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    [Support] binhex - LibreOffice (Fresh)

    What are you asking? That question doesn't compute.
  2. jonathanm

    6.6.5 update crashes daily

    Sounds like a scheduled task is crashing. 6.6.4 has a broken scheduler, so NOTHING gets run. No mover, no update checks, nada.
  3. jonathanm

    Mover not working

    No, you complained that the docker image file wasn't getting moved, and you have to stop the docker service to enable mover to operate on the docker image file. Mover will NOT move open files. You can reenable the docker service once you have the files where you want them.
  4. jonathanm

    Mover not working

    In that screenshot it shows docker service is still enabled. When docker service is disabled, there will no longer be a docker item on the main GUI. Do you want the system share and appdata share on the array or the cache drive? Are they set to cache:prefer?
  5. jonathanm

    Mover not working

    Do you have menu items for Dockers and VM's on the unraid GUI?
  6. One more small thing. Parity slot 2 is calculated completely differently. Net result is that now your disks must stay assigned to the same slot numbers to keep parity valid. If you at some point decide you don't like parity 1 being empty and parity 2 occupied, you will have to rebuild parity 1, either by adding it, or breaking parity and running unprotected for the duration of the build.
  7. jonathanm

    Upgraded RAM, Bios shows 24gb, unraid 8

    That statement right there is the telling factor. Doesn't matter what the BIOS shows as installed, only the 8GB stick is available for use. Period.
  8. jonathanm

    Plex transcode in Ram

    So if you want it to transcode elsewhere, you need to assign a path mapping to your desired destination in the docker config.
  9. jonathanm

    Plex transcode in Ram

    Since I use emby instead of plex, I assumed plex parsed the variable to populate the transcode location.
  10. It will try its best to format it. There are some edge cases where that fails, and for an SSD there are commands to wipe the drive quickly, I can't remember the exact syntax off the top of my head. Found it. Very easy.
  11. jonathanm

    Plex transcode in Ram

    "this" is a very broad statement. If you mean where /config/transcode is located, then look at the path mappings in the docker screen. It's not showing in the screenshot you posted, you will have to show more settings to see. A docker only has access to the host through path mappings, if it's not mapped to the host, it's in the docker image. Normally the /config folder is mapped to /mnt/user/appdata/<appname>, so /config would be located on the array wherever /mnt/user/appdata/<appname> happened to exist.
  12. jonathanm

    WiFi rather than Ethernet only for unRAID

    The beauty of MOCA is the COAX is shared. Instead of needing a dedicated run, you can piggy back on COAX that is currently serving other equipment. The only requirement I know if is that you can't have multiple MOCA on the same system, so if the local provider already has MOCA in place for their set top boxes, you are out of luck unless you can tie into their endpoints.
  13. I've got one of my backup unraid boxes running that same CPU, it runs ok, but don't expect miracles. Direct play of media files should be fine. Unraid doesn't care what type of disk you use, NAS or not, only that the entire media is good. Windows doesn't really care if blank space on the disk is bad, so a disk that ran fine on windows can cause issues in unraid. Make sure any disks you put in the array at LEAST pass a long smart test, I'd run the WD diagnostic suite on that drive and make sure it passes all the tests with no issues. Whenever you are buying new disks, buy the largest drive that makes financial sense at the time. First consideration is $$/TB, but keep in mind physical slots have a cost too, running out of ports or physical space or power supply capacity all are not insignificant costs, so overall it can be cheaper per TB to buy a little large. Don't overbuy total capacity though, a good rule of thumb on mid size arrays (10-20 disks) is to always keep free an amount equal to your largest single disk. Keeping more disks in the array than you are going to need capacity wise is wasteful and risky, as even totally empty drives have to be read completely flawlessly end to end to reconstruct a failed drive. Parity doesn't reconstruct files, it deals with raw drives regardless of content. As a general rule, any drive that will be introduced into an unraid array will be wiped and or formatted before the array can use it. Once it's set up in unraid, it can be read by any OS with proper file system support (not windows) or moved to another unraid setup intact if you follow instructions. By default unraid assumes replacement drives should be overwritten with the replaced drives partition, and new additions should be completely overwritten with zeroes. Time machine support is tricky. Apple is an even harder target than Microsoft for 3rd party compatibility, some have gotten time machine to work, some struggle, ymmv. Cloud backup is possible, but for many scenarios, it's not practical. The upload speed of your internet, the total bytes capacity, and the speed of your cloud provider all conspire to make it difficult.
  14. jonathanm

