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  1. However, I agree, DupeGuru is the answer. Give it another try and post what happens in the support thread specifically for DupeGuru.
  2. jonathanm

    Data loss, poor actions taken

    The partition isn't missing, it's been formatted, which means the list of files with disk addresses is gone. I believe https://www.ufsexplorer.com/ has been used by others with success.
  3. jonathanm

    no docker container working

    What is your setting for global share settings, tunable enable direct i/o?
  4. jonathanm

    [Support] binhex - SABnzbdVPN

    Wrong thread, but I haven't seen the correct thread get created yet, so this will do. AFAIK, yes this is just the VPN/privoxy piece without the download client, be it nzb or torrent. I don't think torrent clients can be tunnelled through a http proxy, which is what privoxy is. What you can do, is install this as your privoxy gateway, so you can stop your vpn enabled downloader without disturbing the proxy. However, this means that your vpn account will have another constant connection. I don't know the limits on the various VPN providers.
  5. jonathanm

    South Africa into loadshedding AGAIN!!

    Then why on earth would you open your post with this? You started the political thing, and now you complain that the thread has political content?
  6. Sounds completely normal so far. Another parity check should come back with zero errors. If it doesn't, post back with diagnostic zip file attached.
  7. As long as parity is valid and only one drive is missing, the server should act normally with respect to the data on all the drive slots, all your data should show up without rebuilding to the new drive but you will be at risk of another drive failure. I wouldn't replace it just yet, as it's not clear what state things are in. Do you have the logs from the period where the drive was red balled? If the server was rebooted before the logs were collected, they won't show the event.
  8. Just to be clear, the first check found 852 errors. This was a non-correcting check. The second check found the same errors because the first check was non-correcting. So far that is correct and how it should act. Did you do another check to be sure the corrections were written?
  9. Since you already have one failed drive, how confident are you in the health of the others? Are you sure it was a drive failure and not a communication failure? Unraid red balls a drive when a write fails, whether or not the drive itself is ok. The success of recovery depends on all remaining drives to perform flawlessly. You definitely DON'T want to pull drives at this point if you want to recover what's on the failed drive. If it were me, I'd prepare the new server to receive data, fire up the old server and copy everything critical first, then attempt a rebuild. Don't disassemble anything until you have a better picture of what state all the old drives are in.
  10. jonathanm

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Do you have a windscribe static IP? https://windscribe.com/features/port-forwarding
  11. jonathanm

    **VIDEO GUIDE** How to both Expand or Shrink a Vdisk

    Sometimes windows gets stuck thinking nothing has changed. Try making a small change in disk management to force windows to reread the partition table. Something like add a 1GB extended partition or something.
  12. Unplug everything from the motherboard except for power button, power cables, cpu, cpu heatsink and fan, and memory. When I say everything but, I mean it. Does it stay running? If not, check for stray standoffs grounding out pins under the board. If it does, plug in one thing at a time and test between each iteration.
  13. jonathanm

    UnRAID only using one disk...

    1. Update to the current stable version 2. Go to the shares tab and click on your shares, one at a time. Turn on the help and read the descriptions for split level, minimum free space, and allocation method. Set appropriately for each share. 3. Go to settings, global share settings and make sure all disks are included and none are excluded
  14. jonathanm

    Convert Unraid vm to Hyper-v

    10 seconds of google got me here. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/virtual_pc_guy/2015/06/22/handy-tool-for-converting-kvm-vmware-images-to-hyper-v/ No clue how relevant and up to date the info is.