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  1. Feb 6, 2021 - New DDoS Plex Media Server Vulnerability? Seems to be a number of recent news posts, like this one that PLEX Media Server is enabling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks across a number of vulnerable servers/systems. My understanding is that this is as much a network configuration issue as a PLEX software issue, as it seems to reply exploiting router port configuration (32400-32414) vulnerabilities. As PLEX is configured, users often enable external (internet) access to media (movies, music, etc) from one their server to other external devices (iPhones, tablets, etc
  2. Nothing I can really share. I do have an APC UPS attached, and it seems to run around 150 watts on idle. If I get data from it, I’ll post it in this thread. FWIW- The 1050 is a nice add -IF- you plan to do transcoding with Plex, otherwise, I’d not bother. The VM performance on the T310 is “less than stellar” of late with build 6.8.3. And I’m happier to just have a headless NAS, with a Win10x64 image for a VM running a qbitorrent, and a Plex Docker. If I had it to do over, I’d build on a more modern SuperMicro base. But hey, cheap hardware. Update: So, I went back to look
  3. 22 OCTOBER 2020 - System & Network re-configuring. So I moved the Dell T310 server from "Cold standby" to our temporary rental house, that has Verizon FIOS (200mbs) service. So, sadly, nothing much to report - except more trials and tribulations setting up my network. Went to a new IP home address system. Systems came up ok, but the VMs are giving me issues, and only partially connecting to services. No idea why. Example, a google search will produce links, but clicking on any link ends up just hanging in FireFox like there is a DNS conflict - yet everything looks good when I p
  4. So, bit of an update here. The Zotac P106-90 Card just arrived. (Looks like crap, but might still work.) For $30 on eBay, worth the shot. I might be able to do something with a "folding" computational machine, if nothing else. And if it's a working card, and I can't do anything with it, back on eBay it goes at a really good price. (shrug) Hardly a loss when I think about it- as I will have learned something. Reminder: My goal is PLEX Transcoding within a Docker using the NVIDIA port of unRAID; not to run a gaming Windows 10 VM. (Sorry if that disappoints, but hey... these ar
  5. Am ordering one now off eBay, and will follow up on this after I have some chance to test it out. Everyone I've talked to says it's "possible" but has not yet been tested. Also, I don't expect the performance of a 1080GTX, but if it can do a h265 transcode - it will be worth it.
  6. 08 AUGUST 2020 - System down for a bit. Put the Dell T310 server on "Cold standby" as the temps in the basement were getting outrageous, and that's where my home office is. We're planning a house renovation, so this is a short term summer heat issue. So, sadly, nothing to report. Did finally give up on Verizon DSL and went to Comcast (200mbs) service. I'm not pushing the 1TB data cap yet, so no real concern there either. And if I did, I'd adjust the service to unlimited downloads via a business account. I am going to add another SDD to the system to run my VMs through, but that's a
  7. 25 JULY 2020 - A long overdue 2 month update. First, I'm doing "ok" with the Pandemic. No illness in the family. Had a colleague die from it, and another recover from it. Not my idea of fun. I also have "ditched" Verizon DSL in favor of a Comcast 200/5mbs dry drop (internet only). After being on it for a month, I am "good" with the stability that I've finally been able to get. Yes, the 1TB data cap sucks, but I've not been bumping up against it (yet), so I am not too worried. And since I don't serve out of the house (and am not traveling) - Comcast 200/5 beats the 4.0/0
  8. Tuesday, 26 MAY 2020 - nCOVID19 Edition, Day 71 Still working at home remotely from my daytime job. Local area is pretty much shut down at the moment, as we remain a "hot spot" of local infections, some over 50% in local population testing. The past Western Digital "WD Re 4TB Datacenter Capacity Hard Disk Drive" has not had another single error, so I think it was the Windows 10 VM that gave it some "throwback" error in data. Replaced my router (I'm on Verizon DSL, which stinks!) and solved most of my networking issues by using a DLink DIR-1950 router. No iss
  9. Worked like a charm for me, glad to find this in the forums... thanks much!
  10. Thursday, 29 APRIL 2020 - Cabin Fever Edition Still working at home remotely from my daytime job. The previous issues with a Western Digital "WD Re 4TB Datacenter Capacity Hard Disk Drive" appears to be working fine. Zero errors since cable checkup and reboot. May have been due to a Windows VM I was running. So, maybe dodged the bullet there. Had some networking issues, and ended up bricking my TP-Link AC1750 router. I liked that thing. Will continue to see if I can "unbrick" it, but at this point, it won't even allow a TFTP link into it. Was trying to forc
  11. Can an admin on the forum contact me, want to check the appropriateness/acceptance of a possible announcement post on the forum. Thank you,
  12. Wednesday, 21 APRIL 2020 - STAY AT HOME EDITION! I am still working at home remotely from my daytime job, and mostly continuing to do minor maintenance with unRAID 6.8.3. I ran into some interesting issues with a Western Digital "WD Re 4TB Datacenter Capacity Hard Disk Drive" (7200 RPM Class SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 inch WD4000FYYZ) recently. It came up with a couple of read errors, which I think are cable interface issues. So I'll have to crack the case to see "what's up" soon. Smart Drive Report only shows "Extended offline Testing - Completed without error", but it
  13. Wednesday, 08 APRIL 2020 - Nothing much new. So, mostly minor maintenance with unRAID 6.8.3. I am working at home remotely from my daytime job, so that keeps me busy for the most part. during the day. In between, I am loading up my Plex library ( with movies ripped from the DVDs we have, and make the occasional over the air (OTA) TV recording from the HomeRunHD Duo on the network. Mostly doing small stuff. I did install BOINC in a Windows 10 WM and ran that for a few "quadrillion" cycles. Simple software install to do protein folding in the hopes of finding vaccines
  14. Hi GPL! Thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated! You’re (and fellow T310 users) exactly why I wrote all those posts. The Dell T310 is a pretty solid platform for a modest set of user needs. My three regrets, - the choice of 3 add in drive bays on top (I’d suggest something sturdier and trayless) - nVidia graphics card not working in VMs - not using OpenVPN (now much easier with 6.8.3 working inside of dockers) If you get a nVidia graphics to work in a VM, you gotta promise to share. I bet I’m just missing something trivial, and I’m still
  15. Decided to wait a bit to make sure that there were no major issues with the release. Then the Novel CoronaVirus-19 hit, and I had to catch up on moving my operations home from my work office. Long story short, downloaded the update, stopped my VMs, stopped my Dockers, updated Plex ( and then stopped the array & rebooted. Everything restarted just fine. - Thanks Guys!