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Community Answers

  1. Change the Download to: field in your first screenshot to /data/incomplete and the move to /data/Completed
  2. Not possible for array or cache pool devices. The only way Unraid can use FAT32 besides the boot stick is with unassigned devices. Doesn't sound like it.
  3. Because it's still working. It copies, then deletes the source after the copy is successful.
  4. It can't validate via the signature, it can only trust that the signature has been applied to a fully cleared disk. The signature is placed in a logical location on the disk such that any write access that would normally be applied to a fully blank disk will destroy the signature. If you were to take a precleared disk with signature intact and manually flip bits NOT in the signature area, Unraid would still trust it as precleared, and subsequent parity checks would find the altered area and either only alert or alert and alter the parity disk to match, depending on whether the check was correcting or not. If there was a disk failure before those bits were corrected in parity, then each altered bit would be incorrect on the emulated disk, causing anything from file system corruption to absolutely no noticeable effect if the bits were in unoccupied space on the emulated drive. Clear as mud? At some point between the finalization of the preclear process and adding the disk to the array, the signature was overwritten, causing Unraid to require a clearing cycle. When that occurred can be very tough to pin down, but any attempt to mount or read the precleared drive could possibly cause it.
  5. That's not the point. It's not able to pass the drives through completely unmolested, it interferes with some functionality of the drives, unlike a true IT mode HBA. This makes diagnosing and dealing with disk issues WAY more complicated than it needs to be.
  6. There's nothing dishonest about buying an external drive and removing it from the enclosure, you just give up your right to claim warranty. Or are you talking about straight up retail theft and returning the empty shell for a refund? If you can live with causing prices to increase for everybody else just for your little gain, sure, go right ahead and be a thief. What? The vast majority of share holders in corporations are people currently living paycheck to paycheck that have retirement plans investing in the market. The cost of shrinkage is directly reflected in the cost of the goods, the executives don't care what the end cost actually is as long as the business as a whole stays profitable. If enough people decided to steal instead of paying, the company would go out of business, and nobody would get anything.
  7. It will, but for reasons unknown to me the process of writing zeroes to a disk in the array takes ages. On the order of probably 10x or more the time required to just rebuild parity. Because the situations where the advantages of clearing a drive to remove it are extremely limited, no effort has been put into figuring it out AFAIK.
  8. You can temporarily set a static IP in the old range on a client pc so you can log in to IPMI and update it to DHCP temporarily, then reboot things and find your new IP and set things as you like. For the future, it is more convenient to assign static IP's using the DHCP reserve address function in the firewall / router, that way a new DHCP server will still hand out valid addresses to your equipment.
  9. Your description, while thorough, doesn't seem to touch on this at all. Have you been through this for ALL the needed ports?