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    How to change the screen resolution of v6.2 GUI

    Your "everyone else" installs to a physical device, Unraid installs to RAM. It's significantly different, and harder. Also, people are already complaining about a plain NAS needing 4GB of RAM, so Lime would need to start maintaining 2 different branches, one with all the add ons that consume tonnes of RAM, and another lightweight version for people that don't want all the fluff.
  2. jonathanm

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Don't do that. The unraid GUI is not meant to be exposed to the internet in general, only the local LAN.
  3. jonathanm

    New Config and Adding more Drives

    Do you have a drive assigned to the parity2 slot? If so, you can't rearrange logical drive slots without rebuilding it.
  4. Are you running version 5? This is the support forum for V5 and older.
  5. jonathanm

    unmountable XFS data disk

    I seem to remember some issues with the xfs repair procedure in prior versions of unraid. Since you are on an older version (6.6.3), maybe @johnnie.black or @trurl has a better memory of which versions were affected. I would hold tight where you are at right now until somebody confirms it's safe to continue the repair on that specific unraid version, or perhaps it would be better to upgrade unraid first.
  6. jonathanm

    Krusader Transfer Window

    If you are currently still having the issue, then you need to move to binhex's docker. His is much more up to date, and has a toolbar at the bottom of the screen that shows all active processes. Since this is your first post to the forum, how about an intro? You should post in the lounge and tell us a bit about yourself and your unraid server.
  7. jonathanm

    Add Labels to CPUs in System Status

    A tooltip would serve this function nicely. Hover over the particular core, see what items are assigned or isolated.
  8. jonathanm

    A proper login page

    Who says is won't? Limetech has proven that they are not tied to the traditional definition of release candidate, and may very well add features into the rc cycle. Don't know that they will or won't, just pointing out that around here rc's aren't feature frozen like normal software companies.
  9. jonathanm

    Do i need SSL for encrypted array?

    Depends on your threat assessment for the encrypted array drives. If you are only worried about individual drives leaving your control by your own actions, such as sending a partially dead drive back for an RMA, then no, you don't need SSL.
  10. 3) extract the files from the zip file obtained from Unraid download site to the internal stick. 4) I've got no clue whether the make bootable linux script works inside unraid. Never tried. 4.5) Shut down server, remove external USB, boot from internal 6) Set up array as I described in my post above with previous drive assignments Once the internal stick is licensed, you may be able to use the config folder from the backup. I do know you can't use the backup on another trial, which is what the internal stick is until it's licensed. You may have to "fool" the makebootable script by removing the stick you booted from to make the internal usb the only one visible with the UNRAID label. I don't know what the script is programmed to look for. If you do start experimenting, be sure the array is fully stopped before you yank the boot drive, otherwise the array could be in a bad state when you try to bring it up again. I'm assuming that all data currently on the machine is expendable, as you may run in to some unexpected results when you start playing. This kind of thing is either enjoyable or a PITA, depending on your tolerance for tinkering and failed experiments. If you go through with this, it will be a learning experience for me as well!
  11. Ok, when you do buy a license, it will be tied to the GUID of whichever flash drive you use. So, you need to make sure you license the correct USB stick. Since you are currently using the trial, the specific USB drive doesn't really matter, theoretically I suppose you could use the command line in unraid to prepare and use the internal stick for a new trial. Trial installs can't be moved from stick to stick, you would have to set the array up fresh. If you have valid parity, you can assign the drives to the same slots and check the box to tell unraid parity is already valid and just do a check instead of a build. Using the command line to set up the internal stick is not a documented procedure, so if you aren't already linux adept, it would be easier just to open the case and either swap the sticks, or prep the internal stick to be your permanent one.
  12. Also, Unraid doesn't install to any specific device, as you found out. It "installs" to RAM, fresh every boot. The easy way to fix your specific situation is unfortunately to physically move the USB stick from the front panel to the inside USB port.
  13. Are you using a trial, or did you purchase a license?
  14. jonathanm

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    Good point. Per device / browser customization is probably better, now that I think it through.
  15. jonathanm

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    Changes aren't persistent across sessions. Is it possible to get my choices saved at the server level instead of per browser?
  16. jonathanm

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    I have a suggestion about the new dashboard. I would love to be able to rearrange the tiles, and turn them on or off completely.
  17. jonathanm

    LetsEncrypt Cannot Obtain Certificate

    That's on purpose. You need to click on the docker in the unraid GUI, and click on the support link. That will take you to the specific thread that covers your docker, and since many, many, people have had similar issues, you should skim through the support thread to see if the solutions that worked for others work for you. If not, feel free to post your specific issue with documentation in that thread.
  18. jonathanm

    unmountable XFS data disk

    Just to make sure everybody is on the same page, can you please take a screenshot of the Main GUI page with the array started and post it here?
  19. jonathanm

    [Support] binhex - SABnzbdVPN

    Privoxy is a separate piece, you only need it enabled in one or the other, not both. VPN should be enabled in both. Privoxy is used to route http requests through the existing VPN tunnel, by specifying the IP and port in the http proxy settings of whatever browser or search agent you wish to send through the VPN tunnel.
  20. jonathanm

    Review: MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S+RM 10gbe switch

    Don't be sorry, he deserves to get as good as he gives. Some people have no sense of humour, I find this kind of banter hilarious.
  21. jonathanm

    Why does adding a new drive not force parody rebuild?

    If the drive isn't all zeros, then you are right parity will have to be corrected. However, if you followed the normal procedure to add a new drive, unraid will fill the drive with zeroes before adding it. After the zeroing process is done, unraid will allow you to format it.
  22. Moving data between array disks causes writes on 2 different data disks, which means the parity disk is cycling back and forth between the two write areas. It's going to be slow. Normally you would not need to move files from disk to disk, as each disk can participate in user shares which hides the specific disk being accessed. When you fill a disk, let that disk stay full, and allow all the new files to go to the new disk. Empty disks are faster to write to, and for a typical media use case, the older full disks are read less often, while the new content is accessed more frequently. If you insist on balancing things out manually to satisfy some internal organizational OCD, you will find that both the balancing process and subsequent usage are slower than they could have been. Disclaimer: I factually KNOW all this stuff to be true, but I can't help myself, I move stuff from disk to disk to keep things organized to my liking. When I move things, I use tools that don't need to be watched, and let the process run its course in my absence. If I'm not there to watch it, it doesn't matter to me whether the move takes 5 minutes or 5 hours.
  23. It doesn't default to read / write because it's another layer of protection for your files. If the container is only allowed to read your files, it can't delete or overwrite them. Normally the only time you want the backup application to be able to write and delete is when you are recovering files. At all other times you only want it to read and backup what it reads.
  24. jonathanm

    Adding 2nd Parity Fails

    After you get your system stable again, I recommend investigating what you need to do to get your drives migrated to anything other than ReiserFS. Typically it involves getting to a point where you have 1 totally empty data drive, formatting that drive as XFS or BTRFS, and copying the data off of one of your ReiserFS drives, formatting that drive, lather rinse repeat.
  25. jonathanm

    Ryzen 2200G Vega 8 iGPU passthrough [Solved]

    Edit the first post in the thread and add [Solved] to the subject line.