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  1. Yes, @binhex has a full lineup of VPN enabled containers.
  2. tldr; L does not mean lower overall consumption, possibly more power over time because the CPU stays at full (limited) throttle for longer to accomplish the same task. The only reason to favor the L version of the SAME PROCESSOR NUMBER is if you don't have the heatsink and fan capacity to dump the peak load.
  3. Look through some of the videos here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA
  4. Or, set a new config and build parity with all the disks. You will be unprotected from drive failure until it completes, so not the safest option, but much faster. Copying then adding keeps parity valid and allows you to compare the files to be sure the copy was successful. Slow, but safe.
  5. This. When a write fails, unraid disables the drive and all further writes to that slot are done to the emulated drive calculated from all the other drives. What was on the disabled drive is no longer used at all, and to put the drive back in the array requires rebuilding the entire drive. If you want any kind of informed advice on how to proceed, you need to attach the diagnostics zip file to your next post to this thread.
  6. It doesn't, it only covers 2 drives, but any 2. All the rest of the drives are used as well. If you have more than 2 failures, 1 for each parity, then you will lose the data on all the failed disks. Parity doesn't hold any data, only the answers to the equation formed by all the other drives. All remaining drives are used to emulate the missing one, or two if you have dual parity.
  7. That's an unofficial build, and while they try to make it as close as possible while adding nvidia support, it's not completely the same code as the limetech build. You need to duplicate the issue and post diagnostics with the official rc3.
  8. This. recipe for disaster. marvell cards are bad enough, add a port expander to the mix...
  9. jonathanm


    Somewhat. What condition would reset the total?
  10. I can confirm. RC1 works fine, RC3 does not. Different android smb file manager, ASUS File Manager on Galaxy S7
  11. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/73907-current-pending-sector-count-warnings-on-ssd/?do=findComment&comment=774952
  12. It's possible the issue is in the CPU or motherboard, the RAM itself could be fine. AMD doesn't seem to be very friendly to overclocking the current generation of CPU.
  13. When was the last extended memory test run? I would download the latest version of memtest86 directly from their website and run that from a different USB stick. https://www.memtest86.com/
  14. The docker image utilization will grow and shrink normally during container updates. If you don't want the warnings, either expand the image so the temporary growth during updates doesn't pass the warning level, or change the warning level up a couple points until you don't get it during normal updates. If there is too little space, the container update may fail, possibly corrupting the image forcing you to recreate it. What I do is make sure there is enough free space inside the image so normal updates don't cross the warning threshold.
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    Please describe in more detail the two different elapsed times you want to see. Right now it sounds like you are describing the same thing, which is already displayed in the upper right corner of the webGUI.
  16. If you fill drives and leave them, fragmentation really is a total non issue. However, if you insist on shuffling data from drive to drive, it can start to be an issue, especially if you upgrade the drives using the normal unraid method where a smaller drive gets cloned to a larger drive and the partition is expanded. After several years of deleting and putting more data on, it can really speed up a drive to copy everything off, format, and put the data back. Reiserfs was especially bad about it, XFS seems to be little better, and I have no first hand experience with long term use of BTRFS to comment on it.
  17. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/?do=findComment&comment=566086
  18. Syslog server functionality has been available for months now.
  19. Set a new config with only the good drives in data slots and access as normal.
  20. This app is just a pretty front end to rsync commands, feel free to write your own implementation and support it, or pay someone to do it if you can't or don't want to do it yourself. The logic required to balance files across drives is not trivial, especially when you don't want to split the contents of folders arbitrarily.
  21. Just to clarify my statement, opening ports is as risky as the answering service. Plex is popular, and if it got exploited, we would hear about it, so very low risk exposing ports for plex. Each port that is forwarded should be evaluated as to what software is answering on that port. Unraid's GUI should not be exposed.
  22. On the plus side, it would almost take an unraid specific attack to survive a normal reboot, on the negative side, unraid is NOT secured, even with a password. You must not expose it to untrusted networks. This situation is rapidly improving, I'm hoping within a year it will no longer be a necessary warning. DMZ with no root password, I expect it probably took about 3 seconds to be penetrated. No, I'm not exaggerating.