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  1. According to this article, they don't offer port forwarding, which means it won't work well or at all with torrents. https://support.usenetserver.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2202536-what-is-a-nat-firewall-
  2. This support thread is not the proper place for reporting a bug in the program. This thread is about implementing ombi on unraid using the docker container. The program itself is not supported or maintained here. https://ombi.io/ would be the place to go.
  3. You are in an uncomfortable situation. The first thing I would try is changing to the next branch for releases, and install 6.7.0 rc7. Any solutions you find for 6.6.6 are likely to not apply to 6.7.x when it goes final, and 6.8.x is already in private alpha/beta.
  4. Add what to the UI? docker compose is command line.
  5. This sounds like a duplicate IP address somewhere in the system.
  6. Sounds good on the face of it, but how do you know what changed? You would have to read through and compare the entire disk anyway.
  7. Most modern systems have the network built in to the motherboard, making it a little difficult to remove. In any case, as long as you don't plug in an ethernet cable, the chances of it connecting to a network is pretty slim. I'm assuming he knows to not connect wirelessly either.
  8. It's not a linear progression as you found out. The first steps of the test are the short test, then the surface scan is the last step. Obviously the surface scan is what takes an extended period of time, but it's only 1 logical portion of a series of tests.
  9. Before you go through all that, I recommend downloading and creating the windows defender offline boot media, and run that through the machine in question. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17466/windows-defender-offline-help-protect-my-pc After creating the boot media on your machine, test it out on the target machine by temporarily disconnecting the hard drive, and make sure you figure out how to force a boot from your defender USB or DVD. Then hook the hard drive back up and boot the scan media and let it scan the drive. Very few currently circulating infections are bad enough to warrant disposing of the machine, worst case would be a wipe and reload after copying and documents needed.
  10. Yep. Have you waited at least 1167 minutes?
  11. How many minutes does it estimate for an extended test? It tells you on the smart attributes page.
  12. Your mappings are inconsistent. /data must be set to the exact same mapping in every container that needs to access the download data. If you wish to use subfolders, those must be set inside the container as subfolders of /data Make sure your case in consistent as well, /Data is a different folder than /data This is all explained in the docker faq
  13. You are exactly correct, however, running parity makes it very convenient when you have the inevitable drive failure. The downside is write speed slowdown, and an extra drive. Personally, I'd much rather swap a drive and let parity rebuilt it than restore from backup. The data is still available the entire time if a disk fails and you replace it. Parity gives you high(er) availability, not backup, as you noted. As far as energy and compatibility, I prefer intel.
  14. Unraid local GUI is only meant for array management, not for a daily driver desktop.
  15. He's talking about your specific controller, the way it is implemented. Instead of a single sata controller chip port being used for each sata connector, your specific adapter is using what's called a port multiplier, which "time shares" the controller across multiple physical ports to reduce the cost of the board. You would need to get a different HBA card, preferably an LSI chipset based model. There are a bazillion threads on here about disk controllers and what works vs what doesn't. Unfortunately almost all of the low cost high port count SATA cards have issues when you try to use them in a modern linux based server. Avoid marvell chipsets, and any with a SATA port multiplier.