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  1. How would you handle VM or container use of array resources?
  2. What you show here is only half the equation. You must look at each container app setup INSIDE the app, and make sure any data is being written to a mapped location. As an example, you have delugevpn configured with /data and /config pointing to array locations. If you have deluge itself saving data to /download, it's going to save the data inside the docker image. But, from what you posted here, there is no way to determine how you have deluge configured. You probably have deluge correct, or other things would be wrong, but that is just one example of where things can go wrong. Yo
  3. Running at 100% is normal and you want it to be able to do that. Causing your server to shut down is NOT normal, and you need to figure out why. Can you monitor your CPU temps and see if they are out of control? It could be as simple as blowing the dust out of the heatsink, or maybe you need a larger heatsink fan combo.
  4. There is a support link in the dropdown where you selected remove, try following up there.
  5. That typically means you haven't removed the configuration folder. How did you install it the first time?
  6. @SpencerJ This is still happening.
  7. According to your run command, your qB download location as set in the application should be /data
  8. Which makes sense, in a perverse sort of way. I can't read it as it's gone, so it's permanently unread. I'll stop now.
  9. And it won't go away. It's at the top of my unread posts feed permanently, I guess until the next search index is complete.
  10. However..... That post is gone, deleted, no more. It's an ex - post. I'm guessing the search index is still lagging a little.
  11. No duplicated topics, stars on threads I've posted in, and the search seems to have caught up with some stuff that was posted and not showing as unread before, as I was caught up less than 5 hours ago with nothing showing unread, now I have a day old post showing unread. This is a good thing, because I know for a fact I didn't see that old post even though it wasn't listed this morning as new.
  12. Did something just change? Things are starting to look a little better.
  13. Yep. That's why you must never let a drive with signs of failure stay, it must be replaced ASAP. As soon as you get more drives failing than you have parity drives, you stand a chance of losing data. Like you said, better to learn now than when something really valuable is at stake.
  14. Tools, New config. If that's not what you are asking, you need to give us more info. "Reset everything" could mean different things.
  15. Why not download to a user share set to cache : no?