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  1. Started seeing these in my slack bot notification(below starting at RadarrBot). This started to happen a few days before I installed new drives. The the files seem to be mapping to the right folder. So I'm cluelses on these one. looked at my logs and did see anything at the time yesterday or the day before. It doesn't happen in sonnar, or any other docker. Think it was something to do with Sab or radarr. I'll upload diagnostic and system logs though RadarrBot BOT — Yesterday at 3:16 AM fce86e2d9959 DownloadClientRootFolderCheck Download client Sab places downloads in the root folder /downloads/Complete/Movies. You should not download to a root folder. Yesterday at 3:15 AM [3:16 AM] fce86e2d9959 DownloadClientRootFolderCheck Download client Sab places downloads in the root folder /downloads/Complete/Movies. You should not download to a root folder. Yesterday at 3:15 AM
  2. I just backup'd up my usb config use the copy to, bought a new lifetime... RIP and im good now. kinda sucks this is the 3rd lifetime i've bought in 4-5yrs. ( Yea its 89% my fault sometimes) Wish there would be a way to get your lifetime back if something like this happens and u have proof of purchase or some code bond to that key.. idk. $360 on one server one membership for lifetime and if i mess up again... welp.. 129$$$ more.
  3. I bouht a new key thinking i could just use that with the old usb that black listed but its not giving me a url. and i dont want to lose all my setting, what do i do? did i even need to buy a 2nd copy of lifetime?
  4. started! thx you all for the help. think i got it going now. 1 last question, why can the other 14tb be assigned but its still wont let me format or change to xfs.. still shows NTFS edit: seem to fix that issue,no clue how but formating 2nd 14tb now! so should be good to add to array once parity is re built again thank you guys for helping a lost nerd
  5. okay then how do i do it then? heres more logs of me trying to move the 14tb as a parity array will not start. also says must have biggest drive
  6. 1. YES 2. yes moved to old parity to array 3. Assigned 1 of the 14tb as parity (its shows wrong next to it) 4. Cant start array, cause it says "array startup error failed"
  7. i tried.. then it say cant start array edit: maybe im not rebuilding parity right? edit2: if i do add the 14tb to parity then move the current parity to a assigned disk/drive thats when i get the cant start array issues
  8. don't know if i did... honestly. can you point me to a guide/ while i google thx !
  9. here is current diagnostics, ill post another when i'm able to assign like 20ish hrs...again 😩
  10. I want to add 2 new drives 14tb. my current parity is 10tb. 1 of the 14tb will replace the 10tb. Then add 10tb+14TB to array. when i added them i just got "array cant startup due to errors" i can upload the logs... but wouldnt it be better to let the drive per clear yet again, then stop array, assign and then get the error from that log?no?
  11. i know its not required for new drives but recommended.. My point is 1 pre clear 1 of 2 drives. fine. add to parity and start array. get "array cant start up due to errors" EDIT:1 the pic was from yesterday.. i now have to pre clear that same drive... again? Maybe ur right and i should seek help in plugin area... but then again if their new which they are.. and if i dont have to re clear.. why am i getting fail to start array when i add these 2 brand new drives to the pool? Think its more then the perclear plugin.. but then again idk or i wouldnt be asking for help.
  12. and now this morning it wants me to preclear all over...?? whats going on here
  13. Trying to install 2x 14tb WB easystorage, they are being picked up i see them in unraid unassigned devices. But only 1 of the 2 drives let me do a pre clear and once it finished, it wants me to again. I'll attach logs but is it better if i try to start array then grab logs? 1 Drive is to replace parity the other drive for more space. I've done with more times then i care to count and never had this issue. Again ill attach logs however is most benefiting for trouble shooting
  14. Just started today, think its when it tired to update the parity check tuner. Unsure why though have been running for months without any changes (besides updating) Array Started•Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _() (previously declared in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/parity.check.tuning/Legacy.php:6) in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/Translations.php on line 19 EDIT: unsure why this happened but after a reboot its gone in the logs and not on the array started bar so think (hope) its gone