    Welcome to Unraid.net

    That specific model can be set up using 3 different methods. You can use WPS, but it also can be set up by logging in to its built in web interface, or you can use an app on a phone. WPS is NOT necessary. MOST wifi ethernet adapters have web setup, in fact I'm having a hard time finding ANY that require WPS.
  15. jonathanm

    Which drives to buy?

    That incident was 10 years ago, and the drives in question were Maxtor 300GB PATA drives IIRC. They were old when I started using them with unraid.
  16. jonathanm

    Which drives to buy?

    Be careful with that attitude towards drive failure. As long as you are confident that all your drives are healthy, great. As soon as you don't like the way a drive looks at you, examine it thoroughly, and replace it if it smells funny. I'm being a smart ass on purpose, because I personally have lost data because I figured, hey, I've got parity, who cares if a drive fails, I'll replace it. It worked great until one of the drives I DIDN'T suspect was bad failed outright, and one of the drives I was watching to see if it failed kicked up errors while rebuilding the failed drive and corrupted the rebuild. Bottom line, parity isn't a magic bullet for drive failure. ALL remaining drives must perform perfectly to rebuild a failed drive, not just the parity drive.
  17. jonathanm

    Welcome to Unraid.net

    Many adapters can be set up with a web browser, no need for WPS. Here is a cheap one. https://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5508_TL-WA850RE.html#overview Adding native wifi support to unraid is a pretty massive undertaking, not likely to happen quickly. I recommend resolving the issue another way while you wait.
  18. jonathanm

    Hiding folders from other users

    Well, one way to do it is to export the restricted shares as hidden, and publish shortcuts pointing directly at the hidden shares for people to use, or map them to drive letters if that works better. That way any general network browsing will only show what you want everyone to have access to, and access to specific shares will only be available if directly typed in or with predefined access links. User name login restrictions are handled the same whether the share is exported hidden or not, so for example you can have read only access for one user name and full access for another, and the share can show in the network browser or be hidden.
  19. jonathanm

    Slow Transfer Speeds over VPN

    What comparisons have you done? Have you connected a different openvpn client device? Have you downloaded from a share on a different device? Without trying different configurations of client, server, and endpoint there is really no way to point to anything specific. What configuration gets you to your expected rate? It's possible your expectations are too high.
  20. jonathanm

    Dilemma over parity vs. disk

    From the picture posted in the OP, I see about 1TB used. He could easily ditch the bad drives and still have plenty of free space, even without buying a new drive right now. @EDalcin, I would seriously consider moving the data to the healthy drives and just removing all the questionable ones. It's not worth the headache trying to keep up with marginal drives playing russian roulette with which drive failure is going to cause data loss.
  21. jonathanm

    6.6.5 - no spin up logged?

    One possible use for this is logging the exact moment in time a drive was spun up. It could help in tracking down what application or client was responsible.
  22. jonathanm

    Problems with Unraid (Win 10)

    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but this is the exact reason there is a generous trial period available. You could have run the full version of unraid completely free to see if it worked for you before purchasing the license.
  23. jonathanm

    Duplicate files created

    This can happen if you stop the move before it is done. First it copies the files, then after the copy is done it deletes the originals. If you still have the unbalance running, you will see duplicate files until the operation completes successfully.
  24. That wasn't the question. Please verify that you have enabled UEFI boot mode on the USB stick, and you have legacy boot disabled in the BIOS.
  25. jonathanm

    Backupdestination for Friends and Family

    Another option.