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  1. Did you apply the new config and select the disks again in the main GUI?
  2. I must confess I've never used the in-app backup to recover, never needed to, so this is untested, but I have mine configured under Settings, System, Backup and Restore. Maybe it works???? Dunno, haven't needed it. An untested backup is almost as bad as no backup, but not quite. At least it makes me feel safer? 🤣
  3. Because that's the way the author of the container designed it. These VPN containers are extremely locked down, for good reason. Mistakes can expose the user and reveal info meant to be kept private. I believe it may be possible to use with a custom IP, but you have to be able to understand how the firewall inside the container is configured, and possibly modify it to allow communication where it wasn't originally intended. You are on your own at that point, as the author can only control what he publishes.
  4. Wouldn't hurt to keep app generated backups as well, that way you theoretically could blow away your appdata config folder, install fresh with the desired tag, and restore the backup generated by unifi.
  5. I assume he's talking about making a copy of the appdata mapped config folder. Hopefully you are making periodic backups of all your appdata, CA's appdata backup makes it quite convenient and automatic.
  6. This. It's the number of drives physically connected when you hit the start button. You could always connect the drive after you start the array if you want to use it as an Unassigned Device, and make sure it's unplugged if you need to restart.
  7. Try bridge instead of assigning an IP
  8. Now that traccar has updated to "modern" by default, my nginx reverse proxy to subfolder has badly broken. Anyone have pointers to an updated example?
  9. At this point, only you know what it's going to take to trust the server again. When you can confidently say, "I KNOW the server can complete a memtest of indefinite duration without error." that's when it's ok to proceed. If you feel it's still sketchy, it's too soon. Think of running the server normally as an extended memtest, only it has real consequences like lost or corrupt data instead of just red lines on the screen.
  10. Is there a media folder in the data share?
  11. What path are you entering in sonarr?
  12. Research the actual tech specs of the RAM, find the certified timing and voltages, then manually set them in the motherboard BIOS. Test. If errors, bump up voltage by 1 notch, test again. Don't go more than a few percent above stock voltage however. Given the randomness and consistency (yeah, I know) of your errors, I tend to agree that the RAM may not actually be faulty, but stranger things have happened.
  13. The motherboard could also be a suspect, or memory tuning specs like timing and voltage. The only for sure thing is you have to get this resolved before moving on.
  14. Great! Just be careful not to stress the SATA connections. What I mean by this, is that if you magically removed the drive, the cable should naturally stay in the same spot it was when it was attached to the drive. Any force in any direction on the SATA connector is likely to cause issues eventually as vibration and other stress causes the connector to move around. If you unplug the SATA connector it should try to plug itself back in when you remove your hand.
  15. @tjb_altf4, I knew I read that recently, just couldn't find it.
  16. This. Everything a computer does uses RAM. Bad RAM means unpredictable results, with only a small chance of things working correctly. Since you have 64GB, I'd remove 32 and run memtest again, it's possible the full load of 4 sticks is causing issues. Typically if you have a bad stick of RAM, it's just one stick that needs to be replaced. Run memtest with pairs until you narrow down what's happening with each stick. It's also possible none of the sticks are bad, but your motherboard needs tweaks to run stable with all 4 populated. Regardless of how you do it, don't continue using the system until you get an extended run of memtest with 0 errors. Preferably 12+ hours. If your time is more valuable than the computer parts, start firing the parts cannon and get stuff on order, starting with RAM and possibly more. I deal with clients on both ends of the spectrum in my business, some want to spend as little money as possible and are OK with extended downtime, others just want the issue fixed now, even if it means replacing everything in the box.
  17. Do not allow writes to any drives until your memory test is totally clean. Bad RAM will cause data corruption.
  18. Do you have an EFI folder (no dash) on the flash drive?
  19. But keep in mind slackware, and by extension Unraid, doesn't do automatic package version management, so it's up to you to keep on top of versioning and conflicts. You can easily cripple your server if you aren't careful. If you have issues with your server and want help troubleshooting, you will need to remove or rename all the modifications you have done before we can help.
  20. Sure, you just need the appropriate server software and licenses from Microsoft.
  21. What is the IP of the machine you are trying to view the GUI from?
  22. Probably not unrelated. SATA power connectors are extremely flimsy compared to the 4 pin style, so you should really only have 1 drive worth of power through each SATA connector. Stock cables should have the proper number of connectors, so as long as you don't use splitters, the answer is "as many SATA connectors as came from the factory should be fine on one continuous run from the PSU" If you must use splitters, the PSU end should be the 4 pin style, and the SATA ends should be crimped or IDC not molded.
  23. VM's are functionally the same as standalone computers from the user standpoint. What you are asking is a function of joining the machine to a windows server domain controller, so that is how you would need to do it with VM's as well.
  24. Looks like you are moving from one disk number to another disk number instead of renaming on the same disk.
  25. No. Are you sure you have /mnt/disk1/ on the left and /mnt/disk1/data on the right pane?