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  1. Edit the first post in the thread and change the title.
  2. Mover only acts on shares where it is enabled. If the share is cache : no or cache : only, mover won't act on that share.
  3. Make sure to use the USB 2.0 ports for your Unraid flash drive.
  4. Have you read and followed the application setup guide on the github or docker hub link in the first post of this thread?
  5. Open the backup and extract the key file out of the config folder, and copy it to the config folder on the new flash. I don't know why that didn't happen automatically, hopefully the rest of your config made the transfer ok. You may need to copy the entire config folder from your latest good backup.
  6. The permissions on appdata are specific to the container in question, if you mess with the permissions you stand a risk of breaking the container. The quickest way to deal with this sort of thing is use the file editor built into mc (midnight commander). SSH into the server and type mc, navigate to the file in question, and hit the F(unction)4 key to edit the file. BTW, your signature appears to be seriously outdated, and it's rather large. You can edit that in your forum profile.
  7. What specific USB sticks are dying? I've had multiple servers running for many years, and only had 2 outright failures. I'd guess 6 years is about an average life span, I've had one stick that lasted 8. Watching trends here on the forums, it seems smaller capacity with larger physical size are the longest lived drives, and high capacity super tiny USB 3.0 drives are the most problematic.
  8. jonathanm

    UPS Issues

    +1 I personally had a UPS fry some attached equipment (luckily just a test load) when I yanked the plug. Never again. The issue is if there is another path to ground somewhere, like through a network cable, it can suddenly be energized at full voltage when the UPS reference to ground is lost. I recommend setting up a test rig specifically to deal with UPS troubleshooting. You need... 2 Surge protectors with switches. Dummy load roughly equivalent to the peak draw of your protected equipment. That can be incandescent lamps, small heater, hair dryer, or something similar. Plug both surge protectors into the wall. Plug your server and all other loads to be protected into one of them that you keep turned on, and the UPS into the other. Plug your dummy load into the UPS. Boot up the server, and start all normal services. Turn off the switch on the surge protector feeding the UPS. Observe the behaviour of the server. Hopefully it shuts down properly well before your dummy load drains the UPS more than 50%. It would be helpful if you had a kill-a-watt or similar meter to measure the actual draw of your equipment and dummy load. Keep in mind that your network infrastructure also needs power during an outage so your notifications work properly.
  9. Screen shot of the Main GUI tab wouldn't hurt either.
  10. Sounds good. Your license key is valid for current and future releases, and if your current flash drive isn't healthy you can migrate the license to a new flash drive as long as you keep up with the license file. Backup your current flash drive, erase it and set it up with the current release with your new drives. When you have your system running well and trust it, use the Unassigned Devices plugin to mount the old drives and copy the content to the array.
  11. No. Parity is less important than data disks, not more. Parity in a multiple disk array set by itself is useless, it needs all the other data disks to reconstruct a failed disk. Consider an array with 1 parity and 4 data disks. If 1 disk fails, it can be rebuilt. If 2 disks fail together, neither can be rebuilt. If you have 2 data disk fail, you lose all the data on both disks. If one of the failures is parity, then you only lose data on 1 disk. In a multiple disk failure, I'd much rather one of the failures be parity.
  12. Yes. No. Depends. Preclear is probably one of the most thorough methods to test a new drive for defects, but it's hardly the only method. Any testing method that verifies the entire drive capacity is error free is fine. The manufacturer typically has tools that will test the drive, even just a long smart test will give some indication if the drive is not healthy.
  13. Early Ryzen's need C-states disabled or power modified in BIOS.
  14. You can hide the share for everyone, and only those with valid credentials will be allowed access. Like itimpi said, I don't think there is a way to hide the share for some but not all.
  15. I tried it, but it hung within an hour or so. I typically have at least 2 different machines with browsers open to the GUI, but tried it with one. It appears to me that it was a coincidence for the OP.