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  1. You may prefer to use capital letters as a style, and when you use it as an email it doesn't matter, but no, your email doesn't have capital letters. It doesn't have lower case either, it just has letters, numbers, and possibly symbols. https://www.mailigen.com/blog/does-capitalization-matter-in-email-addresses/ There are exceptions to this, but the practical application means that all alphabet characters in an email address are treated as lowercase for processing.
  2. Yes. However, the enclosure may not pass that ID through properly, and many USB SATA adapters mangle the numbers or substitute their own ID instead of passing the drive's true ID. Also, some enclosures properly pass SMART info, some don't. It depends on the enclosure. But, since USB is so bad about connection integrity, there isn't a body of knowledge on what works best, because even when it works the best it can, it's still slow and problematic compared to SATA or SAS. So, it's possible to get something to work the way you are asking, but you will be dealing with trial and error, mostly error. Is the hassle factor worth it, when the final product is guaranteed to be slower and less reliable than the well established alternative? How would you cool them? External drives aren't engineered to be run continuously, they will overheat without some sort of forced airflow or other cooling. All that being said, there is nothing stopping you from forging ahead and trying it. Unraid will definitely let you set it up exactly as you propose, as long as each drive sends a unique serial number that Unraid can use.
  3. There is a small chance that it might work sometimes, but the odds are good that it will not work well or at all. Unraid requires constant reliable communication with all array devices that each have unique and unchanging device identification. USB typically fails on multiple of those requirements. Even if you get almost all of those solved, USB protocol in general is bad about momentarily dropping and reestablishing connections, which will fail a drive out of the array.
  4. The username you put into the container variables must work at this link. If it doesn't work on the web, it won't work in the container. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-sign-in
  5. Is there an actual problem with the app? Some programs just work, and don't need to be updated, but the container still needs updates to stay current with security issues. Think of containers like cut down virtual machines, with an OS and everything. The OS part still needs updates, even if the app inside doesn't. Also, remember for 99% of the apps listed, the container and unraid specific templates are the only thing really being supported here, the application itself is the responsibility of some other party, typically not involved with unraid at all.
  6. Why bother? It's going away when you remove the drive anyway.
  7. Enable nat loopback, hairpinning, reflection or whatever your router calls it. Nothing you do to this container or unraid will fix it, you must get your router to cooperate.
  8. No point in shopping for a UPS until you know the max power draw of the server, and the unplanned clean shutdown time needed. Once you know the watts, and time a shutdown with all services running, find a UPS with at least double the time at the given wattage. The UPS you listed shows this... Watts Minutes 50 55.8 100 21.9 200 8.8 300 3.8
  9. @GuildDarts,I have a really pedantic observation, act on it or not, doesn't matter. It's becoming common usage anyway, regardless of accuracy. The applications managed by the docker engine are containers. Dockers is a clothing brand. To be technically accurate, the label referenced in this report should be "Containers" not "Dockers"
  10. What is your power draw during parity check?
  11. Unless you have a backup of the libvirt.img file or the xml's from before, I suspect your only way forward is to redo the settings. Your domains share contains the hard drives for the VM's, so all your data is still intact, but the xml settings for the VM's live in the system share, and apparently that was created fresh recently for some reason. Create a new VM, but in the primary vdisk, select manual, and select the vdisk.img file that you are wanting to bring back.
  12. Is it mounting properly? Did you reconfigure it at any point?
  13. Unraid uses RAM, it doesn't install and run from a disk. If you are talking about a VM, normally you create a file on the cache pool that is mounted as the VM's disk, so no need to separate it out. Unraid isn't RAID. Each disk in the parity protected portion of the array is an independent file system, not striped. You can use XFS or BTRFS on any of the parity array disks, you can mix and match if you want.
  14. Personally I'm using the built in FTP in a very limited role, LAN only, as a destination for a AIO network scanner function. I'm not comfortable making the blanket recommendation that what I'm doing is ok. If you are allowing access to your LAN by any device that could be exploited, Unraid's FTP is pretty much wide open since the credentials are easy to sniff. Why is FTP a requirement for you? Can you accomplish the task some other way?
  15. This. USB is the worst possible choice for external drive connections. SAS and eSATA are the only consistently reliable ways to connect to hard drives in a separate enclosure.
  16. It's not unraid, it's the spec for the processor / motherboard.
  17. Updated the latest nightly, and again, all subs are gone after the update. Which db file in the appdata is supposed to hold sub data? The db.json file has this "subscriptions": [], I've attached the dropdown on one of the videos, no "go to subscription" present. The info gives what looks to me a normal result The subscription page
  18. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought I was in the undervolting power save thread.
  19. Possible reduced stability. It's almost like the inverse of overclocking. Circuits are designed and tested to run at spec, deviate and you risk bit errors. Depending on the quality of your specific silicon you might be fine, but you don't know for sure. How valuable is your data integrity? See @mgutt's reply, I was referencing undervolting, wrong thread.
  20. Read this thread for more about why that's possibly a bad idea.