meant to be used in a rackmount server, where fan walls force air over all slots. You must provide active airflow somehow.
  6. Look in the config folder on the flash drive for multiple files named *.key
  7. memtest86 can run off a flash drive, so boot off the flash you create for memtest instead of the Unraid flash.
  8. No. You can use the Dynamix File Manager to move data to another drive.
  9. The parity protected array will be just another pool type soon™, with no requirement to use it. It will still be available for those wishing to use it for all the original benefits it gives for spinning rust, separate file systems per volume, ability to spin down when not accessed, etc. The current requirement of a single volume assigned as disk1 to start the pools will go away.
  10. Are you writing data to the array currently? Diagnostics may shed some light.