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  1. Using drives that you don't trust to hold data is a very bad idea. Unraid's drive recovery uses all the capacity of all the drives to maintain parity, and when one drive fails, all the remaining drives must be perfect to rebuild the failed drive. So, be sure to fully test any drive that will be included in the parity array, and discard any that show signs of failure.
  2. Sounds like the batteries in the UPS are failing.
  3. Do you have any ports forwarded through your firewall / router? Unraid is not secured and must not be directly exposed to the internet.
  4. Parity is not a backup. It can't correct file system errors or fix corrupt files. Its only use is to recreate the bits on a missing drive exactly how they were, corrupted or not.
  5. Depends. The instructions are written to as close to the lowest common denominator as possible. If you are capable of determining that no process will be writing to the source or destination for the duration of the copy, then it is safe. If you are unable to guarantee that, then you need to shut everything down as the instructions state. It's on you to determine that.
  6. Read the recommended post pinned at the top of every page on this topic.
  7. What he was trying to tell you is that if you have parity built using the full set of disks you intend to use with unraid, you should be able to force fail a single drive at a time and unraid will move the partition for you. non-correcting parity check, zero errors, one or more drives showing unmountable because of partition layout physically disconnect one of the unmountable drives with the array powered down start the array, the disconnected disk should now be mountable and accessible, if so, you can safely rebuild to the same physical disk Repeat that sequence until all drives are corrected. Now, having said all that, it sounds like you may not have full backups. If that's the case, you are playing with fire. Recovery of encrypted volumes that get corrupted is very difficult or impossible sometimes, so I don't recommend experimenting until you have current backups.
  8. Try the latest beta, it has support for some of the newer network components.
  9. It looks like you have major network issues. Can you describe your infrastructure? Switches, wiring, etc.
  10. If you are only physically moving the drives and don't want to change the logical slots in the GUI, then you don't have to do anything. The new config is only necessary when you want to assign different drives to the logical slots, nothing to do with the physical location.
  11. As in no VM's or containers running, or disabled the services in settings?
  12. Do you still have the "failed" disk as it was when removed?
  13. Verify your username and password for the VPN. In particular, make sure to only use letters and numbers as a test. Sometimes special characters don't work. There could be other issues, but that's the first one I see.
  14. As long as you leave the ground leg of the UPS connected, sure. Don't just yank the cord out of the wall, as that can have unexpected and sometimes disastrous consequences. A large percentage of the time people get away with it, but if it bites you, it bites big. Remove power to the circuit without unplugging, that way all the connected equipment still has a common ground reference. Tripping the breaker, turning off the outlet, whatever, as long as the cord is still plugged in.
  15. Since you only have 8TB data drives, the correct contents of the 10TB after the 8TB boundary IS all zeros. So, you would want to fill the 10TB with random bits, not preclear it.
  16. Yes, but it's not as easy as bare metal. SpaceInvader One has a video on youtube covering that, I'm pretty sure. I recommend spending some time watching his videos.
  17. If your UPS is configured properly, Unraid should shut down automatically before the battery dies so you don't have an unclean shutdown. Killing the power on a running server can cause all sorts of issues, including data corruption. If you don't have a UPS, you need to get one ASAP. It's a requirement that the server has clean constant power. If your utility doesn't provide uninterrupted power, it's on you to fill that gap.
  18. If you have an 8TB in either parity slot, you will not be able to assign a larger drive to a data slot.
  19. RAID or Unraid, doesn't matter. They don't protect against Regardless of the drive failure protection scheme you choose, backups are a requirement if you value your data.
  20. Yes, in the beginning the intention was to have GUI elements available for all the commonly changed items, and editing the raw xml was to be done only in edge cases. There turned out to be a LOT of edge cases. Maybe officially baking in virt-manager would be a good answer.