Someone got in my back door... giggity


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I was working on containers today when I noticed one that I didn't recognize.   A little digging revealed that someone recently created a container on my server without my knowledge and it was mining bitcoin and sending the data back to the hacker.  I have cut off the traffic on my firewall, but I'm really curious to know as to how the heck they got in.  Any ideas?  To be fair, I did have a non-standard port opened on the firewall for access to the admin page.


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32 minutes ago, iamgadgetman said:

I did have a non-standard port opened on the firewall for access to the admin page.


32 minutes ago, iamgadgetman said:

how the heck they got in.

I believe you answered your own question. Once they have access to the Unraid GUI, they have complete control. You must secure any access with a VPN tunnel or something similar, i.e. teamviewer or other secure remote access through another machine on the LAN

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@jonathanm I agree.  I had honestly forgotten that it was there lol.

@tjb_altf4 the only thing is that I didn't set up anything at that time, that I know of.  It won't even let me look at the console.


It's also oddly set up.


Take a look at the logs.  I eventually blocked the outbound TCP port, so I could keep the container without worrying about it getting out.



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