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    Replacing failed unraid usb drive

    Yes. No, as long as you assign the drives back to their correct slots. Yes, but as long as you can set the mappings the same, you shouldn't lose anything. Use that to assign your drives to the correct slots. Any users and share specific security is going to be reset to defaults, so you'll have to recreate those.
  2. jonathanm

    Cache Drive Issue

    Post a screenshot of the bottom of the main tab.
  3. jonathanm

    Bit Rot

    Yes, but if there is corruption detected you still need to have backups to recover from. 99.9% of the time if corruption occurred, it wasn't the disks fault. Bad RAM would be the biggest issue, and that would potentially corrupt reads or writes or both. Disks are very good at detecting when they can't get an accurate read, and notify the OS that something is wrong.
  4. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    The good thing to come out of all this is that you know how to set up scripts, and what they can and can't do on startup. It's pretty simple really, a script can be just a list of commands you could type at the command line, but don't particularly want to type over and over again manually. You can start dockers, VM's, do pretty much anything with a script.
  5. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    Cool, hopefully it stays working. That's some weird juju though, maybe do a checkdisk on the USB stick.
  6. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    Weird. So if you type just the portion inside the double quotes, what happens? /boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/StartVMs/script
  7. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    What happens if you enter just the second line of the short script at the console command prompt? echo "/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/StartVMs/script" | at now Does it fire the StartVMs script file?
  8. Servers and all their critical interfaces should have Static IP's defined in addition to the DHCP reservation set for them.
  9. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    BTW, if you copied and pasted from the forum, it can introduce stray characters. It's best to type this kind of stuff out manually, or paste it into an editor that will show you all the raw characters like notepad++.
  10. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    That output looks correct, did it kick off the StartVMs script?
  11. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    What's the output if you click "run script" on the VMDelay?
  12. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    Can't tell from that screenshot. What's inside the StartVMs folder?
  13. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    Check to see if that is exactly the name of your StartVMs script. I can't check mine right now, but try navigating to that path and see if the script exists there.
  14. jonathanm

    Boot order/priority for VMs and Dockers

    Nope. Your problem is it's not just one script. It's 2 scripts. The top script is set to "At startup of array", the bottom script isn't set to auto start, it's called by the first script. There is a reason I posted it like I did. Name the first one whatever you want, and set it to auto start. The second script MUST be named StartVMs, exactly, and not auto started.
  15. jonathanm

    SSD Trim on Cache Pool

    You may (or not) want to get in contact with Broadcom (LSI) and and check to see if it's a counterfeit. My data is too important to me, I'll stick with used server pulls, since very few servers would be built with lowest budget parts.
  16. jonathanm

    (Re)Build Advice and Migration

    If by identifiers, you mean the /dev/sdX, then yes, they will have new letters, but unraid ignores those. All drive ID is handled by the serial number reported by the drive, so as long as your current system and new system both pass those numbers through unmolested, Unraid won't even show a difference. You shouldn't have to recalculate parity, as long as nothing but unraid has control of your drives. Because of the way unraid is designed, each boot is essentially a new install, with all persistent configurations read into memory from the boot flash. It doesn't care if the hardware changes from one boot to the next, it's starting fresh anyway. The only exceptions to that rule are things that do directly access the motherboard or system devices, like VM's or dockers that have hardware passed to them. In your described layout, as long as the new board has compatible drive controller and network chipsets, everything will likely come up like nothing changed. Before you land on a specific motherboard, see if you can find someone on the forums using that exact board, and ping them to see if there are any gotcha's.
  17. jonathanm

    Can't connect to GUI

    That's the subnet mask, which restricts which subnets are directly reachable without routing. The question that still needs to be answered is are the first 3 parts of the IP identical between the two systems? I.E. 192.168.2.XXX can't talk to 192.168.0.XXX
  18. So get a card with the appropriate header and plug your front ports into that instead of the motherboard. Quick google gets this, no clue if it's pass through friendly. http://amzn.com/B01G85LFEK Product search terms pcie usb 20 pin
  19. Until there is an undetected issue that causes data loss. The RAID controller doesn't pass smart info in the standard way, so unraid will be unable to warn you of possible impending drive failure. When you do have a drive failure (all drives eventually fail) your recovery is going to be complicated by the custom numbers assigned to your RAID0 array members. You must be extra vigilant to keep track of which serial number drive is assigned to a specific slot, and keep those slot allocations the same so unraid can do its recovery magic. Normally that information is passed through, and unraid takes care of all that automatically. TL;DR Unraid can be forced to work with RAID controllers, but it's not ideal, and can put your data at risk.
  20. As you have found out UNraid doesn't work well (or at all) with RAID cards. You need to use a controller that can pass the drive through unmolested, HBA mode.
  21. jonathanm

    Replace Multiple Array Drives with Larger Single Drive

    I'm not all that familiar with unbalance, to me it's pretty much just a GUI front end for rsync, which I have a fairly good handle doing manually. If it copied the files and left the originals in place, then you can verify with whatever tools you are familiar with. There are many different file comparison methods out there. Yes, once all the data is where you want it, then it's new config time. Bonus, if you want to add more 10TB drives, you can do it during the new config phase without worrying about clearing them. Just make sure they are tested somehow, because once a drive is added, it becomes part of parity and will effect recovery of other drives, whether there is data on it or not. Parity calculates the entirety of the drive, not just the data. The only other gotcha I can think of for you at this moment is that if you were to access the array normally or a docker accesses a user share and modify one of the files that is currently duplicated or adds a new file, you may be dealing with a file on the old drive instead of the new, depending on the drive number. Lower drive numbers take precedence for duplicate resolution. Be mindful of any write activities until the old drives are removed.
  22. jonathanm

    Replace Multiple Array Drives with Larger Single Drive

    Yep, you caught me. I don't actually want the second run to do anything, I want to know if something went wrong with the first run so I can fix it.
  23. jonathanm

    parity and array with ssds?

    search google for @johnnie.black unraid ssd array He has done extensive work with this subject, and was actively using an all SSD array for a period of time. May still be, I don't know.
  24. jonathanm

    Unable to boot on a new installation of 6.6.7

    What I mean is, when you tell the OS to format the drive, it doesn't necessarily change all the bits that need to be changed. It assumes the drive is basically set up in the first place, when that may not be true. RUFUS doesn't assume anything is correct on the USB, and formats from scratch in a fully compliant way. There are multiple ways to make a USB stick usable for general data storage, but making it work properly as a boot device is more picky. The OS built in format utility can tell you everything is working ok, when it's not.